Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 412

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 412

Chapter 412 

When Elena went to pick up Wesley and Anna, Daniel was interrogating Olivia in the roos

Daniel was such a shrewd person. Two big shots called him in succession. First, Larry wanted to meet him. Then, Ryan suddenly praised him

Daniel did not understand what was going on at first, but he quickly realized that this matter was related to Olivia

As Ellis initially considered if the situation was related to Olivia, he thought it was unlikely. He hesitated and said, Larry’s appointment to meet you may be related to Miss Olivia, but Mr. Book” 

Ellis shook his head, thinking that it was unlikely

He thought, Mr. Book is the deputy head of state! He’s the toptier person in the pyramid. Can Miss Olivia get him to follow her orders?‘ 

It was not that he looked down on Olivia, but this matter was too unbelievable. He found it inconceivable

Daniel looked over coldly and said, Why? Bad things have to do with Olivia. Can’t good things have to do with Olivia?” 

Ellis felt wronged. He was really just making a normal analysis. That’s not what I meant,he said. It’s just that Mr. Book’s matter is too inconceivable. How can a deputy head of state be so easily commanded?” 

Daniel replied, That’s because your ability to envision possibilities is lacking.” 

Ellis was left speechless

Daniel turned his chair. His handsome eyes were filled with a faint sense of joy as he said with certainty. I’m not sure if Larry’s appointment to meet me is related to Olivia, but Mr. Book’s praise is definitely orchestrated by Olivia

She must be worried about me.” 

He thought, Ah. My Livy is so powerful, and she loves me. Why is my life blessed with happiness?” 

Ellis nonverbally indicated that he did not want to talk

He thought, Men in love are always like this. They have no rationality at all. However, although Ellis did not feel like talking to Daniel, he was a responsible secretary. There were some things that he had to say. Boss, how do you intend to deal with it?he said. Do you want to think of a way to investigate everything? We can’t be so passive

Fortunately, Mr. Book saved the day this time. Otherwise, Sullivan Group would have been in big trouble.” 

It was not that the Sullivan family had no way to handle the situation. It was just 

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that going against political forces was not a wise move. Daniel shook his head and said, It’s too troublesome. We need to mobilize a large number of people to investigate. The efficiency is very low.” 

Ellis widened his eyes and said, Boss, is the efficiency still considered low? Your expectations are too high. Our company’s elite team can investigate the situation. comprehensively and provide a very clear understanding of the matter within seven days.” 

The Sullivan family’s elite team was renowned worldwide. It was composed of a group of elites from all over the world. All of the Sullivan family’s decisions and development directions were determined through consultation with the elite 


Ellis thought, If this efficiency is considered low, then there is nothing in the world that can be considered highly efficient.” 

Ellis felt a little indignant for the first time

Daniel glanced at him. Then, he immediately took the phone and dialed Olivia’s number, saying, Olivia, I have something to ask you. Both Larry and Mr. Book have a connection with you. Is that correct?” 

Olivia nodded and said, That’s correct. I uncovered the secret of the Grant family’s Great Nourishment Pill. Out of embarrassment, the Grant family got angry. They want to use you to threaten and pressure me. That’s why I sought Mr. Book to help resolve the situation.” 

Got it,” Daniel said. He then hung up the phone

He extended three fingers toward Ellis and asked, Does it take three minutes?” 

Ellis was completely silent

He thought, ‘At the end of the day, Boss is still the one that is highly efficient

At this moment, Rowanna knocked on the door and entered, saying, Boss, Miss 

Olivia transferred 60 million dollars from your account yesterday. The bank called and asked if there was anything unusual.” 

Daniel shook his head and said, Let Olivia transfer as she pleases.” 

Got it,Rowanna replied and nodded. Then, she said somewhat hesitantly. Boss, when the bank called, Thomas overheard it. He seemed a little displeased.” Rowanna carefully chose her words and tried her best to restrain her tone. The truth was that Thomas was extremely upset. He was not merely a little. displeased. He was simply furious. He had said, Olivia is a femme fatale. She has not even married into the Sullivan family yet, but she is already squandering the Sullivan family’s money without restraint. When she marries into the Sullivan family in the future, won’t she end up bankrupting the Sullivan family

Such a spendthrift woman can never be allowed to marry into the Sullivan family.” 

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After saying that. Thomas left angrily

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Just as they were talking about Thomas, Thomas came over with a group of elders from the Sullivan family, looking quite imposing and formidable

Rowanna was so frightened that she shrunk her neck and said, I’ll go pour coffee.Then, she slipped away

Daniel, on the other hand, was calm, sitting in a large executive chair, dressed in a sharp suit and polished shoes, exuding an imposing presence

Uncle Thomas, you’re here,Daniel said with a slight nod of his chiseled jaw. Have a seat.” 

Thomas gathered this group of people to exert pressure on Daniel. He had long been dissatisfied with Olivia, the future Mrs. Sullivan. He put aside the issue of whether or not Larry’s appointment to meet the Sullivan family had anything to do with Olivia. He believed that her repeatedly taking money from Daniel made her an unsuitable match

They were not even married yet. In just a few months, Olivia had taken over 200 million dollars from Daniel. Thomas found her exceedingly greedy

Sitting on the sofa, Daniel went straight to the point, saying, Daniel, I heard that Olivia transferred 60 million dollars from your account yesterday?” 

Daniel raised his eyes and said in a surprised tone, Uncle Thomas, you know about this as well?” 

Thomas had a stern expression. Just as he was about to use this matter to criticize Olivia and make her look bad in the eyes of Daniel, he heard Daniel’s remarks. It’s just a transfer of money, yet so many people know about it,” he said. Such a lack of privacy.” 

Daniel looked at Ellis and instructed in a serious tone, Ellis, go and transfer all the assets under my name, except for the original shares of the Sullivan family’s business, to Olivia. This way, it will be easier for her to use money in the future. It will save her the trouble of transferring money around. She’s just using some money, yet there’s a great hooha and everyone knows about it. Jeez, there’s not privacy at all.” 

As soon as he finished talking, the office fell silent

There were seven or eight people sitting in the huge office, but there was not sound at all. Everyone was dumbfounded

These people thought, Apart from the original shares of the Sullivan family, all the other assets must be worth several hundred million dollars, right? Is Daniel insane?‘ 

Daniel directed his gaze at Thomas and said, Unclemas, you come here because there’s something you want to talk to me, huh?” 

Thomas stuttered, YYou really want to transfer?” 

Daniel frowned and said in a firm tone, Of course. I make money to let my wife 

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spend. If even she has to be criticized and stopped by others when she spends my money, what’s the point of making money?” 

With just a short remark, Daniel completely stunned Thomas and the others. Everyone was shrewd and could discern the meaning and determination in Daniel’s words. Even more so, they could clearly understand how important Olivia was to Daniel

Daniel was making it clear to everyone that he was willing to let Olivia spend his money. No one should interfere, and even more so, no one should cause trouble. Thomas remained silent

Charles Sullivan, who was at the side, was a tactful person. When he saw this, he hurriedly smiled and tried to smooth things over, saying, Alright. Alright. These are all Daniel’s family matters. Let the young people handle the matters 

themselves. We old folks have oldfashioned and outdated ideas. Let’s not meddle in young people’s affairs.” 

One after another, other people chimed in, Yep. Yes. True. You’re right.” 

Just like that, a grand show of force and pressure disappeared in just a few 


After everyone left, Ellis gave Daniel a thumbsup and said, Boss, impressive.Daniel glanced at him, snorted, and said, Making one’s own wife endure 

grievance is not something a good husband should do.” 

Today, he made it clear that Olivia was his wife, and anyone who wanted to cause trouble for her should first ask him if he agreed

He thought, No matter who it is, no one can bully Olivia, including me!” 

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