Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 413

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 413

Chapter 413 

At this moment, Daniel was lecturing Olivia in the room

What’s the deal with the Grant family’s Great Nourishment Pill?he said. This was related to the Grant family’s secrets. It was hard for outsiders to find out. Plus, Daniel did not want to investigate lest he raise suspicions

Olivia explained the effects and principles of the medicine and concluded, saying, It’s a method used by the Grant family to control the Manson family, the Holmes family, and other major families.” 

Upon hearing this, Daniel immediately realized that Great Nourishment Pill was the lifeblood of the Grant family. Olivia’s actions were equivalent to severing the Grant family’s lifeblood. This was a lifeanddeath feud that concerned the survival of the family. No wonder the Grant family would take such drastic measures. Even Larry himself had taken action

Daniel frowned and asked about Ryan: Why did Mr. Book help the Sullivan family out of the predicament?Daniel said

Olivia’s gaze flickered. For some reason, she felt a little guilty. Like a child who had done something wrong, she lowered her head and said in a low voice, Because of my identity.” 

You have an alias, huh?Daniel asked with a confident tone

Olivia nodded and replied, Yes.” 

Daniel was calm and composed. He said, Tell me. Are you the government’s secret researcher or Mr. Book’s secret assistant?” 

Neither?Olivia said as she raised her head and flicked her flawless fingers. Think of a higher position.” 

Daniel lifted his eyebrows slightly, somewhat unsure. A miracle doctor that lives in seclusion? National Security Bureau?” 

Olivia was still shaking her head

Daniel stared at her and stopped talking

Olivia leaned in, snuggled up to Daniel, and whispered, Dean. I’m the dean of Capitol Research Institute.” 

Daniel’s pupils constricted slightly. His eyes displayed an inexplicable shock. It took a moment before he calmed down

He raised the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were filled with pride as he said, My Olivia is really amazing

You’re the best one!He then pulled Olivia into his arms, looking joyful. There was no trace of pretense

Olivia was stunned. She turned her eyes and asked him, Aren’t you angry? I kept 

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this from you for so long. I didn’t say anything, and I made you worry.” 

Olivia had always kept this matter in her heart. She was worried that Daniel would be angry with her. She had even prepared herself for blame

She thought of a bunch of reasons in her mind to explain why she had kept it


However, before she could even explain, Daniel had already processed it on his own. He did not mind at all. You didn’t tell me, so there must have been a good reason for not saying anything.” he said. Why would I be angry? But…” Daniel paused for a moment. Your identity has already been exposed, right?he continued. Since you have already contacted Mr. Book to help me out, you must have attracted the Grant family’s attention. They will soon find out your true identity.” 

Daniel’s expression became more and more cautious. Though I’m not in politics, I understand things,he said. The Grant family is initially certain of attaining victory at the presidential election which will be held at the end of the year. Now that you suddenly appear, they will definitely not allow it. 

They can’t win in the open, so they will definitely resort to underhanded tactics.” 

Olivia smirked and said with a mocking tone, I’m not scared.” 

But I’m scared,” Daniel said. His expression was serious. We’re in the open, and the enemy is in the dark. It’s impossible to get all the defenses in place. Olivia, you’re in a very dangerous situation now. You mustn’t leave Evervale before the end of this year.” 

Olivia was silent

Daniel lowered his head and looked at Olivia’s silent face. His temples throbbed. with pain

He thought, This wife is just too disobedient!‘ 

Daniel hugged Olivia in his arms and said seriously, I’ve thought it through. I’m going to jump off a building with Andrew and jump down from the 80th floor.Why does he suddenly talk about jumping off a building?Olivia thought

Olivia frowned and said, What’s with the sudden intention to jump off a building? And you even want to bring Andrew along. That’s so dangerous.” Upon hearing this, Daniel felt a pang in his heart. He thought, Look at this wife. She’s only concerned about Andrew. She doesn’t care about me at all.” 

Andrew is destined to not have a mother,Daniel said. He has never had a mother since his birth. After all the effort it takes to find you, get close to you, and have a mother of his own from then on, what’s the result in the end? You, on the other hand, don’t care about yourself at all. You are adamant about getting yourself into dangerous situations. In that case, we don’t want to live anymore The two of us will jump off a building together.” 

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Daniel spoke with a convincing tone, as if he was going to carry Andrew on his shoulder and jump off a building in the next moment

Olivia was helpless. Calm down,she said

No,” Daniel said as he shook his head. When it comes to dealing with you, I have three ultimate moves.” 

Olivia was curious. What are those three moves?she asked

Daniel said, Have an emotional outburst. Make a scene to cause a commotion. Threaten to take my own life.” 

DaniellOlivia said, feeling so irritated that she chuckled. She raised her hand and punched him. Stop fooling around, okay? I know the Grant family will come after me. The places out there are not as safe as Evervale, but I must go to Ritchfield. Isaac doesn’t have much time left. He won’t be able to last until the end of the year

Besides, I have a foolproof plan. I definitely won’t be in danger.” 

Is there really no other way?Daniel said. He refused to accept it

Olivia fell silent. After a long while, she slowly said, Daniel, I know you care about me, but Isaac is very important to me. He raised me, taught me medicine, and gave me the family business. I can’t just stand by and watch him die.” 

I’ll go,Daniel said in a low voice. I’ll go to Ritchfield, and you stay in Evervale.” 

It’s not possible,Olivia said as she shook her head. Only I can verify what methods can save Isaac

Alright then,” Daniel said with a firm tone. I’ll go with you.” 

Olivia was surprised. What about the company?she asked

Daniel curved his lips and said, Nothing is more important than you.” 

DanielOlivia wanted to say some but he was stopped by Daniel. Don’t say anything,” he said. From now on, you have to keep a low profile and listen to me. I’ll arrange this trip to Ritchfield.” 

Okay,Olivia replied

Elena brought Wesley, Anna, and others into the house

As Anna had mistakenly thought the butler was Elena’s boss, she felt embarrassed about it, so she remained silent. She merely moved her eyes a little and appraisingly looked at the decorations around her in a subtle manner

Please have a seat first,” Elena said. My boss will be here shortly.” Elena seated Anna and Wesley. Then she had a servant prepare hot coffee

Seeing this, Anna frowned slightly, feeling somewhat displeased. She thought, Elena’s boss is insensible to social etiquette. She didn’t come to receive us. Well, it doesn’t matter. But now she actually makes us wait.‘ 

However, seeing that Wesley remained silent, she did not say anything either

Commaires Massung Darling 

A moment later, Daniel and Olivia came over

Anna had initially been looking around in a bored manner, but then, as she raised her gaze, she saw a couple walking down the stairs

Her heart skipped a beat, and she was stunned

She thought, Are both of them people that walk down from a painting? They look incredibly goodlooking!‘ 

Wesley was no less shocked than Anna. He was in the business world. Even if he had never interacted with Daniel, he had seen Daniel’s photos

He did not expect that Elena actually had a connection with Daniel, who was the wealthiest person

Due to overwhelming astonishment, Wesley was at a loss and took quite some time to recover from his shock

It was Daniel who extended the hand first. He said, Hello, Mr. Robert.” 

Nice to meet you, Mr. Sullivan,Wesley said as he shook Daniel’s hand with both hands, looking excited

Please have a seat,Daniel said as he nodded. Mr. Robert, I’m putting you out with this matter, even needing you to come over personally.” 

No problem,Wesley said as he smiled. Elena and I are childhood friends. We have a strong bond from childhood to adulthood. Her matters are my matters. You don’t have to stand on ceremony.” 

As he spoke, he raised his eyes and glanced at Elena, his expression gentle. Anna, who was sitting beside them, suddenly clenched her fist and her gaze turned cold

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