Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 415

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 415

Chapter 415 

Due to the incident with Robin, Anna had become relatively quieter throughout the journey. She did not cause any trouble openly. However, her dissatisfaction remained in her heart and she kept dragging Elena along to talk

lena, we’ll be in Nebuland after we get off the plane, right?Anna said. I heard from Wesley that we’ll need to take a car, transfer to an ox cart, and even walk to the village. That road is very difficult to walk on. Will I hold you up?” 

Elena glanced at her and comforted her

,Anna, don’t worry. Miss Taylor has prepared everything thoroughly on this end, taking your situation into consideration. You won’t hold us up.” 

Oh,Anna replied with a nod. She then looked troubled again. Elena. I heard that the mountain road is very difficult to walkon. I’ll get carsick when I’m in a car. What should I do?” 

Elena frowned and said, I’ll ask Miss Taylor if there’s any motion sickness medicine that would suit you.” 

Anna shook her head and said, No. I can’t take medication as I please. It’ll counteract with the tonic I’m currently taking.” 

Upon hearing that, Elena took a deep breath. She knew that Anna was doing it intentionally. She knew that Anna was deliberately trying to cause trouble. After gaining work experience over the years, she was no longer the impatient. young girl she used to be

She had gained some smoothness and patience, but Anna was just too much, so much so that she could not tolerate it anymore

Anna,Elena said softly as she turned around to look at the sky outside the plane. If there’s an issue between us, you can address it with me. You’re my cousin. We’ve been cousins for so many years. I don’t want to beat around the bush. There are some things

no way Wesley and I want to say directly. I’m not interested in Wesley. There’s 

no way Wesley and I would ever get romantically involved with each other again. There’s no need for you to pick on me.” 

Elena, you’ve misunderstood,Anna said. I’m really not feeling well.She looked aggrieved. Tears welled up in her eyes. She was on the verge of crying, but she held back the tears

Feeling helpless, Elena said, Anna, please, be quiet on this trip. Miss Taylor really has a matter to deal with, and she has to deal with it urgently. She wants to see the Lloyd family as soon as possible.” 

Anna lowered her eyes and repeated, I’ll really get carsick, especially on mountain roads.” 

Anna!Elena said. She got angry, she could not help but raise her voice

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Olivia, who was in front, noticed Elena’s reaction. She turned around and asked, What’s wrong?” 

Anna did not say anything

Elena glanced at her and explained, “Anna said she will get carsick, especially of 

mountain roads.” 

I see,” Olivia said as she nodded. She then lectured Elena unhurriedly, saying, It’s just a small matter. Mr. Robert has done me such a great favor. Naturally, we have to do our best to take care of Ms. Brian’s needs. How can you lose your temper? That’s too impatient.” 

Elena lowered her eyes and said, I’m sorry. I was being too impatient.” 

Anna kept her head lowered and remained silent, but the corners of her lips. curled up imperceptibly

She thought, I’d like to see how Olivia, Elena’s boss, handles this situation. Since Olivia is asking for help, she should have the attitude of someone who is asking for help. Hmph! Acting all high and mighty. She doesn’t take me seriously at all. I’ll make things difficult for her and show her that I’m not someone to mess with. It’s best if she reprimands Elena as per my wish

At this point, Anna blinked and said gently, “Actually, there’s a way to alleviate carsickness. As long as someone keeps massaging my temples and humming along the way, I’ll feel much better.” 

Speaking of this, she turned to Elena and said, Elena, I may have to trouble you on this journey.” 

Elena pinched her own fingers, took a deep breath, and agreed. Okay,she said. I’ll give you” 

Before Elena finished talking, she was interrupted by Olivia, who said, There’s not need for you to do that. I’ve already arranged for someone to repair the roads. I guarantee the roads won’t be bumpy. The car has also been modified. It is lengthened and widened with improved shock absorption. It definitely won’t make you feel carsick.” 

Anna was stunned instantly. It took her quite a while before she recovered from her daze. She said slowly and hesitantly, Repair the roads?” 

She thought, This is overly exaggerated. Can the roads be repaired immediately upon mentioning it? There’s also the modification of the car. This has to be recorded at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be streetlegal.’ 

She was somewhat bewildered. She knew that repairing roads and modifying cars. were complicated matters. She thought, Since Olivia has said so, there should be a way to do that. But… 

She smiled and thought, These things should take a lot of time. Olivia is currently willing to stand up for Elena and waste time for her. I don’t believe that Olivia 

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would stand up for Elena again and again. There’s got to be a way that I can use to make Olivia get fed up and despise Elena

With these thoughts in mind, she stopped talking

Delay it she thought. After all, I’m not in a hurry

When they arrived at the airport, no one had any intention of lingering. They immediately drove toward the village

Anna held onto Elena and asked her softly, Are we going to the hotel? Are we staying at Nebuland for a few days?” 

Elena shook her head and said, There’s no need to stay at Nebuland. We’re heading straight to the village

Anna was slightly taken aback. Have the roads been repaired?she asked

Elena chuckled and said, Yep. They have been fixed.” 

So fast?Anna could not help but exclaim

She thought, This is so darn fast!” 

Elena asked in return, Isn’t it good to be fast? Miss Taylor has been taking care of you all the way. Aren’t you happy?” 

Anna fell silent

When they switched to the newly modified car on the road, she became even. quieter

The modified car was not easy to drive. It was driven by Captain Chavez from the bodyguard team

Anna and Elena sat in the backseat

Elena could not be bothered to talk to Anna, so she chatted with Captain Chavez, saying, Captain Chavez, this car looks so complicated. Is it easy to drive?” 

Captain Chavez grinned. His teeth were dazzlingly white. It’s easy to drive,het said. Don’t worry. I’m driving steadily.” 

Anna craned her neck and said, LilChavez, do you have a driver’s license? This car has been modified. Can your driver’s license be used to drive this car? Will the traffic police stop us?” 

The traffic police won’t stop us,Captain Chavez said. My driver’s license is special. I can drive any vehicle.” Captain Chavez bared his white teeth. His smiling face was like sunshine, looking warm

Heh, you can drive any vehicle?Anna said with a mocking look. Can you drive a tank?” 

Captain Chavez smiled. He did not respond

He was from the special forces. There was no vehicle in this world that he did not know how to drive

Along the way, Elena paid little attention to Anna and kept conversing with 

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Captain Chavez. Both of them were knowledgeable. They had cheerful and sunny personalities. Hence, they had a good rapport and could have meaningful conversations with each other

No matter what topic Elena brought up, Captain Chavez would be able to keep the conversation going. He even had strange ideas. Elena found herself captivated by his responses. She actually felt a sense of regret that they had not met sooner. Anna watched the two of them talking. At first, her face was cold and she was unhappy about being left out, but as time passed, Elena and Captain Chavez’s conversation became more and more congenial

Anna’s eyes darted around before she suddenly broke into a smile. Her gaze shifted between Elena and Captain Chavez. It was unclear what she was thinking. Throughout the car journey that lasted several hours, Anna remained quiet and did not cause any trouble. Elena was surprised. She turned her eyes to glance at Anna several times

Elena,” Anna said as she giggled, covering her mouth, you and LilChavez get along very well.” 

Elena was puzzled

Anna whispered, leaning in close to Elena’s ear, You two are a great match.” 

She thought to herself, Perfect. She’s an assistant, and he’s the captain of the security team. It’s a perfect match!‘ 

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