Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 416

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 416

Chapter 416 

Due to her interest in Captain Chavez and Elena as a potential couple, Anna unusually behaved herself, and she did not cause any trouble all the way to the entrance of Invana Village

Invana Village was located deep in the mountains, and the road was very difficult to find. The group walked for nearly two days before arriving at the entrance of the village

Two days ago, Wesley’s aunt, Huntley Lloyd, had received news that Wesley was coming over

Aunt Huntley,” Wesley greeted as he walked over. He introduced Olivia and Daniel to Huntley

Huntley was young, and she appeared to be about forty years old. She wore traditional local attire and many silver accessories on her head

Her personality was a little cold. She only nodded at them and then staying silent. Wesley brought up the voodoo worm matter to Huntley, hoping that she could help

Huntley raised her eyes to look at him and said coldly, I’m not knowledgeable about these things. I can’t help. They’ve got the wrong person.” 

Aunt Huntley.Wesley said as he pulled Huntley to the side. It was unclear what he said. He pleaded for a long while

It was only then that Huntley turned to Olivia reluctantly and said, Come in with 


After entering the village and arriving at Huntley’s residence, Olivia explained her purpose for coming and showed Huntley the egg of the Great Nourishment Pill several times, gesturing for Huntley to take a look

Huntley frowned and took a look. She said coldly, There are too many types of voodoo worms. I’m not familiar with the one you brought here. I’ll need to check some information. Please wait for a while.” 

After saying that, she took those voodoo worms and entered the house, ignoring 


Her attitude was extremely cold

Wesley said apologetically to Olivia and Elena, I’m sorry, Ms. Taylor. My aunt’s personality is like this. Kindly be tolerant.” 

The corners of Olivia’s lips curled up slightly as she replied with a smile, I should be the one apologizing for bothering Huntley. The voodoo worm matter isn’t urgent. I just hope that Huntley can put in some effort to find a way to cure my grandfather.” 

They could not leave while Huntley looked for a way to cure Isaac. They had to 

Bulinaire Missing Daring 

stay in the village for a period of time

Captain Chavez had already made arrangements. He had communicated with the village chief of Invana Village. They would be staying with a local family

Anna walked alongside Wesley. As she raised her eyes to look at Captain Chavez and Elena walking side by side ahead, she covered her mouth and chuckled. What’s wrong?Wesley turned his eyes and asked her curiously. Why are you smiling?” 

Anna pointed ahead at the two of them and said in a hushed tone, Wesley, look at Elena and Captain Chavez. They make a perfect match, right? They’re a match made in heaven.” 

Wesley’s expression dimmed, and he instinctively denied it. Don’t talk nonsense,” he said. Don’t simply speculate about their romantic compatibility.” 

Aggrieved, Anna lowered her eyes. I’m just worried about Elena,she said. Her mom has talked to me several times, asking for my help to introduce a boyfriend to Elena.” 

Wesley was in a state of emotional unrest. Just mind your own business,” he said. Don’t interfere in anything else.” 

After saying this, he strode away, paying no attention to Anna

Watching Wesley’s figure as he went farther away, Anna suddenly clenched her fist, her gaze growing even colder

She identified a suitable moment, pulled Elena to a corner, and forced her to answer a question. Elena, tell me honestly,she said. Do you like Captain Chavez?” 

Elena was left in a daze by the question

She thought, Captain Chavez is someone who was arranged by Mr. Book when Miss Taylor set out for Ritchfield. We have only known each other for a few days, so why does Anna end up saying that I like him?’ 

Elena instinctively denied it

However, at this moment, a sudden realization struck her. She raised her eyes and stared at Anna intently

Anna was puzzled. Why are you looking at me?she asked

Elena asked, Anna, you want me to be with Captain Chavez, right?” 

Anna smirked and said. You like Captain Chavez, so don’t push the blame on me. But a while ago, your mom did call me. She urged you to find a boyfriend.Elena lowered her eyes and thought about all the trouble Anna had caused along the way. At the end of the day, it was only because Anna minded Elena’s past with Wesley

Elena thought, Since that’s the case, why not align with her wish and pretend to be with Captain Chavez? As long as Anna stops causing trouble and doesn’t hinder 

halionaires Masing Darling 

the progress of Miss Taylor’s plans, I don’t mind acting

Thinking of this, she became happy and said excitedly. Anna, actually, I really do like Captain Chavez.” 

Really?Anna said. She was pleasantly surprised. You really like Captain Chavez, hub” 

Of course,” Elena said. Anna might doubt, so Elena hurriedly added, Captain Chavez is tall, handsome, and has sixpack abs. I like this kind of toughlooking man the most. You know about that. Plus, he’s so goodlooking when he drives, looking serious and focused. He’s full of charm.” 

In order to make Anna believe him, Elena racked her brains and praised Captain Chavez to the highest possible extent, as if he were an extraordinary existence with no equal on earth. She was practically describing him as someone with no flaws in sight, and she did not even overlook the scar at the corner of his eyebrow. Elena summed it up and said, That scar is a medal for a man! So darn commanding and powerful!” 

At that moment, Captain Chavez, who was passing by, had a face that was extremely flushed

He thought, Soso Elena likes mel She, she’s quite bold. She praised me so, so” 

Thinking about the term sixpack abs“, Captain Chavez’s face flushed even more, and he thought, When did Elena see my abs?” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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