Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 417

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 417

Chapter 417 

Anna, don’t tell anyone that I like Captain Chavez, Elena said. It’s so embarrassing. Elena reminded her, just like how two sisters would have a hearttoheart conversation when they were young

Anna nodded. A sincere smile appeared on her face. She nodded vigorously. saying. Don’t worry. I understand. Girls have to be prim and proper. Before I’m sure of LilChavez’s feelings, I won’t divulge anything.” 

Looking at Anna like this, Elena’s gaze suddenly became a little hazy, as if she saw the young Anna from her childhood

Actually, the two of them had a good relationship when they were young

Anna was two years older than Elena. Both of their parents were teachers. Although their families were not particularly wealthy, they had no worries about their basic needs, and their parents held high social status

Back then, Anna would wear beautiful dresses and had her hair pulled up into a high ponytail at the back of her head. She was spirited and beautiful. She had a way of talking that was organized and persuasive. Furthermore, she was particularly good at offering guidance and teaching others. She looked a lot like a caring older sister

Elena thought, When did our relationship start to change? I think it started to change when Anna’s mom got sick, and when her parents divorced

Anna went from being a confident young girl with two parents to a pitiable girl who had a singleparent family and whose mother was seriously ill and bedridden

All of Anna’s family expenses had to be supported by Joanne

It was as if Anna became sensible all of a sudden. She became gentle, caring, and particularly understanding

Anna had clearly become gentler and easier to talk to. However, Elena keenly sensed the estrangement in their relationship

Prior to this incident, while the two families were not in the same social class, Anna was born prettier and had better academic performance. Hence, she never felt that she was inferior to Elena. In fact, Anna even felt a sense of superiority in front of her mischievous cousin

However, with the upheaval in Anna’s family situation, she had to depend on Elena’s mother for all matters in her family. Anna then unconsciously felt inferior to Elena

Anna had no choice but to humble herself and please her cousin, whose academic performance was not as good as herself. Anna had to, as her mother had said, be grateful to her aunt and cousin. They had helped her family

Shifting her thoughts away from the memories, Elena gazed at Anna with a serious expression and said. Anna, be sure to keep this a secret for me. I still have to assess Captain Chavez for a period of time to see if he’s dependable.AlrightyAana said as she nodded. She happily hugged Elena and advised, saying. When evaluating a man, the most important thing is his character. Everything else, like his family background and education, is not important. Whether or not one’s family is welloff is due to the parents, and it has nothing to do with the child. As for education, it doesn’t mean anything.” 

She even gave an example. Look at Wesley, she continued. He only has a bachelor’s degree, but those master’s graduates from Ivy League schools abroad in his company still have to work for him. 

That’s why academic qualifications are the least important. You mustn’t judge LilChavez unfavorably in this regard.” 

Elena did not know much about Captain Chavez’s academic qualifications, but since he was personally arranged by Ryan, his overall qualities should be impressive

Elena said, Anna, Captain Chavez seems to be older than us. Don’t keep calling him LilChavez. It’s not appropriate. Even Miss Taylor addresses him as Captain Chavez

Among so many people, Anna was the only one who had no sense of propriety. She kept calling him Lil Chavez

Previously, Elena and Anna had a strained relationship, so there were some things. that were hard to say. Now that their relationship had improved. Elena mentioned 


Got it,Anna teased. You guys haven’t even entered into a relationship, yet you’re already being protective.” 

Anna!Elena said

Alright,Anna said as she nodded. I’ll call him Captain Chavez as well, not LilChavez

Anna was in high spirits. After chatting outside for a while, she felt that it was not enough. She then dragged Elena back to her room and talked for a long while. Elena, let me tell you, true love is hard to come by, Anna said. Since you like Captain Chavez, you have to take the initiative. You mustn’t hesitate.” Anna then urged, It’s almost time for dinner. Hurry up and go eat with Captain Chavez.” Elena was in a dilemma. That isn’t proper, right?she said. I’ll observe him for a while longer.” 

No,Anna said. Opportunity waits for no one. She pushed Elena, saying, Hurry up. Go now.” 

Helpless, Elena had no choice but to go out to look for Captain Chavez

Captain Chavez was currently checking the surroundings of the village. He walked 


Billionaires Mosing Darling 

a few rounds to ensure that the surroundings were safe before returning to his 

room to rest

Just as he reached the entrance, he bumped into Tyson, who was winking at him. What are you doing?Captain Chavez said as he frowned. Did a bee sting your eye?” 

It’s your eyes that were stung by a bee,Tyson said. He walked over and said in a low voice, Quick. Come in. Ms. Wayne is inside. She even brought you some apples. I took a bite of one apple. It’s big and sweet. It’s yummy.” 

Elena?Captain Chavez thought

Captain Chavez was stunned for a moment. Then, he suddenly recalled something that he had unintentionally heard when he was checking the surroundings of the village

Ms. Wayne seems to like me a lot, right?he thought

Captain Chavez’s ears flushed instantly

His face was dark with a healthy tan. However, behind his cars and deep in his neck, where the sunlight could not reach, his skin was flawless

As a result, his cars appeared particularly red, just as conspicuous as red roses on snowy ground

Tyson instantly noticed. He exclaimed, Captain Chavez, your ears are red!” 

No!Captain Chavez said as he instinctively covered his ears and raised his leg to hit Tyson. Hurry up and patrol.” 

With that, he dashed indoors, as if fleeing for his life

In the room, Elena was sitting on a chair. When she saw Captain Chavez enter, she hurriedly stood up and said, Captain Chavez.” 

Ms. Wayne,” Captain Chavez said. There seemed to be fireworks in Captain Chavez’s eyes as he looked at Elena’s clear eyes

His heart was pounding inside his chest, beating very quickly like the rhythm of a drum

He thought, Is Ms. Wayne here to confess her feelings? What should I do? Should I agree? Nope. I have a mission right now, and Miss Taylor’s safety is the top priority. I can’t be distracted by other things. But once this mission is over, I can get to know Ms. Wayne better

Captain Chavez had already thought of how to deal with Elena. He had even prepared a rough draft

In the end, Elena did not pay any attention to Captain Chavez at all. She immediately handed over the apples she had brought and said, Captain Chavez, take these apples and eat slowly. I’m here to apologize on behalf of my cousin, Anna. She doesn’t know your true identity, so she keeps calling you LilChavez. I’m really sorry.” 

Thitsaires Messing Troling 

Is it just about this matter? Captain Chavez said. He was surprised, and he could not help but take a step forward. Nothing else, huh?” 

Elena was stunned by the question. What else is there?she said

Captain Chavez thought, Is there really nothing else?‘ 

Captain Chavez suddenly felt an indescribable sense of discomfort in his heart. He was like a small and withered blade of grass that had been struck, looking dejected and dispirited

He took the apples and nodded at Elena. He said in a muffled voice, Nothing,” he said. This is a trivial matter. You don’t have to go out of your way to apologize.After exchanging some pleasantries with Captain Chavez, Elena left. Before she left, she did not hint at anything

Captain Chavez sat in a chair, picked up a red apple, and put it to his mouth. With a crisp sound, he took a bite

He thought, Yuck! It’s so bitter. This apple isn’t sweet at all. Tyson lied to me!’ 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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