Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 419

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 419

Billionaire & Missing Darling 

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Chapter 419 

In the room, Captain Chavez was looking at the computer screen, checking the footage of the surrounding area

The camera had just been installed and needed to 

be adjusted

Invana Village was remotely situated and surrounded by mountains. Even though Skynet covered the place, the footage was unclear due to a poor connection. Therefore, they needed to install some cameras for observation

Captain Chavez was inspecting the surveillance footage and see if there were unusual activities

Just then, Elena came

Hearing Elena’s voice outside the door, Captain Chavez’s heart thumped loudly. He looked at himself in the mirror to spruce himself up a little

Unfortunately, he had a crew cut and his hair was extremely short. There wasn’t much he could do to groom himself. Also, his clothes were a special outfit that was designed for easy movement which completely concealed his handsomeness. Captain Chavez thus put down the mirror, stood up, and strode toward the door. When the door opened, he saw the top of a person’s head

Captain Chavez was over 6 feet 2 inches tall, whereas Elena’s height was just a little. more than 5 feet 2 inches. At that moment, the two of them were standing close to each other, so the first thing Captain Chavez saw was not Elena’s face, but her head

What a nicelooking head.” 

Captain Chavez’s ears turned red. Being a tall man, he had seen many people’s crowns, but none could compare to Elena’s

Elena had the bestlooking vertex. Her brown hair was thick and smooth, falling steadily from the beautiful whorl in the middle

Looking at the small whorl, Captain Chavez suddenly felt the urge to poke it

Then, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand

Stunned, Elena subconsciously tilted her head and asked with confusion, Captain Chavez? You” 

Captain Chavez gestured at the leaf in his hand with a blank face and said calmly 

There’s a leaf.” 

Oh.Elena saw the leaf and said, Thank you, Captain Chavez..” 

You’re welcome.” The man’s expression was set and unflustered

Oh, by the way,Elena picked up the orange. Miss Taylor asked me to deliver this to you. She said you guys have worked hard. Have some oranges.” 


Rabonaire’s Missing Darling 

Is it for all of us?There was a hint of disappointment in Captain Chavez’s tone. Elena nodded. Yes, it’s for all of you. Sorry, there aren’t many oranges

Thank you.Captain Chavez returned to his room with the orange

He placed the oranges and apples together and held them in his hand. Looking at the fruits, he wondered, What does Elena mean? Does she have feelings for me? Or is she just being polite?” 

He couldn’t figure it out even after thinking about it for a long time

It’s hard to guess what’s on a girl’s mind.” 

Captain Chavez decided to stop pondering over it. After completing the mission, he would ask Elena personally about her feelings for him. He reckoned it was best to be straightforward

Olivia was leaning against the bed and reading some documents. Her brows have been drawing closely together

What’s wrong?Daniel asked her

Olivia held the document and said, I’ve asked someone to check. Huntley has a husband who is a businessman. They have a good relationship. but I haven’t seen her husband around during this period. I wonder where he is.” 

Olivia felt something was wrong with Huntley because Huntley was often in a daze and looked absentminded

It didn’t seem she was in the mood to find out about the poison

Daniel looked up. Do you want to investigate it further?” 

Olivia hesitated for a moment before nodding. Yeah, I should.” 

She instructed a few people to look into it, and the results were sent to her very quickly

As expected, there were serious issues between Huntley and her husband, Maximus Eden

Huntley held a high position in Invana Village and inherited many magical prescriptions passed down by her ancestors. She was attracted to Maximus’s refined and handsome appearance. Being a hopeless romantic herself, she handed. over all the family’s prescriptions to her husband

With the prescriptions, Maximus went ahead to set up a pharmaceutical factory and a pharmacy, making a significant amount of money and becoming a major taxpayer in the area

The two of them had never had a child and spent most of their time living separately

Huntley inherited her family’s traditions and focused on studying voodoo in the village. Maximus, on the other hand, ran a company elsewhere and only came back home once a week


Billioname Missing Darling 

Initially, the relationship between the two of them was good even though they were separated for most of the time. However, Maximus had become estranged from Huntley lately. Instead of coming back weekly, he only returned once a month, or every two to three months

Huntley noticed Maximus’s unusual behavior but she did not have any evidence. Apart from that, she was reluctant to go out to find out about it. Hence, she just put up with the situation and was always lost in her thoughts

The issue of the couple’s relationship was complicated as Maximus’s mistress was someone special. She was Huntley’s niece, Kaira Nelson

Kaira’s mother had died early, and Huntley had brought her up as if she were her own daughter

After graduating from university, Kaira didn’t want to go back to Invana Village to learn voodoo from her aunt and wanted to live by herself

Therefore, Huntley asked Maximus to help find a job for Kaira and take care of her

Unexpectedly, the care extended to an affair

Maximus was a wicked man. Not only did he engage in forbidden love with Kaira, but he also restricted her freedom and threatened to divorce Huntley if Kiara rejected him

Kaira could only endure the humiliation and let Maximus have his way with her for the sake of her aunt’s happiness.. 

After reading this information, Olivia was a little taken aback. It was as if she was reading a trashy online novel

She couldn’t believe such a melodramatic situation would happen in real life. Elena was also stunned. This Maximus is a scumbag!” 

Olivia responded calmly, Kaira is not entirely innocent either. A good person will. not hook up with her uncle.” 

After speaking, Olivia handed the photos to Elena and whispered, Send them to Huntley.” 

Elena was surprised. Miss Taylor.” 

Olivia smiled and said. Don’t underestimate Huntley. She isn’t stupid. If something happens, it will leave traces. She should have known about it long ago.” ButElena hesitated. Even if she knows, she may not want to address it. If we tell her the truth, she might resent us. What if she’s too upset to care about the voodoo worm?” 

The corners of Olivia’s mouth curled up slightly. She had a confident expression. on her face. A beard well lathered is half shaved. We have to do something for her before she will sincerely help me

Send them over. She should have been waiting for this day.” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Elena nodded and delivered the photos of Maximus and Kaira to Huntley. Huntley seemed devastated, but she didn’t look very shocked. Just as Olivia had expected, she had known about it long ago

Call your Miss Taylor over. I want to see her.Huntley looked at the photos one by one. Her expression remained blank, but her left hand, which was hanging under the table, was clenched tightly. Her fingers sank deep into her palm, and blood trickled down bit by bit

Not long after, Olivia arrived

Huntley looked up and studied her seriously for a while before asking, You have an excellent relationship with that Daniel. He’s very considerate of curious. How did you manage to make your man treat you so well?” 

Olivia replied in a calm voice, Because of love.” 

Haha!Huntley couldn’t help but burst out laughing

you. I’m 

She waved her hand, setting that topic aside and saying, I want to know if Kaira was forced by Maximus, or if she went along with it willingly.” 

Send gift 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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