Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 499

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 499

Chapter 499 

Looking at Olivia, who was energetic and glowing, Sheyenne was a little. absentminded

Then, Sheyenne quickly remembered that Olivia came from the Smith family. The Smith family was a wellknown traditional medicine family. in the Hushe Republic and the world. Olivia had been carefully nurtured. since she was young, so it was normal for her to know about medicine

With that in mind, Sheyenne’s selfabasement, which she had just developed, vanished into thin air

Saintess?She took a few steps forward and caught up with Olivia. There was an inexplicable guess in her tone. Were you just showing off? Showing off your knowledge and your knowledge reserves? You’re proud of yourself in the face of the worshipful gazes of those family people, aren’t you?” 

Olivia turned around in confusion

She knew that people flaunted their food, clothes, and money. It was the first time she had heard someone accuse her of showing off her 


Is there something wrong with your brain?Olivia turned to Sheyenne and said puzzledly, If you’re jealous, you can also show off your 


Sheyenne choked

The other people also reacted and accused Sheyenne of being an idiot. They were grateful that Saintess was willing to guide them, but Sheyenne accused the Saintess of showing off her knowledge

Was there something wrong with Sheyenne’s brain

Was knowledge something that anyone could show off just because they wanted to? If Sheyenne was not convinced, she could also stand up and show off

To show off her empty brain

Sheyenne gritted her teeth as she watched the people around her accuse 


Sheyenne felt that Olivia didn’t know how to appreciate her kindness, Sheyenne was helping her

Olivia flaunted her knowledge like this in the limelight and would indeed be sought after by some family people. However, what was the use of it? The Four Elders run the Flores family

Olivia was flamboyant and didn’t know how to keep a low profile. Sooner or later, she would anger the elders

Sheyenne could not help but shiver when she thought of the eldersterrifying methods and dignified aura

Olivia returned to the dining room to eat. The other people tactfully 

stayed in the living room and did not disturb the Saintess’s meal. Only Sheyenne followed Olivia

Saintess.Sheyenne was about to speak

Silence,said Olivia, raising her hand

Why should they be silent

Sheyenne took a step forward, wanting to open her mouth

Upon seeing that, Olivia sighed and shook her head. What a disobedient girl

Olivia was usually in a good mood, gentle and tolerant. However, there was a premise, which was that she must not be wronged

Now that Olivia was eating to replenish her nutrition, she was not in the mood to pay attention to Sheyenne

Disobedient children should be punished

Olivia raised her hand, picked up a fork, and threw it at Sheyenné

Sheyenne felt the fork hit her body heavily. Then, she couldn’t move and speak

What was wrong with her

Sheyenne panicked, and her face turned pale

Well, the world was quiet now

Olivia lowered her head and slowly finished her dinner. When she was 80% full, she picked up a napkin and wiped the corner of her mouth. It was when Olivia paid attention to Sheyenne. She tilted her head to look at Sheyenne and said, Do you have anything to do with me?” 

Sheyenne moved her lips and realized that she could speak. She immediately questioned, What did you do to me?” 

Nothing, Olivia said calmly. I just hit your acupuncture point. It’ll be 

released in a while. Tell me first. Why are you looking for me?” 

Sheyenne was silent

She had come to see Olivia this time. Although she had some secret thoughts, she was still thinking for Olivia

She hoped that Olivia could live a better life in the Flores family

Upon thinking of it, she said, Saintess, I want what’s best for you. Please don’t misinterpret my words. As the Saintess of the Flores family, you’re already at the forefront of the storm and should keep a low profile at the time. It’s not good to be too highprofile

Behave yourself. You can last long if you don’t say anything. It was Sheyenne’s experience, which was that Sheyenne wanted to teach Olivia

Olivia was a little confused. She supported her chin with one hand and looked at Sheyenne in confusion. Where do you think I’m getting high profile?” 

Sheyenne took a deep breath and gave an example. You ate a total of five dishes for dinner today.” 

Olivia did not understand for a moment and asked, Do you think it’s too little?” 

Then, without waiting for Sheyenne to reply, Olivia nodded to herself. It’s indeed a little too little. My appetite is poor today.Because she was in a bad mood, it affected her appetite

But the spicy grilled fish was tasty, and she ate plenty

Sheyenne was speechless

Oh, my goodness. Five dishes were still not enough! Sheyenné was already overjoyed when she had one meat dish at the Flores family in the 


At this moment, the others in the living room outside followed in and echoed Olivia’s words. Indeed, Saintess did not eat much today. She only ate five dishes! I was shocked when I found out.” 

The gentlelooking woman’s heart ached even more. She looked at Olivia worriedly. Saintess, have you had enough of this cook’s dishes? Don’t worry, I’ve asked Dad to look for a chef in the Hushe Republic. He’ll be back soon.” 

One will be sick of eating the Hushe Republic dishes all the time.Another person said, Finian cuisine is not bad, especially foie gras Gorosia’s caviar is also good. I’ll find a few more chefs.” 

Buchares Missing Daring 

Several people stood there and spoke one after another as if Olivia had suffered a great grievance after only eating five dishes a meal

It was especially true for the gentlelooking woman. Her heart ached so much that she was about to cry

What kind of world was this

Sheyenne was confused

In the Maple Villa, Danie’s entire body withered when he learned that Olivia did not come back for dinner

He looked listless as a little flower that was dehydrated

I don’t need to eat dinner. You guys can eat whatever you want.” Daniel returned to his room listlessly. He could not muster any energy at all. He was born goodlooking and was gorgeous. His drooping gaze and gloomy look almost broke everyone’s heart

Even a big man like Ellis felt his heartache. He was careful with Daniel

Daniel, do you want me to invite Saintess back?he asked softly

Daniel first shook his head, then quickly changed his mind and nodded -heavily. Go on. Remember to emphasize that I didn’t eat dinner.” 

Ellis was at a loss for his words

Daniel never forgot to act pitifully

Ellis turned around and was about to walk downstairs. Halfway there, he suddenly remembered something he had been wondering for a long 


He turned around and looked at Daniel. He asked curiously, Daniel, how did you recognize Ms. Taylor?Ellis did not recognize her at all

Olivia was wrapped up like a mummy, with only her eyes exposed

Even the people with the piercing eyes wouldn’t recognize her

Why can’t I recognize her?Daniel did not understand

There was no need to get close to Olivia at all. Olivia was only standing there from afar, and he could recognize her with a glance

She was the one he loved to the point of madness, and Daniel missed her every moment of every day. How could he not have recognized her just because she was wrapped up in her clothes

Her voice, her tone, her eyes, her scentand the tiny mole in the hollow of the little finger of her right hand

She was his Livy

How could he not recognize her

If Daniel couldn’t recognize her, it must be because he didn’t love her

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Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

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