Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 501

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 501

Chapter 501 

Olivia took a good look at Sheyenne, who was standing in front of her, with a relaxed expression. I have always wanted to know what happened after I fainted. How did I end up with the Flores family? I have been wanting to look for you. But, never did I expect that you would walk into the trap yourself

I think I have been very lucky lately that I manage to get whatever I want.” 

Olivia waved her right hand as she spoke. Suddenly, Sheyenne felt a faint pain on her face. Then, the thin film she used for disguise was being. ripped off

She bit on her lips nervously and stared at Olivia vigilantly. But, her heart was filled with sadness

It was over. Everything was over now. Olivia would not let her off for sure. She could never return to Daniel’s side anymore

When she came to think about it, a strong sense of hatred burst out in Sheyenne’s mind

She hated Olivia! 

She hated herself for being so softhearted too

Why would she worry about Olivia? Why was she so afraid that Olivia was not doing well

She should not have cared so much about Olivia! She should have let Olivia die here in the Flores Residence

Olivia lowered her head as she looked closely at the thin film Sheyenne used for disguise in her hand. It was very thin and delicate. Furthermore, it was made of silk protein

Olivia held onto the facial disguise mask and looked at it. Then, she turned around and looked at Sheyenne’s face structure. Suddenly, Olivia seemed to have realized something. I see. It is such an exquisite piece of work.” 

Sheyenne’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing it. She then spoke all of a sudden. Do you want to learn it? I can teach you if you want. With this, you could hide the fetal toxin on your face and become beautiful. I will teach you if you let me go!” 

Sheyenne’s words were so tempting

Of course, it was every woman’s desire to become beautiful. Sheyenne strongly believed that Olivia would not reject her offer

Upon hearing that Sheyenne was going to teach her the facial disguise technique, Olivia lowered her head and looked at Sheyenne. A hint of doubt flashed through Olivia’s eyes as she frowned slightly

Upon seeing Olivia’s expression, Sheyenne was so excited. She is tempted! She is tempted!Sheyenne thought in her mind

Sheyenne clenched her fingers into fists while suppressing her emotion. Olivia raised the mask and turned it around as she said curiously, Do I need to learn something that I could figure out with just one glance? Unless you have other skills to teach me.” 

Sheyenne was speechless.. 

It was so annoying! Olivia’s words were so annoying

What did Olivia mean by figuring out with just one glance? Did she know that Sheyenne had spent more than ten years studying and learning the facial disguise technique

Who did Olivia think she was to look down on such a technique

Olivia knew what Sheyenne was thinking, but she did not say anything. On the contrary, she applied the facial disguise mask on Sheyenne’s face directly and adjusted it slightly with her fingertips

Sheyenne was in a daze. She did not know how to react at all. She could only feel Olivia’s warm fingers lingering around her face. It was not painful at all. On the contrary, she felt kind of comfortable

It was until Sheyenne heard a clear and pleasant voice. Done” 

She came to her senses immediately

Sheyenne lifted her head and looked at the mirror beside her in a daze

Her eyes lit up instantly

In fact, nobody knew the art of facial disguise more than Sheyenne. However, Sheyenne looked exactly like Olivia now. Olivia actually managed to disguise Sheyenne as herself better than Sheyenne

Of course, in terms of details, Olivia was not able to handle them as perfectly as Sheyenne. However, the strange part was that Sheyenne looked more like Olivia than before

How could it be possible

Sheyenne was stunned at that moment

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Olivia sat on the chair again as she took out a wet towel and wiped her fingers slowly. It was not the absolute appearance that matters when you were to disguise into someone else. It was the resemblance. The key is that we look alike. In fact, when we look at others, we don’t really focus on the details but we see them as a whole

Have you ever had such a feeling? When you walk on the road and bump into someone who looks similar to your former classmate or friend? It is obvious that they don’t look alike as one of them has single eyelids but the other has double eyelids. However, you just felt that both of them look alike

It is because when we look at people, we look at their facial features and temperament. In other words, when we remember someone, we don’t focus on the details of their face but on their characteristics and the aura they emit

So now, try to recall if Charlee has single eyelids or double eyelids?” 

Sheyenne was stunned. Charlee was just a timid little girl in her eyes. She had a small figure too. Sheyenne had seen her before and even knew her. However, she could not remember if Charlee had single eyelids or double eyelids

Upon seeing this, Olivia twitched her mouth and asked all of a sudden, By the way, how many years have you been studying this facial disguise technique?” 

Sheyenne lowered her head and said, Seventeen years.” 

Olivia nodded as she said, It only took me three minutes.” 

Pfft!Sheyenne spat out a mouthful of blood out of anger

Sheyenne had suffered so much since she was a child, but she had never been bothered or even frowned upon

Her parents did not love her. Her siblings bullied her. The man she loved did not love her. Her tribe despised her. But, she did not give a damn about any of it

However, Olivia’s casual words made her vomit blood instead

Three minutes! What a joke! Only three minutes

It only took Olivia three minutes

How about her seventeen years of study? It seemed to be absolutely worthless

Suddenly, Sheyenne burst into laughter with extreme pain in her heart

revealing a mouthful of bloody teeth

Olivia sat on the chair and looked at Sheyenne quietly. Olivia watched Sheyenne collapse to the ground in pain as she laughed miserably. When it was about time, Olivia said coldly, It hurts a lot, doesn’t it? Something that you care so much about is being seen right through easily by others. But, do you know that the pain that you are suffering now is incomparable with what I have gone through? You disfigured me! Made me trapped here and separated from the people I love the most. Have you ever thought about how miserable I am

How could you be so shameless to snatch everything away from others. like nobody’s business

Is this even yours

Are you even fit to snatch everything away from others just like that

If I don’t let you feel the same way I felt, you will never understand the pain I had suffered. Am I right

You will never know how it feels if it is not happening to you!” 

Olivia was extremely sarcastic at that time

No one had ever taken advantage of Olivia in her entire life

If she did not take the initiative to give others anything, no one could snatch anything from her

Ever since Olivia regained her memory, she had been thinking of ways to punish the person who had harmed her. She had been thinking of ways to punish Berry! 

Physical pain was nothing. It was too simple and easy to achieve

Only torture and pain suffered mentally could make someone feel heartbroken

Therefore, Olivia said deliberately that she could master the art of facial disguise in only three minutes. She wanted to show Sheyenne that the facial disguise technique that Sheyenne was so proud of was nothing but child’s play in otherseyes

Olivia intended to break Sheyenne’s psychological defense completely

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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