Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 1-10

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

Chapter 1

Caroline Evans was getting married.

Not to her fiancé, Eddy Morrison, whom she had loved for eight years. Instead, she was marrying a man she’d only met for all of five minutes and knew very little about.

“You can still back out.” The man looked at Caroline cynically in the waiting room of City Hall.

Caroline toyed nervously with the already creased hem of her shirt, Eddy’s cold expression flashing through her mind. Three days ago, Eddy, who usually avoided her like the plague, invited her over for dinner. When she received his call, she naively thought that her eight years of effort was finally paying off.

She had dolled herself up and showed up eagerly. However, there were others besides Eddy waiting for her. Sitting in a wheelchair with her fingers laced with Eddy’s was a glowing, radiant Layla Evans, who was none other than her cousin.

Before Caroline could take in their relationship, Eddy dropped a bomb on her.

“If you donate your kidney to Layla, I’ll marry you.”

Caroline was dumbfounded. She stared at Eddy in disbelief. His gaze was cold and indifferent, with a hint of hatred, as if he was not looking at his fiancée of eight years but at a sworn enemy.

Caroline was numb all over.

She had been betrothed to Eddy since they were young. When she returned to the country at 16, she fell head over heels for him. For eight years, she’d gained skills to be the perfect wife.

She’d learned to do the laundry and cook. She’d taken up music and art lessons. Despite knowing that he hated her, she loved him and was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. All so that one day, he would see how great she was and agree sincerely to marry her.

But now, reality hit her like a truck. Not only did Eddy not love her, he’d fallen for her cousin. He was willing to sacrifice her to save the woman he loved. Eddy knew how much Caroline wanted to be his wife, yet he agreed to fulfill her wish only if she did the same for him.

This was outright humiliation.

All her love for him vanished in an instant and turned into hatred.

She wanted to kill them.

However, she was not even capable of protecting herself.

Until now, Eddy’s chilling words echoed in her ear. “I’m not negotiating with you. I’m informing you. If you refuse, I could deny you the right to be Mrs. Morrison.”

Caroline clenched her fists against the cold chair.

Although it had already been three days, anger and disappointment surged in her chest whenever she thought of it.

She knew that Eddy was not joking around.

As the heir of the most prominent family in Osbury, he had enormous power to fulfill his goal. If it weren’t for Jude Morrison, his grandfather, Eddy might not even have told her about it. He would have just dragged her to the surgical ward.

Hence, to protect herself, she had to marry someone to prevent Eddy’s plan from coming to fruition.

Caroline gulped and replied, voice steely, “I won’t.”

Then, she looked at the man next to her.

Kirk Morrison. He shared Eddy’s last name.

She had read the information written on his profile. He had nothing to do with the Morrisons she knew. He was just an ordinary white-collar worker. The only thread he shared in common with them was that he was working in a company they owned.

However, his ordinary background did not change the fact that he had an exquisite face, a tall figure, and broad shoulders. He was so perfectly sculpted that it was hard to spot any flaws. When Caroline had first laid eyes on him, she thought he was the CEO of some well-established company.

“Ms. Evans.”

She’d been staring at him for too long. Kirk had spoken in a low voice and had a smirk on his face.

He was so alluring that it was hard to breathe.

Caroline snapped back to reality and brushed strands of her hair back awkwardly, covering her blushing face.

Kirk watched as she tried to hide her face and smiled. “Do you still remember our three rules?”

“I do.” As Kirk watched, Caroline said, “The marriage will last three years. We cannot involve our private matters in our marriage. And last, we cannot fall in love with each other. We will end this marriage immediately if we find true love within these three years.”

Kirk nodded in satisfaction. Caroline was perplexed. “Why are you suddenly bringing this up?”

He rubbed his fingertips together relaxedly and lowered his head a little, his eyelashes fluttering. “I’m afraid of you falling for me.”

Caroline was instantly speechless. She took a few deep breaths before smiling bitterly. “Don’t worry. I don’t like men.”

She would never fall for anyone again. Having her heart broken once was enough.

Kirk raised an eyebrow, his gaze as deep as an abyss. After a while, he lifted his head. “That’s good, then. Let’s go.”

The conversation had shifted too abruptly. Caroline was stunned for a moment before realizing that it was their turn to register their marriage.

She got up, seeing a couple of newlyweds who had just received their marriage certificates and were beaming happily.

Her vision blurred. She had had dreams of going through this with Eddy multiple times. In fact, while on the way to meet Kirk, she’d still been considering marrying Eddy. But that same moment, she had received a call from Eddy.

“When are you going to the hospital?” he had said, sounding annoyed.

When she heard that, Caroline found that she was not angry at all. Rather, ironically, she wanted to laugh.

Was Eddy so sure that she would be willing to sacrifice everything just to marry him?

Her hesitation and doubt had vanished at once. She grew even more determined to get married to someone else.

“What’s wrong?” Kirk said, pulling Caroline out of her thoughts.

She retracted her gaze, sighing deeply. Tears flooded the corners of her eyes, but her look was cold. “Nothing.”

From now on, she and Eddy had nothing to do with each other. She felt relieved at the thought.

Kirk could tell that some emotional baggage weighed her down, but he did not ask about it. He needed a wife, and Caroline had come recommended to him.

Since they had the same needs, they got together at once. Since they were not too concerned about their future, enquiring about each other’s past was unnecessary too.

Half an hour later, they received their marriage certificate.

Seeing it, Caroline placed a hand over her kidney, sighing in relief. With this marriage certificate, Eddy would no longer be able to force her to give up her kidney.

She was safe for now.

However, the second she thought of her parents, Caroline lowered her head.

She hadn’t had the time to tell anyone about this marriage, including her parents. Their wish was for her to marry Eddy Morrison, especially since the Evans family had been demoted to a lower-cla** family despite having once been one of the four defining families in Osbury. They had high hopes for her to marry Eddy and bring their family back to their former glory.

They would explode from anger if they learned that she had married some nobody.

“We should visit your parents next.” Kirk shoved the certificate into a pocket, revealing a gold watch under his white shirt when he took his hand back out.

Although it was only a fake marriage, they had to do things the proper way.

Caroline was shocked. “Right … right now?”

Chapter 2

“Is something wrong?” Kirk looked at her.

Caroline’s red lips parted. She was unsure how to explain but was afraid he would overthink things. “No. Let’s go.”

It had to be done sooner or later.

On the way over, she received a call from Eddy.

Upon seeing the flashing screen, Caroline’s expression froze. She was reminded of how she’d behaved in the past eight years—she used to be the one who called Eddy, asking about his day. But Eddy had never called her.

She wouldn’t have received an ounce of concern even if she were in the hospital undergoing surgery. But now, Eddy was calling Caroline for Layla’s sake.

There was no way Caroline could compare to Layla.

“Aren’t you going to take that?” Kirk looked out of the window. He had been resting his eyes.

Caroline looked at his perfect face. Although she couldn’t see his expression, she felt like he was annoyed.

She hesitated for a moment before finally picking up.

Before she could even speak, Eddy’s angry voice came from the speaker. “Caroline! Get the fuck to the hospital now! Do you know how many specialists are waiting? Do you know how bad Layla feels? How can you be so selfish? I’ve already agreed to fucking marry you. What else do you fucking want?”

Caroline smiled bitterly. Although she knew that Eddy didn’t like her, she never would have known how lowly he thought of her.

If that was the case …

“Don’t you know what I want?” Caroline’s gaze grew cold. “I want your love. Can you give it to me?”

“You’re fucking shameless,” he mocked. “I would never fall for a woman like you! Get your a** here now, Caroline, and you might still be Mrs. Morrison. If you’re late, you’ll get nothing!”

Caroline looked up. She felt like even her heart was crying. “I’m already married,” she said.

Then, she hung up.

This was the first time she ever did that.

How nice it felt not to have to wait in misery.

On the other end of the call, Eddy trembled in hatred. Then, he sneered.

Married? Caroline only wanted to marry him. How could she marry someone else?

Her scheming was becoming more and more absurd. She wanted to fake a marriage to negotiate with him!

How scary she was!

After she hung up, the car lapsed into silence.

Kirk, who was looking out the window in annoyance, ma**aged his temples. The call had been too loud. He could hear everything without trying. On top of that, the man sounded familiar. He’d heard it somewhere before.

“It’s no wonder that you don’t like men,” he said, his charming voice filling the entire car.

The sudden feeling of being understood made Caroline’s tears fall like a river. She raised her head and tried to hold back her sobs. She said, gnashing her teeth, “Men are all fucking dogs!”

Kirk did not object. He merely glanced at her.

She was trembling all over. Her fingers gripped the steering wheel hard, and her knuckles were white. She was outraged. But despite that, her crystal eyes were determined, as if she had risen from the dead. She looked unafraid of what life could throw at her and was ready to break free of her chains and soar with her wings.

Something stirred in Kirk’s heart. “I’ll drive.”

Caroline stopped sobbing.

Kirk didn’t dare to look into her eyes. “I don’t want to die.”

Caroline was wordless. They swapped seats and went straight to Caroline’s home without sharing a word between them.

Reaching the entrance, Caroline had finally gathered her emotions. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror. Her eyes were red and swollen, and her lips looked pale and bloodless. Her skin was already fair to begin with, and she looked like a broken porcelain doll.

She put on some eyeshadow and lipstick and inspected herself before turning to Kirk. “I’m done.”

Caroline looked like a different person with makeup on. Her beautiful eyes were bright, full of calmness and gentleness. Her lips were cherry red, seductive, and alluring.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Caroline looked into the mirror again.

Kirk looked away, smirking. “I didn’t think you would look this good.”

It sounded different after he said it out loud. Caroline couldn’t be bothered to argue with him and anxiously looked at the villa, clutching her shirt. She took a deep breath and mustered up her courage before saying, “Let’s go.”

Kirk looked at the way she entered her own home like she was walking to her execution and raised an eyebrow. Then, he followed behind her in amusement.

“Mom, Dad! I’m home!” Caroline pushed the door open and looked into the living room.

Dan Evans pushed up his gla**es in surprise when he saw her and welcomed her. “Why are you back, Caroline?”

After she came of age, she had moved to the city to take better care of Eddy.

When she saw the wrinkles on her father’s face, Caroline’s eyes watered. She’d spent all her time and energy on Eddy and hadn’t noticed how old her parents had become.

Thank goodness she’d realized who she really should be caring for in time.

“Dad …”

“And this is?” Dan instantly noticed Kirk, who was standing behind Caroline. With his sharp instincts, he knew there was more to this man than what was on the surface.

Caroline said in hesitation, “He’s my …”

“Carrie, you’re back!” There was a gleeful exclamation. A red figure rushed toward Caroline from the second floor. “Eddy called me and said that you’re going to get married. Is this true?”

Caroline was stunned. “What?”

Eddy had gone ahead with the marriage by himself.

Dan didn’t notice his daughter’s reaction and asked his wife excitedly, “Is that true? Has Eddy finally agreed to marry Carrie?”

They’d been waiting for this moment for over a decade.

When she saw how happy her parents were, she bit her lip.

How despicable. Eddy had guessed accurately that she would not go against her parents and was using them to coerce her! He would use every tactic in the book to achieve his goal.

When Caroline felt like she was about to suffocate, Kirk rested his hand on her shoulder. His deep, charismatic voice sounded from above her head. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Evans. I’m Carrie’s husband. It’s nice to meet you.”

Chapter 3

Caroline’s heart thumped in her chest. It felt like a lifebuoy had been thrown to her in the open sea.

She looked up and met Kirk’s gaze. The amusement in his eyes had vanished, replaced by deep emotion. For a second, even Caroline believed it.

She quickly looked at Dan and Sarah White, her mother.

They were so shocked that they both collapsed onto the couch. After a beat, Dan reacted first. He looked at Caroline and asked, “Carrie, what is this?”

Before she could speak, Kirk shielded her behind him. Her mind went blank at the feeling of protection he gave her.

He said in that husky voice of his, “We just registered our marriage today. It was so rushed that we didn’t get the chance to inform you.”

Dan was furious, but he kept his composure. “Carrie!”

Caroline gritted her teeth and said, “What he’s saying is true. I married him because I didn’t want to marry—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Sarah rushed toward her and squeezed her shoulders. “What happened, Carrie? Didn’t you always like Eddy? Now that he’s finally agreeing to marry you, why are you—” Then, she looked at Kirk warily and said in a low voice, “Tell me, have you been threatened?”

Sensing that her mother had misunderstood Kirk, Caroline hurriedly said, “No one forced me to do anything. I just don’t want to marry a man who doesn’t love me!”

She was exhausted. She did not want to carry on anymore.

Sarah’s fingernails dug into Caroline’s flesh. “Do you know what you’re saying, Carrie? From the moment you got engaged to Eddy, we raised you to be his wife. You are going to marry him to elevate our family, not for love!”

Caroline’s shoulders hurt so badly that she sucked in a breath of air. “Mom …” She looked at Dan.

Dan looked at her in disappointment. “Carrie, divorce him immediately before Eddy finds out! You are Eddy’s wife. How could you be so foolish?” He frowned as he said that last sentence. Whatever warmth he had toward Kirk was now all gone.

Caroline saw red. She didn’t care if there was an outsider present. “Do you know why Eddy agreed to marry me?”

Dan turned away. “I don’t want to hear it. Divorce this man immediately.”

Caroline was stunned. Heartache welled up her chest. Looking at her father’s back, she said pitifully, “He said that he would marry me if I donated my kidney to Layla.”

The room fell into silence.

Dan and Sarah met each other’s conflicted gaze.

Kirk lifted his gaze lazily, looking at Caroline’s parents. He frowned slightly. A part of him felt uncomfortable. He couldn’t describe why.

Caroline sniffed and continued, “You know how I’ve cared for him these eight years. But he never loved me and got together with Layla when he was still engaged to me. Now, he wants to use my kidney to save Layla. I can’t imagine what would happen if we married. If Layla wanted my life, he—”

Caroline couldn’t go on anymore. Layla was her uncle’s daughter. Caroline had spent all of her effort on Eddy and hadn’t spent much time with her cousin. Although their bond was not very strong, Caroline tirelessly helped in the search for a compatible donor when Layla’s kidneys began deteriorating half a year ago.

But in the end, they weren’t just ungrateful. They both stabbed her in the back, demanding a kidney from her without prior discussion.

They wouldn’t do this to a stranger, much less family.

Sarah looked at her husband wordlessly, both of them reaching a mutual agreement. Then, she tugged Caroline’s hand gently. “Carrie, I know you’re upset, but think about it. Donating a kidney wouldn’t affect you in any way, and you’d be able to save Layla and become Eddy’s wife. It’s killing two birds with one stone. What a wonderful thing that is!”

Caroline turned cold. “What are you talking about, Mom?”

Eddy had betrayed her. Why did she have to make him and his mistress happy?

She looked at Dan beseechingly, but he looked at the ceiling. “You’re not a child anymore, Caroline. It’s a fair trade. Don’t be stubborn.”

“Fair trade.” Caroline trembled. She nearly fell, but Kirk pulled her up by her wrist. She stood squarely on her feet and looked bitterly at her parents, who had doted on her since she was small.

If Eddy’s betrayal had hit her like a truck, her parents’ words were hitting her like an army tank.

“So, in your eyes, my happiness is not as important as marrying Eddy and taking the Evanses to greater heights.” Fat tears fell from her eyes. She could no longer hold back the frustration that she had been accumulating within her.

She turned and ran out of the house.

She couldn’t take it anymore. How could her loving parents not understand her either?

Dan and Sarah were about to run after her, but Kirk blocked them off coldly. His face was devoid of warmth.

“The damage has been done. There’s no use pretending anymore.”

His words hit the nail right on the head. Dan yelled guiltily, “What right do you have to stop us? Caroline is our daughter.”

“So you know that.” Kirk scoffed sarcastically. “I thought she was your maid considering how you talked to her.” Then, he stepped back and looked down at both of them. “She is my wife. I will not let anyone hurt her. Not even her parents.”

His domineering aura stunned Dan for a couple of seconds before he snapped out of his trance. He yelled at Kirk, “Who the fuck are you to lecture us? You must divorce her at once, or I’ll make your life in Osbury a living hell!”

But Kirk had already left the house. He ignored Dan’s anger completely.

Once he was out of the house, Kirk looked at the woman slumped against the steering wheel, her shoulders heaving as she sobbed.

He stopped in his footsteps.

He needed a wife to stave off unwanted troubles. He had already attained his goal. He did not have to care about things like this.

He turned, but the determination that was in Caroline’s eyes despite her bitter desperation flashed through his mind.

He frowned in annoyance and strode forward. But then, he stopped and looked back at that meek figure again. He turned around and strode toward the car, pulling the door open. He nudged her and said crossly, “Move over.”

Still wallowing in her sorrow, Caroline looked up numbly. Before she could react, a pair of hands circled her waist. In an instant, she was cradled in Kirk’s arms.

She was so stunned that she forgot to cry. Her beautiful eyes looked at Kirk in shock.

“What … what are you doing?”

They had agreed that this would be a fake marriage.

Chapter 4

Kirk shoved her into the pa**enger seat with a steely face. He then got into the driver’s seat and shut the door.

Caroline was so startled that she jumped a little. She snuck a glance at Kirk’s unpleasant expression, perplexed. She was the one who should be angry. Why did he look more enraged than she was?

At once, Kirk started the car and sped into the distance.

Caroline nearly flew out of her seat. She grabbed the handhold tightly, her voice sounding distorted in the wind. “What are you doing?”

It was as if Kirk hadn’t heard anything. He stepped on the gas, staring straight ahead as if he were a beast in the night.

At once, the Audi A6 sped through the streets like a rushing river.

Caroline turned pale. She could barely hold on. The wind swept her questions away, her voice drowned in the breeze.

Finally, Caroline stopped struggling and let the wind tousle her hair. Kirk was like a madman, driving her toward the unknown.

Three days ago, she’d thought about dying. But suicide would hurt too much, and she couldn’t bear to do it. Besides, she felt that even if her parents wished for her to be Mrs. Morrison, they would understand her when they heard Eddy’s outlandish request. This was why she had the guts to let them meet Kirk.

But in their eyes, elevating the Evans family was more important than her happiness. 20-something years of joy evaporated in an instant.

The wind beat violently against her face. She had no more tears left to cry.

Her heart was just dead.

The car gradually slowed down. She looked out of the window, numb.

They were at the seaside. Only a few people were on the beach during the sunset, appearing like ants moving around on the sand. Clouds decorated the entire sky, floating in large shapes of orange and red. It was a tranquil scene.

Caroline had lived in Osbury for many years but never knew such a beautiful place existed here.

“Aren’t you going to take a look?” Kirk asked lazily.

Caroline looked at him. The anger had dissipated from his face, as if her eyes had merely played tricks on her earlier.

He had one hand on the steering wheel while the other rested on the seat. He stared out at the beach beyond.

He was laid back but haughty. His tousled hair made his perfect face even more enchanting. Although she knew that he was a nobody, her heart thumped.

She looked down hurriedly, avoiding that scorching gaze of his. “No.” Just looking at the place from afar was enough.

Kirk shifted his gaze to the woman’s animated yet dejected eyes. He remembered those determined but embittered eyes. His fingers grazed the steering wheel, and he looked at an eagle that was soaring high above. “Haven’t you thought about taking revenge?”

Caroline was bewildered.

“Your fiancé.” Kirk felt around his chest, then remembered his current persona and that he hadn’t brought a cigar with him. His fingers went back to the steering wheel. “He sounds like a bastard. Don’t you want to take revenge on him?”

Caroline smiled, her gaze misty. “Of course I have. But I don’t have the ability to do that.”

Eddy was the heir of the Morrisons. He could crush her like an ant.

Now that she thought about it, it was only because of Jude that she was allowed to be close to him. Once Jude stepped down, Eddy’s hatred for her might just drive him to kill her.

“I can help you with that,” Kirk said nonchalantly. He looked at Caroline and then at the eagle, which had swooped into the sea and caught a fish in its beak. Once he said those words, he felt at ease.

Caroline smiled. “Thanks for the offer. You’re a good person. However, he’s not just anybody.”

Amusement flashed through Kirk’s eyes when he heard Caroline’s praise of him.

A good person?

He’d been alive for almost 30, but no one had ever called him a good person during this time.

And just based on that …

“My promises expire. But as long as you say the word, I can help you with your revenge.”

Caroline smiled, not explaining further. “Sure.” But she couldn’t help thinking what Kirk’s face would look like if he knew that Eddy was the one he had to take revenge on.

Right this moment, Kirk’s phone rang. He took it out, his expression shifting when he saw the number. He opened the door and walked a distance away before saying, “Speak.”

“Sir, the driver who caused the car crash has pa**ed away. We could not retrieve any useful information.”

Kirk’s gaze was so sharp it could cut gla**. He was a completely different person.

“Only a few people know that I’ve come back. Keep an eye on them.”

“Yes, sir.” His underling paused, then continued, “Old Mr. Morrison called. He wants to invite you to a party. You …”

Kirk looked at Caroline, who was staring blankly at the sky. “Get it in order.”

“Yes, sir.” The underling understood at once.

Kirk hung up and walked toward Caroline. He crossed his arms over his chest. “I have some matters to tend to.”

“You can go. You don’t have to bother about me.” Caroline forced a vibrant smile. “I’m fine.”

Kirk swept his gaze over her. “Sure. And if you’re not, don’t say it’s my fault.”

Caroline was speechless. Why did he have to talk like that?

After Kirk left in a cab, Caroline received a call from her friend, Gwen Jameson.

Gwen was seething when the call went through. “Carrie, that bastard Eddy got together with Layla. I went to see my mother and—”

“I already know about that.” Before Gwen could ask, Caroline told her everything that had happened in the past few days.

After Gwen learned of it all, she was so furious she wanted to flip a table over. “F*** this shit! They’re so good at keeping shit in the dark that we never saw their scheme. You aren’t letting them go scot-free, are you?”

“What else can I do?” Caroline was exasperated. “I married someone just so that I wouldn’t have to donate my kidney. How can someone like me take revenge on them?”

“Hold up. What … what did you say? Married? Are you married now?” Gwen began coughing and spluttering. It went on for a few minutes before she roared, “Who did you marry? F***, he’s not Eddy’s relative, is he? This is such sweet revenge! If Eddy finds out abou

Chapter 5

Caroline was amused by Gwen’s outburst. “You’ve read too many romance novels. I just picked him off the street. He has nothing to do with the Morrisons. The only thing they have in common is that he works in one of their companies.”

“Oh.” Gwen was disappointed. “So he’s Eddy’s employee. Doesn’t that mean that Eddy can bully you whenever he wants?”

Caroline’s eyes darkened. “He … probably wouldn’t because of Old Mr. Morrison. Besides, I’m already married. Eddy probably won’t come and bother me anymore.”

Gwen relaxed a little, but when she thought of Eddy’s hara**ment, she felt angry on her friend’s behalf. “If it were up to me, I’d have beaten up that man. Does he not know how much you wanted to marry him?”

Caroline said, “It’s already in the past, Gwen. In the future, Eddy and I will be our own people. We will not interfere with each other.”

“So your marriage …” Gwen hesitated. “It hasn’t been made known to Old Mr. Morrison yet, has it? If he comes to know about it, he’ll be sad.”

Caroline had just begun to feel calm, but now she was worried again. She felt guilty when Jude was brought up. It was him who had finalized her engagement with Eddy. When the Evanses met their demise, everyone waited for him to retract his statement and turn her into a joke, yet he hadn’t done that at all. Instead, he’d publicly announced that she was the only person he would accept as his granddaughter-in-law.

Because of her, he and Eddy had argued several times.

Now that things had ended up this way, Caroline only felt guilty toward Jude.

“I’ll tell him tonight,” Caroline said. She would rather have him hear it from herself than from someone else.

Gwen was worried. “Do you need me to go with you?”

“No.” Caroline smiled. “He cares for me so much. He won’t do anything to me.”

In the glittering halls of Starlust Hotel, Jude Morrison was sitting in the highest chair as a symbol of his power and status and was talking to Kirk Morrison. He chuckled. “You’re the one that my brother nurtured, after all. You’re ten years younger than Thomas, but you handle things with such composure. He can’t do that.”

Thomas, Eddy’s father, sat below Jude. He had a beer belly, but one could tell that he was once a handsome man.

“What Dad means,” Thomas said, unable to conceal the admiration for his younger brother, Kirk, “is that being able to put down all the things you were doing overseas to rush back home is an incredible feat that not many people can do.”

Kirk was pleasantly surprised by their praise. He brushed his finger against his lips elegantly. “Thank you, Thomas and Uncle Jude. Our country has been developing rapidly. I only came back because I saw the commercial potential in it.”

Jude nodded slightly. Then, he said sorrowfully, “What a pity your father hadn’t come home with you. Otherwise, my brother and I would have been able to get together again.”

Kirk’s eyes turned cold. He said indifferently, “It’s a good thing that he didn’t come then. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to see us.”

Jude knitted his eyebrows together. “What do you mean?”

“We had a car accident at the airport.”

“What?” Jude said anxiously. “Were you hurt?”


“That’s good.” The old man sank into his chair, then asked concernedly, “What happened?”

“The cars collided with each other. Both drivers died.”

“Does that mean we can’t find out if this was deliberate or accidental?” Jude’s wits were sharp, and he caught on quickly.

Kirk had been observing his expression. He confirmed that the old man was indeed clueless before saying, “Yes. That’s why I need your help.”

“Of course I will help,” he said. “Your father and I are brothers. I would have investigated it without you even mentioning it.”

“Thank you, Uncle Jude. But I don’t want to bother you with that,” Kirk refused politely. “I will get to the bottom of it. Not many people know that I’ve returned. I think I’ll be able to find the truth very soon. However, I’d like you to help me stop any news regarding my return.”

Jude said in a low voice, “Are you suspecting foul play by the other families?”

He had only told the other three large families of Osbury about Kirk’s return.

Kirk’s slender fingers ran along the surface of the table. He did not answer but said determinedly, “I just hope that you’ll be able to help me.”

Jude hesitated for a moment, raising an eyebrow. Then, he broke the somber atmosphere with a chuckle. “Of course.” He looked at Thomas and changed the topic. “Where’s Eddy? Why isn’t he here?”

Thomas replied, “He might have gotten delayed because of work. He would have rushed here otherwise. He’s been wanting to see Kirk.”

“Yes.” Jude said, smiling. “Ever since meeting you a couple of times overseas, he began admiring you. I watched him grow up, yet I’ve never seen him respect anyone else so much.”

Kirk put on a smile. His thoughts wandered to Caroline.

Eddy? Wasn’t her fiancé also called Eddy? Would it be too much of a coincidence?

“Kirk?” Thomas waved a hand at him.

Kirk retracted his gaze and looked at Thomas.

Thomas teased, “What are you thinking about? You were so deep in thought.”

Kirk’s expression froze. Daydreaming was a sin to him. But because of that woman, he had committed it.

“My dad was asking if you’re married.”

Kirk collected his thoughts and sat up straight. “Yes.”

Jude’s interest was piqued. “When did that happen? Your father called me before you returned, and he told me to find you a partner. How did you find one so fast?”

So, that had happened.

Kirk replied, “I met her a few days ago. It was love at first sight, so we got married. But because it was too rushed, I didn’t manage to tell anyone about it.”

“What a pity.” Jude took out a photo. “I had even prepared someone for you. I didn’t think you’d find one so quickly. If only Eddy were as decisive as you, I wouldn’t be so worried.”

When he thought of Eddy and Caroline’s marriage, Jude sighed. He couldn’t understand why Eddy wouldn’t fall for the knowledgeable and capable Caroline.

“Sir,” the butler said, knocking before he came in. He brought a phone to Jude. He said softly, “It’s Ms. Evans.”

Jude smiled at once. He took the phone and said dotingly, “How are you, Carrie? Why are you calling me so suddenly? Oh? Do you have something to say to me? Alright, you can come here. I’m in Starlust Hotel. I’ll get someone to bring you here.”


Chapter 6

Half an hour later, Caroline was in the car that Jude had prepared and headed toward Starlust Hotel. Only after she had arrived did she learn from the butler that it was a party.

“Is Eddy here, too?” Caroline asked. She absolutely did not want to see him.

The butler, however, misunderstood. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Evans. He’ll be here soon.”

Caroline was speechless. Would she be able to leave in time?

But then, the door opened. Caroline had nowhere to go. Thus, she greeted, “Grandpa.”

“Oh!” Jude smiled when he saw Caroline. “Come, Carrie. Sit here with me.”

She sat next to him. Just then, she realized that everyone had yet to begin eating. They were probably waiting for someone important to arrive.

As if reading her mind, Jude said with a chuckle, “We’re here to celebrate Eddy’s uncle’s return to the country.”

Although Kirk had asked to keep this a secret, Jude had faith in Caroline. He believed that she would not be loose-lipped.

Caroline was dazed for a moment before remembering that Jude had a brother who had moved out of the country when he was young and single-handedly created a business empire. Rumor had it that his son was even better, turning the company into the largest in the country. However, he kept a low profile and never appeared on the news.

Caroline began feeling excited to see this miraculous person tonight.

Right then, the door opened once again. Caroline looked over at once, but her gaze turned cold instantly.

Eddy’s smile froze on his face. He could not conceal the hatred in his eyes. “Why are you here?”

Caroline sucked in her hatred for him and said expressionlessly, “To see Grandpa.”

Eddy sneered. She was here to tell on him, wasn’t she? He hated incapable women who told tales to his family the most.

He ignored her and glanced around the room. “Where’s Uncle?”

“He’s gone out to take a phone call.” Jude looked at him and then at Caroline. “Your uncle is already married. Isn’t it time for you too, Eddy?”

Caroline’s heart thumped. She grabbed the hem of her shirt.

“Grandpa …”

Eddy’s voice was louder than hers. “It’s up to you, Grandpa.”

Caroline was stunned. Before, when Jude brought up marriage, Eddy had opposed it. Now, to obtain her kidney, he tried to manipulate his grandfather.

She tightened her fists under the table.

But Jude and Thomas were smiling hard. This was Eddy’s first time agreeing to the marriage. As if afraid that he would go back on his word, they asked Caroline, “What do you think, Carrie?”

Caroline took multiple deep breaths and calmed down abruptly. Since he was being merciless, she would not hold back either.

She lowered her gaze and said shyly, “I … I don’t mind, Grandpa.”

Jude’s laughter filled the room. “That’s wonderful. I will get someone to arrange a date for you.”

Eddy glanced at Caroline, thinking that she was probably over the moon. His disgust toward her grew stronger.

But then, Caroline said timidly, “Grandpa, I have more to say.”

Everyone looked at her.

She bit her lip as if making a tough decision. “Since we’ve decided to marry … may I ask that Eddy keep his mistress in order?” Then, she added, “I’m not angry. He can have all the girlfriends he wants. I just don’t want this to upset our marriage so soon.”

At once, the entire room fell silent.

Eddy’s face was scarlet. He only had Layla, but Caroline had made it seem like he had a whole harem. Jude hated infidelity the most.

She’d done this on purpose!

He lowered his gaze. “Do you have any proof of that?” He and Layla had been careful. They’d been together for three years without anyone noticing.

Caroline batted her eyes, choking out, “I didn’t quite believe it until I saw the videos. I didn’t think that you would have so many women besides me, Eddy.”

Eddy sneered. She was really getting into it. “Why don’t you show us your evidence?”

Caroline sobbed. “I deleted them after seeing them. They’ll just hurt me if I keep them.” Then, she wiped away her tears and smiled. “If we’re happy together, I won’t bring this up again.”

Eddy’s face was as sour as a lemon. He’d been fooled. Caroline had no such videos, but she knew that Jude had absolute faith in her. Even without evidence, he would take her side.

And, as expected, Jude raised his cane in anger and whacked Eddy hard with it. “You little shit! How could our family raise a joke like you?”

Jude’s cane was custom-made. It was silent when making contact, but even a gentle tap would cause painful injuries.

Eddy’s back was quickly stained with blood.

His face was as black as thunder, and he nearly fell.

Before, Caroline would be upset at such a sight. But now, she felt that Eddy deserved it. She looked up, just happening to catch his gaze.

The corners of Caroline’s lips lifted ever so slightly. She tugged on Jude’s arm meekly, saying, “Don’t be angry, Grandpa. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said all those things.”

He put his cane down with a huff. “Look at you! Look at Carrie and how sensible she is! Go back and cut off all your shameful relationships, or I’ll never forgive you!”

This was Eddy’s first time being beaten, and it was at the hands of the woman he looked down on the most. He was furious, but he had to admit defeat. “I was wrong, Grandpa.”

Everyone knew how much Jude doted on Caroline. Since Eddy had yet to succeed him, he had to suck it up.

Jude calmed down. “You have to be a good husband to Caroline in the future, understood?”

Eddy looked at the smile behind Caroline’s eyes, clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles crackled.

His heart was stone cold.

“Just you wait, Caroline! Once we get married, I will give you a taste of hell,” Eddy thought.

Meanwhile, Caroline smiled calmly at Eddy’s cold gaze. She had been tolerant, but Eddy kept pushing her to the brink. Since that was the case, she would teach him a lesson in whatever way she could.

If he wanted to force her to marry him, they would see who could hold out longest.

Seeing that things were heating up, Thomas said, “Eddy, your uncle isn’t here yet. Go and see if he’s lost.”

Eddy didn’t want to stay here any longer, anyway. He took the chance to leave. “I’m going to find him, Grandpa.”

Jude waved him away. He was his grandson, after all. Seeing that he had agreed to marry Caroline, he would not argue with him for too long as long as he behaved from now on.

Caroline stood as well. “I’m going to the restroom, Grandpa.”

She needed to take a breather.

Chapter 7

Eddy and Caroline both walked out of the hall. The second they were out the door, Eddy grabbed her by her neck. “Don’t think that you’re invincible just because my grandfather favors you!”

Caroline could hardly breathe, but the smile on her face remained. She choked. “Well, you should stop thinking about using my kidney the price for marriage and clear things up with Grandpa soon. Otherwise, there’s no telling what else I’ll say.”

Eddy trembled violently. The Caroline before him seemed to have changed. She was no longer obedient like a lamb.

He tightened his grip and warned, “Don’t you dare think of playing any games. I will never call the marriage off. You will give your kidney to Layla!”

Then, he turned and left.

Caroline watched as he left, suddenly unable to understand how she had fallen for him eight years ago. However, she did not dwell upon it. She turned, about to ask an employee about what happened to Eddy’s uncle, when she caught sight of Kirk not far away.

She couldn’t quite see his expression under the dim light he was standing in.

His immaculately tailored suit showcased his perfect figure. His aura was dominant, like someone far more superior.

“Why are you here?” Caroline frowned. Starlust Hotel was the most prestigious hotel in Osbury. Only the Morrisons could come here.

Kirk did not answer her question. Instead, he gazed at her.

“Is Eddy your fiancé?”

He wasn’t sure at first, but then Jude had called her Carrie. He began to wonder if such coincidences could even exist and got his a**istant to dig around about Caroline.

That phone call was from his a**istant. Once he found out that Caroline was Eddy’s fiancée, Kirk began growing suspicious of the partner he’d married.

Caroline was not surprised at all that Kirk knew about her fiancé. Everyone in Osbury knew it. She admitted, “Yes. What’s wrong with that?”

At once, Kirk lifted her chin. She was forced to look up into his piercing gaze. It was like he was about to interrogate a criminal.

Just then, he leaned in closer, and the fragrance of mint permeated the air and invaded her senses. Her mind went blank, and she stammered, “What … what’s wrong?”

Kirk did not move. He was still staring at her.

Caroline froze, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She turned her face slightly to avoid being a**aulted by his handsome face and said weakly, “You scared me.”

Her voice had a meek tone to it. Kirk’s gaze darkened, and he tightened his grip, leaving a mark on Caroline’s pale face. She inhaled sharply and met his gaze. “What is wrong with you?”

Her eyes were as bright as the moon. Kirk grew frustrated under her gaze and turned away slightly. “Do you know who I am?”

Caroline was dazed. “Kirk Morrison.”

He narrowed his eyes, his gaze turning sharp. There was not a trace of artifice to be found in her eyes.

Either this was a coincidence, or she was a great actor.

He let her go in irritation. The tips of his fingers remained mildly warm, but his gaze turned icy cold. “We will divorce tomorrow.”


This was too sudden.

Kirk tugged at his tie, no longer looking at her. “We will meet at City Hall at nine in the morning.” Then, he walked past Caroline and strode off.

Caroline hurried after him. “Are you worried that Eddy will come after you? Don’t worry. He doesn’t love me. He won’t trouble you at all.”

Eddy just wanted her kidney. He didn’t care who she married.

Kirk’s eyebrows knitted together, and he walked even quicker. For a second there, he almost didn’t want to divorce her anymore. He must’ve gone absolutely mad!

Caroline was left behind in the dust. She watched as he disappeared, leaning dejectedly against the wall.

Was it her destiny to trade her kidney for marriage?

In her agitated state, she did not realize that the butler had appeared. She only snapped back to reality when he called out to her.

Worried, he said, “Ms. Evans, is everything alright?”

She was in a daze, yet she answered, “Yes. What’s up?”

“Mr. Morrison has arrived. Jude told me to tell you,” the butler replied.

At least she could meet that mysterious uncle. Caroline gathered her emotions and followed the butler back to the hotel.

However, there was no uncle in it. Even Eddy had disappeared.

Jude explained, “They left because of an emergency. You would have seen him if you’d come a second earlier.”

Caroline was thoroughly dejected. However, to avoid worrying him, she finished dinner with Jude.

Caroline was exhausted when she left the hotel. She sat in her car, not wanting to move at all.

Just then, Gwen called and said anxiously, “Babe, I have do pull overtime tonight. Can you send dinner to my mom?”

Caroline didn’t want Gwen to sense anything was wrong, so she said breezily, “Sure.”

“Mwah! I love you, babe. I’ll treat you to dinner once I get my bonus.”

They chatted for a little while before hanging up. Then, Caroline got the driver to turn around and send her to the hospital.

When she arrived, she bought some porridge and a few pastries before heading into the sick ward. She was pa**ing through the garden when she happened to bump into Layla being wheeled around by a nurse. In fact, upon closer inspection, a whole posse of attendants was attending to her. One of them had a cup of coffee in their hands, and someone else was fanning her. Anyone would mistake this as the queen parading around the hospital.

Caroline wanted to ignore them, but then she heard one of them saying, “He’s so good to you, Mrs. Morrison. He comes to see you every day and brings you jewelry. I’m so envious!”

“And he’s so worried that one caretaker isn’t enough, so he hired a dozen at once. He loves you so much.”

Layla managed to spot Caroline with her sharp eyes and purposefully spoke louder. “Eddy really loves me!”

If it were before, Caroline would have turned away and left. But today, she was in a bad mood. On top of that, the villain was right before her eyes. She was not going to let it go.

Caroline turned and walked toward the glowing, non-sickly Layla. “What a coincidence, cousin.”

Then, without warning, she dumped the porridge over Layla’s head. “I thought I saw a boulder moving around, but it seems it was just your thick-skinned self.”

The porridge was piping hot.

At once, Layla’s agonized screams filled the air in the garden

Chapter 8

It was then that everyone reacted. They pushed Caroline over frantically and wiped the porridge off Layla. But even so, her scalp was burning. Her tears fell in large drops on the ground.

The nurse barked, “Who are you? Do you know who you’ve angered?”

Caroline replied coldly, “I’m Eddy’s fiancée.”

Everyone was stunned. They began looking at Layla with different eyes.

Layla panicked before she began explaining anxiously, “Your engagement was just a formality. There was no relationship at all. What Eddy and I have is true love. Could you give him back to me?”

Everyone looked at Caroline in disdain.

Caroline scoffed. What a bitch her cousin was.

She crossed her arms and said calmly, “Since your relationship is so pure, why hasn’t Eddy nullified our engagement in front of Grandpa? Could he be lying to you?”

Layla’s face was distorted. Many people were around, and she had to maintain her composure. She bit her lip. “I know you’re upset because you have to donate your kidney to save me, Caroline. I know. I’ll kill myself so that you won’t be upset anymore.”

Then, she wheeled herself toward a pillar and crashed into it.

Back then, Caroline would back down. But she was no longer the person she was before.

She said breezily, “Okay, crash into it again. Harder, alright? It’s best if you die anyway. When that time comes, everyone, including Grandpa, will know of all the shameless things that you and Eddy have done!”

Layla paused in her actions. She couldn’t keep crashing into the pillar, but she couldn’t back down either. She had not expected that Caroline, who used to care about Eddy so much, would say something like that.

She tightened her fists, threw herself off the wheelchair, and began crawling toward Caroline.

“It’s not what you think it is, Caroline. Eddy only arranged for me to stay in the hospital because he pitied me. Nothing is going on between us! Honest!”

“Oh? Then what were they doing calling you Mrs. Morrison?” Caroline smiled insincerely.

She wasn’t buying Layla’s performance.

Layla turned pale. “They’ve misunderstood … they … they just saw how much Eddy cared for me and thought that … that we were …”

Caroline got up and yanked Layla’s chin up. “Well, then you must remember to wait until your cousin is done before grabbing what’s hers. Got it?”

Layla was stunned. The Caroline before her was arrogant and confident. She was no longer putting Eddy above her own interests. Layla had never been threatened like this before.

Caroline couldn’t be bothered anymore, so she went to buy more porridge.

After sending Gwen’s mother her dinner and chatting with her for a while, Caroline went downstairs.

The car from the Morrisons was still waiting for her. Caroline got in and said, “Sorry for making you wait for so long, sir.”

The driver was wearing a mask. He spoke in a low voice. “It’s no problem, Ms. Evans.”

She yawned and looked at the time. It was already 11 pm.

“Just send me to Fergley.”


The car began moving forward.

Caroline yawned once more. Her eyelids began to droop. This was weird. Why was she suddenly so tired? She usually only slept at two or three in the morning.

She rubbed her temples as she grew more and more exhausted.

Perhaps she hadn’t been resting well these past few days. There was still a distance left before she reached her house, anyway. She might as well sleep for a while.

She relaxed. Soon, she pa**ed out weakly on the car seat.

The driver saw this and sighed in relief, then turned back toward the hospital.

Meanwhile, on the highest floor of Fergley, Kirk looked out the floor-length windows at the city with a gla** of wine in one hand and the other in his pocket. The metropolis was alight with potential.

However, his thoughts were occupied with that woman.

He drank his wine in frustration, unable to suppress the emotions in his heart.

His good friend, Sean Yates, had not stopped laughing since he came in.

“You married Eddy’s fiancée. Oh, I’m going to die laughing.”

Kirk glanced at him sharply.

Sean stopped laughing at once and asked seriously, “Do you really want to divorce her? What if your father finds out that you’re not married yet, and tells you to marry?”

While overseas, only one person pressured him to marry. But now, his large family was doing the same thing to him back home.

Kirk had decided to marry because of that.

He narrowed his eyes.

Sean had not expected him to answer. He held up Caroline’s photo, clicking his tongue. “She’s pretty. Can you really bear to let go of her?”

Kirk gulped down the wine. The sweet taste was bitter on his tongue. Coldly, he said, “I don’t like trouble.”

Sean said nothing more after that. Kirk had made his decision. No one could change his mind when that happened.

Right at that moment, a ringtone shattered the silence.

Sean picked it up and listened to the person on the other end, surprised. “You’ve found a kidney donor already? Alright, I’ll head over this instant.”

Then, he hung up and said, “There’s something I have to tend to at the hospital. I’m going to head over now.”

Kirk nodded carelessly.

Sean walked a few steps, then said, “You should reconsider the divorce. I think Caroline’s not bad.”

Then, he left.

The office, which had momentarily been flooded with light, lapsed into darkness once more. Only the dark red liquid swirled mysteriously in the gla** as if a snake trying to hypnotize its prey.

In the hospital, Caroline’s eyes opened groggily.

She wanted to sit up but realized her limbs were shackled; she had no way to move. Caroline looked around in panic before realizing that she was in a surgical ward. Her blood turned cold.

At once, she thought of Eddy. He must have tampered with something in the car so that she would pa** out.

She struggled in vain. When she was about to give up, the door opened, and Eddy walked in, dressed in scrubs and a mask.

When he saw Caroline, his gaze grew sharper than a surgical knife.

After leaving the hotel, he went to the jewelry shop to make a custom necklace for Layla. But then, when he got to the hospital, he saw her kneeling pitifully at the door to the ward. She was covered in porridge, and her knee was scraped.

When he learned that this was Caroline’s doing, he flew into such a temper that he practically destroyed the room. Once he calmed down and realized that she was still in the hospital, he swapped out the driver and drugged the car. When Caroline pa**ed out, he tied her to the operating table.

He looked down at her arrogantly. “Feels good to be a bully, doesn’t it? Does it feel great now that you’re the one being bullied?”

Caroline couldn’t be bothered to explain things. She shook the handcuffs, screaming, “Let me go, Eddy! Aren’t you afraid of Grandpa finding out?”

Eddy smiled cruelly. “Once he learns about it, we’ll already be married. When that time comes, I’ll tell him that you used your kidney to threaten me into marriage, and I only married you out of pity for Layla.”

Then, he turned to the doctor behind him and said, “It’s up to you now, Dr. Yates.”

Chapter 9

Sean was standing a distance away from the table and could not see what Carolien looked like. He nodded at Eddy’s words.

As the most skilled kidney specialist in the world, a surgery like this was child’s play to him. He only came back to handle this surgery because of Kirk.

“I’m going to leave. The rest is in your hands,” Eddy said to Sean before turning to leave.

At this moment, outside City Hall, Kirk got down the car, attracting the attention of many.

He wore ordinary clothes, and his car was nothing extraordinary. However, his bearing made him stand out among the crowd, and with his handsome features and perfectly sculpted figure, it was hard to go unnoticed.

Kirk was standing alone at the door, faced with their attention. He looked at the watch on his wrist, revealing the smooth contours of his muscles.

It was already ten minutes past nine, but Caroline had not yet appeared.

He did not like tardy people.

He called Caroline on his phone, but no one answered. This made him frown slightly. He was about to call her again, but then a Rolls-Royce approached City Hall.

Rolls-Royces were common in Osbury, so that wasn’t striking on its own. What really stood out, however, was the license plate. It read, “A0XXXXX.”

Only the Morrisons could own these license plates.

He narrowed his eyes, watching as the car stopped at the entrance to City Hall. Then, a few bodyguards opened the door, and Eddy stepped out in a white suit.

When the people around them saw him, they screamed.

“Oh my god, it’s Eddy Morrison!”

“Oh no, he’s at City Hall!”

“Could he be marrying the Evans’ daughter?”

Eddy merely smiled at their questions. With the help of his bodyguards, he walked toward City Hall.

Then, he spotted Kirk amongst the crowd. He strode toward him in pleasant surprise.

“Unc—” It was then that he remembered Jude’s warning to keep Kirk’s identity a secret. He then quickly said, “We meet again.”

Kirk nodded slightly and walked into City Hall with him.

The crowd was left behind outside the doors. Eddy finally went next to Kirk and said in a soft voice, “What are you doing here, Uncle?”

Instead of answering, Kirk asked, “What are you doing here?”

Eddy said, “I’m registering my marriage.”

A chill went up Kirk’s spine. “With whom?”

Eddy replied, “With the girl that Grandpa arranged for me. I’ve mentioned her to you before.”

“Didn’t you hate her?” Kirk was not invested in Eddy, but Eddy considered him his idol. He’d brought up his marriage more than once to him. In Eddy’s words, Caroline was a scheming, conniving woman. He was adamant about not marrying her.

“That was before.” Eddy didn’t wish to say much more. He changed the topic. “So what are you doing here, Uncle?”

Kirk stared at him. “Where is she?”

Eddy didn’t understand what he meant. “Who?”

Kirk moved closer toward him and grabbed his collar. His gaze was cold. “I’ll only ask you one more time. Where is she?”

His suppressive aura was enough to have Eddy struggling to catch his breath. He finally understood. His mind went blank as he stuttered, “In the hospital. She’s going through a kidney donation operation.”

Kirk’s pupils constricted, and the veins on his arms popped. He gritted his teeth. “What did you say?”

Eddy had abducted Caroline for the operation!

Before Eddy could reply, Kirk pushed him away and strode toward the exit. But then, he turned back, his gaze sharp as that of a fierce predator, and grabbed Eddy tightly. “If anything happens to her, you’re mincemeat.”

Then, he turned and left.

Eddy stared after him in a daze, taking a long time to recover.

What had happened to his uncle? He’d never met Caroline before. Why was Kirk so angry? Why was it as if he had damaged something of Kirk’s?

Meanwhile, in the operation theater, Caroline’s voice had grown hoarse. Her wrists had been grazed raw, but the door to the room remained tightly shut.

Right as she was about to give up, the door opened, and a swarm of doctors came in.

Caroline lit up with hope. “Let … let me go …”

“Don’t struggle anymore, cousin,” a silvery voice rang throughout the hall. “You can’t go through a surgery when you’re so agitated.”

Layla appeared before Caroline with a nurse behind her wheeling her in. She looked at Caroline in glee.

Caroline clenched her fists. “I will not give you my kidney, Layla!”

Layla said nonchalantly, “Did you really think I would not do anything to you just because Grandpa favors you? Don’t forget that Eddy is the one who’s inheriting everything.” She dug her fingernails into Caroline’s flesh.

Caroline looked at her coldly. “If I’m not mistaken, we haven’t matched yet. Aren’t you afraid that my kidney won’t be a match for you?”

Layla laughed. She looked Caroline straight in the eyes and said, “No.”

Caroline was stunned.

She always thought that Eddy brought up the kidney trade for marriage because he’d secretly matched her and Layla, which was why she wanted to stall Layla with this.

But now, she was discovering a dirty secret.

“If we haven’t matched before, why are you …” Caroline paused, a terrifying thought surfacing in her mind. She looked at Layla in horror. “You never wanted to use my kidney. You just wanted me to die!”

If she died, the marriage would be invalid. There would be nothing standing between Layla and Eddy.

Layla was laughing in scorn. “You’re not as dumb as I thought.”

Goosebumps appeared on Caroline’s flesh. She struggled even more. “You’re fucking crazy!”

They would sacrifice a human life just to be together.

Layla laughed wildly. “That’s right. We’re fucking crazy. I’ve gone crazy being jealous of you. Why were you the princess of the family? Why couldn’t it have been me? I’m part of the Evanses, too. Why do I have to let you have everything just because we were born a few years apart?”

Caroline looked at Layla’s distorted features in disbelief. She’d never known how much Layla truly hated her. And it was all because of one marriage certificate.

Right this moment, the door opened again. Sean, surrounded by several doctors, walked in.

“Begin the operation.”

“Get the anesthesia.”

Caroline was jolted back to reality at once. She screamed at Sean, “I didn’t sign up for this! Let me go! Let me go!”

Sean frowned and looked at her. When he saw her pale face, he suddenly found her familiar.

Chapter 10 

“Dr. Yates.” Layla’s specialist shot her a look before saying to Sean, I’d rather not trouble you personally on a minor surgery like this.” Sean looked away, failing to remember where he had seen Layla before. Beautiful women all looked the same. Perhaps he was overthinking. He looked at the specialist. Since the previous discussion, the specialist had insisted on performing the surgery himself. Seeing his determination, Sean agreed. “Okay.”

After finally getting approval, the specialist let out a long breath and told the anesthetist, “Hurry up and give her the anesthesia.” The anesthetist picked up a syringe and jabbed it into Caroline’s arm. Watching the liquid flow into her body gradually, Caroline said weakly,”

Let … let me

go” Her eyelids felt heavier by the second as the liquid was injected into her.

Images of countless people flashed in her mind. There was her mom and dad, Eddy, and her friends, but all of them only lingered briefly until Kirk’s image appeared. Thinking that he was waiting for her at the City Hall to officiate their divorce while she was helpless to do anything, she could only murmur subconsciously, “Sorry, Kirk 

It was the morning rush hour in Osbury. At 9 am, the roads were congested with traffic, and the cars couldn’t even move an inch. In the driver’s seat, Kirk wore a very dark expression on his face. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently.

The red traffic light in the distance pierced his eyes, making him think of the red light outside the operation theater. It made him inexplicably frustrated.

Caroline’s clear yet resolute gaze appeared in his mind again, and he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Before another car could merge into his lane againhe wrenched the steering wheel sideways and swerved out of his path. The other driver got frightened and wound down his window, yelling after Kirk, “You madman! Do you have a death wish?”

Kirk was driving like a madman cheating death, blaring his horn as he raced forward. Other cars swerved out of his way as he forced a route through the packed traffic, speeding all the way to the hospital. When he arrived, he sprinted toward the building in the middle. That building was specially reserved for patients from the Morrison family.

More than ten bodyguards were standing outside, keeping a strict watch. Before Kirk could even get near the building, the bodyguards already pinned their gazes on him. One even warned him sternly. “This place is out of bounds. Leave at once! Now!” Kirk walked up to him with a dark expression, giving off a terrifyingly intimidating aura. “Get out of my way!” growled Kirk.

The bodyguard was frightened but bit the bullet and said, “Please leave. Only…”

With a dull thud, Kirk’s fist landed squarely on the man’s nose, followed by a loud cracking noise. Everyone else got shocked and stepped forward, surrounding Kirk. Kirk’s expression grew even darker, like the gray clouds before a disastrous storm. He lifted his leg and kicked them all down in one swift motion, felling them like dominoes.

Only two or three men were left standing in the blink of an eye. All of them were thunderstruck. They were the most elite bodyguards, yet this man had beaten most of them up so quickly! (1)

One of them reacted the fastest and fished out his walkie–talkie hastily, preparing to call for backup. However, the moment he got a hold of it, his wrist was crushed beneath a shiny leather shoe. He couldn’t help but shout in agony. “Where’s the operation theater?” demanded Kirk fiercely, his eyes bloodshot.


Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel  is a contemporary romance novel that explores the complex dynamics of love, loss, and second chances. The story follows the journey of the titular character, Ginger Sue, as she navigates the ups and downs of relationships and self-discovery, making it a compelling tale of redemption and personal growth. Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel Betrayed by her fiancé, Caroline Evans decides on a whim to marry someone else. Everyone mocks her for the decision of giving up on the heir to the Morrison family and choosing some poor punk instead. However, that poor punk is actually secretly the top wealthiest person around, newly back in the country to invest in its development. He’s also her ex’s uncle! Lamenting about being tricked, Caroline Evans insists on a divorce. But her husband corners her and says unblinkingly, “That billionaire is not me. That guy had cosmetic surgery to look like me.” Looking at his handsome face, Caroline believes it. “What a curse to have the same face as someone of the Morrison family!” The next day, the world is surprised to find that the heir of the Morrison family has been kicked out and now has nothing. As for the newly crowned top billionaire, he starts wearing a mask to hide his attractive features.


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