Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 21-30

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21
Caroline was thunderstruck. “How can the company still be so intertwined with Morrison
Corporation after so many years of in the business?” She had always thought the Evans Group had long since broken free from Morrison Corp’s influence. Even if they had help from Morrison Corp, it was just the occasional business deal recommendation.
Dan’s face became flushed. The Evans Group had indeed contemplated becoming independent of Morrison Corporation, but the competition was too fierce. If they lost Morrison Corp’s support, it would already be a miracle if they didn’t suffer a loss. Earning money would be out of the
question. Caroline let out an abrupt laugh. No wonder her father was so determined to kiss up to
those big guns.
“Carrie, I don’t want it to be this way either. Only you can save me now. I’m sure you wouldn’t want
the Evans family to be ruined either, would you?”
Caroline said through her tears, “So you’re willing to sacrifice me for the family?”
Dan dared not meet her gaze as he answered, “Carrie, it’s not up to me. As members of this family, we all have no choice.” Caroline laughed miserably as she stared at the father who had raised her.
She sniffed dejectedly and asked, “Where’s Eddy Morrison?”
“He’s… he’s probably at his office.”
“Take me to see him.”
Caroline said expressionlessly, “Let’s go.” Dan moved his lips but didn’t dare to say another word in
the end. He took Caroline to the Morrison Corporation building, feeling like she was no longer as
obedient as last time.
Eddy was giving Kirk a tour of the CEO’s office at Morrison Corporation. He said light-heartedly, ” What do you think? I watched over the renovation myself. The design is unique, isn’t it?” Kirk had a sharp eye and said, “You’re in a good mood today.” Eddy lowered his head with a laugh and said, ”
Your eyes really don’t miss a thing, Uncle Kirk.”
“So tell me, what’s putting you in such a good mood that you even called me over this morning?”
Eddy was already smiling from ear to ear, and he scratched his head embarra**edly. “I dare not
tell anyone else about this, so I guess you’re the only person I can talk to. Do you remember I went
to the City Hall a few days ago?” Kirk nodded slightly, his expression giving nothing away.
“Come to think of it, it’s quite weird,” Eddy said with a frown. “The clerks still haven’t found any information on Caroline’s husband. I have no idea who that man is, but …” He stopped frowning
and said, “She’s going to get divorced today.”
Kirk’s expression remained unchanged, but his tone suddenly grew slightly grimmer. “Oh, why?” At that moment, someone knocked on the door and announced, “Mr. Morrison, Ms. Evans is here to
see you.”
“Caroline?” Eddy glanced at Kirk and said, “Uncle Kirk, you..
“Ask her in.”
“Okay.” Eddy walked to the door and opened it. He told Richard, his secretary, “Go bring her here.” Richard nodded and went downstairs to escort Caroline. “Ms. Evans, Mr. Morrison invites you upstairs.” Caroline was sitting in the lounge, her gaze blank and her face pale. She was still wearing her pajamas under her jacket, looking lost and defeated.
Hearing Richard’s voice, she steadied her nerves and followed him to Eddy’s office. She knocked on the door and heard Eddy’s usual frigid voice coming from inside. “Come in.” Caroline pushed the door open and saw Eddy sitting in his large armchair, his fingers tapping on the keyboard continuously. He seemed very busy. “Am I bothering you?” asked Caroline.

Chapter 22
Without even looking up, Eddy said, “You should be at City Hall right now.”
Caroline took a deep breath and sat down opposite him. “I won’t divorce if you’re going to divest,”
she said.
Eddy looked up and smiled. “Caroline, do you know what you’re saying?”
“Of course I am,” said Caroline calmly. “I only found out today that the Evans family is only still standing on its feet thanks to the Morrison family’s support. It’s indeed reasonable for you to ask for one of my kidneys.” She lowered her head and her red lips formed a smile. “But, if you want me to die so that you can be with Layla, that’s too much.”
Eddy frowned. “Caroline, don’t put words in my mouth. When did I say I wanted you to die—”
Caroline waved a hand and cut him off. “The money spent on the Evans Group is yours. There’s nothing wrong with you wanting to divest, but at least give my family a chance to do something about it. I’ve done the math. As long as the company has 50 million in its accounts, that will be enough for it to push forward for a period of time. I hope you can give me half a month’s time to
make that amount of money.” (1
Eddy snorted softly. “Half a month? 50 million? Caroline, you’re really like one of those princesses in fairy tales who think that the world revolves around them.”
“Just tell me if it’s a deal.” Caroline looked directly into his eyes, her gaze firm.
It was actually Eddy’s first time seeing her so resolute. His heart inexplicably skipped a beat. He averted his gaze hastily and said, “Caroline, you know what it is I want. We really don’t have to make things ugly. As long as you marry me and give your kidney to Layla, she will live a healthy life. You just stay out of our business and be a good wife on paper, then you’ll spend the rest of your life without worry. It’s just that you’re so hell-bent on marrying a penniless man

Caroline’s expression changed abruptly and she said coldly, “You have no right to judge him.”
Her protectiveness made Eddy very uncomfortable. “Hah, isn’t he just
“Eddy Morrison.” Caroline shot to her feet and she leaned across the desk as she glared at him. “I
don’t want to hear you talking about him.” He was a good man and Eddy was in no place to speak
of him. With that, she took a deep breath and said in a milder tone, “If you don’t agree, then I have
no choice but to tell Grandpa about the surgery.” She didn’t want to threaten him with this.
Eddy recovered from his shock and frowned deeply. “Caroline, don’t be absurd!”
Caroline kept glancing at him, waiting for his reply.
Eddy’s hands, hidden under the desk, were clenched into fists as he looked at her with a gaze
and unclenched his fists. “Humph, 50 million in half a month. Okay.” Just as Caroline was looking relaxed, he said mockingly, “But, if you fail to make 50 million dollars in time, then you must get
divorced and marry me.”
Caroline sucked in a breath and grew pale. It was a long time before she nodded.
After she left, Kirk came out from the lounge When he saw Eddy sprawled back against his armchair, he smirked subtly. He had heard every single word of their conversation, especially the part where Caroline had said that Eddy had no right to judge him. (2)
“Uncle Kirk?” Eddy noticed him and said tiredly, “You heard everything?” Kirk nodded, and Eddy said scornfully, “It’s rare that a woman is so full of herself. She’ll learn the consequences of going
against me in half a month.”
Kirk’s smile broadened, but he said nothing. A thought seemed to strike Eddy, and he asked, Uncle Kirk, I heard that you’re going to visit Grandpa with your beloved next month. Why don’t you let us meet her before Grandpa does?”

Chapter 23
Eddy was dying to know what kind of woman could make his uncle, who had always been indifferent toward relationships, fall in love at first sight and get married right away. Kirk remained silent. Eddy leaned closer to him and said, “Uncle Kirk, don’t tell me that you won’t let us see her because she’s so beautiful that you want to save her for your eyes and your eyes only?”
Kirk didn’t deny it.
Eddy’s eyes widened instantly as he exclaimed, “I got it right! No way, Uncle Kirk. I’m even more curious now that you’re like this. You must let me meet her as soon as possible!”
Kirk looked up at Eddy, who looked excited and was anticipating an answer. He smiled imperceptibly. “You’ll meet her.”
After leaving the Morrison Corporation, Caroline raced home and dug into her contacts list. 50 million dollars was probably just the equivalent of a few meals to the upper cla**, but convincing them to lend her such a sum would be harder than moving mountains, especially when Eddy already had plans to divest. Her borrowing money at this time would only prove that the Morrison family was going to cut ties with the Evans family. Hence, people would just be even more
reluctant to lend her money.
Caroline suddenly felt exhausted. If the Evans family had become independent of the Morrison family long before this, she wouldn’t be in such pathetic circumstances now. However, what hurt
her the most was her parents’ attitude. They didn’t care if she lived or died, as long as it was to
make the Evans family one of the four great families again.
Caroline blinked and wrapped her arms around her knees. Sometimes, she really wondered if her parents had only doted on her because she would be the future daughter-in-law of the Morrison
family. Her tears flowed like water from a broken dam. The more she wiped them away, the
harder she cried. It took a long time until she finally stopped holding them back. She just sat
there staring blankly at the sky outside the window, drowning in her tears.
After only Go d knew how long, there was a knock at the door. Caroline got up hastily and washed
her face before opening the door. Seeing Kirk, she quickly looked down and asked, “Why are you
Since leaving Eddy’s office, Kirk’s thoughts had been all over the place. Now that he saw Caroline,
he finally felt relieved. “Just pa**ing by,” he said.
“Pa**ing by? Don’t you live in the city center?” Morrison Corporation was also located in the city
center, so he shouldn’t have to pa** by the outskirts on the way home.
Kirk asked expressionlessly, “Were you crying?”
“No.” Caroline turned around, wanting to hide from him.
“Is it about the 50 million dollars?” Kirk acted as if he lived there and stepped inside, taking off his
Caroline followed behind him and asked, “How do you know about that?”
Gazing at her shining eyes, he couldn’t bear to keep deceiving her, but he didn’t know how to tell
her his identity. “I just do.”
Caroline sniffed and said, “It must be that big-mouth Eddy who spread the word. All of Osbury
probably knows by now how much I overestimated myself. And I did, I really did …” She choked up
while she was speaking. “But I just wanted to… save myself. The Evans family only made it till
today thanks to the Morrison family’s support, but I nearly died on the operation table. That
should mean that I’ve repaid my gratitude. That 50 million dollars is to buy my life and to buy a
way out for the Evans family! Am I wrong to do this?”
Kirk’s heart ached as he watched her cry him a river. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace. He brushed her hair wordlessly. His warm embrace made Caroline break down again, and she hugged him while she sobbed. Very quickly, her tears wet his shirt and pierced his heart.
His hand against her hair clenched into a fist. “Don’t cry. I’m here for you.”


Chapter 24
The sound of his deep, husky voice made Caroline slowly realize that she was hugging Kirk. At once, she got flustered and hastily took a step back. Her pale face was flushed as she said, “Sorry, I
Kirk’s chest immediately felt hollow. As if nothing had happened, he said mildly, “I can lend you
the money.”
Caroline went stiff, wondering if she had heard him correctly. “What did you say?”
Kirk felt uneasy at her stare and said, “50 million dollars.”
Caroline frowned. “Kirk, thank you, but I’ll find a way to get through this. You needn’t worry.”
“I can help you, honestly.” Kirk’s gaze flitted toward her occasionally. “Actually, I am the Morrison
family’s …”
“I know you’re in Morrison Corp’s middle management and your yearly salary isn’t exactly peanuts, but 50 million dollars is still a huge sum,” said Caroline with a smile. “Unless you’re an actual Morrison. But if that were the case, we wouldn’t be married.”
“Why not?” Kirk’s eyes were as black as coal.
“Before, it was like I was born to be married to Eddy. My family doted on me all the time then. They would satisfy all my wants and needs no matter what I asked for, even if I asked for the stars in the sky. But when I gave up on it, everybody changed. Back then, I didn’t believe that greed could make people so horrible, but I finally believe it now. That’s why I would rather be with someone mundane than have anything to do with influential families.”
Looking into her pure eyes, Kirk was silent for a long time. Finally, he said, “So, if I’m part of the
Morrison family, then you’ll divorce me?”
Caroline answered with a smile, “Yup.”
All the light went out of Kirk’s eyes in an instant, and Caroline didn’t understand what was going
on. “What… What’s the matter?” she asked.
“Nothing. Have you eaten?”
“Not yet.”
“Then I’ll get you something to eat.”
Caroline didn’t feel like going out, so Kirk ordered takeout. The food and its packaging were very pretty, and Caroline wanted to ask which restaurant he had ordered from and if it was expensive. However, Kirk was in low spirits, so she held her tongue.
After they had finished eating, Kirk went out to the balcony for a smoke while Caroline stayed in the living room. She didn’t watch television that day but continued going through her contacts list. After searching for a while, she found someone.
Kent Pearson, the CEO of the largest home appliance company in Osbury. Back in the day, when the Evans family hadn’t yet fallen, her grandfather had treated him very well. Caroline didn’t remember any of this at all and only knew because her father had told her. Since Kent was someone her grandfather had helped before, she should be able to borrow some money from him.
She called his number tentatively. At that moment, Kent was in the noisy private room of a pub. He had a woman on each arm and was occasionally fondling them. The woman beside him didn’t pull away but leaned closer to him smilingly instead. She saw that the screen of his phone was lit up and leaned against his fat body, saying flirtily, “Mr. Pearson, your phone’s ringing. Why aren’t
you answering it?”
Kent gave her a sidelong glance and said, “I don’t have to. It’s Ms. Evans.”
“Ms. Evans? Isn’t she the one who’s going to marry Eddy Morrison? How dare you ignore the call
from the future Mrs. Morrison?”
Kent spat and said, “What heiress? She probably doesn’t even have much longer to live.”
The two women continued asking questions out of curiosity, and Kent didn’t hold back any
information either.
“That stu pid woman made a deal with Mr. Morrison. She needs to get her hands on 50 million
dollars in half a month,” he said.
The women burst into laughter. “She’s really stu pid. Anyone who wants to live would never lend
her money,” said one of them.
“I know right, no wonder she still hasn’t married Mr. Morrison even after so long. She must really
be a dumb bit ch!”

Chapter 25
The phone screen went dark, but it lit up again after a few seconds. Kent was happy about that, but when he glanced at it again, his expression changed drastically. He shot to his feet and answered the phone, saying respectfully, “Mr. Morrison.”
The moment he said that, the noisy room fell into pin-drop silence.
Nobody knew what the other person said, but Kent’s expression remained respectful the whole time. After a while, he frowned and said, “But, didn’t you say… Okay, I understand.” With that, he waited for the other person to end the call. Then, he called Caroline. “Ms. Evans? I was in a meeting, so I didn’t hear your call. You need to see me? Okay, let’s meet up and have a nice long
hat. No problem, see you tomorrow night.”
After putting down her phone, Caroline felt as if a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. Kirk
came back after his smoke and asked, “Good news?”
Caroline looked up with a smile and said, “Yup, I made an appointment with someone for
“A man or another woman?”
Caroline did not notice Kirk’s expression and said, “A man.”
Kirk frowned and asked, “You’re planning to borrow money from him?”
“Yup, he helped my grandfather before, so I want to give it a shot.” Caroline herself did not dare to keep hopes too high up. Kirk sat down opposite her with a grim expression. Seeing him that way, Caroline inexplicably felt a little nervous. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
Kirk stayed silent for a moment before asking, “Caroline, did you ever consider that things could
turn out differently than what you’re expecting?”
Caroline propped her chin on her hand and looked at him with a puzzled expression. Then, she said with some difficulty, “You’re right. Why hasn’t it struck me that this is Osbury? This is the Morrison family’s turf. So long as Eddy wants me to lose, I will lose, and I’ll win only if he wants me to. Whether or not I manage to borrow money all depends on what he wants.”
Kirk smiled faintly when Caroline got his point so quickly. “That’s correct. So what kind of ending
do you think Eddy wants from this?”
Caroline gulped and answered, “Of course, he’s hoping that I’ll lose. But if that’s the case, then why
would Mr. Pearson want to see me?”
Was he not afraid of the Morrison family?
“Yeah, why?” Kirk said rhetorically.
Caroline rubbed her chin and said, “There’s only one possibility, and it’s that Eddy gave him
permission to …”
But why would Eddy do that? Seeing her in such a puzzled state, Kirk’s heart melted a little and he explained, “You’ll know when you see him tomorrow, but since you already know that he has bad intentions, you must be fully prepared.”
Caroline nodded as she gazed at Kirk’s tall figure, suddenly struck by how majestic he looked. Her red lips trembled, but she did not say a word.
Before the appointment the next day, Caroline made a plan of action with Gwen. Gwen would call her at nine o’clock and, if she did not answer, Gwen would then call the police right away.
“Okay, but babe, isn’t it a better idea if you brought your husband along?” Gwen was very worried.
Caroline froze for a moment. She had thought about it, but their marriage was just contractual. There was no need to drag him into trouble.
“We don’t have to trouble him.” Caroline checked her makeup. After making sure she looked fine, she said, “I’ll head inside now.”
“Okay, be careful.”
Caroline got out of the car and walked to the restaurant. A waiter led her into a private room, where she saw Kent Pearson. The moment Kent saw her, his eyes lit up. She was wearing a red bodycon dress and her skin was as fair as snow. The dress complemented her slim waist, and she looked elegant and charismatic. Her look made Kent swoon.
His direct stare, on the other hand, made Caroline frown with unease, but remembering that she had a favor to ask of him, she sat down with a polite smile.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Pearson.”
“A pleasure…” Kent was on the verge of drooling. He had seen her before, but he did not imagine the impact that she would make on him when he saw her up close. He had really made the right decision to agree to this appointment.

Chapter 26
“I came to see you today to…”
Kent waved his hand dismissively and said with a sigh, “Ms. Evans, this must be your first time
talking business. The rule is to drink before talking about business matters.” With that, he
snapped his fingers at the waiter and ordered, “Bring us the best bottle of wine you have.”
A moment later, the waiter brought a bottle of wine up to them and Kent took it from him, filling
Caroline’s gla** personally. “Ms. Evans, this is my favorite red wine. Here, have a taste.”
Looking at the full gla** of red wine, Caroline frowned slightly.
“What’s the matter? You won’t give me this pleasure?” Kent said with a displeased expression.
Caroline felt helpless and had no choice but to take a small sip.
Kent’s expression turned more sour and he said, “You don’t seem very serious about this, Ms.
Evans. If that’s how it’s going to be, I think it’s best that you leave.”
Caroline said hastily, “No, it’s just that I have a low tolerance for alcohol…’

Seeing Kent’s still sour expression, she could only pick up the gla** of wine and down all its contents. Only then did he smile again. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Here, let me pour you
another gla**,” he said. He filled her gla** almost to the brim again.
With no choice left, Caroline bit the bullet and finished it.
After she drank everything, she leaned back against her chair limply, her face flushed. “I can’t
anymore, Mr. Pearson. I … I can’t drink anymore.”
With a smile and greedy eyes, Kent said, “Oh really? Have another gla** and I’ll lend you the 50
Caroline struggled to raise her head, but her eyes were sparkling with hope. “Really?”
Kent smiled with satisfaction and stood up to fill Caroline’s gla**. “Ms. Evans, show me exactly
how sincere you are.”
Caroline picked up her wine gla** with difficulty, but just as her lips touched the rim, she lost her balance and fell to the floor with a thud, the red wine forming a puddle. She was sprawled on the floor, unable to get to her feet.
Kent walked to her side and said in a low voice, “Are you drunk?”
Caroline looked up at him through glazed eyes and said, “No… I’m not drunk. I can drink some
more …”
Kent smiled per vertedly and said, “Okay. Since you’re not drunk, then I’ll take you to another place so you can do just that-drink some more.”
“Really?” Caroline opened her eyes wide like an innocent child and asked, “Where?”
“Come, I’ll help you there.”
“I don’t need your help!” Caroline pushed Kent away and stood up on wobbly feet. “Where … Where
are we… going to drink?”
Kent got up off the floor and pointed upstairs. “There’s a large wine cellar upstairs.”
“Okay.” Caroline stumbled toward the elevator, and when Kent tried to hold her steady, she
slapped his hand away.
Kent knew that the restaurant had camera surveillance, and he didn’t want to get caught being touchy with Caroline. Therefore, he just let her stumble her way upstairs and took her to a room.
It was a twin room. There was a camera positioned at the head of the bed. It was still on, so Kent thought it had been set up not too long ago. He secretly locked the door and snuck up on Caroline.”
I’ll get you …”
Before he could finish his sentence, he had already thrown himself against her eagerly and
wrapped his arms around her.
However, in the next moment, he started spasming, as if he was electrocuted. He lowered his head in disbelief, looking at the mini taser at his waist. “You … You’re not drunk?”
Her face still flushed, Caroline got up from the floor with a look of disgust. She shuddered with revulsion at Kent touching the small of her back, wishing she could take a shower immediately to get rid of the germs. Nevertheless, she forced herself to calm down, then tased him again. Kent immediately felt numb all over.
At that moment, a knock sounded at the door and Caroline looked in its direction in panic.
Kent shouted excitedly, like he saw a chance of survival. “Help! Come in and help me get this
heinous bit ch!”

Chapter 27
Caroline rushed to grab a towel from the bedside and stuffed it into Kent’s mouth. After all, it was
her first time in a situation like that, and she was already at the end of her rope after pushing through to this point. Hearing the knock on the door, she trembled like a leaf, at a complete loss
for what to do.
A familiar voice came from outside. “Caroline, it’s me.”
Stunned, Caroline opened the door without hesitation. Seeing that it was Kirk, she felt surprised and grateful at the same time. She threw herself into his arms. All the fear and trepidation she
felt vanished in an instant.
“What… What’s the matter?” Kirk patted her thin shoulders lightly and consoled her softly. “What would have happened to you if I wasn’t here?” He looked up and shot a dark glare at Kent, who was
sprawled on the ground like a fat pig.
“Wait here for me and don’t go anywhere,” said Kirk. He made sure Caroline was safe and walked into the room, shutting the door behind him. The camera was still glowing in the dark. He walked up to it and switched it off silently. The whole time, he was calm and graceful, like a cla**y prince.
Kent looked at him in a daze. He only managed to force a few words after a long moment. “You’re…
Kirk looked up and walked to Kent. He took out a card and handed it to him. Kent was stunned. Give this card to her when you go out and say it’s a token of your apology,” said Kirk.
Seeing that Kirk had no intention of getting rough with him, he got a boost of courage. “You want to use me to give the money to Caroline. I’m not a fool. When Mr. Morrison finds out … Ahh!” With a loud snap, Kirk broke Kent’s right arm. He screamed in agony and broke out in a cold sweat.
Kirk only looked at him coldly and asked, “Are you going to give it to her or not?”
“No… Ahh!” His other arm was broken too. “Yes… Yes, yes, yes…” Kent said quickly for fear that he
would lose his life.
Kirk stuffed the card into Ken’t pocket and said, “The PIN is her birthday, got that?”
Kent nodded obediently after getting a taste of pain. “So… So can I go now?”
Kirk didn’t move, so Kent thought he was letting him go. He got up unsteadily, but just as he got his balance, Kirk kicked him. He toppled to the floor, feeling as if all his bones were about to
break. He felt like he couldn’t get up anymore. “Didn’t I …” he stuttered.
“That was just to get you to do something.” Kirk bore down on him like a mountain, looking fiercer than a beast in the darkness. “Now, this is revenge!” With that, he swung fist after fist at Kent.
“Kirk … Open the door!” If the beating went on like that, Kent might die. The shouts from inside started getting more terrible.
“Kirk …” Caroline was panicking. “You have to calm down. Don’t risk your life for a scumbag like
However, it didn’t seem like Kirk was about to open the door any time soon. Caroline was beside herself with panic, but just as she was about to ask the staff for help, the door opened. Kirk came out with his hand around Kent’s neck.
Caroline was shocked when she saw Kent, who had gotten so beaten up that he looked
Kirk kicked him, prompting him to give the card to Caroline. She saw him feeling around his pocket and thought he was going to call the police. She was so frightened that she immediately took cover behind him. “Kent, if you dare call the police, I’ll tell your wife what happened tonight!”
Kent was speechless.
“I recorded our conversation tonight and how you brought me into this room. If this evidence isn’t sufficient, then there’s still that camera by the bed. I think anyone who isn’t a fool would know what you were trying to do, right?” said Caroline.
After chatting with Kirk the night before, she had done research on Kent. His wife was a fearsome woman and he was very afraid of her. That was why he had sent her back to her hometown a few years ago-so that she wouldn’t find out about his debauchery.
Kent said with difficulty, “I won’t report it to the police.” How would he dare?
Only then did Caroline breathe a sigh of relief, but she still felt worried as she looked at Kirk. “And you mustn’t seek revenge privately. If he gets hurt in any way over the next few months, I’ll take it
up with you.”
Kirk glanced at Caroline, who looked so delicate, but was working so hard to protect him, and
Kent was on the verge of tears. “How could I possibly dare when you have evidence of me? I … I just wanted to tell you that I have a bank card in my pocket with 50 million dollars in it. It’s for
you, as a token of apology.”
Caroline was taken aback. “Aren’t… Aren’t you afraid that Mr. Morrison will come for you?” She
didn’t believe that Kent could be so kind.
Kent gritted his teeth. He was more afraid of the ruffian in front of him. This man was a hundred times more terrifying than Mr. Morrison. Most importantly, the man seemed above the law. One moment earlier, Kent was certain he would kill him. “I…” Kent looked in Kirk’s direction and said,
Caroline took the card doubtfully. “Let’s go,” said Kirk and took off his coat to wrap it around her shoulders. Caroline got into the car, holding the card in a daze. “This card isn’t a trap, is it?” she
“If you don’t trust him, we can go get it checked.”
Caroline smiled and said, “I just find his change of attitude too sudden. I was even planning to threaten him for the money with the recording…” Realizing that she had said something wrong,
she fell silent immediately.
Kirk smirked and said, “So you were planning to use the recording to get the money, but you used it to save me … If he hadn’t given you the bank card, wouldn’t you have regretted it?”
Caroline answered directly, “I never thought about that.” At that moment, she had only worried that Kent would call the police and implicate Kirk. She couldn’t let anything happen to him.
Kirk drummed his slender fingers against the steering wheel and asked, “When did you realize
what he was up to?”
“When he kept making me drink,” said Caroline proudly. She laughed. “He has no idea how much experience I have drinking growing up so I could be fit for the role of Eddy’s wife. He can dream on if he thinks he can get me drunk!” Her face was still flushed and her expression was mischievous,
and it melted Kirk’s heart.
He jammed the brakes and pulled her into a hug, crushing her lips in a hot kiss. All the unease and jealousy he felt that night melted into pa**ion, scorching his insides and his heart.
Caroline widened her eyes in surprise and gazed at his handsome face that was inches away from
hers, the heat slowly taking over her body.

hapter 28
The sharp ringing of Caroline’s phone pulled her back to reality. When she pushed Kirk away, she was panting. It’s my phone. It must be Gwen.” Then, she quickly answered the call. “Hey, Gwen.”
Phew. You picked up. I was worried to death. How did it go? Did that old ba stard hurt you?”
Caroline did not dare to look at Kirk “No. I already left.”
That’s good. Wait a minute.” Gwen suddenly sensed that something was amiss. “Babe, why are you breathing so heavily? Don’t tell me that ba stard’s chasing after you? I’ll come to you right now
‘No, there’s no need,” said Caroline hastily. “I’m fine, I’m just relieved that it’s over. Anyway, the
problem is solved. I… I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
Caroline regretted it the moment she hung up the phone. The car was pin-drop silent. The atmosphere was still charged, but it was more awkward than before. She fumbled for words for a
long time before saying, “So… Was that a spot check?”
Kirk turned the air-conditioning higher, but the heat in his body still rose instead of going down.
He nodded in frustration.
Caroline said, “I was … better than the last time, wasn’t I?” Once the words left her mouth, she
wished she could find a hole to bury herself in. What was she saying!
Kirk touched his lips. The lingering taste of her stirred something in him. He hid the pa**ion in
his eyes and said, “I’ll send you home.”
“Okay.” Caroline could wish for nothing more. They were silent for the remainder of the drive.
After dropping Caroline home, Kirk called Sean. “I’m at a bar,” said Sean. “Your nephew is quite
strange. He’s been asking about your wife the whole night. Don’t tell me your father doesn’t
believe you’re married and sent him to test me?”
Kirk tugged at his tie frustratedly. “Eddy’s there too?”
“Yup, and he’s in a good mood today. He’s drunk quite a lot and I think we’ll be heading home soon.
I’ll let him know you called.”
“No need.” Kirk’s gaze darkened. “Hold him there. I’m coming over.”
Sean held his phone skeptically, sensing that Kirk seemed to be in a bad mood. Who was grinding his gears? He turned around and walked back into the private room. There were only a few people inside, and he spotted Eddy at first glance. He approached him and said, “Your uncle’s joining us
in a bit.”
Everybody at the party that night was from one of the four most influential families, so it was no secret to them that Kirk had returned. Brie Collins, who had been about to leave, went back to her seat and put down her handbag the moment she heard this. Nobody noticed her actions. Everyone else was gathered around Eddy, teasing him.
“That means we’ll finally get to meet your legendary uncle.”
Eddy hadn’t expected Kirk to come either. That night was an early celebration of Caroline’s
failure. He had invited Kirk, but Kirk had said he was busy and couldn’t make it. Hearing that he
would come, Eddy immediately felt proud. He couldn’t help but say arrogantly, “Humph, you guys
are so lucky to get to meet my uncle.”
Kirk’s success in the business field was admired and envied by all. Everybody looked up to him.
Half an hour later, Kirk arrived, fashionably late.

Chapter 29
Everybody got up and prepared to greet Kirk, but what he did was punch Eddy in the face. Their jaws dropped, including Eddy’s himself. After a pause, Eddy cradled his cheek and raised his
head. “Uncle Kirk?” Kirk looked at him with a venomous gaze.
Sean was the first to get his senses back and signaled to the others to leave the room. “Kirk, what’s the matter with you?”
“Yeah, why did you hit me out of nowhere, Uncle Kirk?”
“You know why, don’t you?” Veins bulged on the back of Kirk’s hand. If it wasn’t because Sean was holding him back, he would have punched Eddy again. “No matter how much you hate Caroline, you should never have sent a man to rape her!”
Kirk’s patience toward Eddy had already reached its limit over the surgery incident, and he did not expect Eddy to cross another boundary.
Eddy said in shock, “When… When did I send a man to … rape her?”
“She was almost a**aulted by Kent Pearson tonight, I witnessed it with my own eyes. Are you still
not going to admit it?”
“What? Kent Pearson?” Eddy was confused. He fished out his phone and said, “If you don’t believe me, then you can check my phone. I never contacted any Kent Pearson!”
Kirk laughed mirthlessly and grabbed Eddy’s phone. He scrolled through it and held it to Eddy’s face. “How are you going to explain this?”
Eddy looked at the unfamiliar number on the screen in confusion. A few minutes later, he finally recalled that he had been with Layla the night before and his expression changed drastically. He collapsed into a chair and said, “No way, Layla isn’t that kind of person.”
Kirk clenched his fists and said, “If you can’t keep your woman in check, then I’ll help you!”
Eddy’s thoughts were a whirlwind and he seemed out of reach. He turned around and left the room. When the room was quiet again, Sean said teasingly, “It looks like I’m getting a wedding
invitation from you and Caroline soon.”
Kirk frowned in disapproval and said, “What are you going on about?”
“You’ve already defended her so heroically. Don’t deny it.”
“I just felt sorry for her,” said Kirk expressionlessly. Sean laughed softly and said, “There are many
other miserable people in the world, but why do you only feel sorry for her?”
Right when Kirk was about to burst into a rage, the door opened.
Brie stuck her head in and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Morrison. I’m Brie Collins. Previously, Mr. Morrison Senior mentioned matchmaking us, but I didn’t expect to meet you here!” She had seen pictures of Kirk before, but she was worried they were doctored. Little did she expect him to be even more handsome in real life. He also had a good figure, and the manly way he had punched Eddy made her heart do somersaults.
Kirk was already annoyed, and he felt even more frustrated when he heard her playful tone of
Looking at the two of them and thinking about how Kirk had adamantly denied any feelings for Caroline, Sean felt amused. “I’m going out to sober up,” he said. When he pa**ed by Brie, he whispered, “Ms. Collins, I’ll leave Mr. Morrison in your capable hands!”
Brie was overjoyed and nodded fervently. The instant Sean left, she sat down beside Kirk excitedly. Although he gave off an unapproachable air, she bravely brought herself closer to him, little by little, until there was only an inch between them.
“You’re interested in me, are you?”
Kirk turned to her suddenly with a naughty smile that was mesmerizing yet dangerous.
Brie’s heart started beating out of control as she nodded boldly. “Yes.”
Their arms were touching and Brie could feel his solid muscles under his shirt. In the next moment, Kirk suddenly grabbed her wrist. Brie was surprised and happy. Coyly, she said, “Mr.
Morrison, I…’

Chapter 30
Before she could finish, Kirk dragged her to the door roughly and flung her out. His gaze was icy, and he looked frightening.
“Who gave you the audacity!” he growled. Brie’s face paled instantly.
A short distance away, Sean shook his head helplessly at the scene. “He won’t admit that he likes Caroline, but that’s how he reacts to another woman. What a stubborn man. He’d better get his act together sooner or later,” thought Sean.
At 3 am, Caroline was still awake. That kiss felt like a scald and her lips still burned. The moment she touched them, she felt as if she was back in the car and steamily kissing him again. Her cheeks burned without her realizing it and her whole body felt restless. While she was tossing and turning in bed, noises came from outside the door. It wasn’t knocking. It was scratching.
Caroline’s senses sharpened instantly and she got up, grabbing a knife from the kitchen and walking to the door warily. Looking through the peephole, she saw that it was Kirk. She dropped the knife immediately and opened the door. The moment she flung the door open, the pungent
smell of alcohol filled her nose.
“Have you been drinking?” Caroline stooped to look at Kirk. He looked like an obedient kitten when he was drunk, his eyes closed, his mole stark against his skin. She didn’t know if he was asleep. The ground is cold, get up!” Caroline reached out to tug him. Kirk didn’t budge, but he raised his head and slowly opened his eyes. His eyes shone like crystals in the dark, making him look
especially gentle.
“You… Sit down. I need to talk to you,” he said.
“Talk inside!” Caroline tugged at him with all her might, but he was as immovable as a mountain. She started getting anxious and said, “Hurry, get up!” Kirk laughed softly and pulled her into an embrace. Caroline’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest. When she struggled, she could feel him burning up. She was so frightened that she dared not move another inch. She felt shy and
awkward, like a schoolgirl.
Kirk narrowed his eyes and leaned closer to her, the tip of his nose touching hers. Their breath. intertwined and Caroline’s lips trembled. She felt as if she was on fire as she called out, “Kirk …”
Before she could say anything else, Kirk put a finger against her lips. “You smell so good…” he said. With his nose against her cheek, he slid his finger inch by inch from her nose down to her
slender neck, her clavicle, and even lower…
Caroline clenched her fists nervously as she felt a sense of anticipation. Suddenly, he picked her
seem to feel the sway of his movements.
He carried her safely to the sofa and laid her down.

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel  is a contemporary romance novel that explores the complex dynamics of love, loss, and second chances. The story follows the journey of the titular character, Ginger Sue, as she navigates the ups and downs of relationships and self-discovery, making it a compelling tale of redemption and personal growth. Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel Betrayed by her fiancé, Caroline Evans decides on a whim to marry someone else. Everyone mocks her for the decision of giving up on the heir to the Morrison family and choosing some poor punk instead. However, that poor punk is actually secretly the top wealthiest person around, newly back in the country to invest in its development. He’s also her ex’s uncle! Lamenting about being tricked, Caroline Evans insists on a divorce. But her husband corners her and says unblinkingly, “That billionaire is not me. That guy had cosmetic surgery to look like me.” Looking at his handsome face, Caroline believes it. “What a curse to have the same face as someone of the Morrison family!” The next day, the world is surprised to find that the heir of the Morrison family has been kicked out and now has nothing. As for the newly crowned top billionaire, he starts wearing a mask to hide his attractive features.


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