Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 765

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 765

Chapter 765

Gwen immediately panicked. “Dr. Caldwell! Dr. Caldwell!”

Michael rushed over after hearing Gwen’s yells. After seeing Caroline’s state, he could guess what had

happened. He took out a small medicine bottle from his pocket.

Then, he took out a small pill and put it in Caroline’s mouth. After that, he asked some people to place

Caroline on the hospital bed.

Gwen looked at Caroline’s pale face and asked anxiously, “Dr. Caldwell, is Carol all right?”

Michael asked sternly, “Did you say anything to her?”

Gwen answered guiltily, “Just now, I forgot your instructions and told her about her ex-fiance, but I only

said one sentence…”

Michael chided, “Didn’t I already tell-”

When Michael saw Gwen lower her head, he knew she felt bad. He softened his tone. “I know that, as a

layman, you don’t understand Ms. Evans’ current situation. You can consider what happened just now as

a reminder.”

He continued, “Remember, she has missing memories right now. How much she remembers depends

entirely on the fragmented memories she currently possesses.

“She’ll have a stress response when she sees or hears things that are different from what she remembers.”

“I understand.” This time, Gwen drilled it into her head.

“All right. Ms. Evans will wake up soon. I have some matters to attend to now.”

As soon as Michael left, Kirk and Sean came in.

“What happened to Caroline?” Sean asked in surprise when he saw Caroline lying on the bed.

“I’m sorry.” Gwen’s tears fell down her cheeks.

“What on earth happened?” Sean held Kirk back.

“Calm down and explain it to us.”

“J-Just now, I mentioned Eddy to Carol. A-And she passed out from the pain…”

Gwen boldly looked up at Kirk, who was seeing red. “Kirk, I know you really hate me. Go ahead and hit me.

It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have mentioned Eddy…”

Kirk was on the verge of going berserk. He would have hit Gwen with his fist if Sean hadn’t used all his

strength to hold him back.

“Enough!” Sean firmly threw Kirk’s hand away and stood in front of Gwen.

“Kirk, I know you’re devastated, but Gwen didn’t do it intentionally. Everyone here is as worried about

Caroline as you are. Gwen isn’t having a better time than you.”

Kirk was breathing heavily like a beast, but he remained silent. He looked terrifying and dangerous.

Sean could only continue talking. “You’ve seen what happened. Caroline ended up like this because Gwen

mentioned Eddy. If we don’t leave, aren’t you afraid she’ll get triggered again when she sees us?”

Sean’s words were like sharp needles piercing Kirk’s chest. After a brief but painful struggle, Kirk relaxed

his clenched fists. He told Gwen to take good care of Caroline and hurriedly left.

Seeing this, Sean quickly comforted Gwen. “Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t do it on purpose. I’ll go and

check on him …”

After saying that, he remembered that he and Gwen were still fighting. He wanted to say something, but

for a moment, he couldn’t find the words. So he simply left.

As Gwen watched Sean leave, she felt a strange feeling in her chest. She felt like she was a boat lost at

sea that had finally found its anchor.

Caroline woke up about an hour later.

Gwen was worried that she would trigger her by saying the wrong things. So this time, she didn’t say

anything. Instead, she silently led Caroline out of the room.

Caroline didn’t seem to remember what had happened just now. “Gwen, why do I remember walking this

way before?”

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel  is a contemporary romance novel that explores the complex dynamics of love, loss, and second chances. The story follows the journey of the titular character, Ginger Sue, as she navigates the ups and downs of relationships and self-discovery, making it a compelling tale of redemption and personal growth. Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel Betrayed by her fiancé, Caroline Evans decides on a whim to marry someone else. Everyone mocks her for the decision of giving up on the heir to the Morrison family and choosing some poor punk instead. However, that poor punk is actually secretly the top wealthiest person around, newly back in the country to invest in its development. He’s also her ex’s uncle! Lamenting about being tricked, Caroline Evans insists on a divorce. But her husband corners her and says unblinkingly, “That billionaire is not me. That guy had cosmetic surgery to look like me.” Looking at his handsome face, Caroline believes it. “What a curse to have the same face as someone of the Morrison family!” The next day, the world is surprised to find that the heir of the Morrison family has been kicked out and now has nothing. As for the newly crowned top billionaire, he starts wearing a mask to hide his attractive features.


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