Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 770

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera Chapter 770

Chapter 770

Gwen froze for a moment. This meant that Caroline only remembered that Layla was sick. She had forgotten that the latter was only pretending to be sick.

Similarly, although Caroline remembered Eddy, she had forgotten that he had asked for a kidney in exchange for marriage.

Plus, Caroline had completely forgotten about Kirk.

“Okay. I’m done buying.” When Caroline turned around, she saw Gwen looking at her worriedly.

“Gwen, what’s wrong?”

Gwen looked away. “It’s nothing. Is there anything else you want to buy?”

“Nope.” Caroline glanced at the cart again.

“Let’s go.”


They walked toward the cashier, hand in hand.

Caroline felt that someone was looking at her when they were paying. However, she didn’t notice anyone

when she turned around.

She thought she was thinking too much.

The duo walked toward Gwen’s house after exiting the supermarket.

The supermarket was only a ten-minute walking distance from Gwen’s house.

They chatted and walked while carrying the two bags of snacks.

Just as they were about to round a corner, a white car suddenly appeared and sped toward them.

“Watch out!”

Realizing that the car was heading toward Caroline, Gwen immediately dropped the snacks in her hand

and tried to push her away.

However, it was too late.

The car was already headed right at Caroline.


At this critical moment, a black car rushed out and forcefully collided with the white car.

The impact pushed the white car back several meters. However, the driver didn’t want to give up. After a brief pause, it collided with the other car ruthlessly.

The wind blown up by the cars felt like a sharp blade cutting across Caroline’s body.

The two cars were just beside her. Even if they didn’t put in much effort, they could easily hurt Caroline


“Carrie!” Gwen yelled anxiously while standing aside.

Beads of sweat also flowed down Caroline’s forehead.

“Gwen, don’t worry about me. You should go further away!” Caroline cupped her hands together and yelled.

However, Gwen couldn’t just stand by and watch. She hovered anxiously between the two cars, trying to

find a chance to pass through.

However, the two cars were like two crazy animals fighting with each other. One obviously wanted to bring Caroline to safety, while the other wanted to find an opening to take her away.

As the two cars were driving too fast, Caroline was getting dizzy.

She tried to make the first step. However, the white car forced her to back away.

Seeing that there was nowhere to go, Caroline gritted her teeth. Bending down, she was about to remove

her high heels and run away.

However, the white car managed to bypass the black car and rush straight toward her.

Caroline didn’t manage to dodge in time, and she was violently thrown into the air.

The severe pain turned her world into darkness and silence in an instant.

After witnessing what happened, Gwen felt her heart shatter.

“No!” Gwen rushed toward the pale-faced Caroline and lifted her from the pool of blood.

Sitting in the white car, Layla wasn’t satisfied when she saw that. It wasn’t enough. Thus, she started the car again and rushed toward Caroline and Gwen.

However, Layla had used up all her luck.

Before she could start her car, the roar from the left side caught her attention.


The black car was like an angry locomotive. It emitted a dazzling yet scary light as it drove right toward


Terrified, Layla tried to block the light with her hand. However, she failed to block the car’s impact.

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

Read Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel  is a contemporary romance novel that explores the complex dynamics of love, loss, and second chances. The story follows the journey of the titular character, Ginger Sue, as she navigates the ups and downs of relationships and self-discovery, making it a compelling tale of redemption and personal growth. Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel Betrayed by her fiancé, Caroline Evans decides on a whim to marry someone else. Everyone mocks her for the decision of giving up on the heir to the Morrison family and choosing some poor punk instead. However, that poor punk is actually secretly the top wealthiest person around, newly back in the country to invest in its development. He’s also her ex’s uncle! Lamenting about being tricked, Caroline Evans insists on a divorce. But her husband corners her and says unblinkingly, “That billionaire is not me. That guy had cosmetic surgery to look like me.” Looking at his handsome face, Caroline believes it. “What a curse to have the same face as someone of the Morrison family!” The next day, the world is surprised to find that the heir of the Morrison family has been kicked out and now has nothing. As for the newly crowned top billionaire, he starts wearing a mask to hide his attractive features.


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