Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira ) Chapter 11

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira ) Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Feeling Dizzy 

The inside of the exquisitely modified car was soon filled with delicate seedlings covered in soil and numerous packets of seeds. They had not only bought strawberry seedlings and sunflower seeds but also various common vegetable and fruit seeds. It was a fruitful shopping trip

At home, Keira asked the butler to bring the usual gardening tools. Then, she started working on her small garden plot with the children

Mr. Cruz watched nervously, only relaxing when he confirmed that Keira wanted the tools not for attacking but for gardening

Mrs. Byrom, just tell me what you wish to plant, and I’ll do it for you,” Mr. Cruz wiped the sweat from his temple. He could not help but feel surreal seeing Keira dressed in sportswear, digging the soil with the children. It was as if the sun had risen from the west, or maybe the sun was about to fall from the sky

Mr. Cruz, you can focus on tidying up the yard. I want to let the children experience the joy of sowing,Keira replied, brushing away stray strands that fell before her eyes

Landon’s face was smeared with dirt as he dug holes diligently. At the same time, Luna stood beside him, placing the seedlings in the holes. Then, Lucien helped refill the holes

with soil

The children cooperated well. Although their clothes were covered in dirt, everyone, even the usually cold Lucien, had smiles on their faces. They had never experienced this before, especially not with their mother

Keira gently instructed and helped them as they planted their favorite vegetables and fruits. Then, they watered the seedlings and seeds before eagerly waiting for them to grow

Seeing Keira’s tender gaze, the children began to look forward to their future with her for the first time

When Victor returned, he found them all in the garden

His delicate and adorable daughter was now covered in dirt. Landon and Lucien’s sweatshirts were also stained with dirt, with Landon’s being the worst. Landon had dirt on his bangs and looked like he had just crawled out of a ditch

Victor furrowed his brow as he approached with big strides


Chapter 11 Feeling Dizzy 

M Luna 


20% 17:50 

Keira heard footsteps behind her and turned around. She saw Victor in a camelcolored trench coat walking towards her

Torry!A big smile appeared on her face. She stood up suddenly, but her vision went black

The expressions of the three children quickly changed from joy to panic. Mommy!Their voices were filled with fear

Seeing Keira swaying unsteadily, Victor dashed forward, too anxious to notice the swirling dust at his feet or his shiny shoes sinking into the mud. He caught Keira carefully in his arms, holding her tight

Kay!His voice trembled, feeling as if his breath had stopped

Keira felt Victor’s coat was cold as she rested against his chest. So, she instinctively lifted it and leaned against his soft sweater, rubbing against it like a cat and murmuring, It’s all your fault!” 

I was so happy to hear your voice that my head felt dizzy from excitement!Her soft voice sounded in his ear. Victor carefully stabilized her before asking, Are you feeling sick? Should I call Otto over?” 

Keira initially planned to take advantage of Victor’s warmth, but the mention of Otto caused Keira to nearly bounce off Victor’s arms

No, no need.She smiled awkwardly, stepping back from Victor’s embrace. Then, she glanced at the three worried children behind her. She pulled Victor closer by his shirt collar and whispered, I don’t want him to accuse me of being too affectionate in broad daylight again.” 

Victor was rendered speechless

How about returning to the house and resting a bit?He frowned, looking at Keira as if she were a precious treasure

Keira brushed off the dirt she got onto his coat earlier and chuckled. I’m fine now. I just got up too quickly.” 

Then, she turned around, holding Victor’s hand, and proudly showed him the results of her busy afternoon with the children

Daddy, we planted strawberries, tomatoes, sunflowers, and many vegetables!Luna happily walked up and showed off her work to Victor



Chapter 11 Feeling Dizzy 

M luna 

FRA20% 17:50 

Landon, not to be outdone, proudly puffed out his chest. Luna and I planted the beans over there. Mommy says we did a great job!” 

Victor could not help but feel surreal as he looked at Keira and the children before him, smiling and laughing. At the same time, the scene was so precious to him that he feared losing it

That was until Lucien suddenly stood before Victor with hands on his hip, saying with slight disdain, Daddy, you stepped on my cherry tomato seedlings.” 

Keira looked at Victor’s stunned expression and could not help but laugh. Look, you crushed Lucien’s cherry tomato seedlings. You have to make it up to him.” 

While speaking, she handed him a bag containing seedlings. Here, fix what you’ve damaged!” 

It was Kiera’s first time planting fruits and vegetables with the children, so she bought extra seedlings just in case

When Mr. Cruz came to the garden with several bodyguards, he was dumbfounded to see Victor taking off his coat, rolling up his sleeves, and planting cherry tomatoes under Keira’s guidance

The children took the drinks the servants brought and drank them greedily

While helping Victor, Keira imagined how the seedlings they planted would grow

In the future, we can pick the vegetables from here daily. The children will also get to enjoy the freshest fruits.Keira’s face radiated contentment

Victor pursed his lips when he heard the word future.His eyes flickered with affection as he gazed at Keira’s face

She’s making plans for the future. That means she wants to have a future with me, right

Okay,Victor replied softly

Victor was never one to say much. Thus, Keira did not expect him to respond to her musings. She asked without thinking, What did 

you say?” 

I said our future will be as you expected,he replied

He was dressed in a dark sweater, and his usual sharpness was absent from his features. Instead, his presence exuded gentleness. His voice was low and slightly husky, brushing 



Chapter 11 Feeling Dizzy 

M luna 

LEA 20% 17:50 

against her ears pleasantly. Furthermore, he looked solemn, as if making an eternal vow

Keira stared at his handsome face and the way he solemnly promised. The image overlapped with the memory of him rushing into the fire with her. Back then, he was in so much pain, yet he managed to force a smile and asked, Can you not reject me in the next life?” 

Her heart was filled with anguish, threatening to shatter into countless pieces

Keira hurried to him. Seeing her, Victor instinctively placed his soilstained hands by his side, afraid of dirtying her. She embraced him tightly, and when he wasn’t looking, she discreetly wiped her tears on his sweater

I hope you will always and forever be by my side!Keira looked up. Her eyes sparkled like 


The sky appeared incredibly blue after the rain, and the air felt refreshing

Time seemed to freeze as Keira and Victor looked into each other’s eyes. However, Keira’s jarring ringtone shattered the peaceful atmosphere

Keira took out her phone, and the word Joeflashed on the screen, prompting Victor’s eyes to darken with turbulent emotions


Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira )

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: English
Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira ) in her past life, Keira was deceived by her wicked sister, used and abandoned by an asshole, leading to the tragic deaths of her three kids and husband who loved her the most..

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira )

In her second chance at life, she reclaimed her intelligence and beauty, kicked the jerks to the curb, and punished that evil woman. Keira vowed to become a qualified wife, never again disappointing Victor Byrom, who was her husband and a ruthless CEO. Victor, with a slight frown, warns, "Kay, dare to run away from me again, and I'll confine you for life." Kind of nervous, Keira makes an innocent face and said, smiling, "Honey, don't be angry. How about coming to the bedroom to watch the new dance I've learned for you?"


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