Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira ) Chapter 9

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira ) Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Mommy Is Amazing 

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Luna.Keira cradled Luna’s delicate body in her arms and turned her face away to avoid scaring her with her tears. I didn’t mean to lose you last time.” 

A surge of anger filled Keira as she thought about what happened before. Even though she did not love Victor in her previous life, she occasionally felt remorseful for her children. That day, she brought Luna out because she genuinely wanted to spend time with her

Little did she know that Keziah would call, saying Joseph was in trouble. In her haste, she handed Luna over to Keziah and rushed to see Joseph. When she returned, Keziah said that Luna was missing

At the time, Keziah cried profusely, saying it was an accident. Keira had always believed her. Fearing Victor would blame Keziah for the incident, Keira took the blame upon herself

As a result, the children grew more distant from her. At the same time, Keira became engrossed in Joseph’s sweet words, neglecting the children even more

I had to deal with something urgent that day and neglected you. I promise it won’t happen again.Keira looked at Luna remorsefully

Unexpectedly, Luna grinned adorably. I believe you, Mommy!” 

I’m not angry with you, Mommy. Don’t worry!Luna added as she raised her hand and gently patted Keira’s hair, imitating how her brothers had comforted her

Mommy, will you ever be taken away by the evil witch again?Luna asked eagerly. Afraid the evil witch would hear her, she covered her mouth with her tiny hands, leaving only 

visible. She stared at Keira with joy in her eyes

her eyes 

No, I won’t.” Keira wiped her tears and smiled. I’ll always be with you and never leave you again.” 

The two hooked their pinkies, making an unbreakable promise

When Lucien and Landon rushed in, they saw Luna in Keira’s arms, looking delighted

Lucien! Landon!Luna called out sweetly upon seeing them. Her face puffed up 



Luna was frail and sickly most of the year. Lucien and Landon had not seen her this 



Chapter 9 Mommy Is Amazing 


11% 17:47 

happy in a long time

Luna held Keira’s hand and affectionately rubbed Keira’s arm. Look! Mommy defeated the evil witch and returned! Mommy is amazing!” 

Lucien and Landon thought in unison. Oh no, we’re doomed. This woman will beat us up when she discovers we called her the evil witch

Keira raised his hand. Landon instinctively hid behind Lucien. At the same time, Lucien pushed Landon behind him, staring at Keira vigilantly

You’ve done well,Keira said softly. As brothers, you have made a commendable effort to protect your sister.” 

Keira understood why Lucien and Landon told Luna an evil witch had taken her over. After all, it was much easier to accept the malice of someone who was not their mother than to admit that their mother mistreated them

Lucien had initially planned to run away with Landon if things did not look good. But seeing that Keira showed no anger, he was momentarily unsure about what she was planning

Landon’s earlier words echoed in his mind. I feel like Mommythat woman is different from before.” 

A rumbling sound came from outside. It was the gardeners tidying up the garden

Keira thought about the space she had asked the butler to set aside in the garden and smiled. She held Luna’s hand and turned to Landon and Lucien

Darlings, how about we go shopping today?Her gentle smile brightened her face, and her eyes sparkled with sincerity

Luna’s face lit up with a big smile. Her cheeks became so rosy that Keira was tempted to 

kiss them

Yes, yes! I want to go with you, Mommy!Luna wrapped her little arms around Keira’s leg. Her eyes shone with excitement

However, Lucien asked tentatively, Where are we going shopping? Can’t we ask the butler to buy it?” 

Although he hoped his mother had genuinely changed for the better, the fear of almost losing Luna lingered in his mind



Chapter 9 Mommy Is Amazing 

11% 17:47 

Lucien, let me go!Luna finally had a chance to go out and play, and she did not want to miss it. She turned around, staring at Lucien angrily while pulling Keira’s hand. I haven’t gone out to play for a long time!” 

Lucien looked serious beyond his age. He furrowed his brow, saying, Luna, do you remember the last time you wandered off and almost got kidnapped by human traffickers? Have you forgotten about it already?His stern words seemed to be directed at Luna, but his gaze, resembling Victor’s, fell on Keira

Although Victor did not say anything to them when he returned, Lucien and Landon overheard the adult’s conversation. The two boys unanimously understood that Keira lost 

Luna at that time

Thus, Lucien was worried when Keira suddenly wanted them to go out together. What is this woman up to? Is she looking for a chance to sell us to human traffickers again

Lucien and Landon exchanged glances. After a brief hesitation, Landon ran out, saying, I’ll go to the restroom.” 

Landon appeared conflicted when he left the room. He looked forward to shopping with his mother, but he also understood his brother’s concerns and found them reasonable

Keira never liked having bodyguards around. If she took the three of them out alone and something happened, they could not protect themselves. So, when Lucien asked him to leave, it was to convey the message to the butler quickly

Meanwhile, Keira did not think much about Landon going to the restroom. Instead, she looked at Lucien earnestly

Lucien had just hinted about her losing Luna before. Keira could not justify herself, but she also could not explain the truth. She did not want the children to be exposed to the ugliness of deceit and manipulation at such a young age. Moreover, they would not. believe her even if she were to explain her sudden change in attitude

Keira believed time would reveal her true intentions. As long as she sincerely loved the children, they would eventually understand her motives

I will protect all of you.Keira moved closer to Lucien and held his hand. Lucien’s small hand stiffened, clearly uncomfortable with such closeness

But you’re right. You are all precious to me and your father. I don’t want any harm to come to you, so let’s go to Mr. Cruz later and have him arrange a bodyguard to accompany us, okay?” 


Keira wanted to bring the children to the farmer’s market. Logically, it was inconvenient to have a bodyguard with them. However, she knew her family had not fully trusted her. Putting herself in their shoes, she realized she should give them more time to accept her changes

Initially, Lucie wanted to refuse, but Keira’s words closed off all possibilities of rejection

Bodyguards? Wasn’t this woman the most reluctant to have bodyguards

As he was pondering over it, someone suddenly knocked on the door

Mr. Cruz entered, surprised to see Keira sitting on the floor with Luna in her lap. He looked down to conceal his expression, asking, Mrs. Byrom, the overall plan for the garden has been finalized. Would you like to review it?” 

Luna coughed. Keira immediately stood up and placed Luna on a chair. She poured a glass of water for Luna before replying, I don’t understand garden design. Mr. Cruz, you check it and decide for me.” 

Sure.” The butler nodded respectfully, watching Keira wipe Luna’s face and apply some ointment. Then, he remembered Landon’s instructions earlier and asked tentatively, Mrs. Byrom, are you planning to go out with the children?” 

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira )

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira )

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Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira ) in her past life, Keira was deceived by her wicked sister, used and abandoned by an asshole, leading to the tragic deaths of her three kids and husband who loved her the most..

Reborn Wife and Her Mr. Right by Isabella Embe ( Keira )

In her second chance at life, she reclaimed her intelligence and beauty, kicked the jerks to the curb, and punished that evil woman. Keira vowed to become a qualified wife, never again disappointing Victor Byrom, who was her husband and a ruthless CEO. Victor, with a slight frown, warns, "Kay, dare to run away from me again, and I'll confine you for life." Kind of nervous, Keira makes an innocent face and said, smiling, "Honey, don't be angry. How about coming to the bedroom to watch the new dance I've learned for you?"


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