The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 101-110

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101
Let’s go to Gwen Point of View
When I woke up and opened my eyes, I felt a little confused by what I saw, which was very strange until I regained
consciousness and saw the figure of a man sleeping on the sofa beside my bed.
He’s sleeping on the sofa?
Could it be that he thought I would be uncomfortable if he slept next to me?
However, am I comfortable enough to let him sleep with me?
Letting out a long sigh, I picked up the thick jacket I had placed beside my bed and put it on, the cold air pierced my skin to the point that I had to wear two layers of jacket.
Walking slowly until standing next to the window, I had never thought that I was here, in a world where werewolves existed, a world that I thought was only fiction or only existed in stories, but here I am now.
With a handsome man who claims that he is my mate, but not only looks, he is also a king.
Wow… am I in a dream world right now?
How did this happen to me?
All this still feels like a dream…
However, looking outside and seeing the view of the palace, showed me that I wasn’t dreaming.
They say this has been my home since I became the king’s mate, but this is like the first time I’ve entered it.
Why isn’t my memory coming back?! I don’t even remember anything about this place or my parents. Looking at Lisa and
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Blake, I know they are holding back their emotions and sadness when they know I don’t identify them. Yes, I would be upset too if I were them and knew my daughter didn’t recognise me.
God, why is this happening to me?
At first when I arrived, I took a look around hoping to see familiar things or faces but I found nothing.
IF I had thought the castle was beautiful from the outside, the inside is incomparable. This inexplicable strength in the castle or withstanding age old beauty, a type of eternity seemed to be cemented into the very walls. I had always thought the castle in England was beautiful but never thought I would see one extraordinarily beautiful with my own eyes.
I felt a strong arms wrap around me from behind and pulled me causing me to crash into the firm chest of someone who I know is my mate.
“What are you looking at?” The man mumbled softly while nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck inhaling my scent. I don’t know why I didn’t object or find myself rejecting his actions toward me, with his soft lips tickling my skin, I found my body seems to recognize him for it to bother me.
I turned my head slightly to meet his eyes and smiled “Sorry I woke you up”
He looked into my eyes “I like waking up with you as the first person I see in the morning” He said it with a Titus-style flat face and I couldn’t help but chuckle at that.
His large warm arms stayed tight around me and I found myself feeling comfortable in its warmth.
“Are you cold?”
I immediately shook my head “Not anymore… Because, you’re so hot”
He burst out laughing at my words and made me raise my
The Alpha King’s Fated Mare
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Huh? What’s so funny?
“I know i am hot, glad you realised that” He was teasing me and I just realised the phrase I said that amused him which made me chuckle more. “How are you feeling, are you okay?”
Leaning my body against him I just sighed “Yes, this place is very beautiful and I can meet all of them… Thank you for bringing me here to meet my family.”
He tightened his embrace and we were simply lost in thought as we savoured our time together watching the sun emerge from our window.
Everything was like a dream, it was so beautiful and I couldn’t understand how I could forget this beautiful thing?
“Titus…” I called softly.
“Am I dying?” I dared to open my mouth to ask, yes, I knew he was trying to hide his worry, but somehow I could feel it.
He sighed and rested his head on my nape as if afraid to let go of me and I let him.
“Tell me” I whispered softly when he didn’t say anything and just kept silent while hugging me.
“Your condition has never happened to a werewolf….” He began and I listened intently “However, there is a lot of information regarding the treatment I am trying to do for you” He added and I knew that it must be unclear and could be dangerous.
“Then, what are you going to do?”
He placed his finger on my chin to make me look up at him before turning my body round “Gwen, I already know life without you and it’s not an option I’m going to take, so…”
I smiled and placed my hand on his cheek “You know… I
wanted to say ‘let me go and move forward with your life”” He
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
looked shocked and was about to argue with me so I put my index finger on his lips “However… I heard stories about werewolves not being able to survive long after the death of their mate, so, I don’t want to see you in that kind of sadness again. I know I’m like someone who just met you, but, my heart knows you and that’s why I don’t want to make you suffer, Titus”
“Gwen” He cupped both my cheeks and sighed before placing his forehead on mine.
“So… I’ll follow whatever you choose. If it will make me always be with you, I will follow you, Titus” I said firmly and made him wrap his arms around me to give me a tight embrace. People say ‘the test in a couple is given as a sign of wh**her he**he is able to endure and pass it, if yes, they will have a stronger relationship, if no, then the relationship may end
However, since Jack kidnapped me, I heard how Titus didn’t give up looking for me, signalling that he’s worth it for me to give up everything I have for him as well.
474Chapter 102
“Are you sure I can come? I’m afraid of becoming a bur…”
I blushed hard after Titus kissed me passionately in front of the bedroom shamelessly even though there are people, who are my guards standing around us, but I notice how just seeing their smiling whenever he show affection with a friendly expressions told me that the behaviour of a male werewolf towards his mate was always like this?
We are talking about the welcome party for my arrival with Titus held tonight in our wolf form.
Yes, It was a special event organised to welcome us both.
For the first time since our return, Titus along with myself and the Alphas who were here side by side led all the members in a run around the territory to mark our return and also spread scent over the area.
It was a beautiful culture but I wasn’t a wolf and didn’t know how I could participate in this ritual without turning into one, but Titus insisted that I go along.
Yes, just like last time, Titus would take me through the ritual of our arrival with me on his back.
He didn’t care if I couldn’t turn into my white-wolf form, all he cared about was me being there with him.
Sighing as I put my hand to the cheek of the man kneeling in front of me, I knew I was losing.
He’s the most stubborn man I can ever remember, well… knowing I can’t remember anyone, I guess I can say he’s the most stubborn person I’ve ever known, there, that’s more like
The event would start after the first moon appeared, around 8pm or so and I could see that everyone was getting ready with cheerful laughter on their faces.
Well, not everyone knows what I’m going through, they just know that the wolfsbane made me weak so my wolf can’t appear at the moment without any other details.
It was only 10 o’clock when the ladies were gathering to prepare a big meal in the living room, as there wasn’t enough in the kitchen, however, Titus told me to rest and not to force myself to gather with them.
Is he out of his mind?!
Who can resist hanging out with friends and gossiping?!
Nu uh… this time I flatly refused his plea.
Having said that, now he escorted me to walk towards the living room, where the women were gathering and the men were preparing everything on the field outside.
“There she is!!! Welcome, my queen!!” It was the greeting I received as I approached the living room by everyone there. Lusi, Alice, Melissa and the others got up from their seats to come over to me “Glad you could join us” Lisa greeted kindly and embraced me away from Titus who looked like a lost child.
“I’ll introduce you to everyone” Melissa added kindly and everyone began to bow their heads as their names were called one by one.
“Gwen…” Everyone stopped as Titus called out to me and I looked over to see him walking towards me “Call me when you’re tired” He whispered softly before placing a kiss on my cheek.
I, who was flushed with embarrassment, nodded my head before looking at him as he left with Alpha Drake who was waiting for him behind the main door.
“I never thought I’d be able to see our king look like a little
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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stray cat” Someone commented and was followed by laughter from everyone which made me chuckle.
I know I don’t remember them all, but the warm welcome from everyone here makes me feel that this is what family is all about.
They all sat down on the floor and I was given a place next to my mum and Melissa.
“You don’t have to do anything, you can’t cook, my dear” my mum said lightly and everyone giggled at that.
“Don’t worry, we’re here to gossip, let those who are good at cooking do everything” Morena added and winked at me so that I wouldn’t feel humiliated by being told that I couldn’t cook.
No one showed any dislike or hatred towards me, how could I be uncomfortable around these people!
I gasped with a smile “I can’t cook, Mum?” I asked in surprise and she nodded her head while thrusting a glass of cold drink with a snack towards me “Thank goodness so I don’t have to pretend I can cook” I added casually and made the others laugh again.
Everyone was talking about things that happened around them, I listened carefully and laughed along with them.
The stories about their mates’ behaviour and the weird things they did, made me feel like I knew them all along. They never treat me like I’m some stranger who just came.
Snacks and drinks were constantly being provided, so it wasn’t so much a cookery event as it was a hangout time for the ladies, although there was some serious cooking going on for tonight’s event but I found my stomach extremely full from all the food provided.
Tents and long tables had already been set up by the men outside and they quickly made their way to their respective
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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mates as we walked out.
Smiling warmly, I looked at everyone looking very happy together with their respective mates.
Yes, the concept of til death do us apart really happened in this werewolf world and perhaps that was why they were able to give their hearts and souls completely to their mates without worrying about cheating or loss of love.
A hand pulled me close and I gasped in surprise looking into my mate’s smiling eyes as he held me.
“I missed you” I couldn’t help but giggle as I heard him whisper those words.
“Hey, it’s like you haven’t seen me in a long time” I teased but he seemed serious with his words.
My G*d…
“I miss you too, Titus” I whispered very softly but knew he must be able to hear it because he looked very happy with a wide smile. Jeez! “I thought the event would be in the evening, why are we gathered here already?” I asked to see everyone starting to gather even though it was only 5pm.
“They know you have wolfsbane and want to check on you to see if you’re okay” I was surprised to hear that because it wasn’t something I expected him to say to me.
My eyes welled up knowing that what Titus said was true, as one by one they started introducing themselves again and asking about my health condition.
Again I was enveloped by the warmth of family that I never knew or remembered before.
It almost made me want to recover immediately so that I could continue to be in this warm environment.
Along with the presence of a man who is my mate who is always beside me and supports me.
The Alphia King’s Fated Mate
How could I not fall in love with him…
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The Alpha King’s Fated Chapter 103 

After dinner, everyone stood side by side with their respective mates and families, with the Alphas standing at the front as the leaders of the event, Titus and I stood in the same position as the Alphas.


Alpha Drake led the event by transforming into his wolf before being followed by the others.

I knew I shouldn’t be surprised at the changes happening around me, but I had never seen this many people transform into a large wolf shape and it was impossible not to be surprised.

The touch of a hand on my cheek made me jump in surprise knowing it was Titus who was looking at me.

“You haven’t changed?” I asked in surprise, looking around, I didn’t realise that the man beside me was still in his human


“Are you okay?” He looked serious when he asked me, probably thinking I’d be scared to see everyone turn into wolves.

I gave him a smile and nodded my head before pulling him to bend down slightly so I could kiss his cheek.

“This is all amazing… You’re all awesome” I said with enjoyment and made him dazed before smiling back at me.

Then, it wasn’t long before he transformed into his magnificent black wolf figure.

Wow… I never thought that this amazing man was completely mine.

Even the figure of the wolf is marvelous.

Stepping forward, I touched its snout before placing my


forehead in line with it.

‘Wolf… my Wolf…‘ I gasped at the sound in my head.

Blinking my eyes a few times, I looked at the figure of the wolf in front of me “Wolf..” He looked shocked to hear me calling him and everyone around us seemed to be transfixed looking at

  1. me.

Could the voice that was always in my head be the voice of my wolf?


Wolf purrs in delight at my touch before he bends his body for me to ride him.

I slowly climbed up his huge back that felt so warm before he stood back up on all fours gallantly.

As if waiting for Titus to start, no one moved and only when Titus stepped forward did everyone follow.


I tightened my grip and hugged Titus‘ wolfish figure tightly as he began to run.

This was the second time he had taken me like this, and I couldn’t stop smiling as I felt the feel of the wind blowing through my hair.



I looked back and stared at the figures of the wolves following us after they howled.

Never have I felt such a sense of calm and contentment as if this was my place.




Ugh… why is this? My heart was beating so fast.

Taking a deep breath, I tried to stay calm and hide the pain I was starting to feel in my chest.

Please no, not now…

Not when everyone is organising an event for Titus and me…


I don’t know how long we ran. While continuing to hug Wolf’s warm body, I felt him slow down and just realised that everything was no longer behind us.

“Is it over?” I asked as he bent his body to allow me to get off his back and looked around me “Where is this?” 

Wolf walked behind the tree, where the clothes were hidden as he had told me, before I walked to the edge of the cliff to see that we were on top of a hill.

From here I could see everything below us, they were still in their wolf form, chasing each other and joking with their respective mates or families.

How does it feel to be a wolf? I thought as I looked at the scene below me. They look different from the wolves that humans remember, dangerous. I know that werewolves are also dangerous creatures but right now they don’t look dangerous, their loyalty to their pack is admirable, especially to their mates.

The concept of trust and only one mate is amazing.

“What are you thinking about so intently?” Titus asked, he had already transformed into his human form and sat beside me.

Turning towards him with a smile, I pointed out what I saw down there with my head.

“Just think that this place is very warm and they look happy” I said, still staring at the scene below me.


“This is the result I wanted after hundreds of years of suffering and wars caused by black witches” His answer made me turn my head towards him.

Oh yes, he once said that there was a black witch who manipulated this peace, but I was the one who conquered her. “Wasn’t it like this before?” I asked softly and he just smiled as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders to pull me closer.

“Wars between pack members and rogues (werewolves without territories) always happen” He began to explain as I rested my head on his shoulder and rested my head there.

I don’t know when, but this thing I did with him never felt awkward.

“And that happened hundreds of years ago?” I was surprised to ask that and more surprised to see him nodding his head.

I knew the saying about ‘there’s a rainbow after the rain‘ but didn’t know that the rainbow appeared hundreds of years after the heavy rain that they went through.

No wonder they look so happy because they deserve it…

“Gwen, did you call my wolf by its name earlier?” Titus looks serious when he asks and I know this is related to the poison inside me that keeps me from turning into my wolf.

“I heard his voice in my head… she called Wolf” I said quietly and he let out a long sigh of concern.

“Wolf is very worried” He responded and I nodded my head understanding “Please hold back if there is any sign of her awakening, in 1 week we will try a treatment in Switzerland so that you can get back to health” He begged and I couldn’t refuse him.

How do I know how to restrain the wolf in my head?! I thought confusedly.


However, I didn’t want to worry him further so I just nodded

my head to let him calm down a bit.

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate Chapter 104 


When it was already midnight, I told the others that I was unable to stay awake because I was so sleepy, and they,

understanding my current state, nodded their heads and smiled when I asked permission to leave the party.

Yes, after the event of running around the area in their wolf form, they ended up returning to the tent that was set up to continue chatting and eating the food that the women had prepared earlier.

This was a very nice thing, everyone seemed to want to talk to me and didn’t mind explaining who they were to me again when I didn’t know them.

Titus, who was about to stand up when he realised I was going back to the room, was immediately stopped, with the excuse that Alexa, Dee and Kurt were accompanying me so that he could continue to be with the others, who I knew still had many things to talk to him about.

He nodded his head before pulling my wrist and kissing me tenderly “I won’t be long” he whispered.

Nodding my head and waving my hand as I started walking back into the palace, all the men stood up as I started walking and gave me a respectful nod.

Wow… they are all so polite, I thought in surprise.

However, I wasn’t entirely honest.

Letting out a long sigh, I had to lean my head against the wall as I stepped into the palace knowing that Titus could not see me.

Alexa, Dee and Kurt who were behind looked shocked.

“Queen, are you alright?” Asked Alexa quickly to help me up so that I could lean my body on her and Dee.



I smiled “Just tired” I lied and started walking again with the help of those who carried me to my room “Kurt, don’t tell Titus” I added to the man who seemed to be looking at me sharply with a worried look.

He didn’t nod and we continued walking towards my room.

“Thank you” I said as I opened the door and let go of my handhold which I knew took them by surprise “You guys carry on, I’m just going to bed soon” I coaxed softly and closed the door behind me hoping they weren’t waiting for me behind the door.

Counting to 10, I quickly ran slowly to the bathroom and vomited what was in my stomach immediately because I

couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Ohok.. Ohok…

Limping on the floor I washed my face after flushing the toilet.

It seemed like the voice in my head was getting clearer and making me like this.

Is this the reason why Titus wanted me to keep my wolf from appearing?

However, I can feel it more and more and it makes my head dizzy as well as the weakness in my body.

Why is it like that?

Ohok… Ohookkkk….

I spit out another mouthful of my contents and just as I couldn’t help myself, a hand touched my back and made me jump in surprise to see that it was none other than my mate.

“Gwen.” I heard him call my name in worry before I found myself absorbed in darkness.

Oh no…


I’m sorry, Titus… I don’t mean to make you worry.

I’m sorry…


When I woke up, I saw myself being given another IV drip and Titus sitting beside my bed with a worried gaze locked on me. He caressed my cheek when he realised I opened my eyes “Hey” He called softly as he continued to caress my cheek gently.

Smiling a little, I held his hand against my cheek “Hey yourself” I replied softly.

He let out a long sigh “Gwen, why did you hide that you weren’t feeling well that time?” His distressed voice as he spoke made me tighten my grip on his hand.

“I’m fine… I don’t want to make you worry again.” I whispered softly and he lowered his head as he grasped my hand and kissed it.

“Idiot… I will always worry. Luckily Kurt informed me about you, or… Please don’t ever do that again.. Don’t ever hide anything from me anymore, I beg you, Gwen”

He choked up as he spoke and I didn’t expect that my condition would make him this emotional.

The man who was mighty and a king before all, shed tears and worried about my well-being.

G od, what have I done?

I never intended to make him suffer like this.

I just…

Yes, at that time he seemed relaxed while talking with his colleagues so I didn’t want to bother him with my condition and disturb him.

Apparently I was wrong…


“Titus…” I called out as I slowly got up and cupped his cheek, my tears flowing seeing this man in front of me showing his worry and sadness for me “I’m sorry, I never wanted to make you sad… I’m sorry, Titus” I said and engulfed him with a tight hug.

“You’re my mate… You’re my life, Gwen…” He whispered softly as he placed his lips on my shoulder and nuzzled it.

Yes, I knew that my condition was something that had never happened to a werewolf before, but never thought that he would be so scared that it could cause him to shed tears of worry.

I was wrong…

I forgot that he is a werewolf, for whom the condition and health of the mate is of utmost importance.

I forgot that their mate’s suffering is their suffering too because he is my mate and no werewolf can live without his mate.

“I’m sorry, Titus… I’m sorry for making you worry” I whispered in his arms and tried to calm the man who was currently very emotional because he was worried due to my st*pidity.

I can’t hide anything from him anymore…

I was selfish, I forgot that we are werewolf mates and for werewolves, having a mate is the most important thing.


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Chapter 105

It wasn’t long after that Gwen fell back asleep and I couldn’t help but worry seeing her looking more and more frail and


Wolf had warned me, the memory of her calling his name showed that Destine was on the verge of consciousness and it would be very dangerous for both of them.

Destine would not be able to survive in a body filled with that wolfsbane venom so the effects would affect her human figure.

Sure enough, last night was proof that Gwen’s human body became affected by the awakening effect of her white-wolf until she could not awaken until now.

Damn…Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, I continued to stare at my mate’s pale face and study the movement of her chest, the thing that made me calm down knowing she was still breathing, she was still alive and surviving for us so I hadn’t lost her yet. Not yet and never will!

Knock.. Knock…

“Come in” I said and turned towards the door to see Alpha Blake and his mate with Alpha Drake and Melissa enter our room. Luna Lisa gasped sadly at the sight of her daughter lying weakly on the bed that had to be injected like a common human and immediately hugged her mate as she couldn’t hold back her tears of sadness.

Alpha Drake patted my back “How is he?” He asked softly.

I sighed again and looked at my mate again “He’s getting weaker, without help from his wolf, he can’t survive” I said before looking at the woman who was the former white witch who had helped me with everything, Melissa “Have you contacted your colleagues who work in Switzerland?” I asked her.

Mélissa nodded her head “I managed to get in touch with Polly, she’s one of the nurses there, and has enrolled Gwen intò a special treatment for wolfsbane poison by Dr Wendy.”

Melissa explained and I nodded my head.

“Looks like we have to hurry,” I said and looked back at my mate’s face and saw Luna Lisa currently sitting on the bedside chair to hold her hand.

“My King…” Melissa called out to me and I looked at her confused as she looked hesitant, so I understood that whatever she wanted to say was very important.

“Blake, Lisa… I’ll be back” I said to Gwen’s parents who nodded their heads not suspecting what Melissa was about to say as they were focused on their daughter who was lying weakly.

Walking out of the room with Alpha Drake and Melissa, we entered another room that I knew was soundproof, so whatever was going to be said would not be known by anyone.

Yes, one of the things I emphasised during the construction of the palace is that every room needs to be soundproofed, except for the living room and a fe is so that what everyone is doing in the room is not known by others considering our werewolf ears are very sensitive did this maintain the privacy of each member in this pack.


“What’s wrong?” I asked Melissa after Drake closed the door to the room.

“I have something to tell you” Melissa looked worried as she spoke and I nodded my head to tell her to continue “Polly told me that there is something strange with Dr Wendy, yes, she is smart and managed to cure several patients who were exposed to the wolfsbane poison, but for some reason when there is a mate who comes for treatment, there will always be problems with the couple, so…” She sighed and I understood her concern.

I smiled and tapped her shoulder “I don’t know what will happen, but right now the most important thing is Gwen’s recovery” I emphasised to him who still looked worried.

“Dr Wendy is someone who survived the death of her mate 5 years ago” Drake added and surprised me.

5 years?! Usually 1 year is the longest time for someone after the death of their mate before they commit suicide because the pain of the loss is too hard?!

“Are you sure?!” I asked quickly and he nodded his head.

There seems to be something that she doesn’t like when she sees a mate so…

“She wants to destroy the mate bond?!” I continued to finish his words.

The mate couple in front of me nodded their heads.

D*mn it! We found a way out but there were obstacles.

What should I do?



Chapter 105

Dealing with a werewolf who has lost a mate is dangerous, as there is usually something disturbing about those who have lost half of their souls affer they have lost their mate.

“Are there no other options?” Lasked Melissa who shook her head.

Dr Wendy since 10 years ago is famous for curing wolfsbane poison for werewolves, she established a special poison hospital because she learned more about wolfsbane, but there are also human patients, but Polly informed us that usually human patients will be kept in a separate building from werewolves.”

Melissa explained further and made me sigh again.

Oh God…

Could I bring Gwen to such a dangerous place?

“My king…” Drake suddenly called out to me and broke me from my mind “Can you act like you’re not the queen’s mate?” I frowned at his strange words and raised an annoyed eyebrow which made him quickly add “I mean… What if when you were there, you weren’t mates but… hmm… siblings?”


I blinked and froze after hearing Drake’s words, not a bad idea but can I act like a brother and not a mate to Gwen?

“Can we fool them?” I responded quietly as I thought of a plan where I would be introduced as Gwen’s older brother instead of Mate.

Melissa shook her head “With your current attitude I’m not sure, yet we need to practice if that’s what we want to do” she said and added “And the queen needs to know, so that she doesn’t get hurt when the king gets a little distant and doesn’t act like the mate she knows” I nodded my head in agreement with what she said, Gwen needs to know so that there is no misunderstanding.

“Because the queen’s health is most important” Said Alpha Drake, who understood why we would take this dangerous path, because it was the only way out for my mate to heal.

Everything will follow once Gwen is healthy.

Yes, I think pretending to be Gwen’s older brother is the best solution I can take, I can continue to be there to take care of her because I am her family and when no one is around

Good idea….

we can act as usual.

At least Gwen will get the best treatment that the female doctor can give.


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Chapter 106

Still in Rolf Titus Point of View:

What?!!! Brother?!”

The next day when Gwen’s condition was better and could join breakfast in the dining room with the others, who were smiling with relief to see her able to get out of bed and have her IV removed, I and the Alpha pair who talked about our plan yesterday would inform her about what we had agreed, hoping Gwen would not mind.

Honestly, it was actually me who wasn’t sure I could stop myself from touching her affectionately because she was my mate and I had always been the one who had touched her.

Alpha Drake, who knew that I was the one who had to restrain myself, could only smile sheepishly when Melissa warned me not to be too affectionate towards Gwen while I was there.

“You know the possibility of people liking our mate will be big right? Why do you agree with this proposal?!‘ since the suggestion about the informing of Gwen being my sister made Wolf unpleasant, since last night my head hurt hearing his nagging about what might happen when all werewolves thought Gwen was a werewolf without a mate.

Does he think I don’t know that?!

Ugh… just the thought of a guy looking at her makes me want to tear apart anyone who dares to get close to her. Yeah… Melissa was right, I held my ground the day any guy tried to get close to my mate while I was there.

Werewolves are notoriously possessive of their mates, so while it’s easy to say to hold back, I’m not sure if I can do it. God… What did I agree to?!

However, I have to do it for Gwen’s health, this is the only path we’ve found and with her condition getting weaker, I don’t know if we can take another path?

“You’re taking this dangerous path, which means you’ve thought carefully about the worst case scenario, my king?” Luna Lisa asked me, yes, she knows how possessive an Alpha can be to their mate and I’m the Alpha king, my wolf has the biggest ego of the Alphas where it would be hard for him to accept his mate being ogled by another male werewolf.

“I did it for her” I said firmly even though Wolf was currently shouting disagreement in my head which made me wince in pain.


I quickly looked over at my mate who hadn’t said anything the whole time we were there and she just sat quietly with the food on her plate as if something was bothering her.

Did my plan make her sad?

What was she thinking right now?

Continuing to stare at my mate, I waited until the food was finished before inviting her to walk out so we could talk alone.

I continued to hold her hand as we walked together towards the park beside the palace, knowing that it used to be her favourite place and as expected she smiled as she entered her favourite spot.

“Did something bother you? You seems extremely quiet”

I ventured to ask her and made her let out a long sigh before sitting down on one of the nearby park benches.

She said nothing for a while and just looked towards the horizon.

I kneel in front of her and take her hand to place it on my lips so I can kiss it gently “What’s wrong, Gwen?”

She finally turned her head towards me and met my gaze.

Why does she look sad?

“Tell me” I urged quietly

“Titus…” She sighed and cupped my cheek which made me rest my head there “Why take such a huge effort to cure me? I feel like I’m just a burden.” I have to blink several times to know if what she said is what I thought I truly heard.


Why does she even think she’s a burden to me?! Does she know what will happen if she…..

“I’ll take whatever it takes to get you healed Gwen” I said firmly and she just turned her head away which annoyed me so I cupped my hands in front of her this time so she looked back at me “Gwen… You’re not and never have been a burden to me, I’m sure you’d do the same if you were in my shoes. You’re my mate Gwen! And I would take the most dangerous path if it meant I could fix you!!!” I almost growled in anger to know she had thought st* pid thoughts like that.

“But you


will be known as a man without a mate, Titus!” She flinched and quickly shut her mouth after she said it which


Chapter 106

made me realise that what she was worried about was….

Unable to hold back my smile, I gave a passionate peck knowing she had a sense of jealousy knowing it wasn’t just me who was worried about us being known as werewolves without mates.

“You think I could be attracted to another woman with just you being there would make my attention only focus on you?” I whispered on her lips softly and couldn’t hide my excitement as she pouted cutely.

“Sorry… I know I shouldn’t be childish when we’re there for my recovery, but imagine the women staring at you with drool dripping. Ugh… I don’t….” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the words my mate threw at me.

Since when did she have these feelings for me?

I know she forgot about me and with no white wolf in her, I tried to restrain myself from throwing myself into her arms to scare her, but hearing her say this was so cute, ugh… Wolf was already screaming to immediately take her in his arms and do the dirty and naughty things on his mind after all this time we held back.


Ugh… Wolf kept screaming those words in my head for a while.

I don’t know what was wrong with me, whether it was Wolf’s screaming or Gwen’s innocent look at me that made me bring myself closer and bring our lips back together.

However, unlike the swift kiss like before, this time I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer so I could deepen my kiss.

God… She’s like my favourite opium…

How long have I waited to be able to kiss her like this again?

“I love you, Gwen… God, I’ve missed you so much” I groaned before deepening my kiss and making her moan uncared if we’re in a public area right now.

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Chapter 107

Smiling fondly, Titus grabs my hand as we walk to our room without a care for our surroundings.

The stares that were given were all meaningless, right now it was only his existence that mattered.

Closing the door, Titus cupped my cheek and gave me a tender kiss that made me sigh with pleasure.

Memories flashed through my mind. The memory of when we first met, yes, that time Jack, with his wolf figure, tried to catch me and hurt me and then there he was, helping me when I needed it most.

‘Who are you?‘ I remember those were the first words I said to him.

He looked sad, shocked and angry at my condition, but patiently he continued to try to accompany me to find my memories, slowly and patiently he explained about who I really was.

I can recall how he cultivated my trust in him, with all the actions and tenderness he showed me over time that made me believe that everything he put out of his mouth was the truth. I also remember my fear of everything, the uncertainty and emptiness I felt because I couldn’t remember or recognize anyone, but every single time he was there to guide me to find my way, to find myself again.

But, most of all his gaze. Yes, the way he looked at me as if was the only one he wanted, a gaze that made me feel prideful for being able to make a man like him love me as deeply as that.

God… I was sure that giving myself completely to this man was the right thing to do and when I felt the hugs and kisses he gave me throughout my entire body, I had no doubt that we


The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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were indeed one.

And when we became one and felt him shed tears of emotion,

I knew that this moment with him was the most beautiful moment that I would remember forever.

“I love you, Gwen”

Those are the most beautiful words he kept whispering the whole time we made love.

And I can’t return it with anything as beautiful as “I love you too, Titus“.

The clock struck 7pm and my stomach began to rumble with hunger which made the awesome man in my arms laugh before lifting me up to the bathroom.

Yes, he knew I was still too weak and worn out so he helped me clean myself up. It was also with the push to keep him away from further naughtiness as his hands started to touch me.

D*mn… Isn’t he tired?!

Everyone had gathered in the largest main dining room that could accommodate up to 250 people, as there were still some Alphas and their families who were guests, so this was the room Alpha Drake chose to use.

There are12 long tables and the Alphas with their Luna’s sit at one long table while the others sit at the other tables that have been provided according to their rank.

By the time Titus and I arrived, everyone had already started eating and chatting until I had to duck my head in shame at our tardiness.

Everyone just gave us a smile when we arrived before taking a seat next to Alpha Drake’s seat as the host.

The plates for me and my mate were quickly handed over by the waiters and Titus quickly put some food on my plate



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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causing my eyes to widen at the pile of food on my plate that he placed.

“How could I possibly finish all of this?!!!” I hissed in annoyance and he just chuckled before taking the food from my plate with his spoon and feeding me.


Everyone snickered and started making fun of him but he just rolled his eyes without paying attention to what the others were saying.

“How could you possibly lie to the doctor if you’re staring and acting to the queen like that, my king” Alpha Drake snickered wickedly as he teased my mate who scowled in annoyance at his words.

Turning towards my mate who was cracking a smile as he knew I was looking at him, I let out a worried breath.

I sighed…

Looks like Alpha Drake was right, Titus‘ gaze on me was not the gaze an older brother would give to his younger sister.

“This won’t work, he has to change” Melissa whispered in my ear and I just nodded my head, but was at a loss as to how to make him change.

I guess I shouldn’t have declared my love and given myself completely today. It just makes things difficult now… Huft!

D*mn it!

As our departure time was approaching, after the meal we gathered back in Alpha Drake’s study to train Titus and me. “So you’re coming, Alpha Blake?” Titus and I were surprised to hear my parents‘ plan.

My mom touched my hand and nodded her head “Just to sign you up and to let everyone know that we are busy so your

brother will accompany you.”



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

What a thoughtful plan, I mused and nodded my head in agreement.

Yes, parents will definitely accompany their ill children, especially a child who doesn’t have a mate yet.

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“That’s a brilliant idea” Titus commented but received skeptical looks from the Alphas in the room “What?”

“I apologize king, everything might not work out if you don’t behave like a big brother” The man named Harry, who was the Beta said it to my mate who again just rolled his eyes.

“You guys seem to be getting more and more insolent with me” Titus grumbled in annoyance and made me laugh.

It seemed like Titus wasn’t like this before, so everyone loved to tease him for the change in his personality.

Could it be because for the first time he didn’t have to act like a king with responsibilities on his shoulders?

Yes, although everyone still called him king, because it was difficult to change that in a short time, but they understood that right now he was not their Alpha king, he was an ordinary werewolf who was on an important task to cure his fated mate. I can’t tell you how lucky he is, we are, to have such loyal people to support.

“Gwen, what are you doing?! Didn’t the doctor say to sleep, don’t be naughty and follow the doctor’s orders!”

Gasping in shock at the stern words said by Titus, I didn’t realize that I had tears in my eyes and made him hurriedly give me a tight hug as he apologized.

Damn it!

Looks like he’s not the only one who needs to practice acting like a sibling. It seems that I also have to get used to his attention and his words to me are no longer what he used to do.



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate


I don’t know why I’m starting to hate this?!

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Chapter 108

I gasped as the man who was my mate joined his lips with a woman other than me.

What is this?! 

How is this possible?!

Titus who saw me enter the room quickly disengaged himself before running after me who had turned to leave the doctor’s room where he had been making out, “Gwen… Gwen… listen to me first”


– 1 month before –

All twelve of us were ready with our suitcases and heading to Switzerland.

Yes, a total of twelve of us were going, me, Titus, my parents, Alice, Melissa and my bodyguards, Alexa and lastly, someone who insisted on coming along without exception, Kurt along with my parents and Melissa guards.

After practicing for the remaining time, where Titus had to try to be a little indifferent to me and reduce his attention like a typical mate and only concern like a big brother, also for me who had to get used to it if he would be a little ignorant and not as attentive as usual.

We can only hope that everything goes smoothly, but with so many people helping and accompanying us, I hope that my purpose to get well can be accomplished.

Yes, not just for me but also for my fated mate.

After knowing what can happen to a mate if losing their mate can kill them too, I no longer thought of anything other than getting better for his sake, I couldn’t imagine him alone in sadnessnot when I had just felt the bliss of being with him.

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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Kurt brought my bags and Titus to the entrance hall where seven cars were waiting for us to drive us to the airport.

Yes, this time we were going to use a private aircraft that Titus had specially chartered just for the twelve of us, so that I would be more comfortable because the headstrong man wanted to give me the best he could before he had to restrain himself from showing his attention like a mate to me while we were there.

No one could argue with that after hearing the reasons Titus. gave. My parents just smiled before thanking him for the care he gave me.

I could only exhale, yes, because I was also upset that I couldn’t tell anyone that this amazing and perfect man was mine while I was there, knowing that all the women who saw him would fall in love with him instantly.

The thing I would hate is not being able to show my jealousy, to stake my claim over him.

Titus, who seemed to know my feelings, touched my back before bringing his face closer to look at me “Are you okay, baby?”

I just nodded and gave a small smile “Just a little dizzy.” I answered quietly without telling him my true feelings.

He looked worried before hugging me and glancing at the others Is everything ready? It looks like Gwen is starting to feel sluggish.”

Everyone quickly loaded their suitcases into the back of the car before Titus went back to explain the details one last time. Alpha Drake was going to drive us because his mate, Melissa was one of the ones accompanying, yes, because she knew one of the nurses who worked there but once I was registered and got a roommy parents, Alice and Melissa with four other people who were their guards would return home and leave me with just my mate and my two loyal guards, Alexa and

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate



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As my mate explained, Kurt still blamed himself for what happened to me, he hated himself for not being able to protect

  1. me.

Closing my eyes, Titus swiftly carried me in his arms, as he realized that I was already so weak that I couldn’t stand any longer before he carried me into the car and sat beside me with an affectionate embrace.

“Let’s go” I heard him speak but no longer felt anything other than the warmth of his embrace.

“I love you” I whisper before falling into darkness to feel his lips on my forehead.

I woke up when I felt the car stop, but Titus whispered words for me to get back to rest before he picked me up again as if he didn’t care about my weight or the people around him who were gawking as he held me.

Yes, I’m sure right now everyone must be staring at me with envious eyes as I’m in the arms of this perfect–looking man, but unfortunately I can’t open my eyes to show my proud face for being in his arms.

Yes, I hope I can recover so that I can hold and walk beside him with pride.


Third Party point of view:

Knock… Knock

“Sorry to disturb you, Doctor” The head nurse of the hospital that I have led for more than 10 years, Maria, entered my room carrying documents.

Yes, it’s a document with information about new patients who need treatment here.

The Alphia King’s Fated Mate

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Giving a smile, I took the stack of documents and opened the first thing at the top of the document which was the list of new patients.

“There are three werewolves? Wow” I remarked when I saw the list she gave me.

She nodded “One of them is Alpha Blake’s daughter from New Zealand, she was poisoned by the wolfsbane she consumed for almost a month so she couldn’t transform into her wolf form without any side effects” Maria explained and showed me a form with the name Gwen Katherine Louve.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

Wow… 1 month of taking poison?!

“How can she drink the poison in 1 month?” I wondered.

The nurse showed a sad face “It’s said that a man who was obsessed with her kidnapped her and gave her the poison so she couldn’t turn into his wolf”

I just nodded my head as I continued to read further “Don’t have a mate yet?” I asked again.

She shook her head “Just an older brother who became very protective because of the things that happened to her”

Again, I just nodded my head.

Poor girl…

However, she’s 26 years old now and has no mate?!

It’s a bit late for someone of her age to have not found a mate, I thought.

However, 1 month of exposure to wolfsbane poison is not an easy thing to treat.

“Is she going to use the first class room?” I asked as I closed the document because I had read what was needed at the moment,

I was a little surprised when the nurse shook her head, usually an Alpha would put his family in a first class room?

The Alplin King’s Fated Mate

+5 vouchers 

She is registered in the VIP room” Maria replied with a smile.


Is this Alpha in New Zealand that wealthy?

The treatment to remove the wolfsbane poison is not a treatment that can be done quickly so the funds spent will be very expensive if he chooses the VIP room.

However, I know why the nurse is smiling, well, I guess that’s a good thing for this hospital.

Hopefully, the brother doesn’t have a mate yet either, I thought and then we talked about the other two patients who were not as important as Gwen.

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Chapter 109

We finally landed at Geneva’s Cointrin International Airport when I opened my eyes and met a pair of eyes looking at me with a small smile on his lips.

“The princess has finally awakened” He teased as he kissed my forehead.

I breathed out then realized I was on his lap.

“Did you keep me on your lap throughout the flight?” I asked in surprise and tried to get up to sit on the seat next to him, but failed because he didn’t let go of his embrace and instead tightened it so that I couldn’t go anywhere.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at him with annoyance “You did that on purpose?”

He groaned and deliberately tightened his embrace “It will be difficult to do this eventually, just leave it for now” I blinked my eyes a few times in disbelief that this matter of acting like a brother still make him feel uneasy too, and for some reason I was pleased to hear it.

Hopefully there won’t be any problems during the time there, such as women being attracted to him.

Everyone started to take off their seatbelt to stand up, I also got up and stood up when Titus let go of his bear hug.

Ugh… I was a little weak from being asleep for too long and had to hold on to the chair to stabilize my body so Titus quickly and swiftly helped

  1. me.

“I told you to let me carry you” He grumbled but I just smiled and shook my head as we started walking down the plane.

Alexa was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with a thick scarf “Since you’re like a human, I have to keep you from freezing, my queen” She said as she put the scarf around my neck.

Everyone’s attention brought tears to my eyes.

My parents smiled as they saw me walking alone and my mom held me as we walked through the airport to the lobby where the car was waiting for us to take us straight to the hospital while I saw the rest of the guards heading in different directions to collect our luggage.

“We don’t seem to have had a long talk, but one of the things I hope for when I recover is to be able to remember you” I said to my mom who



wrapped her arm around my shoulder as we continued walking.

“It will be… I’ll wait for you.” She said softly.

“I’m sorry for troubling you all.” I said again and made her widen her eyes before shaking her head.

He kissed my forehead “Nonsense, I’m so glad I still have you in my arms, what’s life without challenges, right?”

Her kindness and gentleness warmed me, yes, since I came and met her she only showed me patience and a warm heart, making me proud to call her mom.

“I love you, mom” I whispered softly and made her stop her footsteps before giving me a tight squeeze with a big smile.

“This won’t be our last time together, you’re going to get better, okay?” she responded firmly and I nodded my head before we started walking together again.

Yes, everyone must be very worried, wolfsbane poison treatment is not an ordinary treatment, besides being dangerous, it is also heavy. Melissa explained the side effects or permanent effects that could occur if this failed.

Not only will I lose my wolf, I could also lose my life because my brain won’t be able to heal as quickly as my wolf, it could get worse due to the drugs that Jack gives me, which has the effect of losing my memory, so I could be like someone with severe dementia.

Right now simply forgetting all of them is a terrible thing, I can’t imagine having to forget them completely or even not being able to recognize them anymore.

What will happen to me?

It’s like living in a soulless shell.

God, please don’t let that happen, I really need your help…

This time I rode with my parents and Titus rode with the others, it seemed that our pretense of acting like siblings had begun.

I sigh and my mom just smiles, she seems to understand how I feel right now, away from my mate.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m also werewolf? However, this feeling for Titus is very constant and fills me up.

Would I have these feelings if I were human?



My heart raced as the car stopped and got out to look at the building in front of me.

The cold was starting to make me uncomfortable and my mom had to add another thick jacket to keep me from shivering in the cold. When I asked her why she wasn’t cold, it turned out that it was because of her wolf. Yes, wolves‘ heat makes the cold weather not really affect them, but they still have to wear jackets and act like normal humans.


Very dangerous if

Yes, even though the world has evolved, it would be humans knew that werewolves are real and not just myths.

There were 4 nurses waiting for us in the lobby and a wheelchair.

Ugh… Do I need to take a wheelchair?

“Hello, Alpha Blake and family, welcome to St. Patrick’s Hospital, I am Maria, the head nurse” Greeted one of the nurses who seemed to be the senior nurse here before looking at me who had been carried by my mother since getting out of the car “This must be Gwen, let us help you” She smiled as she talked to me before helping me walk towards the wheelchair that had been provided.

I let out a long sigh as I sat here, because indirectly I feel like a sick patient even though that is the reason why we are here.

Titus patted my head and startled me so I looked back at him who gave me a smile while nodding his head, it seemed that he also understood what I was feeling right now.

Everyone seems to understand me so well, I should be accustomed to their attention, but it always warms me to know that they really care so much about me.

“The VIP room has been prepared and the room next to it has also been prepared for the waiting family” Maria explained as we all started walking towards our room on the 3rd floor.

My mom had explained to us on the way from the brochure that the 3rd floor was a VIP room with only 3 rooms for patients and 10 extra rooms if there were families waiting for them and she also explained that we would take an entire hallway next to my room.

“Won’t it be very expensive?” I asked innocently which made everyone burst out laughing.

Turns out it was all Titus who paid.



I knew he was an Alpha king, but never thought he was that wealthy.

Well, having lived for more than 400 years, wouldn’t be surprised if he had a lot of wealth.

My eyes widened in shock as the door to the room opened.

Wow… It’s more like a hotel, not a hospital, but from the smell of

disinfectant, it’s definitely not a hotel.

Then I was more surprised to see balcony with a beautiful snowy forest in the background, I guess the forest is for the wolves when they need a change and need to stretch their four legs to run.

“You can change into the provided clothes and get some rest, tomorrow doctor Wendy will come for the first check up” Maria said kindly before pointing towards the nurses next to her “These are nurse Hana and Leila, they will be helping you on this floor until their shift is over” She explained and the two nurses bowed politely before they left us all.

“Thank you” My parents and Titus said to them before closing the door to the room while Alexa and Kurt made their way to the other 3 rooms for the standard checks that needed to be done for everyone waiting next to my room.

Titus and my father went around my room to check everything as I changed my clothes in the bathroom.

It wasn’t long before Melissa and Alice came in as the men came out “Gwen, this is my friend Polly, she’s the nurse here that I told you about yesterday” she said explaining and the nurse named Polly bowed her head politely to me.

“I’m sorry to hear what happened to you, but I hope for the best knowing that Dr. Wendy is the best” she said with a comforting smile that I returned.

My mom shook her hand “Thank you for your help for us, Melissa explained that you registered and prepared everything for us” Alice walked towards me and took my hand with a smile.

Yes… I have to get better, everyone here has been very supportive of me, I can’t let anyone down.


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Chapter 110

St Patrick’s Hospital was established in 1973, originally a specialised hospital for brain diseases for humans, but in 1992 there was a doctor and he was a werewolf who was exposed to wolfsbane poison and he entered this hospital.

Since then he learnt more about the poison so he donated several million dollars to open the treatment of wolfsbane poison for werewolves.

Currently the hospital has 4 buildings with 2 main buildings and 2 other buildings for inpatient treatment for humans and werewolves, yes, they are separated because they don’t want any suspicion when the full moon



Titus walked into the room after using the bathroom and with wet hair he smiled before walking towards me lying on my bed.

“The others are in their rooms?” He asked and I nodded



“It’s late and I told them to rest, but do we need guards outside the rooms and at the end of the hall?” I asked my mate who was sitting on the bench beside me and took my hand to hold.

“I don’t want to risk everyone’s safety” He answered firmly and I could only follow him because he knew what was best for wouldn’t question his decision.

The IV had been inserted in my hand and th

everyone so I

tibiotics had been

administered which made me limp a little and Titus who knew this just looked at me with an affectionate look while stroking my head gently.

“How are you feeling?” He asked tenderly as he continued to caress me. “A bit nauseous and lightheaded” I told him truthfully to which he heaved a sigh and looked a bit worried.

Yes, at the time the IV was inserted, the nurse had explained that the side effects could be nausea and dizziness but if it was too severe, we should notify the nurse immediately.

Because I didn’t think it was too bad so I just took a deep breath and endured the situation. Yes, it was a sacrifice that I had to endure for the

sake of my recovery.

“You can sleep in the warrior room and not have to be here with me all the time, you know?” I said as drowsiness made me almost close my eyes.



“Go to sleep… No need to worry about anything else” He said softly while caressing my head, making me even more sleepy and unable to resist falling into the dream world.


The next day Dr Wendy came to see me, she asked me a lot of questions about my condition and there was something I didn’t like about the way she looked at my mate who was sitting by the window at the time.

No, I shouldn’t be jealous or think negative ideas, she’s the one who will help me recover, I thought and listened carefully to the things she told me to do for the tests we were going to do today.

Taking blood to find out the percentage level of poison in my body, made me so weak that I could hardly open my eyes and I knew it made everyone there very worried, especially my mate and my parents.

I don’t know what Titus was thinking when he saw me like this, unable to hold me like a mate and just standing there with a look as if he wanted to replace the pain I was currently feeling.

The x–rays and MRI would be done this afternoon and Titus just held me tightly as we walked along as the nurses pushed my bed into the main building.

I threw up violently when I returned to the room and made everyone panic until the nurses arrived.

Medicine was immediately injected so that I could calm down and fall back asleep, I don’t know what happened but my body weakened so much that it was very difficult to wake up and open my eyes.

I just hope my mate isn’t feeling too upset when he sees me like this, because I know he must be suffering a lot right now.

I could only feel the grip of his hand when I was in my room because it was difficult to open my eyes, yet it was reassuring to know that he was there, beside me.

Go to Rolf Titus Point of View:

Walking outside beside the forest, I felt someone coming towards me to see Alpha Blake.

He smiled at me, I guess he understood my feelings.

“Are you okay, son?” He asked softly and I could only sigh while sitting on an empty bench while staring at the snowy forest in front of me without



caring about the cold that I couldn’t feel at the moment.

“Tomorrow we’ll be back, sorry we can’t keep you company for longer” He spoke while exhaling heavily, yes, he also seemed to find it difficult to leave his only daughter in such a condition, but he was an Alpha and had a responsibility to his territory.

“My wolf seems to have difficulty accepting and holding back at the sight of our mate in such pain” I said quietly and held my head in frustration, yes, this situation is very frustrating, not being able to do something while seeing our mate suffering is very frustrating, I want to destroy something but I know its a process that has to be done.

“I’m checking on the female doctor, but can’t tell you anything at the moment” Alpha Blake’s words made me turn my face to look at him closely in shock.

Huh? Why is he inspecting something?

“Do you know something you want to tell me?” I asked anxiously and on alert.

The senior werewolf beside me didn’t say anything and just stared

blankly at the forest, indicating that there were things he knew but wasn’t sure about.

That means I need to be constantly on alert here, fortunately I brought Kurt and Alexa with us here.

“I won’t take my eyes off Gwen” I promised firmly and this time he nodded his head before turning to me and thrusting out his hand to shake mine which I welcomed warmly.

“Thank you, Titus, my king, for everything you do for my daughter” He smiled proudly and I could only nod my head in response.

What exactly does he suspect and why?

I need to know the answer soon and maybe Melissa knows something


But seeing Gwen’s condition that seems to be getting weaker, I’m indeed slightly worried that the treatment conducted by this hospital is not as expected.

Hopefully it won’t make my mate worse, or I will destroy this hospital without exception, starting with that female doctor.

Click clack click clack… The sound of high heels approaching, seriously? In a place like this wearing high heels?!



“hello, there

Speaking of the female doctor, I thought when I see her go to where I sat alone in the bench after Alpha Blake has return back to Gwen’s room.

What does she want with me here?

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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

Character Name Generator

Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

Book About

Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
Where to read:

Read Free The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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