The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 11-20

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11
– Back to Gwen Point of View
“I want to take a look around” I said the next day, it was day 8 and I was confident that I was healed and healthy so I didn’t need to be treated like a big baby anymore.
Alexa and El, who were always in the room to take care of me 24 hours, looked surprised at my request and looked confused.
“We’ll ask the King if you can…”
“Come on…” I immediately interrupted the silent Alexa, sure that she was talking to their link at the moment.
I sighed in annoyance when I noticed King Alpha coming into the room.
D*mn that link!
“Are you sure you’re healthy?” I turned my head towards the voice that almost lulled me, almost!!!
I nodded “Bored” I said with a frown. I heard that mates don’t like it when their women are upset, sick or unhappy and I was trying to take advantage of this at the moment.
I continued to look at him boldly without turning my eyes away at all.
Badump Badump… I can hear my heart racing and I’m sure all the werewolves in this castle can hear it too.
But I refuse to lose…
“Fine.” I almost screamed in delight when I heard his reply “But..”
Sh*t! I knew there must be a but….
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
“I’ll drop you off”
What did he say!!!
“What?!” I squealed in shock.
He smiled and my heart almost stopped looking at him.
O my G*d…
Da*n it!
I lost…
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“Around the palace?!” I frown when I realize the destination.
I should have known better.
“Think of it as our first date while getting closer to each other,” he said casually while I gaped in shock.
Did I hear that right?!
“There’s nothing good about me, you’re going to lose your feelings even more when you find out the truth about me” I snapped and started walking ahead of him.
“That’s an impossible thing” He exclaimed confidently and it made me annoyed to hear it.
I stopped walking and turned around to look into his eyes.
He gave me a sharp look as he started walking closer and I had to take a step back when I felt his touch on my left cheek.
What happened to him now?!
Why did he suddenly need to touch me?!
“Let.. Let’s go then” I looked away and started walking, my face red from the feelings I shouldn’t feel for this man.
Angry, I should still be angry at him.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I shouldn’t forgive him so easily.
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She said nothing and I heard her footsteps following me. Cold, I hugged the thin cardigan I was wearing with my hospital nightgown, then was surprised to feel a warmth that made me turn my head to see him give me his blazer.
“I’ve got some clothes in your wardrobe for you to wear, but you can take Alexa and El shopping if it’s not to your taste” I raised an eyebrow at his words.
“I don’t want to wear that woman’s old clothes” I quickly pointed out, thinking that the clothes he gave me were from her ex.
It was his turn to raise his eyebrows and fold his hands as if offended by my words then I looked at him smiling slightly as he let out a long sigh.
“No” He replied as he shook his head “I had Alexa and El prepare clothes for you since I found you 5 years ago” He replied as he walked ahead of me.
What did he say? I was confused and rooted to my spot.
“Come on, you said you wanted to look around” I heard him call out and looked up to see him waiting for me.
Letting out a long breath because I didn’t know what exactly happened and what he was thinking that made his behavior change towards me, my steps began to advance one by one and we walked together.
Everyone we passed bowed their heads politely and greeted us respectfully.
I watch carefully to the place that looks more and more like a castle, not a house.
I should have known…
“This castle has 2 towers, right now we are in the south tower, it
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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is the 2nd tower which is smaller than the first tower because only us and the guards and ser**nts are here” I listened carefully because I had read about the king’s castle.
“I’ve read the first tower has 440 rooms for your people?” I asked and saw him nodded with adoration.
That looks again….
“I’m glad you have interest about our place” He states and I have taken aback with it.
‘our place?’
I have no response so I just try to keep walking.
Suddenly I feel him grab my left arm and pull me to the huge window beside us.
“That’s the first tower” He said and point to the castle beside us with huge building and there’s a small houses around us, like a small city “My father had this castle from the previous king, my grandfather, the castle was built from local granite and arranged into two parts with 80,000 hectares of gardens, I renovated it in 1852 and made it like this, not all people could live in the castle so I start making a small houses around, now it’s like this” He explain and I know he’s old but 1852?! wow he’s ancient.
I keep my eyes to the city below and around the place, being the king for the place surely has a huge responsibility.
No wonder he rejects me who has no wolf, I know now I can’t rule beside him.
“You have huge responsibility toward your people” I respond slowly and meet his gaze “I understand why you reject me now” I give him a small smile before turning around to walk again only to get stopped by his hand on my arm again.
“No…” He state firmly and look so serious “I know I said hurtful word toward you before but it’s not a real rejection words”
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
There’s a real rejection words?
What does he mean he said not a real rejection?!

Chapter 12
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A werewolf is believed to have just one true mate for a lifetime. Like how wolves in real life, they are even regarded as the most loyal animals to their mate, that a werewolf would never get another mate in his life even at the death of his werewolf mate.
Usually after the mate dies, not long after the partner will follow, but it will only happen if they do not have offspring because the sense of loss and emptiness is very making them have no desire to live, different if they have offspring, there will be a little desire to live so usually they will find a partner with fellow werewolves who have also lost their mate or with
Rejection of a mate is very rare, but usually it will happen if one of the partners has a flaw or a mistake that is so fatal that he/*he does the forbidden thing of rejecting their mate.
To make a rejection must be done correctly, because so that each wolf within themselves understands the meaning of the rejection or forever the wolf will remain waiting for the mate.
I, (Your name), reject you, (Your mate name), as my fated mate.
Correct pronunciation of words is mandatory or rejection will
not occur.
The wolves must understand the rejection or they will keep waiting.
Pain, agony and anger will occur within each werewolf after the rejection, because it is like doing soul-splitting.
Without soul-splitting, rejection fails to occur or is considered non-existent.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I had tears in my eyes after reading it.
Bullsh*t… this is bullsh*t!!!
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I looked up to stare at the man standing silently in front of me as I read this nonsense book in his office.
He looked miserable…
He knew this and kept playing with my heart by saying hurtful things to me.
He knows I don’t know the facts about how werewolves are rejected so I easily eat up his hurtful words.
Why? Why would he do that just to come back now?!
“Gwen… I…” I raised a finger to shush him.
“Please… don’t say anything” I said softly, sadness washing over me as I remembered what I had to go through after his hurtful words.
Every night I had to cry in the back of my room due to
heartache and confusion as to why I was rejected by the mate who was supposed to love me selflessly.
Blaming myself and feeling sorry for myself afterwards.
Only to find out that the rejection never existed.
I stood up quickly and refused to let him approach me, I slowly backed away from him.
“I… I need some time” I said then turned around and left him
alone in his office.
5 years…
I went through 5 sad and painful years to learn about this fact.
When I opened the door I was surprised by the presence of Alexa and El there, as if they had been waiting for me.
Of course… mind link.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“Let’s go, I need to go somewhere” I ordered without waiting for an answer and started walking away from here.
I needed to think, currently I’m too angry and sad to be in the same room with that man.
I decided to take a look around to divert the negative thoughts and disappointment I’m feeling right now.
If I had thought the castle was beautiful from outside, the inside was incomparable. This inexplicable strength in the castle, or withstanding age old beauty, a type of eternity seemed to be cemented into the very walls.
For a lone wolf who renovated the place, I thought it would be empty and dull but this was extraordinarily beautiful.
“The king made the palace for his mate” Alexa voice snapped me from my mind and I turned my head toward her direction with a raised eyebrow. She smiled and nodded her head “One day my father said that the king wants to have a place that is suitable for her mate, I have joined as the guards only for 10 years now” she explained and I turned my gaze away from her without say anything.
I know what she’s doing…
I know I will forgive him, but not now..
I need time…
I’m too confused and sad right now.
I’m already breathing heavily even though I’ve only been walking for a while, it seems that I’m not fully recovered.
“My Queen…” El called my name as a warning and I pointed my index finger to shush her.
“Let’s go back to my room” I said and walked quietly behind them.
They led me back to my room, I just realized that my room was beautiful and much too grand for me to live in alone. The
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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room was as large as one entire floor of an average sized house. The walls were painted a beautiful warm shade of mocha and contrasted softly with a very light cream coloured silk sheet on the bed.
I just realize there’s an open door, slowly I walk toward the door only to get shocked to know it led me to another room… His room?
O my G*d… His room is right next to mine?!
I watched both Alexa and El bow gently before walking out of my room.
I don’t want to be here, or I want to be here.. I don’t know how I feel right now, I’m so confuse…
I know my heart longing him, but my chest ached as I remember what he done to me.
Releasing a hard breath, I closed the connecting door and sat on one of the cream colored couches near the fireplace exhausted from today’s event. I bit my lip harsly refusing to let anyone hear me crying, but I know with their werewolf
hearing I won’t succed, I thought I was incapable of crying any longer, my chest ached with a hollow feeling, throat parched and without realizing I closed my eyes and let myself get lost into deep slumber.
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Chapter 13
“What? To the human world?!” A frown came into my father’s face when he heard my plan to leave his territory.
No one knows the true reason behind it, why I suddenly needed to go far away from here.
Not here, but from the werewolf world, I just want to be human for once, without this mate thing.
Waking up has always been a struggle for me because after that night, nightmare after nightmare makes me hate sleeping so usually I only sleep for only 2 or 3 hours. Reading and studying is my way to forget the ache in my heart.
I work two different part time jobs in the cafe and library to make myself tired, everything I do to forget him, and it works… for the whole time in the human world never I have time or energy to think about him or my heart break.
I study and work like a robot, I have friends but am afraid to get too close to them because they’re human.
Loneliness is my best friend at that time and I embrace it without complaining.
Knock.. Knock…
A knock on the door woke me up from my dream.
No, not a dream but a memory…
When I opened my eyes I noticed the connecting door was open, I just remembered I closed it yesterday.
Is it him?
Did he open it?
“Your stuff has arrived, my queen” Alexa query snapped me
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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from my mind and I turned my head to see her bring two large boxes in her hands like it’s light even though I know I must be heavy.
Slowly I get up from my bed and walk to where she put the boxes.
“What is it?” I asked.
She smiles and starts to open it at the same time El walks into my room with breakfast in her hands.
“Your father told us that you haven’t unpack your clothes, so he sent it all and I already put it in the dressing room” I raise an eyebrow when I hear her, dressing room?
“I have my own dressing room?”
She smile and nodded “On your left beside the bathroom”
Curiously I walked to the room only to be shocked. I remember he mentioned about preparing my clothes in my room but never thought about this… much?
3 large wardrobes up to the ceiling, 4 glass cabinets filled with shoes and luxury bags that I’m sure the price is not arbitrary, then I walked to the glass table in the middle which turned out to contain watches and a little jewelry inside.
What is this?
“The king wanted the best for you” Alexa informed with a smile as she saw my shocked expression “He has been
preparing this since 5 years ago, my queen” She added and made me even more shocked.
“Five years ago?!” I exclaimed in shock and the woman in front of me nodded in response.
Why did he reject me 5 years ago if he had prepared everything for me, why pretend to reject me but act differently?
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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‘I should have tightened my guard since announcing you as my mate’ I remember he said this…
‘And there was Alexa and El who were supposed to take care of you, but we all failed to protect you’
That’s what he said, so there must be a reason….
Does it involve his enemy?
I know a rumor said he has lived for 500 years, I need to know the truth, no one could live that long, right?
And without a mate?
There must be something, a secret….
500 years alone without someone? my 5 years of loneliness is nothing compared to him then…
I have to find out…
“Alexa” I called her, who looked up toward my direction “Does he have a library here?” Alexa looked confused for a moment and I quickly changed my question “Sorry.. I mean does the king have a library here?”
“Oh, yes, the best one beside his office” She answered.
D*mn!! Beside his office.
Can I read everything about him there secretly?! with the man himself in his office?
I have to try it if I want an answer, because nothing about werewolf history can be found on the internet. Afraid if humans could read it too so we choose to use the old way, reading books.
“Do I need permission to use the library?” I need to know whether I can use it anytime I like and I smile when I see Alexa shook her head
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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In between her chuckles “The kind already make sure you could do anything you like in his territory, no one could forbid unless himself” I blink several times when I hear it.
Okay then…
There must be something that makes him do the things he did to me 5 years ago because he does different things now. “Let’s see what my father brings before I use the library” I told her who nodding obediently and we walked together to the boxes in the room.
When Alexa informed me that the king’s schedule is tight for this week, I was surprised to see him in the library when I arrived.
“They said you have an important guest and meeting for the whole week” I said quickly but he just gave me a small smile while walking closer toward me.
“I’m glad you won’t hide in your room anymore” I just rolled my eyes when I heard his words and shockingly he chuckled which made me widened my eyes in surprise.
I notice how Alexa and El also look surprised before they try to hide it.
Okay, seems like he never laughs toward others, noted.
A touch on my cheek snapped me from my mind and I met his intense gaze toward me.
“I’ll make it quick so I can accompany you, we have to catch up our date” I don’t know how to respond so I just nod my head as an answer, I saw how hesitant he is before he turns and walks toward the next door.
“You said the guests arrived at 9AM?” I asked Alexa without
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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turning my gaze from the door.
“Yes, my queen, they have started the meeting since morning” Was her confirmation and I raised my hand to watch it’s 11 O’clock.
I was just starting to look around for the book I wanted when I glanced over and saw the waiter bringing in a trolley filled with food and drinks.
“From the king” I heard the waiter inform Alexa who
immediately tasted one by one the food and drinks provided, yes, since the incident of giving poison to me, Alexa and El took turns to taste the food and drinks given to me as a preventive effort so that the previous bad incident did not happen again.
I grabbed one of the older looking books in the corner hidden from the other, the title nothing like I’d ever seen or heard of before, ‘The Descent of the Lords’ grabbing it out of its place on the shelf I made my way carefully to the armchair along with 5 other huge books, El who notice me bringing the books, quickly walk toward me and grab the books from my hands.
“Thank you” I breathe with a smile and she nods her head in acknowledgement.
Settling down I place the last book on my lap but before I could open in, Alexa shove a cup of tea with a bread toward me “Eat before you lost into other world” I can’t help but chuckle in amusement, she speak like she know how I usually lost myself when I’m reading.
Wait a minute…
“Alexa, you said the king started preparing everything for me 5 years ago❞ I started and saw she raise an eyebrow “Did you.. Have you started becoming my guards since then?” I voiced my suspicions and was wide-eyed with shock when I saw her nodding.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“He has to make sure nothing happens to you while you’re in the human world” She stated and I found other things that surprised me about him.
I sigh heavily, having lost my focus and the book because finding another truth about the man who rejected me 5 years ago only to know he acts differently.
I have to find the truth…

Chapter 14
I hadn’t particularly enjoyed learning of werewolf history in the past, but perhaps now it would be different. I want to learn more about him, the king. There were no significant records of him in the most historical books but surely his library has something.
Rolf Titus Eberulf Osmund, known to all as the Alpha King, the most powerful king that ever have, his strength is more like a Lycan than like the average werewolf we knew.
I scan my eyes over the subtitles of chapters, flipping through it distractedly. Flipping another page my eyes narrow as I see the frayed remains of pages that have clearly been ripped from their rightful place.
Flattening my lap, I flatten the ripped fragments of paper left, blinking in confusion as I see fragments of what would seem like ‘Rolf’ names along with other words that I can’t describe.
Someone seems doesn’t want people to read what’s written here, I thought and placed a bookmark before grabbing another book.
Book after book I found nothing, then I grabbed the first book ‘The Descent of the Lords’ and re-read it again until the last page before it was ripped.
But I have found something more about werewolves, about their urge to comfort an upset mate even though it could be overwhelming and also overbearingly protective, but it’s part of a male werewolf’s primal instinct.
I regret that I never listened carefully to the lesson about werewolves because I didn’t think it was important.
Now I’m being fooled, I don’t even know how to pronounce rejection so I swallowed what he said 5 years ago, if I knew, I
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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would have immediately understood that there was something that made him say that not the real rejection words.
I decide to find another book and go to the back only to get shocked.
My eyes widened in awe at the countless shelves that lined the walls, holding thousands of books. There was also a ladder leaned against one of the furthest walls to allow access to even the highest shelves of the library.
The floors were cherry oak hardwood with a cra**ling
fireplace in it in a warm mocha colour and the lightning was a bit dim, the type of lightning you would expect from an assortment of candles and not electricity.
I also noticed in the far end of the library there was a large table with four big chairs all around it, looking excellent to do homework on.
A few armchairs pressed near the window and I have found my favorite one in front of the fireplace with a large pillow in it, can’t contain my grin, I walked further in and trailed my fingers along the spines of the books, making not of some titles as I made my way to a few shelves.
Overwhelmed by the amount of choices, I gave up on choosing a book and made my way to my new favorite armchair. The beige armchair was so soft and I completely sank into it like I had fallen to the world of feathers and can’t help but giggling to myself like a small child.
Oh my G*d, I was so in love with this library..
I broke out of my ignorant trance when I remembered where I
I looked up embarrassed by my behaviour and saw a pair of eyes staring at me with adoration clear in his eyes.
No one ever gave me that look before…
“I envy the library” He said and grabbed a random book from
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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the nearest shelves.
I raise an eyebrow in confusion when hearing his words.
“It seems that you like spending time with the library more than with me” His eyes still lock on mine the whole time he speaks and I can’t help but chuckle in amusement.
I’ve heard that ‘Man is a child in a bigger body’ and now understand the meaning.
I watch how his eyes widen when he sees me laugh like he just found something fascinating.
A moment of silence passes between us and my heart thrums loudly when we just stare at each other.
“How’s your guest?” I ask and break the trance.
He raised an eyebrow “Did you know it’s 8 O’clock now?”
I quickly raise my hand and see it is indeed 8 O’clock.
“Alexa and El are trying to interrupt you twice but you seem to be in another world because they can’t disturb you at all” He said softly while walking toward my way.
I bit my lips in nervousness, a bad habit that I always do and gasped when I felt his warm hands cup my face.
I feel his thumps on my lips and can’t take my eyes off him.
“Don’t..” He breathed and stroked my lips softly with his thumbs “You’ll hurt it when you do that” He leaned forward, having to crouch to reach my level and I noticed where his gaze landed now on my lips causing me to blush as he keeps his lips against mine, like he wait for my reaction before slowly starting to trail kisses on it and making me freeze completely as his warm tongue flicks out to lick it and eat it like it’s his favorite lollipop.
I tremble in his hold when he deepens his kisses before he
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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leans back and I could feel his warm heavy breath hit my skin. I opened my eyes and met his gaze like he was waiting for my reaction.
“Why.. Why did you kiss me?” I stutter awkwardly and a small smile stays on his face.
“For stays… I can’t help it but so happy you didn’t order anyone to take you away from here” He says softly and I never thought that he has a fear that this time he is the one who will be
abandoned or even rejected by me.
I’m glad he didn’t follow his instinct to just claim me without my concern, I know his wolf must be furious right now and push him to just claim me, but I’m glad that he used a different approach toward me.
I know in time I will forgive him, after all my heart wanting him so much, I just hope this time he won’t hurt me for the second time.
After all he is my only fated mate…

Chapter 15

– Third Party POV
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“Unreachable, the guard is very tight against that woman” reported a woman dressed as a ser**nt in the kingdom.
When I got the order to spy on the king’s mate, I never thought I would find my mate here.
As someone who had been expelled from the kingdom for killing someone out of jealousy that woman found her mate and left me, so I took her from his mate, but I didn’t expect that I also had my own mate and found her 4 years later in the
same area.
She’s a royal se**ant, having only worked for 6 months in the first castle which isn’t the king’s castle, but at least I’m happy that she’s been helping me since we met.
I told her how the king unfairly punished me with 50 lashes before banishing me from his territory, without mentioning the real reason of course. From then on, she became my most loyal ally, my mate.
I wrapped my arms around her waist. “Thank you baby, how about you, how are you, I miss you so much” I said, seducing my mate then started giving kisses from the neck to her lips.
Giggling with pleasure she sighed and opened her lips for me. to crush intimately “Oh, Evan” She sighed.
My job is to inform the Rogue leader about the schedule of the king and his mate, one thing he told me is that revenge requires patience, waiting for the right moment is the main key and right now I am noting the little things about the king and his woman, waiting for the right moment.
The perfect time to destroy the king and his mate. Just wait…
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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– Back to Gwen’s POV-

‘GWEN!!’ My ears were ringing as I answered the phone and Alice was screaming at the top of her lungs from the other end of the line.
Moving my phone to my right ear “Oh my gosh Alice, my ears. hurt hearing you scream” I grumbled which was greeted with her happy laughter.
‘How are you, my queen?’ She asked which ended with a teasing call and made me roll my eyes in annoyance.
“My queen, your a*s” My stalk made her laugh maniacally.
‘It’s good to hear you can still joke around’ she says and I know what she means.
“Hey… I’m still the same Gwen, despite being the king’s mate” I said firmly.
The one who used to contact me the most in the human world was also Alice, although we were always separated by distance, but she was always there wherever I was, her attention and jokes always accompanied me.
That’s why I’m so happy that she’s the mate of my annoying brother.
‘How is the king?’ She started and I had to groan loudly because I knew where she was going which made her laugh again. ‘hey..Why are you like that?! I’m just asking!!!” she adds in between her laugh.
“yeah.. yeah…” I replied and she just laughed and made me smile to hear it. Yes, her cheerfulness always managed to improve my mood and make me smile.
“How is the family there?” I ask nostalgically, only 2 days after I
got there I already had to be away from my family again, I
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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know they are reluctant to contact me because they feel reluctant to the king. You see, when the werewolf finds their mate, the mate is their family and their life now.
We had a very long talk about everything, I told her about the castle and Alice replied curious about the king’s castle because when she visited me she only reached the clinic but my father was invited to dinner at the king’s castle.
He also informed me that all of us there are healthy, my father and my mother are happy because I have someone very powerful and strong who can always protect you, but you have to be more careful because there are many enemies who want to destroy the king and I could be a target.
I wanted to ask her about the king and his enemies but decided against it, afraid of worrying her.
Promising to officially invite her to the castle, we ended our conversation, which turned out to be an hour long.
Wow, I didn’t realize I had such a long conversation with her, I exclaimed to myself.
I see the clock and groan in annoyance when I see it is only 6 AM.
My G*d, Alice!!!
I know she’s an early riser but this is too early!!!
Decided to get up since I awoke already, I sat up on the soft and comfy bed with a yawn. Slowly I walked toward the window and opened the curtains, I saw a reddish tinge starting to appear behind the fog and a few people doing their thing down there.
My room is on the third floor, the top floor, and only the two of us are here.
Yesterday I had a look at his study on the second floor and the library. Alexa told me that the royal guards’ rooms are also on the second floor and all the ser**nts have their own rooms
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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beside the kitchen but there are still those who take turns on guard so there will always be people around the castle.
Usually those who don’t have a mate will stay at the castle unless their family has a house so they will return to their family home until their work shift returns.
I also asked why call me queen instead of luna?
As we know, an Alpha’s mate is a luna and my mum is also called Luna by everyone, but why do I have to be a queen?
‘Because the king is not an ordinary alpha, and you as his mate are also not ordinary luna, you are the queen of the luna’ Alexa answered and I was speechless at her answer.
Shivering from the cold, I hugged myself in my thin nightgown and jumped in surprise when I saw someone putting a jacket around my shoulders.
“You awake?” I exclaimed in shock to see the King standing behind me.
“Your friend’s voice woke me up” He replied and I smiled guiltily then saw that, yet again, the connecting door to our room was open, so he with his sensitive werewolf hearing must have been like hearing someone shouting in his ear.
He just shrugged his shoulders then looked sharply at me before standing beside me and we stared out of the window.
“Is the connecting door always open?” I asked, starting the conversation.
Without looking at me he nodded “Just so I can hear how you are” He said and now it was my turn to nod as he turned his head to find my eyes “Do you mind?” He asked back.
I, who didn’t expect to be asked, was silent, did I mind? Yes, I was angry and disappointed, but on the other hand I was very happy to know that he was starting to notice me and give
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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me his full attention.
I slowly shook my head without meeting his eyes in embarrassment.
“You know…” I started because all this time just calling him ‘you, him and other third person designations “I was wondering if I could call you by just your name?” I looked over after saying and saw him raise one eyebrow with sparkling
“I notice how you never call me by my name” He gave me a small smile “But you know my name, right?” I rolled my eyes when I heard his st* pid question and heard him chuckling “You can call me whatever you like such as honey, baby, love..” My eyes w*****d in shock when I heard his suggestion which made him laugh out loud.
“Rolf… Titus..” I whispered and tried to say it which I found fascinating.
He raised an eyebrow again with a smile as if he was also happy that I called his name.
“I still like honey, baby or love, my love” He retorted playfully and I can’t help but chuckle with a shook head, am I the only one who is able to see this side of him?
Then realize…
“My love?”
He put his left hand on my cheek and smiled then I gasped loudly when I saw something behind him which made him turn his gaze toward where my eyes landed.
a shimmering form appears in front of us and Titus quickly stands in front of me with his arms protectively raised to hide me from it.
What is that?
A.. A ghost….?
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
It’s a woman…??
I gasped when I could hear it speak.
It calls his name….!!!!
‘He, who has no heart, does not deserve to have a mate… Once… We killed his mate and we can do it again….
Then it disappears.
What did it say?!
*****Chapter 16
It’s been 2 days since the incident.
Titus, with a flat and cold face, different from his previous expression, walked out of my room with a smile that I knew was very forced.
“Ghosts and their jokes” He exclaimed flatly before kissing my cheek “Get some rest” and leaving.
I wanted to ask, but I knew it wasn’t the right time.
‘He, who has no heart, does not deserve to have a mate… Once… We killed his mate and now we can do it again…. What happened?
He used to have a mate?!
I never heard the story that he had a mate.
A mate can only be had by a werewolf once, if it’s true that he had one, how come I’m now his mate?
Where did the previous mate go?
What is truly happening?
For the past 2 days I’ve been going through the library, trying to find anything written about it, but I couldn’t find anything.
I wanted to ask, but I knew that no one would answer me.
Ugh…. I’m confused!!!
Letting out a long sigh, I put the book on top of the pile of other books I had picked up and there was nothing there.
Staring outside I stood up and picked up the books before starting to return them to their original place so that no one would find out what I wanted to know from the books.
I think that’s enough for today, I thought and started walking out of the library.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Staring at the door on the side that was Titus’ study, I stopped to stare at it before turning around and thinking to look around the other rooms that I hadn’t explored yet.
I notice Alexa and El follow behind without saying anything, I truly want to ask them but I know better that they have no answer about it too.
I walked around the gorgeous castle in no hurry, looking at the watch to see it’s 5PM and I have time before dinner to see
After walking down a long narrow hallway I arrived in the staircase, my curious peak and started to ascend the staircase. I know Alexa or El will stop me if it’s forbidden but they didn’t say anything and just following means it’s okay for me to go further.
I reached the top and saw a long hallway with many doors and a beautiful antique chandelier. Something caught my eye to see a grand piano at the back of the room.
Being the only daughter in the family, my mother used to love to play and taught me how.
My feet took me closer and before I could think I sat on the bench to start touching it.
“Can you play it, my queen?” I heard Alexa ask and I answered her by triling softly over the key to play canon D, glad that my finger still remembered how to play the piano.
It was my mother’s favorite song and she always plays it first before other songs.
Can’t help but smile when I remembered everything I used to do with my mother before I changed.
Broken heart broke me, too afraid to hurt my mother too if I said anything, I never told anyone about the rejection and started to stay away from my family.
The sound of the door opening broke me out of my reverie
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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and my breath caught in my throat as I froze meeting a pair of eyes staring closely to my direction.
Slowly, Titus walked to where I sat and stopped in front me who quickly stood up from the seat.
Titus was staring at me like he just found me.
He’s staring at me with the looks that I never get before.
I felt my heart stop when I heard the words that I had been dreaming about all my life.
“Gwen… My mate… Mine!”
– Rolf Titus (The King) POV –
“You need to give her an explanation” My Beta, Drake, one of the few people who knew my dark past, made a suggestion since I told him about the incident two nights ago in Gwen’s room with Pearl’s apparition in front of us.
“I know” I breath
I’m a coward if it’s involving my mate.
I could kill bad guys and rip them apart in a blink of an eye but I don’t know what to do if it’s my mate.
D*mn it!!
“It’s been 5 years you follow her without her knowing after that night, I watch how you both hurting, my king, she’s smart, we’ll find a way” Drake continue, he knows he better to not knowing what to do if it’s for my mate, he hate how I st* pidity reject her in the first place even though he know the reason.
Drake’s fa**er was there 300 years ago when the gypsy killed my first mate because of jealousy.
He knows how I tried to kill myself in every war I l*d only to
12 511
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
be failed because I am immortal.
Yes, the curse that makes me unable to die.
+5 vouchers
The punishment they give to me so I could be miserable in my life watching people I love leaving me.
Finding Gwen is like a miracle..
Never in my mind the Moon Goddess will give me a second chance.
‘So, why do you keep hurting her?’ My wolf snapped in my mind and I released a hard breath.
“Wolf, still angry?” Drake states when he turns his gaze to me to see a hard expression on my face.
I rolled my eyes and heard him chuckle.
“You should listen to him for once”
I sighed “You know I also couldn’t hold anymore.. I…” I pause when I hear a sound of piano echoing from upstairs.
“Looks like the queen finding your mother’s piano” Drake commented before opening the door, he knows I will go toward her now.
Noone ever has the guts or ability to play my mother’s piano, even though I order the ser**nt to keep it clean but this is the first I could hear it again.
Wolf demands almost make me lose control and without knowing I run faster to where the sound comes from.
Alexa and El widened their eyes when I arrived before bowing in respect.
Quickly I open the door with the sound which makes me curse myself for not opening it slowly.
Gwen’s shocked expression met my eyes.
How come she’s more beautiful everytime I see her.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
‘MATE.. MATE!!!!’
This time I can’t hold it anymore.
Yes… You’re right Wolf, I whisper softly to my Wolf.
She is the one.
Mate… Our mate.
“Gwen.. My mate.. Mine”Chapter 17
“What’s the name of this song, mama?”
“Canon D” my mother replied as she smiled and stroked my head affectionately “one of mama’s favourite songs, they even played it at mama’s wedding to your father”
With sparkling eyes I was very happy to listen to the story of how my parents found their happiness “Teach me… teach me…!” I said happily and since the age of 5, I started following my mum to learn piano and Canon D became my favourite music too until now.
The sound of the door closing brought me back to this moment, staring at the pair of black eyes that were focused on me. I was surprised at the change in the gaze he gave me.
Yes, he said those words but I need to make it clear something…
“I’m yours now?” I stared at him closely.
A hand is rested upon my head, the fingers running through my locks as he does a tisking noise “Gwen, you know that your always mine, right?”
Can’t stop myself from rolling my eyes, I meet his eyes, something tells me he didn’t like how I reacted “What happened to the woman, Mellanie?”
“Didn’t I say sorry about what happened 5 years ago?!” He begins, taking hold of my arms as he pulls me closer to his body.
My fingers begin to shake as I see him clearly.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Rolf Titus is the most powerful king…..
+5 vouchers
He was known as the ruthless, powerful, and unforgiving wolf.
He conquered his enemies mercilessly, which is what made him strong until now.
“As to why you are here, Gwen, I’ve expressed my regret, twice, by now directly. So, tell me, what do you want from me?!”
That I could trust you!, I think to myself, but know better than to state it like that. If I say it like that, I know that’s what he wants, he wants me to say I am his. I need to trust him more before I fall into him fully. I’ve read and heard so much about him, how getting what he wants is no trouble, and getting who he wants is not hard either, so as to why he suddenly regrets rejecting me and worries about me still confuses me.
“You’ve told me that I am yours” I reply softly, watching, a hint of defeat pass through his eyes “But still have no explanation about what happened before”
As if those are the words to set him off, I’m shocked to the fullest and don’t know what to think or how to act as my head is pulled by my hair, my neck on full display as a pair of canines glaze over the skin.
His actions scare me to death, yet at the same time, a part of me is daring him to take the bite, to seal the mark. For a claim more powerful than everything to appear.
But suddenly he backs up, his face shadowed, those eyes glowing in the darkness as I wonder what had happened? Then he leaves, again…
This time he spared me no glance as I watched his back move with every step. How the muscles flex, making me feel per***ted for how I stare at him.
I sighed loudly and let myself drop down on the chair with a hand on my chest, trying to calm my pacing heartbeat.
“O G*d.” I whispered when I saw the true self of the Alpha
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
F*ck! I have to go!
I don’t know why I am here or why he suddenly accepts me.
I guess it’s not because he truly wants me.
Why am I st**id!
Fall for his fake action, believing that he’s truly sorry for what happened before.
I gasp when I open the door and see Alexa and El standing outside, forgetting they’re there.
Sh*t!! I need a plan if I want to leave from here.
I storm out of the room, trying to think of a way out of here. “My queen..” Ignoring two of my bodyguards, I choose the other way where I know is the way to go outside.
Almost running in the stair, I can hear their steps follow me behind and I can’t just shout to them and say leaving me alone, I fastened my pace and almost got into the door that I know is the main door.
Just as I passed the doorway into a long hall with windows looking out upon the lake, someone grabbed me from behind, pulled against a hard chest as my front was pushed against the glass of the window “Going somewhere, my love?” his voice growls in my ear, making me cower in fear. His embrace is tight, but not the loving tight but threatening “Don’t you dare leave me, Gwen. Do you understand?!”
O my G*d…
What is happening?!
This is his wolf.
“I won’t” I whisper as his finger wrap around my chin, causing my head to be pulled back, resting around his chest as I’m forced to look into his eyes “You’re leaving is not a good idea, Gwen, and if you ever try, I will not be the nice guy again”
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
What made his wolf act like this?
I don’t doubt it, I believe him fully because I’m scared of what he is capable of, he’s the Alpha King, and I believe his wolf is so powerful.
“Don’t leave..”
I nod, my chin burning as he grips it tightly. “I won’t” I
whisper, my voice barely even there as his hands loosen, falling to my waist as he shuts his eyes.
Then to my surprise he lowered his face and claimed my mouth roughly with deep kisses that I can’t run away from.
“Mine.. you’re mine!” He whispers in between kisses like he wants to claim me by his kisses.
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44Chapter 18
The breeze sends my hair flying all over my face, my hand reaching up to pull it back as I take the view before me. The colorful sky as the color range beautifully so could ever
imagine about the beautiful world without any bad things in the world happen.
If only it were true…
For nearly the whole night I didn’t take any sleep, thinking about what happened.
I remember how the wolf often gets too possessive even in the way no one could imagine when you do something that makes it act like that, is it what happens with the King’s wolf?
Does he act like that because of fear?
This morning when I mentioned that I wanted to go to the hospital, I was surprised that I got permission easily. Like always making myself busy is what I always do as the way to make me get better..
Alexa and El explain about not having any woman doctor in here too and I am the first they ever know and I just nod my head acknowledging them.
The head doctor was there after I helped the third woman with their hard labor which calmed their mate when they knew I was the one who would help their mate give birth, a woman.
I just take a step outside from the operation room when I see him waiting for me with the head doctor beside him, under the doorway of the balcony lobby.
Seems like I can’t get out of him.
Why can’t he let me think even for a day?!
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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I was surprised when he gave me a peck on my lips when I arrived in front of him “My king” I greeted him who raised an eyebrow.
“Just as I informed the king, we are very grateful that you’re coming to help, my queen” The head doctor speaks while I’m aware the pair of eyes lock on me the whole time.
Sh*t, what now?
I nod and give him a small smile “Glad I could help”
“What have I told you about what to call me?”
Taken aback, the head doctor looked scared the moment the king opened his mouth.
I give him a small smile before taking Titus’ right hand, trying to show that it’s me that the king’s angry toward too.
“I’ve told you the name to call me, so why have you always disobeyed me, your mate and your king?!” He began, taking hold of my hand.
Yes, I saw fear in him even though he acted ruthless like this.
His wolf taking over his heart..
My finger starts playing with his as he watches me, awaiting my reply as he brings himself to take a step closer “It just seems inappropriate for me to just call you by your name, my king, in public” He nods, one hand moving as it cups my cheek, brushing my skin.
Clearing his throat “You can go, my queen. Our team could handle the rest and come as you like to help here, we will surely accept you” I turn my head and give him a nod with a small smile.
“Thank you, Rupert and you shall go❞ Titus speaks with his eyes still locked on me.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
45 vouchers
He quickly gives us a low bow before turn to leave as fast as he
I could laugh at him if the situation for me isn’t like this.
As we stood there, our eyes didn’t take any break and we kept staring at each other.
I sighed, I have to be the one who breaks this ice situation.
“Thank you for coming and pick me here” I start and watch him raise an eyebrow, know what I do to break the ice breaking silent situation
“Again… What have I told you about what to call me?”
O G*d… Still about this?!
“I don’t know you have this attitude” I respond with a scoff.
He looks taken aback, his eyes turning a bit hard as I realize that I was rude to the king in public, the things that could have me hanged before the sun disappears.
“I’m sorry, I.. I…” I try to speak but pause when a hand rests upon my head, the fingers running through my lock as he makes a tisking noise. His fingers move from my hair to my jaw, tracing the bone as my head is raised “Do you want to give the public a show?”
“I could kiss you senseless that make you couldn’t think right now, you know”
O my G*d…
“I ask again, my love… What have I told you about what to call me?” I shivered when I could feel his breath on my ear and he started to nibble one of the ears before moving to the neck.
Why is he doing this?
“Titus…..” I moan when he starts kissing my neck deeply that I know will leave a mark there.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
He stopped and met my gaze before I gasped when he carried me bridal style and walked to the awaiting cars.
Now to not question his action, I try to hide my face in front of everyone which I know is watching us the whole time.
He put me into the passenger seat on the front and walked to the driver seat beside me.
The moment the door closed, my arms were pulled and he started displaying possession toward me. I feel his hand on my waist and gasp loudly when he puts me on his lap before lavishly my mouth like a hungry man.
“You don’t know what you do to me, Gwen” He whispered, stopping with the brush in my hair and cupping my face.
Feeling the other him down there waking up, I have a small idea about it.
Can’t help but blush hard, I’m just trying to get my breath back and just put my face on his chest.
“You confuse me” I mumble and I know he could hear it.
He sigh “This is what happen when me and my wolf have one voice about you”
Lean back to meet his eyes, I look up to see him clearly.
One voice about me?

Chapter 19
“DISMISSED” I watch him roar out in frustration at the
teenage wolves who scurry away quickly “TOMORROW YOU ALL WILL HAVE THE REGIME I PLANNED FOR YOU LAZY
I heard loudly groan from the teenage which I know he could hear it too.
Alexa and El shook their heads in disagreement for how they acted.
“Since he meets you, the king has no time to train them, it makes them lazy” Alexa commented.
“Do you all have this kind of training?” I ask them who nods.
“It’s what makes us stronger.” El answered firmly and I just gave her a small smile until a man walked to where I stood behind
the wall.
“Beta” Alexa and El greeting answer the question in my head and I just nod my head a little to acknowledge him.
“The famous queen” He grin and he give his hand for me to shake “Pleasure to finally meet you, my queen” I was surprised to see him have a different character from Titus “I’m Drake”
I smiled “Nice to meet you and surprise to know you have humour”
I look up to watch the scene again where Titus looks furious toward the young werewolves.
“Ah yes..” He noticed my gaze and shocked me when he grabbed my hand before blowing on my hand.
“Wha,,,” Before I could ask what he was doing, I noticed a pair of eyes turn their gaze toward me.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
“We could do some break” Drake grinned with a naughty smile at the same time the angry King walked to where I stand with a small smile on his face “D*mn, he smiled?!” I look up to Drake in a questioning gaze.
Why do they look surprised to see him smile?
“He never smiles” He stated like he knew my question without saying it.
I don’t have time to reach as he leans in and captures my lips with his.
My eyes wide open when he’s holding my lips in prisoner deep kisses in front of people.
Whistles were heard from his Beta and he grinned when Titus turned his head and finally let me go but still with his arms on my waist like he wanted to make sure I am here.
“Should we take a break? So you could take a little ‘chat’ with your lover, my king?” He asked with a big grin plastered on him.
But before he could speak anything, I noticed their shocked expression and looked up to the sky like something happened.
Mind link? I wonder and when Alexa and El grab me, I know I am right.
“Hide with them” He orders quickly before running and shifts into a huge black wolf along with Drake and other warriors around us.
This is the first I saw him in his wolf form.
Like he knows I am watching, he turns his wolf head and we lock our gaze for a moment before I was pushed back by both of my bodyguards.
“What happened, Alexa?” I quickly asked when I’m running with them. I knew I was slow and they followed my slow pace.
“Rogue” Was her only response before I was lifted by El like
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I’m weightless who made a faster run to the back room.
Dead end…
+5 vouchers
My eyes widened when Alexa pushed something that made the wall open like a door.
Secret room, I thought and just when I took a step closer…
Surprised, I and my two loyal bodyguards were thrown away from the secret door that had been automatically closed.
What the hell is going on?
An explosion?
“My… my queen…” I heard Alexa whisper and tried to open my eyes, my body hurt all over.
D*mn, I think I broke my right arm, I exclaimed to myself.
It was dark… I couldn’t open my eyes because they were covered in blood.
Whose blood? Is it mine?
“PROTECT THE QUEEN!!!” I heard them shouting and someone picked me up.
Ugh… it hurts!
The plaintive howl of a wolf tearing at my heart, Titus?
He knows I am in danger…
“She’s still conscious!” Someone spoke and I knew that whoever was lifting my body was not a friend.
Too weak and sick to fight back, I only shed tears knowing that whoever dared to challenge the king and kidnap me from his palace was not a random person, he must have very bad
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
intentions towards me.
G*d, help me!
+5 vouchers
If I had a wolf, I would have been able to defend myself and not be this weak.
I hate those words…
I realise people always think of me as weak because I don’t have a wolf and there are things I can’t do like a normal she wolf, thinking I can cover it up with education, but I know that I am weak.
Da*n it!
No… I have to calm down, there’s no point in thinking negatively right now.
Thinking, finding the right gap and time to escape.
“You confuse me” I remember to said it to him only to get surprise for his answer
“This is what happen when me and my wolf have one voice about you”
He means he and his wolf now want me, even though I am still confused why they rejected me before but I know he won’t let anything bad happen to me.
The wolf’s roar this time was not like before.
It sounded angry…
Yes, I’m sure it’s Titus who will come to me.
And I’m sure with the amount of blood that flows from me, it will be easy for him to smell my scent.
Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
Hurry up Titus, I know it won’t be long before I lose consciousness due to a lot of blood loss, I thought weakly on my mind calling for my fated mate.
I know I thought about walking away from that guy before, but when someone takes me away now, why does my heart ache
and wish he would come take me back?

Chapter 20
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I don’t know how long until I’ve finally lost consciousness.
I could only vaguely hear the angry roars of beasts and screams but I couldn’t deduce anything.
Who’s shouting?
“No.. please.. AARRKK..!”
“Please.. Don’t kill my mate.. AAARRRKKKK..!!!”
The first thing I felt was pain.
Not just my head or hands but my whole body was like being hit by a truck, it hurt all over.
I slowly opened my eyes and looked around to realise that I didn’t recognise the room I was sleeping in.
Where am I?
Then I remembered… That explosion… I was blown away along with Alexa and El…
Blood covered my eyes…
The screams of the warriors in the palace…
And then…
That cry of pain…
What’s going on?
“Ugh..” I try to move only to get hurt because it’s painful
Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
A heavy step was hear and one second later I watch a familiar face walk into my room with a worry expression
“My Queen” She breathed a relieved expression when she saw
I smile “I’m glad you’re okay Alexa” Ugh, my throat hurt too.
As if she saw my pain, Alexa quickly gave me a glass of water.
I clear my throat “Wha.. What happened? Where’s EL?” I ask and take a look around, missing someone who is always with me beside Alexa.
My eyebrow was raise when she look ashamed and look down “We failed to protect you, I am failed, forgive me, my queen”
I quickly shook my head “No.. no one failed anything, I’m glad you’re okay” I said and looking at her only with bruises, I know it must be more than that but with werewolf health she would have healed faster than me.
I jumped a little in surprise “What is that?”
My body screamed in pain as I tried to get out of bed.
Alexa looked confused and tried to hold me up, afraid that I would hurt myself again.
But there were too many screams that I heard while I was unconscious, who and what was it?
I need to know…
With Alexa’s help I made my way to the window and the sight I saw surprised me.
My eyes widened in shock at the sight of 10 people, if not more, hanging at the edge of a nearby forest.
Some were already motionless, others were still trying to untie
12:32 C
Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
the rope around their necks.
Oh my G*d, what is this?!
“Rogue and their punishment” I looked over to hear Alexa speaking to inform me.
“Punishment? Rogue?” I asked quickly
She nodded “Many of our people died and they even dared to hurt you, my queen… even El” She paused and took a deep breath to calm herself “El was killed while trying to protect you… The king was furious and hunted down all those who dared to challenge him, 30 minutes was all he needed to find you and it also almost cost us all your lives”
30 minutes was all he needed…
“The king is on rampage’ I remember reading about it in one of the books, I have to start to read again.
“A woman?” I gasped when I noticed she’s in the center of hanging people, only she’s not in the air but tied with a rope on the ground with wounds all over her body and I notice her clothes.
“The traitor” Alexa states with hatred
“A maid?” I gasped and watched her nod for confirmation. Then I notice a man standing there, my mate.
“Titus..” I whispered and like he could hear me, slowly he turned his head and met my gaze.
Quickly I watch him running faster toward where I am right now with his eyes locked on me the whole time.
People notice me standing and start bowing their head in respect while watching their king run to his mate.
I know treachery is not forgivable for our world, especially when you’re trying to hurt the king, it’s a dead sentence, but I never saw this with my own eyes and never knew that it would be like this.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
I thought Titus was going to enter my room through the door but I was surprised to see him jump onto the balcony of this second floor room and enter through the door from the balcony.
“Gwen.. You awake” He looked very happy to see me and my heart was touched by his gaze.
A gaze full of longing that he always gave me.
D**n, I can’t get away from him.
E**n though he’s rude and sometimes annoying, my heart always hopes for his love.
With the speed of a wolf, he approached me and hugged me tightly while kissing the scent of my neck deeply as if not wanting to let me go.
“You’re finally awake” He whispered fondly and tightened his embrace.
Alexa leaves the room slowly and lets us have this moment.
My weak legs barely held me up and Titus swiftly lifted me up and carried me back to the bed.
“Why get up if you’re still limp?” he grumbled and for some reason I found his attitude cute.
Instead of letting me sleep, he straddled me and hugged me from behind before putting his head back on my neck and kissing me as if to confirm that it was really me.
“How did you find me?” I started the conversation and asked him, I guess when someone takes me, it takes longer for me to be found or rescued by him but I was wrong.
“With so much blood coming out of you, it was easy for Wolf to find you” He replied briefly without lifting his head from the nape of my neck.
I nodded, because my prediction that with blood coming out it
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
I thought Titus was going to enter my room through the door but I was surprised to see him jump onto the balcony of this second floor room and enter through the door from the balcony.
“Gwen.. You awake” He looked very happy to see me and my heart was touched by his gaze.
A gaze full of longing that he always gave me.
D**n, I can’t get away from him.
E***n though he’s rude and sometimes annoying, my heart always hopes for his love.
With the speed of a wolf, he approached me and hugged me tightly while kissing the scent of my neck deeply as if not wanting to let me go.
“You’re finally awake” He whispered fondly and tightened his embrace.
Alexa leaves the room slowly and lets us have this moment.
My weak legs barely held me up and Titus swiftly lifted me up and carried me back to the bed.
“Why get up if you’re still limp?” he grumbled and for some reason I found his attitude cute.
Instead of letting me sleep, he straddled me and hugged me from behind before putting his head back on my neck and kissing me as if to confirm that it was really me.
“How did you find me?” I started the conversation and asked him, I guess when someone takes me, it takes longer for me to be found or rescued by him but I was wrong.
“With so much blood coming out of you, it was easy for Wolf to find you” He replied briefly without lifting his head from the nape of my neck.
I nodded, because my prediction that with blood coming out it
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
would be easy for him to smell my scent was right, just didn’t expect it to be that fast.
“The scene outside…” I began timidly, searching for the right words so as not to anger him.
“So that everyone knows the consequences of messing with me or trying to hurt you” He said firmly and I knew that it wasn’t a negotiation and he wouldn’t use anything else.
Even my father was once angry over a trivial matter when my mother was hurt by it, so it is nothing new when an Alpha, and here is the king of Alphas reacts like that.
“I almost lost you, Gwen” He whispered and there was a bitterness in his voice that showed that he was really afraid of losing me “I can’t lose you again, I can’t!” He continued and it was like he was saying it to himself.
I tightened my embrace and kissed his hair as he slowly raised his head and our eyes met.
Slowly we drew closer to each other and brought our lips together.

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

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Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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