The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 135

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 135

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate 

Chapter 135 

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Have you ever done it all for someone who you know would do the same for you? Yes, that’s what I’m currently doing for Titus, my fated mate

Not just because he is my mate, not because I love him, but more because I believe he would also do the same if he were in my position, he would definitely sacrifice himself immediately to save me, without exception

Our experience has taught me that he cares more about me than himself, that’s why I’m doing this for him, because he is the most important thing to me, not only is he my love and itself, without him I would not be 

mate but he is life able to live, without him there would be no me in the world

I know he would be angry if he knew I was putting myself in danger to save him, but he’s not the only one who loves me, I love him more than I love myself


Call me stupid for this excessive love, but I am proud to be able to give my heart to him, I am proud to say that I am his mate who loves him very much. As I jumped to head towards my mate while the female doctor was arguing w the ghost who used to be her mate, I didn’t expect that she had set up a trap. BANG!!! 

A bullet that I knew must have contained poison was fired and I was in no position to dodge it, but my eyes widened to see a figure blocking the direction of the shot so I managed to grab my mate’s bound and unconscious body

I quickly pulled Titusunconscious body away from the threat of the crazy woman who wanted him before gasping and looking at the werewolf who took the poisonfilled shot that was supposed to be aimed at me


Melissa quickly pulled Titusbody along with his mate, Alpha Drake to check on my mate’s condition

I quickly ran towards the wolf that was injured from protecting me

Oh no… 

KurtKurtI called out and pulled his body away from the crazy woman who was still staring at the living me with extreme hatred

Staring at Abel who was immediately beside me who was checking the condition of my loyal bodyguard, I also turned towards him to ask the ghostly man for help AbelPleaseI begged but I couldn’t hold back my sobbing tears when I saw him shaking his head

Kurt is a man who feels guilty for what happened to me and blames himself for it. Kurt who since then is like my shadow, he is always there wherever I go

Kurt, who always protects me from anything


The Alpha King’s Fated Mate 

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The wolfsbane poison was smelled from the gunpowder that was fired and there was no way he could have survived it

[Kurt] NoKurt…. 

Kurt’s wolfish figure turned human in a moment and I placed his head on my lap QueenI’m glad I was able to help youKeeplivingandhealthy….Those were the last words he uttered before he closed his eyes



First he hurts TitusNow he kills Kurt!!! 

Emotion and anger gnawed at me… 

Putting aside Kurt’s lifeless body, I got up with an angry gaze directed at the crazy woman who lost her way Abel I’m sorryAbel looked back at me as I spoke, but I had no desire to look him in the eye, because right now the direction I was heading was to kill that crazy woman I have to kill herwere the words I said before running towards his mate who was wideeyed in shock at the speed of movement to attack her

In 1 second my human figure turned into a raging, bloodthirsty whitewolf


A whitewolf figure that wanted the death of one personThe person who caused all of this to happen


Die, you wicked witch!!!I screamed in my whitewolf head at the same time Wendy turned into her wolf, but due to my rage and uncontrollable strength, with a single shred I pierced her wolf body and without mercy or waiting anymore, I tore her head from her body until it was separated

Only a loud scream remained in this secret room and everyone seemed to be shocked by the rage that I had shown for the first time


ا الله 

No one spoke as I bit off the head of the person who had caused all this and the dislodged head rolling on the ground


Yes, that was the end of the fake female doctor who was supposed to be a real doctor and treat the impossible with her knowledge

However, dark magic ate away at her soul so she lost her sanity and I was happy to be able to end that person’s life with my own hands

Turning towards Abel who was staring at the wolf head of his exmate, he looked up to meet my gaze

He knew what his mate had done was outrageous and I had to act quickly before there were any more victims

And when he nodded his head, I knew that he couldn’t be angry or understand what I had done to the woman he used to love



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Thank you, my queenwere the words she uttered before she closed her eyes and disappeared from our presence as if her duties in this world were over

But what about the potions in this room

Melissa, who had been checking on my mate’s condition walked over to me Titus is fine, he was given silver and a little wolfsbane but not in dangerous doses. So it night take 2-3 days for him to wake up and recoverShe said to me and I nodded my head in response

Melissa, the only white witch who remains with her kindness and is not interested in the greatness that black magic has to offer

I can’t help but be grateful to have her and understand why Titus used to believe in her too

She sighed as she looked around the room Wowa lot of potions and I need to learn them soon if I want to treat all the patients in that hospitalshe said while giving me a smile

Yes, if there is only one person who can learn these things, it is her, but I have to make sure that there is no dark magic at the moment and believe that Melissa is the one who can do it and remove the darkness from these potions


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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

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Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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