The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 140

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 140

Chapter 140 

The time for us to return to the palace had come, all our luggage had been stored in the car that would take us to the private plane that would be used by us to take us back to the palace

Yes, everyone was getting ready to return to the palace except for the exAlpha couple and their mate, Drake and Melissa who were waiting for us in the front lobby with smiles plastered on their faces

A few other colleagues who were loyal to Drake and who also felt a debt of life to the white witch chose to stay in this hospital area and were willing to help them manage this hospital and become nurses and someone who could help here. Apparently, many werewolves felt that staying here and helping Melissa was the answer so it was no surprise to learn that around 30 werewolves had chosen to stay with Drake and Melissa, and would continue to help them here

Looking at the results achieved by my best friend who was once shunned by some werewolves because of her sorcerous blood, I understood why she chose to stay. For the first time many people are looking at her with admiration and without fear, which is probably why Melissa said that her place is here

Opening my arms wide as we walked towards her, Melissa giggled before we gave each other a farewell hug

Be healthy, let me know if it’s time to give birth and I’ll be here soonI whispered which was answered with a nod and made me kiss her cheek before waving goodbye to her and walking into the car

Titus just patted the shoulder of his best friend and exBeta before he followed me into the car that would take us to the airport

Staring at the white and cold figure of the snow in Switzerland, I let out a sigh of relief that all this ended well

The touch of my hand made me look at the man sitting beside me who was looking at me attentively

Titus pulls my body until I’m on his lap and without any embarrassment I lean my body fully into his warm embrace

And that’s what we did throughout our trip, shamelessly ingratiating ourselves to each other’s arms

I hope this happiness will last forever

Everyone turned towards us and looked curiously at the number of people waiting for us

Yes, I was wideeyed to find so many people, Alphas and alliances waiting for us at the airport


Oh my God, could this be what I think it is? I said to myself and gasped as Titus took my left arm and held me as we walked towards all those who were waiting 

for us

Everyone bowed their heads in unison as a sign of respect as we walked closer and closer towards them

We were like the leaders of a cult or mafia, weren’t we? I thought with amusement as I saw the frightened looks that the humans showed when they saw us

Glad to see you both landed safelyWelcome back, king and queen.Greeted Harry, who was currently a Beta since Drake chose to be with his mate and stay in Switzerland to manage the specialist werewolf hospital there

King and queen, I thought and understood all this


My health is back, my wolfwhite and my powers are back

Was that a sign that Titus would reclaim his throne as king of the Alphas

Especially in the absence of Alpha Drake, the palace could not be empty and led only by the Beta

Wowback to being queen Luna? I thought and remembered how everyone treated me when I was queen back then

Oh wellwhatever it is important that I am beside my fated mate, it doesn’t matter if it’s being queen even if it’s as long as he is beside me and loves me wholeheartedly, it’s enough for me and willing to be whatever he wants

8 cars were waiting for us and Titus and I got into the car in the middle before we walked to the main road

I remember we were once attacked while traveling like this, but looking around there didn’t seem to be any rogues so there would be no danger to us, I thought and let out a long sigh before resting my head on my mate’s shoulder who immediately kissed my forehead as he began to stroke my hair fondly

As the car pulled into the lobby of the palace and the doors were opened, I understood that we were being given special treatment again, as if we had returned from a long vacation and never relinquished our title as king and queen of the werewolves

Titus didn’t say anything and just stayed silent while occasionally glancing at me

Maybe he’s afraid you won’t accompany him and don’t want to be the queen?Destine guessed and I remained silent

Could that be what my mate was thinking? That he was afraid I wouldn’t like being queen and accompanying him as Alpha king

Doesn’t she remember that I would do anything for her? How could she have such stupid thoughts

Our mate loves us so much that she doesn’t want us to experience any discomfort 

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate 

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Destine said and made me let out a long breath because the words she said to me made so much sense

Sh*tI can’t get angry at this, I thought irritably and walked inside accompanied by Alexa and a few other female guards who started following me wherever


Just when I thought I was coming back here blissfully, this happened

Sigh.. indeed life is unpredictable, I thought and gasped in shock as someone pulled my hand and made me stop walking then saw the figure of my mate, it was Titus who pulled my hand before he carried me bridal style and ran upstairs, to the old room that we both used to use


Titus closed the door behind us and dropped me off in the room

Giving a small smile, I looked around my old room

Wowhow long have I not been here, I thought and opened the balcony door to stand there staring at the horizon

It wasn’t long before I felt a hug around my body from behind before Titus placed his chin on my head

What are you thinking abouthe whispered softly

I smiled without even looking into his eyes, it seemed Destine was right, he was worried that I didn’t want him to be the Alpha king that made me his queen. This guy, I thought angrily but I couldn’t deny that everything he did made me want to hug him and kiss him because I knew he did it because of his love for me. So, I turned my body to place my hand on her nape. It’s good to be back hereI said softly and made her blink in surprise as I kissed her lips passionately. Yeah?He asked while raising an eyebrow at the same time his arms embraced my body to make it even more attached to his body

I nodded my head while playing with her hair Are we queen and king again?I asked bluntly

Titus looked surprised once again and just stayed silent while looking at me tightly, as if he wanted to see my reaction Do you mind?He asked softly

I planted my foot to nibble on his sharp nose which made him widen his eyes making me laugh

He looked nervous so he didn’t laugh which made me sigh before giving him at hug How could I not be happyAs long as I’m with you, I’ll do anythingI said as I hugged him before slowly raising my head to see him smiling widely

Yes, that seems to be what he was waiting for

Confirmation from me… 

D*mn, he may be a scary Alpha king in everyone’s eyes, but he’s actually a fragile 

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

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Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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