The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 21-30

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 21-30

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Chapter 21
Third Party POV
Rogue Leader is furious when he hears what his spies are doing in the palace
“Whose idea was it?! I told you, monitor from afar, study everything without being smelled at all, we’ve been doing this for a long time and your stubbornness makes our long plan FAIL?!” He continued to shout angrily at his men who came to inform him about the incident that one of his men had committed in the palace.
“Forgive us, your majesty, my king, my good leader,” The man, who is the lead of the spies said sycophantically so that his and his team’s failure would be forgiven.
When he found his mate who works at the palace, he knew that he could do something, but he didn’t expect the king’s reaction to be so quick before he had even touched or even tried to scare the king because her king’s mate was with him, the king had already managed to take her back and kill almost all the spies he had put in the palace, including the woman who was his mate who was an important part for him to be able to spy up close.
He gasped as the leader looked back at him and hoped he would forgive his failure.
“I hate dissidents” He was surprised to hear the rogue leader’s reply “Kill him, make sure none of his team survives”
He knew that the rogue leader hated failure, but he had been with him all this time, why wouldn’t he give me a chance?!
“NO!!!!” He rebelled and refused to be forcibly pulled out of his room. The other members just gulped nervously at what had happened due to the failure and stu***dity of one of their team.
When the rogue leader looked in their direct**n, he immediately straightened his body as a sign of alertness and readiness for whatever he ordered.
All those who follow the rogue leader know the brutality and mercilessness of the leader, but know that if they refuse to follow him, they will die on the spot.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
No one dared to speak up as the leader began to walk around staring at each of the members in the meeting room as if he was trying to
remember their faces.
“Back off…” He said quietly with an annoyed tone “Right now retreating is the right thing we will do before starting the next plan” He ordered then left the meeting room to go to his room where he knew his mate who was a witch was doing another rite.
He opened the door of his room to see his mate.
“Your members are all fools” Greeted the witch who was his mate. “Watch it, Morena…” I’m annoyed because she’s right, she’s always right and I hate it “What about our second plan?” I asked quickly, wanting to change the subject.
She raised her eyebrows and smiled, knowing that this was my way of changing the subject “I pretended to be the old ghost of the king’s enemy when I met the two of them, even that was difficult, because he had a new protection, not strong, but troublesome”
He has protection?!
“There’s a witch protecting them?” I was surprised after hearing her explanation.
She nodded “It seems so”
Hitting the table so hard that it split in two in annoyance, I grunted at the thought of all the things I had planned not going smoothly, why?!
“Why are you upset?” Morena, who is my mate, hugged me from behind intimately “I didn’t say I couldn’t, did I?”
Her words made me smile and I turned around to hug her.
That’s right… This woman would give anything for me, even if she has crossed the forbidden and become a dark witch for me.
Just wait, Rolf Titus…
Back to Gwen’s POV
“I’m sorry, but my answer is no” Titus’ firm answer to my parents who contacted me via video call, when they heard what happened in the palace and how I was almost kidnapped, and then the current number of hangings given around the king’s territory, they thought that taking me
The Alpha King’s fated Mate
away from here to my father’s territory was something the king should think about for my sake, but as you heard, Titus firmly rejected my parents’ offer.
Titus’ firm answer made me happy, because honestly even though the situation here is still tense, but parting with him?
Somehow I don’t want to get away from him…
Staring at my hand that was tightly grasped by him, I was sure that he had the same feeling.
Although the explanation about the rejection 5 years ago has not been shared, from his gestures I can feel that he needs me and I hope that he even loves me.
“I know it’s in her best interest and I thank you, but…” He paused and I saw him swallow nervously.
Huh? Why is he hesitating?
Then I raised an eyebrow as he looked in my direction as he spoke “I’m sorry Alpha Blake, but I can’t let her go… I need her by my side”
Surprised, my mouth dropped open from the shock I felt.
He needs me….
Never in my life would I hear someone say that, that he needs me. Especially when those words came out of his mouth.
I didn’t realize tears were falling and hurriedly looked away so she wouldn’t notice.
His hand touched my cheek and made me look back at him, he wiped my tears with his thumb.
I don’t know when the relationship between him and I changed for the better.
I, who began to accept that he did make mistakes in the past, slowly opened my heart again by accepting him.
Then our closeness at this time is like a real couple.
Even though he hasn’t claimed me yet, I’m happy to see where our relationship is heading.
Next week is the full moon and I’m sure the wolf who has more power on
The Alpha Kings Fard Mar
the full moon will do something to me following his instincts.
I’ve seen it, the wolf…
He was the one who was always rude, rash and acted on instinct, unlike Titus who was good at keeping secrets and even his emotions.
Although I would like to thank the wolf because he was the one who kept forcing Titus to accept me and he was the one who knew Titus’ true heart towards me.
“I didn’t know I was needed by a king,” I said as I watched him put my cell phone back on the bedside table.
He raised an eyebrow “You don’t like it?” He challenged irritably
I shrugged my shoulders trying to look ignorant, which I knew was something that annoyed him.
I gasped as he quickly but not completely crushed me with his weight. Like a real wolf he inhaled me at the nape of my neck.
“I could just bite you and claim you right now, you know?” He growled at my neck and I gasped as he kissed the spot very hard as if to prove his point.
Not long after he broke the kiss and grinned with satisfaction “However, your condition does not allow us to do the next thing after the claim” My face turned red knowing where he was going with this, S**, yes, after the claim it is normal to move on to S** because it is natural for mates to do. “You must realize that next week is full moon” He looked into my eyes sharply as he spoke “No more worries or uncertainties, I want you to be sure when we proceed to that stage, because there is no turning back once I fully claim you”
He knows about my uncertainties….
“Be prepared and I hope you’ll be in good health by then” he smirked mischievously and my heart momentarily stopped beating at his words. G*d. I don’t know if I should be scared or happy.

Chapter 22
“I don’t know how he could hold his ‘animal instinct’ this long” I could hear Alice giggling in amusement after she said it from the other line.
I snorted un-lady like “You know he could hear our conversation, right?”
“You kidding!” She gasped and I almost couldn’t hold my laugh when hear the fear coming from her “D*mn, you scare me” She added when hear me laughing hard.
“He’s not around now, I guess, you’re safe” I said while standing in front of the window and watching the scene from it, they collected the hanging body and burned it in one place, it only leaves one person in the center, the traison maid.
I don’t know what will happen to that woman.
Being tortured to the point of dying then left to recover on her own and being tortured again over and over again, I dare not think how horrible and painful that would be.
“Then, what about you? Are you okay?” Her tone changed and I could tell she was worried “Twice, you were almost killed, Gwen, how the rogue was able to penetrate the palace’s security is a terrible thing”
I sighed and nodded even though I knew he couldn’t see me now, because I agreed and thought that there was no safe place for me?
I knew an Alpha would have enemies, even my father had some, but who would want to destroy Titus so badly that he would dare and have such a dexterous team, it was like he knew all the moves, even the secret rooms that no outsider should know about.
“That’s why Titus was angry and felt challenged, he was furious” I made a comment, still watching the scene down there where he orders his people firmly while on the next field, his best warriors do their hard training.
“Titus?” I heard her ask happily “You’re already at the stage of calling him by name? wow wow… what have you done?!” She teased me again and I just laughed without saying anything.
If she knew what I had to go through to get to this stage with my mate, she would probably cry her eyes out.
“How does it feel to have someone important as your mate?” She continued curiously that make me laughed again, yes, only Alice can restore my mood every time
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I gasped when someone kissed my cheek from behind and arms were wrapped around my body.
When did he come?!
“What’s wrong?” My friend asked quickly when I suddenly stopped laughing.
He rested his head on the nape of my neck, which I guess is his habit now and took a long sniff of my scent before starting to kiss me.
“Um.. He’s here” Was my response and heard her gasping..
“What did you two do?!” She started asking with another gasp “O G*d, you doing naughty things, right?!”
What did she say!!
I want to kill her for daring to say such a shameful thing!! Why is she saying it now?!
I knew Titus would be able to hear it.
He lifted his head and turned to look into my eyes “Your friend is smart” He whispered and made my face turn red “But, too bad I can’t do such things since she’s still in pain” He continued with a mischievous
tw***ling eyes.
While on the other line, I heard Alice burst out laughing, I was sure that she could hear Titus’ words even if it was quiet, werewolf ear!
“Glad he isn’t what people said about him.. Talk to you later, babe”
“Babe?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
I nod, confused with his question.
“Alice’s my best friend” I state and watch him frown deeper.
Okay, what now?
He turned my body then touched my chin with his left hand and raised my head to look into his eyes, d*mn, why is he so tall anyway?!
“What have I told you about what to call me?” He asked in a serious tone and I chuckled.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
This again?!
“I already called you by name, not calling you king anymore, what’s my fault now?” I tried to defend myself and refused to be blamed again.
I let out a long breath, I just realized that Wolf or Titus are very childish. “Yet you called her Babe!”
Is he serious?
I looked into his eyes and saw that he was seriously, oh my G*d, arguing just because Alice called me babe?!
Unable to hold back any longer, I burst out laughing which annoyed him
even more.
O ow…
It seems I was wrong to realize that he was getting angrier.
“You don’t want to live anymore, woman?!” He yelled in annoyance but instead of being scared, I couldn’t help but laugh even more because he
was so cute.
I probably wouldn’t have noticed the cuteness of his demeanor before, but the more I got to know him, the more I noticed that he was like a big boy.
As she started to move away and let go of the hug, I realized that I needed to rectify the situation.
“Sorry, sorry… you’re so… cute” Seeing his eyes darken with anger I realize that’s not what he wants.
He froze when he realized that I kissed his lips and gave him my sweet smile, this was the first time I ventured to kiss him, I hope he doesn’t get angry.
“You think a peck can get you off the h*ok?!” I couldn’t stand it and burst out laughing again at that.
G*d, he really is such a kid!
“You dare laugh at me, mate?” I froze as I heard a deeper voice and saw
that the look in his eyes had changed and realized that this was Wolf.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
You cheater Titus!
Wolf pulled my body that was already in his arms closer so that I could feel his heavy breathing on my face.
“Hi… Hi Wolf” I greeted him in a sweet tone and hoped he wouldn’t do something as punishment, like give me another hi**ey on my body or even claim me.
“Why are you nervous?” He asked while tilting his head.
I quickly shook my head “No, just surprised that Titus let you take over his body”
He smiled…
“Because otherwise he would claim you” His answer surprised me and he grinned mischievously knowing that it wasn’t the answer I thought he would say.
“O.. oh..” I exclaimed, at a loss for how to react.
“I’m glad he finally agreed that rejecting you was a mistake, that both of us are capable of protecting you” Wolf explained honestly and I was also glad to know that Titus did that “But why did you hold back?”
I was again surprised to get a frontal question from him.
He knows…

“Are you afraid?” He again tilted his head while looking into my eyes without blinking as if he wanted to read me well.
Sh*t! He’s so good!
I just looked down, averting my gaze from him which I realized was an answer that he was right.
My eyes widened to receive a deep and brutal kiss from him “Don’t be afraid, mate” He said between the kisses he gave me which made my head dizzy until I couldn’t think of anything “I’m the one who will kill Titus if he dares to hurt you, you’re our life now… Therefore, open yourself to us…”
He placed both hands over my face and drugged me so that there was only him in my head.
“Accept us” he coaxed and I could only nod as he again crushed my lips deeply and long as if my lips were his favorite food.
The Alpha King’s Ford Mate
Growling, I gasp as he lifts my body effortlessly and makes me wrap my legs around his waist.
I moaned long and hard as his mouth left my lips and traveled down my neck.
My G*d, is this what it feels like to lose consciousness due to burning desire with your mate?
I love it…
“Gwen… Gwen… My mate.” He kept calling my name and laid me on the bed.
Breathlessly we looked at each other and he stroked my cheeks and lips lovingly.
“Thank you” He smiled before closing his eyes and when I saw his eyes open again I knew that it was Titus.
Titus smiled and gave me a light peck on the lips before hugging me tightly in bed.

Chapter 23
It was hours later that I woke up, my hand spreading over the soft silk sheet as I stretched. I open my eyes struggling to see the darkness in the room yet aware of the presence of someone’s body beside me.
He is still here…
Waking me up, a pair of hands wrapped around my body again and pulled me closer. “You’re awake” comes his voice through the darkness, unmistakably belonging to Rolf Titus.
“You stay?” I said as I returned his hug and inhaled his signature manly scent from his chest.
He sighed “Lately it’s hard for me to stay away from you”
“Hmm..” Come my respond with a smile, happy to know he has that feeling.
He pressed a soft kiss to my forehead and let it stay there while we embraced each other in the silent room, uncared for the world, just us. “Today there will be a memorial event for our fallen people and warriors. Are you strong enough to stand for a long time and attend the event with me?” He shot a question and I looked up to find his eyes to nod.
It’s been more than 2 days since I woke up, yes, at first I was still very weak, but my condition has started to improve by now
Only my right hand still needs to be in a cast because I know healing broken bones takes longer.
As if he knew what I was thinking, Titus lifted my wounded right hand and kissed it as if he wanted to relieve the pain through the kiss.
“You’ll heal quickly if your wolf helps you and wake up” He said and I smiled.
I had been expecting her presence for a long time, but now knowing that I had my wolf asleep made me happy, because I thought I was just an ordinary human without a wolf.
“I’m glad to know she’s in my body, I guess I don’t even have her so maybe she’ll come at the right time” I crooned calmly and he looked into my eyes before nodding and then going back to placing his lips on my forehead.
My stomach lets out
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
covers my cheeks as I hide deeper into Titus’ chest, a chuckle was heard coming from him and I feel his arms going under my curled knees
picking me up into his strong arms.
“Let’s get you proper food shall we?” He said, grinning down at me and I stared back at him still too startled to speak, it was too early in the morning to order a maid for breakfast.
He started walking comfortably with me still in his arms as if I’m weightless, never letting me down to go for a walk myself.
“I can walk, Titus” I said as he opened the door and we got to the stair without saying anything.
“You don’t have shoes and the floor is very cold in the early morning” Was his response with a frown and I can’t help but bite my lip to contain a smile at his words, he really changed into a possessive mate.
I like it!
“Don’t bite your lips, love” I looked up to meet his eyes and saw it had been staring at my lips “I’m the one who has the right to bite your lips, don’t hurt it” he added in a serious tone which made me smile again. He walked to the kitchen, setting me into one of the leather chairs at the breakfast bar and nearly squeaked in delight when I realized this is one of the twisty ones. Ignoring my surroundings, my happiness makes me twirl happily on the chairs with a laugh thinking that I am so childish right now.
I never felt so happy, Titus makes me happy like I never have before. A pair of eyes staring closely from my antics that make me blush in shame.
“Do you need help?” I clear my throat and try to speak like an adult. He raised an eyebrow “You can cook?”
Sh*t, he knows…
A laugh coming from him means he knows that I’m not good in the kitchen area, thinking that I’ll never have a mate, cooking never crosses my mind thinking that I will just buy something from the store or cafe.
“So you can cook?” I asked him back who stared at me for a moment before he continued to whisk something.
“I have life longer from ordinary people, so yes, I can cook like a chef”
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
His answer caught my attention and made me want to ask what I had read in the book that he, the king, was immortal, many said that in times of war he had been torn, bitten, shot but nothing could kill him.
“I’ve read something about you, you know” I start and he hums without turning his body to tell me that he hears me “That… That you’re immortal?”
A plate of pancakes was placed on the table in front of me and made me gasp as he kissed my lips quickly “Eat first, I’ll talk” he said softly.
Taking a fork, I started pouring honey before cutting it and putting it in my mouth.
Mewling in pleasure, my eyes widened and turned to look at him “This is delicious, Titus” I exclaimed happily.
“You’re the first person who has tasted my cooking in a long time” he responded with a small smile and then told me to go back to eating it with a nod of his head.
Hearing the sadness in his voice, I placed my hand on his cheek and made him close his eyes while letting me touch him.
“I know what you read, I checked when you got back to your room” My hand fell from his cheek and he opened his eyes as he took my left hand. He fell silent and I let him prepare himself for the story.
When I said I accepted him, I had made the decision that he was my life, my mate and I would accept him completely.
“I’m 412 years old, Gwen” I gasp in shock with wide eyes and he just smiles sadly looking at me “the witch cursed me to have no happiness and always hurt from losing people I care about” He explains and for the first time I hear this story, no one said or wrote about the curse.
However, 400 years alone?
Oh my g*d, even my 5 years away from my family hurt like that, let alone this…
Once, we kill your mate… I suddenly remembered those words.
“Have you ever had a mate, Titus?”
He nodded and I gasped loudly.
How is this possible?
A werewolf only has one mate in its life!
“The witch killed her before my eyes”
Oh my G*d…
It is said that a werewolf will die after losing its mate, not immediately but years later.
– Flashback
“ROLF!” A girl I’ve known since childhood called me out in the field while I was training with the royal warriors with a big smile and ran towards
“Pearl, what are you doing here?” I asked and walked towards her.
She giggled “I insisted on following my father who had things to discuss with the king” She replied and I nodded before informing the warriors to take a break and then walking with my little friend to the garden. “You know the war is about to start, but my father has good support from witches who are willing to help us. You know because my mother is a witch so they try to believe in the werewolf king” He began to tell the story with an excited tone as if it was a big deal.
Witches are not to be trusted, it is said that the black magic they started using makes them crazier than even the rogues.
However, if there is support from the mother, I don’t know if that’s something that can be done.
Pearl Collins is 18 years old, a little girl I’ve considered a sister since I was introduced to her 12 years ago when she was 6 years old, a
round-cheeked red-cheeked little girl who is very cute.
I, who was 15 years older than her, continued to accompany her until she found her mate and hoped that whoever that man was would treat her like a queen.
But wars in various regions prevented both of us from finding our mates, thinking that they were in other regions.
so that we neighbors only had each other as companions.
She was the only little girl who was never afraid of me.
Yet I didn’t see that she saw me as anything more than an older brother. A meeting between the Alphas was held the following week, discussing the alliance with the witches who were thought to be helpful in resolving the war.
But many Alphas disagreed with the king and started another war
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
And to make matters worse, the witches started going crazy as a result of trying black magic to make themselves stronger.
I was in New Zealand when I found her. She was one of the people who survived the madness of the black witch and managed to kill her. Yes, she was a warrior there and I was proud to call her my mate.
Catherine Lloyd.
“Who is she?!” Pearl shouted as I brought Catherine back to the palace and introduced her as my fated mate.
“Pearl, she’s Catherine, my mat…”
AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH…!!!” She cut off my words with a scream and for the first time I saw something different in her.
“What’s wrong with you?”
“You… how dare you have a mate..You.. You claim her too!!!” She started to speak and I was surprised to see blue flames surrounding her. What is this?
What’s going on?!
“Rolf, back off!!!” Catherine yelled and pulled my hand which did not escape Pearl’s sight.
She looked at Catherine’s hand that was touching me with a disgusted look.
“My mother warned me that you would find your mate, but I believe I am your mate, Rolf Titus” I gasped at Pearl’s words, not expecting her to have such thoughts towards me.
“Pearl, stop it! What are you doing?” I reminded her who started to raise her hand and set the room and the people in it on fire.
I knew her mother was a witch, but didn’t think she had one too.
“I’m learning magic for you, so I can be your mate, help you win this war, Rolf Titus” She told me something I didn’t expect her to do.
Dark magic… She’s learning dark magic.
That’s why his mind went crazy…
“Remember who you are, me, we are like a brother and sister” I said trying to calm her down but only replied with a terrible laugh.
For the first time I looked at her with fear, the little girl I knew turned
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
into a black-eyed and terrifying witch.
The fire continued to rage, cries of pain were heard and I could do nothing about what was happening to my people.
A sword suddenly appeared from above and stabbed everyone in the room, including Catherine.
“Argh!” I screamed as someone or something strangled my neck and was lifted several meters up.
“You dare to claim a woman who is not me!” Pearl spoke as she saw the claim mark on my neck and I screamed in pain as she did something with her magic to remove the claim mark.
I was thrown down and saw my father stab Pearl with his claws.
As Pearl tried to strangle my father, I hurriedly got up and helped her. Everyone who came to their senses then began to move to fight the black witch who I knew as my little friend.
Just as I thought we’d managed to hold her off a scream from Catherine made me realize that my mate was the aim.
I was too late to shield my eyes and watch her burn alive, it took 10 people to hold me back trying to get the woman I loved out of the flames.
With tears in her eyes, Pearl burst out laughing at my dust mate.
He didn’t expect my claws to be stuck in his heart, with great hatred and sadness, I stuck my claws in to kill him.
Black magic had killed my friend and my mate, in front of me was not the Pearl I knew anymore.
“Rolf?” Pearl was surprised to see me sink my claws into her and injure her.
“Don’t call my names, you’re not the Pearl I know anymore.” I snapped and saw her realize her behavior by looking around the room.
“You have no heart! I love you, always have, Rolf” she yelled but I just spat at her.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
“That’s not love, witch” I said harshly and tightened my grip on her beating heart.
I wanted to kill her…
“I curse you…” She whispered with a hateful smile and tears running down her cheeks.
“Hurry up and kill him!” My father yelled but I was wide-eyed when I saw him on fire and again the whole room was surrounded by flames.
“Rolf Titus… I curse you, a man without a heart, not to find happiness… Love will come only to end in suffering, Lonely F.o.r.e.v.e.r… Hahahaha”
The explosion caused by the lightning seemed to blind my eyes, I woke up to see the flames and screams of pain around me, but somehow, only pain was felt as I passed through the flames.
I was the only one who survived the blaze….Chapter 24
“Have you finished eating?” He asked and I nodded silently.
“I know there’s more to it…” My response as I watched him pick up my dirty plate and put it into the sink.
He looked me square in the eye, but said nothing.
I read that the war changed everything, the king led us to victory but many sacrifices were made for that victory.
I didn’t want to know about it from books or other people, I wanted to hear it directly from his mouth.
However, it seems like it will take time for him to open up further.
A loud gasp was heard and we looked over to see 3 waiters walking into the kitchen.
They looked down when they realized we were here. “Forgive us, Your Majesty the king and queen, we didn’t know that…”
“It’s okay” I said quickly and smiled at them.
“Does Your Majesty need anything?” Asked the oldest ser**nt, who I think was the butler.
“It’s fine, just continue with your work” Titus replied briefly and waved his hand to send them away.
But the butler looked at me and asked through his gaze.
I smiled understandingly “Titus has already made the food, so I guess you just need to make breakfast for him” They looked surprised at my explanation and I just remembered that he had previously said that I was the first person to taste his cooking in a long time.
But the butler just nodded and with a friendly smile he said “We’ll prepare it right away” then everyone left leaving us back.
Looking back at the man beside me who was silent, I tried to change the subject, “They seem surprised to see us here.”
He looked at me deeply and fell silent, I knew he wanted to know my opinion.
I slowly walked towards him and grasped his hand with my painless hand “I’m sorry for everything that happened to you”
He looked down at my hand before looking back up at me “You don’t
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
think it’s my fault?”
I frowned “Why is it your fault?” I asked confused.
“If I didn’t play on Pearl Collins’ feelings or realize that her feelings for me constituted love, then….” I hurriedly cut off his words with a peck and startled him into silence.
I understood why he thought that way.
Everyone has a difficult past, and so does he.
“Life is hard to predict” I smiled warmly as I began to speak “but if all the bad things we always think; if I had… if I hadn’t… or if only… there will be no end, all we can do is think positively, everything must have a lesson and we just try our best, hopefully good things will happen in the end” The thing I said I also intended for myself, yes, live the best and don’t think about the painful past.
Yes he once made a mistake and rejected me, but he dared to admit his mistake by paying for it with excessive affection now.
When I looked up I was a little surprised to see him gazing at me with an admiring and longing gaze that he had never given, as if he had just discovered another side of me that fascinated him.
“What?” I asked shyly..
He took a step towards me with his eyes holding me in their beautiful trace and not letting me step away from him as he made his way towards me slowly, though his face was calm, the sound of my rushing heartbeat in my ears, I knew he could hear too.
“You amaze me every day, you know?” He says, his voice strong and deep while closing the space between us as he wraps his arms around my waist and presses me against his firm broad chest, gazing down tenderly at me. He holds me close, his arms encasing me to him, acting as a warm chain as they imprison me in his hold before leaning down to nuzzling his face. into my hair to inhale my scent deeply.
“You said we have an event today, what time is it?” I whispered softly and reminded him.
His hold tightens as he pulls back to look into my eyes.
No one spoke as we stared at each other as if our souls were talking.”
I don’t know when I started to understand him better.
My maturity allowed me to see and understand him more deeply than I
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
thought I could.
I realize that the story has only just begun and that it is not yet finished but I will show that whatever the gist of the story he is about to tell will not make me run away from him.
“Let’s go” He starts speaking with a pull and I follow him.
I realized that Titus in public doesn’t talk too much and rarely even smiles, maybe that’s why there are many things that make others surprised when he’s with me.
I like that!

– Rolf Titus POV

I’m scared, Wolf” I told my wolf who understood my fear.
‘I know’ He replied quietly as we currently shared the same fear.
I only told her about the beginning of everything, the beginning of me becoming something that everyone feared, not only feared by werewolves but also feared by other creatures.
A monster…
Yes, that’s when I started becoming a monster and by then my nickname was the monster king, not the alpha king.
With a sense of vengeance I hunted down all the witches, starting with her family, the Collins. I hated Pearl Collins’ family for having witch blood and blamed her for the death of my entire family and part of my pack.
Then Catherine…
G*d, I just met her and claimed her.
That’s why I destroyed the Collins pack and left not a single person alive, neither woman nor child.
I mercilessly consumed all the packs that had a connection or alliance with witches no matter if they were not dark witches.
I am a cold-blooded killer…
The pain of losing my family, pack and mate made me blind, the anger and sadness made me want to share it with everyone.
They should feel the same pain.
Stabs, scratches, gunshots, all of them couldn’t kill me, I just realized that
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
the more blood on my hands, the lonelier I was and the pain wouldn’t go away.
For almost 50 years I’ve been killing and consuming all the witch blood until now, there are probably only a few people alive who have witch blood.
Pearl’s curse haunts me.
When I find myself attracted to the opposite S**, suddenly the woman dies horribly as if to remind me that I don’t have anything to do with other people or have no right to be happy.
Time passed and people began to forget about my cruelty back then. By confining myself to the palace and only appearing when needed, I was no longer the monster king, but the Alpha king.
Many people also forget that I have a mate, or maybe they don’t know because I haven’t introduced Catherine to my people.
My pretense with my fake partner began.
The greed of the young Alphas who wanted to make me their alliance made it an excuse to thrust women at me, hoping that I would find my mate from those women.
When hope was lost, Gwen came…
And all my fears came back.

Chapter 25
Standing behind the window, I looked at the changes in the field beside the forest where the poles to hang the rogues were gone and replaced with white flower decorations.
Where is that woman hidden? I’m sure she must still be alive and hasn’t been killed. I wonder and why did she dare to betray the king?
I know that there must be enemies, but to act so boldly as to challenge Titus is something I thought no one would dare to dò.
Knock.. Knock..
I looked over and saw Alexa walking in, followed by a few people behind her.
She smiled and bowed respectfully as she stopped in front of me “Greetings, queen” she greeted politely and I noticed that someone was pushing a trolley with some clothes and shoes on it “A gift from the king, some clothes and shoes for you to wear to this afternoon’s event” She explained as she indicated the trolley behind her and then there were 4 other people, 1 woman and 3 men who were still bowing their heads respectfully “And I would like to introduce an additional guard for you” She explained.
“I have more guards?” I raised a question with a raised eyebrow. Alexa nodded with a sad smile “We almost lost you and we, the warriors, didn’t want to give another chance where you could get hurt. This is Albert, Paul and Frank and lastly this is Dee” She introduced each one and I gave a friendly wave to all of them which made my four new bodyguards look confused.
Alexa giggled seeing her four friends confused and I looked at her confused too.
“I told you the queen is very friendly” she said as if it wasn’t directed to me but to her four friends.
“We’ll do our best to protect you, my queen,” they said simultaneously and I couldn’t take my eyes off Dee when I saw the similarities in her face with El.
Dee who realized my gaze bowed her head back “I will protect you like my sister, El, even if life is at stake” My eyes widened in surprise, no
wonder she looked alike, it turned out she was El’s sister.
I touched her hand and looked at her sadly “I’m sorry about El”
Dee looked very surprised but nodded firmly “El always told me about you and I just realized how true it is that you’re really amazing. We’re proud that she was able to save you and I know that she would be happy that you’re still alive thanks to her.”
Her words surprised me. “She told you about me? Aren’t you mad at me?” Dee smiled “Never.. We are proud to be your protectors and will try our best to do our job to protect you” a firm statement came out of her mouth and was agreed by the others.
I, who always thought that I would be considered a weak queen for not having my wolf, couldn’t help but s*b after hearing the outgoing statement from my new guards.
They don’t know me and have only heard stories about me but already think that I’m a marvelous woman who deserves to be protected with their lives?!
“My queen…” They looked panicked at the sight of my tears and I hurriedly wiped them away before giving them a smile to calm their panic.
“I’m fine… Just didn’t expect it.” I cried softly as I continued to try to calm myself down.
Alexa, who had been following me for a long time and understood me, touched my hand while giving me an encouraging smile.
I took a breath before turning my eyes to the trolley filled with black dresses and shoes.
“It’s a send-off for a deceased colleague, why the need to dress fancy?” I asked confusedly while touching each of the five dresses hanging there. Alexa smiled and I noticed the other three male guards walking around the room, as if to check something “The alliances from several regions came, besides wanting to express their condolences they also want to know the truth that the king has a mate” She explained and I just let out a long breath.
Heavy, I exclaimed to myself.
So, just as my mom acted as Luna, I had to start my role as queen.
Will I be able to?
ngs Fated Mate
No… Do I deserve it?
“My queen” I looked over as Dee handed me one of the most modest, yet elegant dresses “Alexa and El are the hardest duo to satisfy amongst the female warriors, but you managed to impress them and I found out today why even the king is infatuated with you, so, don’t be insecure and just show yourself as we see you” She finished with a big, bewitching smile and I took the dress from her hand.
“Thank you.”
Knock.. Knock…
We all turned toward the door and were surprised to see Titus leaning against it.
“Your Highness” Everyone in the room greeted him by bowing their heads simultaneously as he nodded before starting to walk towards me. “Picked something out yet?” He asked softly and made me blush as he kissed my lips as if no one was in the room.
I lifted the dress I was holding and saw him raise an eyebrow.
“What?” I was confused.
Titus took the dress from my hand and turned it over.
I was stunned when I saw it in more detail, yes, the dress did cover up to the neck from the front, but the back cut was very low.
Dee…!!! I growled.
Titus approached me and placed his lips on my ear “I won’t let you get away from my eyes then” His words made my face turn even redder and he just patted my back before kissing my cheek and turning to leave. I looked over to Dee who only gave me an innocent smile.
Great! I thought sarcastically.

Chapter 26
“The Alphas are here” Dee reported with an unhappy face.
“What’s wrong?” I asked curiously.
As she was about to open her mouth Alexa shook her head and made her silent, I raised an eyebrow which made her exhale heavily as if thinking how to convey to me.
“Many Alphas have no brains, they are narrow-minded and do not hesitate to insult you” Alexa finally spoke, in the room, only Alexa and Dee always accompanied me, the three additional bodyguards would always be there when I walked out of the room where they would be alert like my shadow that followed everywhere.
I nodded in understanding.
Of course, the long-awaited fated mate king is like a man without a wolf, surely they will scoff at me.
“The king turned over the dining room table and is now in his study” A voice from behind the door, Paul added.
My two female bodyguards just exhaled, as if they knew Titus’ reaction would be like that.
Yes, I know he’s temperament*l but to the point of overturning the dining table like that?!
I looked at myself in the mirror already wearing a different outfit than the one I showed Titus, a simple knee-length black dress.
Deciding to go out and see how the man who was my mate was doing, I hurriedly walked over and took all my bodyguards by surprise.
“Queen, I don’t think we should approach the king when he’s in a bad mood, he… we…” Dee tried to hold me back but I kept walking.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
“I can’t let my mate be sad, Dee, I have to be there” I said with a warm smile that made everyone surprised and then bowed his head respectfully as if appreciating my opinion and wishes “Please take me to the king’s place now, Paul” I added to the man who informed me about the king.
Paul escorted me to a different office in the main castle and he bowed his head as he helped me open the door.
“I need a minute, go!” Was the greeting I received as I took one step in but as if Titus could tell that it was me and no one else, he turned around quickly and was transfixed by the sight of me standing in the door I had closed.
I smiled and slowly walked towards him “Are you okay?” I asked softly.
“Why don’t you wear the dress you showed me earlier?” He raised an eyebrow and asked back.
I just smiled because I am used to people thinking about me as weak, but not him. I know my mate will do whatever to protect me and to not let people talk dirty about me. I am glad to know he is mad, it means he cares. I stopped in front of him and ventured to touch his cheek gently “Still upset?”
He pursed her lips and it told me that he was still very upset. “Ufff…” My response as Titus suddenly hugged me tightly, he rested his face on the nape of my neck, as usual, and smelled my scent deeply before tightening his embrace.
“I want to tear out the mouths of those who disrespect you” My eyes widened in shock at that but I just patted his shoulder lightly to calm his mounting emotions “If it wasn’t for Drake they’d probably be corpses like the rogues in the dungeon” He growled still annoyed.
“Does having me make you weak?” I asked softly and he looked surprised to hear it.
“What! Even if you were the strongest she-wolf, there’s no way
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
I’d make you the leader of my warrior, Gwen!” He said sternly and angrily.
I smiled and hugged him to calm him down again “That’s your answer, dear, even if an Alpha has the strongest mate he will still protect it, right? Why is that considered a weakness?” He fell silent as if my words had just absorbed their meaning.
I raised my head to meet his eyes and saw him smile a little, he understood.
He nodded before placing his finger on my chin, to which I was surprised that the claws were still there, the effects of his anger and emotions earlier.
“Dear?” He said teasingly.
I growled in embarrassment “out of all the things I said, that’s all you heard?!” but was happy to hear him laugh.
He holds out a hand for me and I set my hand in his large warm one that closes around it immediately engulfing it in the comforting warmth that seemed Titus always carry with him, people know him as the rough man, but deep inside he’s soft and I am glad to give myself a chance to see it better.
I know all of the guards and warriors look surprised to see him and I walk out together without his anger but they keep it to themselves and follow us from behind.
We both walk into the large meeting room outside where all the Alphas start staring at me intently with their eyes widening as they realize their king truly has his fated mate.
“My king, we would like to apologize for offending you earlier” One of the Alphas followed by 4 others said and from his eyes I could tell he was not sorry, from Titus’ tight grip on my hand indicated that he also knew that his words were false.
“Nice to meet you, Alphas” I smiled kindly and greeted the people who looked down on me but this time I didn’t bow but rather looked them straight in the eye, a sign that I wasn’t
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
afraid and that they should bow to me now.
+5 vouchers
“This, Gwen, my fated mate and queen,” Titus said, introducing me formally.
They hurriedly bowed with forced respect and fake smiles
“Nice to meet you, my queen” Greeted one of the Alphas in the back, I guessed Alpha Gilbert, because I had seen him causing trouble in my father’s territory a few years ago.
“Finally we can rest easy knowing the king has truly found his fated mate” added the other.
“But worried because of the rumors that you haven’t gotten your wolf yet, will it affect our king’s performance and strength?” Another added and my hand was almost numb from the strong grip of Titus who was really angry.
I gasped loudly “Do you Alphas require your mates to protect and require them to train to be strong? Because my mother, who is Luna Blake, always told me that the power of an Alpha is obtained because of the desire to protect those he cares about so whatever our strength, she-wolves, the most important thing we do is support our mates, no matter how strong we are” My words made them blush in embarrassment and immediately did not say anything.
“Your queen is a healer, she trained as a doctor in the human world for 5 years” Titus who looked happy added while wrapping his arms around my body.
It wasn’t long before they expressed their condolences before stepping back and allowing the other guests to say hello.
I was wide-eyed and touched my cheek which was kissed by him.
He just tilted his head while giving me a warm smile and I heard a few people around gasp in surprise.
Yup, this king who rarely smiled was able to do that to me and
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
only me.
I saw my family in line to greet me and hurriedly ran towards my father and mother to hug them.
Alice was there together with Rick, it seems that my first brother, Ryan, returned to be the one who was assigned to guard my father’s territory.
My mom and dad bowed respectfully as Titus came towards them but were surprised that my mate hurriedly shook his hand and spoke politely.
I cried out in delight as I hugged Alice and saw Titus just shaking his head but still smiling at my behavior as he continued talking to my parents and my brother Rick.
“Oh my G*d, look at him and how he’s looking at you, Gwen!” Alice whispered as we hugged and I just smiled before standing back beside my mate to start the release ceremony of the rogue attack victims.Chapter 27
Security has been tightened where every corner and even every point has warriors and guards to maintain security so that there is no chaos or interruption at all from irresponsible parties.
Drake informed how their Alpha king was furious and
increased guard hours and training so that it would not happen again, not only to protect his queen but also his people which is the main responsibility of protectors and knights throughout the region.
All outsiders who come to attend funerals and farewells, the Alphas, their families and even their members who attend must be listed so that no unauthorized outsiders can attend and endanger the people of Lago.
The rule change was made immediately after the incident occurred, the king immediately checked all the people in the territory he controlled so that no one was missed and not recorded.
Outsiders might find it excessive but for the king, it was the first time this had happened and he didn’t want a second one that would endanger the people and most importantly, his
Gwen was surprised to see the head doctor at the seat of the murdered family.
For those who lost their life mate, a special place will be given so that someone can help them until they die from the loss.
Tragic, but that’s one of the things that will happen when a werewolf loses his life mate, they will lose the desire to live, unless they have something that holds or encourages their life for a while, offspring, usually they will survive until their offspring have their own life mate.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
I can’t imagine how Titus must have felt when he had to watch his life fated mate burn to death in front of his eyes and then had to live hundreds of years alone to remember her.
“Dear my dearest family, friends, colleagues, guests.. Thank you for coming to the ceremony of our fallen colleagues, through this I would like to remind you that we will continue to do our best to protect you and your families, we need to continue to be resolute, try and work hard because the price of freedom and a quiet life is expensive” My tears fell and hurriedly wiped them away, seeing the many families sitting there, I just realised the effects of the explosion and the number of colleagues who died because of it.
The show continued as I noticed a familiar face staring at me with a smile on its face.
Huh? She’s…
That woman…
Mellisa… The woman Titus pointed out 5 years ago when he rejected me.
I should have known that she would come, yes, everyone knew about this tragedy and came to show support as a loyal form of alliance.
The ceremony continued by mentioning the names of the fallen comrades one by one and honoring them.
I slowly walked away from the stage towards the woman.
As if knowing that I would head towards her she slowly walked over and we met in the middle but far from the people who were still focused on the event.
“My queen…” She greeted me politely and bowed her head which I returned with a brief nod.
“Nice to meet you, finally” I responded.
She nodded “I’d like to apologize in advance, back then I didn’t know that the king found his fated mate and foolishly rejected
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
her because of his cowardice” My eyebrows shot up in shock at her words, she didn’t know?
Is she not…
“No, I’m no one to the king, there was never any relationship other than business and work” As if she could read what was in my mind, she answered firmly “I’m a witch who helps protect his kingdom” She added, whispered softly in my ear making my eyes widen in shock when I heard her.
A witch?!
He has a witch helping him?
“I thought…”
She nodded like she knew my question before Drake came to where we both stand and wrap his arms around her.
O. My. G*d!!
“I see you meet my girl, my queen” He said with a knowing smirk forming on his eyes.
What the h*ll happened here?!
When I look up to the stage, I notice a pair of eyes staring back at me with a knowing look.
They played with me!
I hit Drake hard out of annoyance, because Titus was too far away “Da*n it, you’re all playing me!!” I hissed softly because I didn’t want to create drama while the event was still going on.
Drake sighed “I told him to tell you, but your mate has a lot of prestige. I’m sorry we’ve made you suffer for the past 5 years” I grunted in annoyance with my eyes fixed on the man still on stage, indicating that my annoyance was directed at him.
The 5 years of suffering I went through were all because of a lie?!
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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He told the warriors to follow me for 5 years without a thought of telling me?!
A gentle touch on my hand made me gasp in surprise and see it was Mellisa.
“You know the enemy wants to use the mate, she who has lost a mate back then doesn’t think things through and just does what she thinks is best for you at the time.”she explained with an understanding smile that I was currently disappointed and sad because of his Alpha king.
“If you know how your arrival turned him into a man I’ve never seen, my Alpha has no fear, in fact he’s never been afraid of death but when he found you… He became someone different because he was afraid of something, for the first time he cared about something, you” Drake added and I looked into his eyes to see he was serious before turning my gaze back toward the man himself.
Mellisa tapped her mate’s shoulder before I saw him leaving and left, she noticed I still have questions and I’m glad to know Drake isn’t here.
“Are you sad? mad?” She asked and stood beside me, staring at the man on the stage.
I take a glance at her before look back at my mate “Just confused”
“Do you know, I have an important role to protect his kingdom and now.. you” I looked back at her.
“Why would he need a witch’s help, doesn’t he hate witches?” I responded after hearing that but she just blinked her eyes as I felt a hand hug me from behind, Titus.
“I see you’ve met, Mellisa,” he said softly and I snorted.
“The woman you said was better than me?” I frowned in
13.05 [
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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annoyance and Mellisa just clucked while shaking her head.
“You need to explain everything, mister,” she said before walking away.
Indeed he is! I added on my head in annoyance.Chapter 28
“I know you must have a lot of questions and I will answer them, but right now I need to continue the meeting with the Alphas regarding security” I nodded as I heard his explanation and he smiled before giving me a quick kiss on the lips then heading to the next room where the Alphas had gathered. Alice and my mom came over and took my hand “We’re glad to know you’re okay” My mom commented and I nodded.
While all their Alpha made their way to the meeting room inside the palace, Luna and the other members made their way to the hall where food and drinks were served.
Some people greeted me and bowed their heads respectfully but there were also women who gave me a cynical look, as if I had shattered their dreams.
Then I noticed the head doctor was one of the walking people, carrying a picture of a woman who I guess was his mate. I hurriedly walked over to him “Hello, head doctor” I greeted softly.
He smiled “Call me, Rupert, my queen, here I am not a doctor now” He said softly and I heard the sadness in his voice.
“I’m sorry for your loss” I opened the conversation and he just smiled while hugging the photo of the woman in his arms tighter.
“I don’t know how long I can live without her” he cried softly and I knew that right now the wolf inside him must be in pain from the grief of losing his mate.
Not knowing what to say, I just nodded while patting the back of a man who was saddened by the loss of his life partner forever.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
What would have happened to Titus if he hadn’t managed to find me back then?
I only heard that he was very wrathful and turned into a different person, just like he was in the past.
He was in the past…?
He hasn’t told me anything about what happened after Catherine’s death, there’s no way he’d just stay silent, what happened back then?
What did he do?
stood back and watched everyone walk into the palace.
Does this happen because of me?
“Don’t blame yourself” I gasped in surprise and saw that Mellisa was standing next to me.
“When did you come?” I asked quickly and looked around where my bodyguards were getting ready to protect me while the woman next to me just giggled.
“You know the king forbade you to do that!” Alexa hissed in annoyance and lowered the defensive signal.
She just shrugged as if she didn’t care which made me shake my head at her behavior then I was surprised again when she pulled out 1 strand of my hair.
“Ouch!!! what are you doing?!” I shouted in pain that made Alexa and Paul pull me behind their bodies as if to protect me from the witch in front of us.
She mouthed softly before exhaling a long breath into my face.
No one spoke as he did so with his entire eye turning white.
What the h*ll?!
One second later she flickered and her eyes returned to their original state then grinned as if what she did just now wasn’t strange.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
Then, she wrapped her arms around me and we started walking into the palace.
“Protection so that you won’t be harassed by my people” He commented as if he knew I wanted to ask about it.
“Your people?” I raised an eyebrow as I asked and she nodded.
Is that why she is here?
To provide protection for Titus? Meaning Titus is using magic to protect his kingdom?
“I thought he hated witches” I state the things that we both know and she chuckled like she knows something that I don’t, I hate it!
Yes, I know she’s Drake’s mate but still…
Why he chose her and said those words to me is still a question.
Why her?
My eyes widened in shock when I felt her kiss my cheek.
What. The. H*ck?!
“Eeewwwww….!!!!!” I shriek loudly and make the crazy witch laugh out loud.
“jealousy doesn’t suit you” She said with a winked eyes.
She knows…
“I met the king 10 years ago, you could say I’ve always been in hiding” Mellisa looked into my eyes as she began to speak and lowered her voice.
“I’m Morena’s twin.”
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I wondered, does that name mean anything?
She gasped “You didn’t know?”
+5 vouchers
Okay, it seems like there are a lot of secrets that Titus needs to tell me.
We should be open with each other, does our closeness lately mean anything?
It was already very late when one by one the guests returned to their territories, but those who came from afar prepared a hotel for them to stay overnight before returning the next day, many also quickly turned into wolves and returned to their respective territories.
It’s almost 3am, yet I haven’t heard him return to his room.
Sighed. I turned over and pulled my blanket up, trying to sleep. Why am I waiting for him and this angry knowing he’s hiding something from me?
Yes, I should understand our relationship hasn’t been long, and only recently improved, but why am I this upset?!
jealousy doesn’t suit you’
Ugh… d*mn it!!
Am I jealous?
“Couldn’t sleep?” A familiar deep voice called out and I quickly turned my head toward the connecting door to see the man, Titus leaning against the door.
I almost smiled at him but then realized that I was annoyed with him.
Oops… that was close!
Slowly, he walked to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Are you waiting for me?” He asked teasingly, not really teasing but he smiled as if he knew why I was upset with him now.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“Anything funny?” I was annoyed to see him keep smiling.
He cupped my left cheek “It’s nice to see you jealous” he said and made me gape in shock.
But before I could refute his words, I was surprised again when he wrapped his arms around me in a blink of my eyes “I missed you so much, the long meeting make me want to kill them all” he added in a serious tone and I can’t stop myself but chuckled when I hear it.
D*mn it! I lost!
The heat of his large form pressed into my skin warming me up, making a small smile come over my face as I snuggled into him, wrapping my own arms around him. His intoxicating scent filled my senses making it hard to think straight.
My eyes closed on their own as I rested on his chest, unwilling
to ever move.
I pulled away slightly to look up at his face, he smiled down at me softly as he leaned down pressing a soft kiss to my lips.
“I miss you too” I mumbled to him, unable to contain my smile and he let out a breathy chuckle.
“I know” he said co**ily before looking down to my lips again
and pressed another deep kiss to it.

Chapter 29
He lets out a soft groan, pushing himself so that he lays beside me on the bed, I go to get up trying to calm my breath only to lose it again when he grabs my arms yanking me to him,
wrapping his arm around my waist, holding me firmly to him. so I lay on top on his body.
“Why are you so lustful?!” I smacked his chest anxiously which was rewarded with a wiggle eyebrow from him.
“The new moon is so long” he growled in annoyance as he tightened his embrace.
“I’d rather you tell me about what Mellisa told me today” I baited him and saw him raise an eyebrow in displeasure.
“Can I tell you the whole story after officially claiming you?” I tilted my head in confusion before understanding what he
Claiming for a werewolf is like a marriage without divorce, it lasts forever therefore separation after claim is rare, no, it’s not possible.
I started beating his chest which made him laugh out loud.
“What?” He asked as if the situation was funny for him.
I frown “Why are you so happy?”
He smiled down at me with one of his hands coming to cup my cheek softly.
“I forgot what it’s like to have someone by your side” he commented as he hugged me back and pressed a kiss to the side of my head as he whispered into my ear “Stay with me, okay? No matter what I tell you or what you hear about me, don’t ever leave me.” It makes my heart clench to hear it, the worrying, the doubting for thinking I would leave him if I knew his past.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I guess that’s why he hasn’t told me everything yet…
+5 vouchers
Content by the bliss, I tightened my arms around him and snuggled into his warmth. My cold skin pressing against his making a small shiver pass through him as we lay together like this with his arms wrapped around me tightly, holding my small form to his chest with both arms wound tightly as if he never let me go and I knew this time he wouldn’t.
I inhaled his intoxicate scent and snuggled deeper as if ensuring that I am here with him. I will never go anywhere, because I couldn’t and never I would.
“My king, nothing… we haven’t found Pearl” The man who had a face like Drake bowed respectfully as he told the results of his search in other witch villages but still did not find the figure of Pearl that his king was desperate to kill.
The woman who was the king’s little friend, turned into a black mad witch who burned down almost the entire palace and caused many lives to disappear.
Staring towards the smoke, the smell of blood and burning human flesh was strong but the king was not satisfied.
The massacre of all blood witches was carried out since that incident, the people and their surviving members had a grudge to avenge all witches for hurting the king’s family, his family and worst of all, his future queen.
The cries of children and women were heard everywhere and soon ceased to be heard as the death penalty was given to all descendants of witches, regardless of whether they were dark witches or not.
Hatred closed the king’s eyes.
In his mind there is only vengeance and wanting to punish everyone, thinking that they deserve to be punished because of
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
one person.
No one dared to challenge the king, all were obedient and with the thought that witches could not be trusted, they followed the king’s orders indiscriminately and mercilessly.
The screams of the witches rang out as they saw the Alpha king. standing with a cold murderous gaze and mercilessly burning the witches alive with flames.
“You’re not the Alpha King.. You’re a monster king!!!”
Hearing the words of one of the witches who was tied to the pillar and the fire began to burn underneath, the king smiled. sarcastically for the first time.
“Yes, I’m a monster to you and you’re kin. See what happens when you mess with me, witch” He said firmly before staring at the witch woman burn in flames without blinking.
Gasped, I quickly opened my eyes and got up to run toward the bathroom.
I vomited my guts out until there was nothing left to spit out.
What was that?
A dream?
Why did it really feel like I was there?
The touch of a hand on my head startled me and I turned around to see Titus sat on the ground beside me, he looked worried “Are you sick?” He asked softly.
Staring at the man who is my fated mate right now is very different from the man I saw in my dream.
Are they the same person?
Titus was rude and emotional but the man in my dream had a look of merciless cruelty that gave me goosebumps when I
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
thought about him.
‘Stay with me, okay? No matter what I tell you or what you hear about me, don’t ever leave me’
Is that why he says that?
“Gwen?” He cupped my face tilting my head to see me clearly, his sound worse than before.
I gave him a nod with a small smile. “A nightmare” Was my response before trying to stand up only to get failed which made him wrap his arms on my legs and body to start to lift me easily back to the bed.
I quickly wrap my arms around him, scared about what I saw in the dream, or is it a dream?
“You want to talk about it?” He whispered, holding my small form to his chest as if trying to protect me.
In time…
Wait until he’s ready…
I shook my head “Just a ghost trying to kidnap me from you” I lied and was glad to know he’s not looking at my eyes right
He chuckled before tightening his arms around me and I just accepted the warmth and safety he gave to me right now. Our bodies seem to mold together, leaving no room between us when we give each other warmth and support.

Chapter 30
*TII see you soon, dear, I’m glad to see you’re well again” My mother and Alice hugged me in turn when it was time for them to leave and the car that would take them was already in the lobby, then my mother looked at the man standing next to me ‘Please take care of her and thank you, my king” my mother exclaimed with a smile then surprised everyone around as she hugged the man who was my mate and the Alpha king
Surprisingly Titus gave my mom a hug back then nodded respectfully and politely as if my mom was someone he should respect despite his position “Thank you for being there and supporting me. I will try to take care of Gwen even if my soul is at stake his promise surprised me because he sounded serious when he said that.
I noticed how everyone looked serious and even my father was surprised when he heard it.
Yes, it was not just a promise coming from him as my mate, but it’s a king’s declaration that I, his mate, his queen, was more important than him who was the king.
The words spoken aloud by the king are the king’s commandments that everyone must follow.
My mom sobbed and nodded happily when she heard it then Titus turned to my dad and shook his, my brother’s and Alice’s hands before we escorted them into the vehicle that would take them back home to their region.
All the warriors and guards who escort them bow in respect when the car’s start moving
The gesture brought tears to my eyes. Seeing how Titus and the rest of the people in the palace treated my family with respect showed that they did so out of respect for me and acceptance of me as the mate of the Alpha king and their
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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I stood right beside him and waved my hand seeing my family going back to their territory.
I am shocked to hear myself saying that, thinking that their place isn’t mine anymore.
An arm wrapped my shoulder and pulled me toward his body, I looked up only to meet with his gaze which was already locked on me “We’ll see them again” He assured,
misunderstanding the tears streaming down my cheeks.
I hurriedly wiped them away and shook my head “Thank you” I said and made him raise a confused eyebrow.
“What for?” He asked adorably, not even realizing that what he just did to my family meant a lot to me.
I tilted my head, thinking of the words I would say to him “For being you” I replied and saw him widen his eyes in shock as if he couldn’t believe that I would say that to him.
Doesn’t he realize how amazing he is?
He leaned in capturing my lips with his before I had time to protest with his arm round tight around me, my eyes widened because it’s in public where people could see but the sweet warmth of his mouth soaked into mine make me slowly sunk into him and lose the battle, my rigid body slowly melting into the hard of his firm body until we were moulded together.
Breathlessly we part slowly and he put his forehead into mine meeting a longing gaze on me.
Tonight is the new moon where we will do our claim ritual officially.
Scare? yes, because I don’t know what I should do on my part, but I trust he will guide me.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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The howl began, a sign that the moon was coming.
Knock… knock…
“Are you ready?” Titus walked into my room and I nodded, answering his question without words.
His finger came under my chin tipping my head up gently, I guess he could hear my heartbeat beating faster right now.
“Do you trust me?” He asked with his gaze locked on me like he wanted to find a lie from there.
I give him a nervous smile with a nod “Yes”
We start walking outside toward the balcony and I look up to see the full moon has arisen.
Cracked was heard and I watched how Titus turned his human body into a huge black wolf before he turned his wolf face toward me.
Quickly I walked toward the huge wolf where he put his paw on my head before letting me jump on his back.
Yes, the ceremony will be held inside the forest where we will mold together into the wild as we unite our bonds into an inseparable whole.
I gasped in surprise and tightened my embrace on the wolf as he began to sprint in his wolf form.
There were several other wolves as we sprinted into the forest until I finally noticed his slowing footsteps and gave a loud gasp when I realized there was a waterfall in front of us.
But Wolf’s footsteps did not slow down and he continued to walk towards the waterfall.
Are we going to jump?
O G*d… O G*d… O G*d!!!
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“Wolf?” I tried to speak but it turned into a loud scream as he jumped towards the waterfall in front of us
Someone or something pushed me from below and I coughed as I tried to catch my breath.
Wolf lifted my weak body from the water before he turned back into a human.
“You.. ohok.. you’re crazy!!!” I exclaimed in annoyance and punched his chest then yelped in shock when I realized he didn’t have a single piece of clothing on.
Startled, I hurriedly hid behind my hand and heard him laugh before feeling his hand touch mine.
“Why close your eyes?” He was amused and tried to pull my hand away from my face which refused to look at the man in front of me who was my naked mate.
O G*d.. O G*d.. O G*d…
The melodious whisper of his voice drugged me and I slowly lowered my hand to meet his eyes that were locked onto mine. “Hi” he says seductively before his eyes flick to my lips.
I smiled and brought my face closer to meet his teasing eyes then moaned softly as I met his lips that were caressing my lips intimately and deeply.
His lips move softly against mine, hand cupping my jaw gently titling my face up to him. My lips move gently against his, follow his moves with my hands go up to his back digging into his soft smooth skin that lays against the hard muscle of his back.
His lips start trailing down to my jaw to the soft skin of my throat where he starts bites very gently against the skin eliciting
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
a loud gasp coming from me.
A pause was made where we locked our gaze toward each other.
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“I, Rolf Titus Eberulf Osmund, herewith claim you as my fated mate, my Luna, my Love and my Queen forever under the blessing of the moon goddess” Titus whispered the words clearly and loudly before he bit my throat as a sign of a werewolf’s claim to his mate and the eternal union of our bond.
Jolted by shock and pain, I gasped tightly as I accepted his bite
as something strange seemed to happen inside me.
‘Mate… You finally came’
Who is that?
Titus cupped my cheeks and wiped away my tears with an incredulous look plastered in his eyes while staring at me.
“Argh!” I screamed and felt pain as something seemed to split my body.
‘Mate… claim mate!’
Who is it?!
Claws appeared on my hands and I felt fangs change my teeth.
Staring at Titus, I glanced at his neck as if there was a sense of longing there before approaching him and unconsciously biting him.
“Gwen” I heard Titus moaning and touching my hair with a proud smile plastered on his face “Accept me..” He whispered softly.
“I, Gwen Katherine Louve, accept you, as my fated mate, my
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Alpha, and my king forever.”
Then we turned into wolves together and I realized for the first time that it was my wolf that had caused me pain earlier, that my wolf had woken up.
My wolf… the rare white wolf that caused Titus to look so
proudly at me, knowing that I was not just any she-wolf.
I am the rare white wolf…

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

Book About

Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Read Free The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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