The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 31-40

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31
My howl echoed then followed by Destine who was Gwen’s wolf.
Yes, Gwen apparently has powers blessed by the moon Goddess herself, her wolf is a white wolf only known to be possessed by the moon Goddess herself, no one else is heard to have her and I, with my own eyes see her and she is my mate. Is this a blessing from you moon Goddess?
An answer or a favor for me who has spent all this time alone and sad?
Knowing that I have a second chance of a mate or Gwen is a blessing beyond measure, accepting it knowing that this time my mate is like a human, she does not have a wolf with the thought that I will always protect her this time.
Now you give her something precious, your wolf.
The answering roar was heard from all over the region, knowing that their queen had risen.
Transforming into a wolf for the first time is an
energy-consuming process, it’s very tiring and Gwen has to perform our claim ritual right away, I looked at her still in her beautiful wolf form and looked tired.
The sun had risen and when I realized my mate was still asleep, I lifted her up on my wolf’s back and slowly walked back to the palace.
The warriors and guards were waiting with respectful bows as I exited the forest with my mate on my back.
They were all wide-eyed with shock as they stared at the white wolf on my back.
‘Behold, this is your queen, my fated mate’ I said proudly in
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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our mind link.
‘Salute to the king and the queen’ they exclaimed simultaneously in the mind link.
Alexa and Dee along with the butler were waiting for us at the balcony door, knowing that with our wolfish figures it would be impossible to enter through the main door.
As Alexa and Dee rushed to help me take down their queen, the butler quickly dressed me after I transformed back into a human.
“What happened, sire?” he asked worriedly.
“The queen’s wolf has risen” Alexa said proudly and I nodded in confirmation of her words.
“The queen is a white wolf” Dee added in amazement.
“Right now she is very exhausted, take care of her with your lives” I ordered as I watched the two guards lift the white wolf figure of my queen back inside.
I looked up into the sun to see Drake, my Beta looking at me. He knows that the white wolf is said to have immense power and whoever has it would be an invincible ruler, I fear rumors will spread when everyone, whether enemies or my alliance, knows that Gwen, my mate, has it.
Not only good things will come, but also bad things, I must protect her.
‘Gather everyone, Drake, I have something to tell you’ I ordered in the mind link to him which he replied with a firm nod before he ordered everyone to gather in the hall.
Yes, right now only my people will know, maybe rumors will spread but at least for now I need to protect my mate until she has the strength to be able to protect herself as well.
Back to Gwen’s Point of View
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Ugh… My body hurts.
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I tried to stand up but failed and was surprised to feel my vision become very sharp, even I could see the dust behind the mattress where I slept.
Uh, wait a minute…
That’s my bed, so why am I on the floor?
As I looked down, I was surprised to see that my legs had white fur.
What is that?!!
The sound of laughter rang out and I looked up at someone, Titus was standing leaning against the door.
For the first time he looks so handsome, the desire to kiss him almost makes my saliva drip.
What’s this?
Why am I having thoughts like this?!
“Don’t look at me like that, you’ll embarrass me” Titus teased me as if he knew my current thoughts.
As I tried to respond to his words, I was surprised that it wasn’t words that came out of my mouth.
“Don’t panic, you’re still in your wolf form”
My eyes widened at that…
My.. My wolf form?!
Then he pointed at the mirror and made me almost jump in shock when I saw the figure of a white wolf staring back at me
from there.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“Even your wolf is so beautiful, Gwen and Wolf are currently crazy in love looking at you”
I looked back at him and noticed the look of admiration and longing locked in his eyes.
I wanted to kiss him, but there was no way I could do that with my wolf figure.
‘How do I become human again?’ I asked and hoped he would understand.
But as if he knew my dilemma, Titus smiled and touched my cheek “Think of your human form and feel your body change into it” he ordered softly and I closed my eyes to follow his directions.
When I opened my eyes I saw her smiling again with a gaze of desire and longing directed at me.
Then, I gasped loudly as he pulled my body up and kissed me hungrily.
The desire that had been inside me made me vent to him and return his kisses with the same wild desire.
“Gwen, my mate…My love” he whispered softly between kisses that left me momentarily transfixed as I absorbed his words.
“Your love?” I asked in awe and he smiled as he nodded before kissing me back passionately.
His hot touch made me gasp and realize that I was already naked, in a rush and with a burning desire I surprised myself as I tore off the clothes Titus was wearing as if it was so easy. Transfixed, I stared at the torn shirt in my hand that made Titus laugh.
“You now have your wolf my dear, don’t be surprised if your strength increases rapidly” he said as he rubbed my cheek and pulled me back into his arms.
Only long moans of breath were heard throughout the day as
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
we showed the love and impact we felt for each other.
“I love you, Gwen”
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My tears fell as I heard and felt the love he gave me, knowing that this was finally happening to me, he was finally mine completely.
“I love you too, Titus”


Chapter 32

Third Party Point of View

“What do you mean something is happening?” Jack asked his mate, Morena with a furrowed eyebrow.

“I can’t reach the king or his mate anymore” Jack walked to where his mate sat on the floor before joining her “It’s like they’re disappeared” She added defeatedly.

He frowns because it’s impossible, he knows his mate’s power since she’s the descendant of Pearl Collins.

Yes, long ago when he found out he had a witch as his mate, he did his power to hide her from the king’s radar.

He kidnaps her when she’s only 12 years old, teaches her anything she could do with her power until one day she opens the secret of dark magic and absorbs something, or someone.

Pearl Collins‘ dark secret magic…

They use her secret and magic to be able to have a long life like what she does to him.

He didn’t know it but Morena found the hidden dark book of Pearl Collins and the book about him.

The secret that could turn Rolf Titus back to normal and he will be able to kill him.

And it’s all with the help of his loved one…

Just wait, Titus, I have spent years being the king and dethrone you with everything and I will make sure it happens.


Back to Gwen’s Point of View


Ugh, I’m hungry.



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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A deep chuckle was heard making me groan quietly as I snuggled deeper into it. A large warm hand stroked over the curve of my back softly as I was pulled closer to the hard body behind me only to realize something… or someone who was doing it.

Quickly I opened my eyes, yawning as I stretched and groaned at the pain I felt all over my body.

Slowly I turn around to meet with intense dark eyes belonging to my mate staring at me.

“You’re in pain, I’m sorry” He said with a regretful tone while rubbing my cheek affectionately.

I blushed when I realized he wasn’t wearing anything yet, his bare muscled chest on display with tight abdominal muscles which make my cheeks reddening further if possible.

Then I noticed a mark on his neck… my mark.

Slowly I raise my hand trying to touch it.

“That’s our mark‘ someone said proudly in my head and made me jump in fear.

“I guess someone is proud to see their mark on me” Titus said with a smile like he knew something.

“Is that.. my wolf?” I asked dumbly and saw him nod.

‘Duh.. who else?‘


He chuckles along while holding me close to him “We better get up or the monster will be mad” He teased after we heard the second growl coming from my stomach.

“Breakfast?” I suggest and make him laugh “What?” I exclaim hurriedly.

“More like late dinner, baby” He said and nodded his head towards the window showing us that it was indeed dark which meant it was night.



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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I gasped as I watched him get up without clothes and grabbed a pair of pants and a t–shirt from a nearby sofa and put them on.

He knew I was embarrassed and was deliberately teasing me “Get up, I’ve prepared hot water for you to soak in and I’ll have the butler prepare something for us to eat” He came back dressed and gave me a light peck on the head before walking



I let out a long sigh of relief when I saw him leave the room.

O God, I’m so embarrassed! I said to myself and screamed into my pillow.

I slowly moved my body to stand up, because my whole body was like being hit by a truck, very painful.

Trying to move step by step I headed for the bathroom and sure enough hot water was available for me.

Walking towards the mirror to wash my face and brush my teeth, I was shocked when I looked at my body from it.

O God….

Bruises everywhere, but mostly on my chest, neck and o God.. on my inner thighs!!!

Ugh! Titus, I groan in shame as I think about the things we did yesterday.

Then I looked at his claim mark on my neck.

‘Beautiful huh?’ said the voice in my head and I nodded in acknowledgment of her words ‘glad to finally be awake, I’m


I smiled ‘Hi Destine, nice to hear your voice‘ I replied.

‘Yawm.. I’m going to sleep now, last night’s events are still tiring me out, see you later‘



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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Looking down at myself and exhaling, I was relieved that I now had a wolf, no longer a wolfless she–wolf.

Groaning in pleasure as I stepped into the bath–up I laid my body down and let the hot water relax my tense muscles.

Then, I unconsciously fell asleep and only woke up to the delicious smell of food wafting by me from the bathroom.

A hand stroke my cheek lovingly and I open my eyes to see Titus lean on the edge of bath up staring closely at me “I want to say you’re going to catch a cold but remember now you have your wolf so I guess I just want to say, the food is ready, my queen” I can’t help but lean on his touch with a smile, content with happiness I feel right now.

“It’s your faults, you tire me” I responded and he grinned with happiness and proudness, knowing what he did to tire me like this.

He grab the towel then put it around me and wrap an arms around me to eaily lift me.

When he had just walked one step he froze and I looked up to see him staring at my body with a shocked look.

“What is it?”

“Your body” He frowned and I just realized what shocked him. I was also surprised when I saw my body at the beginning, I guess that’s what shocked him, the bruises.

I cupped his face to make his gaze away from my bruised body and gave him an assuring smile “I’m fine, it’s nothing” I said and gave him a peck to take his eyes and mind off from the bruises on my body.


My stomach roar again and I’m glad it could make him smile a little before start walking again with me in his arms.

Chapter 33

“Dr Rupert, what are you doing here?” An hour later I was surprised to see Dr. Rupert knocked on my room and entered with his equipment such as a stethoscope and his doctor’s bag. Shouldn’t he still be in mourning?

Why is he here?

more like

Dr. Rupert smiled a little “The King asked me, no, begged me to examine you, he doesn’t trust any other doctor but me, he pleaded to check your condition, my queen” My mouth dropped open in shock at his explanation.

Titus and his over thinking, oh my!!!

My face immediately turned red with embarrassment, although no one teased me, even Alexa and Dee looked worried.


“I’m fine, just a few bruises and hmm… some umm… the king’s hickey” I stammered, embarrassed to explain the cause of the bruises on my body with an increasingly red face.

“But, your wolf has risen, those wounds should have healed, my queen” Alexa countered with Dee’s nod.


Yes, I already have my wolf, I said to myself, it should have the speed of healing like other she–wolves.

She was still asleep it seemed, because I couldn’t hear her voice in my head.

Dr. Rupert nodded and made me look at him “They’re right, you shouldn’t be this weak and that bruise should have started to disappear” Then he pulled my hand and saw that the marks of my nail turning into claws were still injured.


The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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“Do white wolves have different healing rates?” Alexa asked and I raised an eyebrow.

White wolf? My wolf?

“I can’t answer that, because this is a special case” Dr. Rupert replied to Alexa which made me even more confused.

“So what’s wrong with the white wolf? My wolf?” I asked quickly when I heard them talking about it as if it was a rare thing.

My eyebrows shot up as I saw three pairs of eyes staring at me as if my question was strange.

Okay… looks like I need to find out something.

“Why are you so fond of the library?” I looked up from my book and saw Mellisa sitting on the couch in front of me flipping through a book with a bored expression.

I smiled amusedly at the female witch in front of me “What are you doing here?”

Alexa snorted in annoyance “I told you the Alpha king forbade you to do that!”

Mellisa just shook her hands unconcerned “Blah… blah… blah… he’s the one who ordered me to protect your queen, you know?!” she said casually and I could see how upset Alexa and Dee were who could only fold their hands on their chests.

“D*mn witch!” Dee murmured with rolled eyes.

“I heard that!!”

I just laughed and shook my head at their behavior, it seems that werewolves‘ suspicion of witches is still there.

“Why are you here, Mellisa?” My brow furrowed as I asked her softly.

“I just went to your bedroom but you weren’t there, that’s why I’m using my magic to find you, it’s easier” She explained with

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

and no one has ever had one other than her, well… Now you, how cool is that” I was wide–eyed with shock, no wonder they were talking about it as if no one had ever experienced what was happening to me right now,

“The King has informed that he is the one who will explain to the Queen… Tsk… you’re really….” Dee cackled in an

while glaring at the witch unhappily.

Mellisa gasped mischievously “I don’t have a mind link, how would I know!” She replied as if not afraid of Titus‘ anger and 1 couldn’t help but giggle at her.

She really is hilarious,

“Thank you,” I said and made the witch snicker happily while pointing at me,

“See, even your Queen is thanking me!” She yelled happily then stuck out her tongue naughtily before using her magic to disappear from my sight.

Ooo… That’s what Titus forbade

She can appear wherever she wants… wow…

“Is she always like this?” I asked Alexa and Dee who rolled their eyes in annoyance,

“Don’t trust her too much, my queen, no witch can be trusted” Alexa commented and I just smiled at her, yup, trust in witches still hasn’t healed it seems,

“The king is coming, my queen, he’s a little upset why you left the room when Dr. Rupert said you should rest” Dee informed and this time I was the one who rolled my eyes hearing it.

Even when I had my wolf, he still tried to protect me too much like this?!

Does he think my bruises mean I have to stay in bed for days?!

“Didn’t he have a meeting with Alpha Richard from the south?” I asked my two guards, “Why is it over so soon?”

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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I tried to collect my books and put a mark on the book I was reading so that I could immediately head back to my room and meet my mate there.

“Because I heard someone who I thought was resting was in the library when she had been told to rest by the doctor” My eyes widened at the answer coming from the door and the voice that answered was not from Alexa or Dee, but from a heavy voice that sounded angry and annoyed.



Chapter 34
Third Party POV:
“The white wolf has risen, whoever possesses it will not only have extraordinary power but will also become a world leader’
A prophecy has emerged and Gwen’s existence is in danger not only as the king’s mate but also because of her white-wolf.
All the people who know have been ordered not to reveal their voices to anyone, but until when?
There are already many questions being asked about this white wolf, who it is and the greed to possess it that the Alphas are starting to desire, but I don’t know if the Rogue leader has heard about it as well.
Magic may have disappeared, but not a few who are
descendants of witches still have it in some places outside the kingdom, because the current situation is different from 50 years ago, the ownership and belief in witches began to exist and be owned by werewolves.
It was also the king’s change in outlook that changed the thinking towards these witches.
It took a very long time, but I am grateful that Rolf Titus or the King has different thoughts towards my kin, one of the reasons why I live and accompany him, because of that trust.
“Mell, you alright?”
Drake, who was my mate, asked with a worried look on his face as I lay limply on the bed as he entered the room.
He knew my condition if falling asleep like this meant something.
Yes, protecting the Alpha king’s mate was taking its toll on me, especially since she had such incredible strength.
He sat up and rubbed my cheek affectionately “The queen?” He
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
asked understandingly.
I smiled and nodded “There is something, a powerful darkness, trying to .. hurting her”
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“Prophecy about the white-wolf really exist?” He asked and I nodded…
The white-wolf, said to be a rare wolf only possessed by the moon goddess herself, is known to have immense power, almost surpassing the Lycan which is also a legend too, which is only possessed by the Alpha king who currently has the power of over 100 werewolves.
Many Alphas want to overthrow Rolf Titus from the position of king by owning this white-wolf, but it is unexpected that his mate is the owner of the rare white wolf.
Talking about destiny or punishment?
I don’t know what will happen to them.
“It used to be said that the white wolf was said to be able to defeat the Titan, because of that many Alphas who were greedy and wanted to overthrow the king’s position wanted it” I explained to my mate who was lying beside me and wrapped her arms around my body.
“And lately I’ve been feeling a high power around the outside of the kingdom, like it wants to pierce my shield” I added seriously and made him stiffly surprised.
“Does the king know this?” He asked quickly and I nodded. “The reason I will often be around the queen and conjure her so that I can always protect her” I replied and made him let out a long breath, he knew it was his duty to protect the king and I as his mate was also my duty to protect the queen, we knew our obligations and what we had to do, but that didn’t mean it was a simple task and didn’t make him worry because sometimes things get difficult when he couldn’t protect me.
He tightened his embrace and kissed my forehead “Then be
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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careful” He said softly which made me smile happily because I received his affection.
Like the king, he too had resigned himself to not finding his fated mate, until the king helped me and brought us together.
It was the most beautiful thing that happened in my life, finding him…
“The queen is important, but you’re the most important person to me, Mell, take care of yourself, okay?” He said while hugging me, he knew it was only a matter of time until I fell asleep due to the fatigue I felt and it felt good to fall asleep in his warm embrace.
Back to Gwen’s Point of View:
Where am I?
“Why don’t you have your wolf?” That voice..
“I don’t know” That’s…
Why am I looking at this bad memory again?
‘Because I want to know…’
“You see the woman I’m with is more worthy than you…So don’t think you deserve to be my mate”
He dares reject us?!
“I’m a king, it’s impossible to be with a wolfless girl like you. I hope you understand”
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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I gasped in shock and opened my eyes as I felt my body about to change.
“Gwen?” Titus’ voice rang out but I hurriedly ran to the balcony at the exact moment the change happened and jumped easily to the floor below to become my white wolf self.
‘Why get in my way? He dares to reject us! We should teach him a lesson? Just because I’m not awake yet he rejects you?!’
‘Destine… calm down…’
HOOOWWWWLLLLLL…. An answering roar sounded and from the strength of the voice, it was Titus.
Several wolves were already around me and they bowed their heads respectfully towards me.
The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard and from the angry gesture Destine showed, it seemed to be Titus.
D**n, what will my wolf do to him?
‘Destine, he’s already apologised, he’s already admitted he was wrong, please calm down’ I tried to persuade my furious wolf but from the heavy breathing that the murderous stare gave when Titus came into view, I knew that it was futile.
“TITUS, RUN..!!!!” I tried to scream but it seemed to fail because I was currently in wolf form.
As Titus stepped forward, I saw the warriors stepping backwards, as if on his command.
Mind link!
Then a surprising thing happened…
Titus bowed his wolf body towards me followed by the rest of
the wolves around us.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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He lowered himself before me without caring that we were not alone this time.
He, the Alpha king, bowed to me.
Oh. My. G*d!!!

Chapter 35 

Rolf Titus Point of View

The entire kingdom was shocked by the angry energy emanating from the white–wolf that was their queen.

Confused, shocked and not knowing the cause of the anger made all the people feel pain in their hearts.

There had never been anything like this.

Was this the power of the white wolf that was one of the

powers of the moon goddess herself?

Even Titus, the king, had never been able to do something like this to his people.

However, Wolf, the king’s wolf, knew the cause.

“She found out” Wolf told his human who nodded before

following his mate and turning into his wolf.

Not knowing that the white wolf’s power was this great, he was

not afraid but proud that this was his fated mate.

Admiration could be heard and felt coming from all the people, especially the warriors around him.

Fearless and knowing that he had to appease the anger of his past st* pidity, Titus and the Wolf realised that he had to face it.

He had said that ‘I will try to take care of Gwen even if my soul is at stake‘ in front of his family and people and he meant it, it was time he showed that he would truly put his fated mate before himself, that she was the most important thing in his life right now.

Therefore as he bowed his wolf body and was followed by all the neighbouring warriors who knew that the position of his woman was more important than him, the Alpha king.

Wolf winced sadly and tried to reach Destine who was still so


13-12 [

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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angry that she ignored his call.


As Destine turned and ran towards the forest, I quickly followed behind her.

‘Don’t follow us, just make sure the parameters are safe‘ I ordered all the warriors and guards so that nothing could hurt my mate, especially when she was in her current state.

Looking around and the direction she was running, I knew where she was going…

It only took me 10 minutes to catch up to her.

Her eyes looked at me with an angry gaze as I arrived at the waterfall, waiting for me.

As I stepped closer, she surprisingly transformed back into a human and sat on her back staring at the waterfall in front of her.

“Destine was so upset that she couldn’t bear to look at you right now and not kill you” I heard her say without looking away.


I easily returned to my human body while continuing to walk towards her.

I took the clothes and blankets that were located behind the tree that was used for anyone in need. There were some clothes available in a hidden place that only my people and I knew in this entire forest and my territory.

I put on a pair of shorts and a t–shirt before slowly covering my mate’s naked body with the blanket I brought to her who was still sitting up staring at the waterfall.

“What about you? Are you angry too?” I asked and sat down beside her keeping my distance.

For the first time in my life, I was afraid of someone, yes, I was afraid of her, afraid because this woman beside me was able to



The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

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do things that others could not do to me.

Only she is able to hurt without bleeding and make me go to the darkness despair for a long time without end…


As she turned her head and I met her locked gaze with mine, I found a warmth that Destine had not given me before.

She gives me a small smile that makes me breathe a little easier “I’ve long forgiven your st* pidity, Titus” Her words reassure me and with one swift motion, I pull her body and hold her close as if I’m afraid she’ll change her mind and leave me.

“Your wolf is awesome” I exclaimed and made her chuckle.

“Never thought I’d be that great” she commented and we laughed together.

I tightened my embrace as I inhaled her scent which was currently my favourite scent.

“You’re bowing before me, why?” She asked and made me step back a little to find her eyes.

I stroked her cheek “Because you are the most important thing to me and everyone should know that, I’m not the king in front of you, you’re my leader” I said seriously and she looked shocked but so beautiful that I couldn’t help but kiss her open mouth.

She smiled “Destine likes your words” she whispered and I smiled as I continued to stroke her cheek.

“And I mean it” I add and feel her finger stroking my jaw gently which almost makes me moan in pleasure from her touch.

“It turns out that wolves really have a temperament,” she continue and I laughed because maybe she needed time to get used to it, because it’s true that we, werewolves, have a very irritable temperament “I thought your emotions and arrogance were terrible, it turns out that since Destine, I’m just the same She added and I couldn’t help but smile.

The rejection that I did, for Destine who was a wolf, was a

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

+5 vouchers 

terrible thing that she could not forgive, Wolf and I understood very well why she was that angry, no, not angry but more like disappointed.

Wolf also hated me when I did that st* pidity, even though the reason was to protect her, but I should have been manly and accepted it at that time by starting to act as a real mate.

That’s why I promised that I would replace the sadness and time that passed with happiness, no more words of rejection and she is the most important thing for me.

Everyone should know that…

Meanwhile from outside their place…

What is this feeling?

It seems that the white–wolf Destine’s power affects not only the people in the kingdom, but also some of the werewolves around her, as well as other creatures.

Jack gasped as he felt a sudden sadness that made his wolf bow its head due to the pain.

“What is it, Morena?” He asked his mate who was staring at the sky from their bedroom window.

“White–wolf…?” She whispered in surprise and Jack was wide–eyed.

Jack didn’t know that white wolves actually existed and weren’t legends.

It is said that only the white–wolf which is a wolf only owned by the moon Goddess can conquer the Alpha king, does it really exist?

For years he had never heard his mate mention this, why now?

“Are you serious? White–wolf exists?” He quickly asked, wanting to possess the moon Goddess’s power in order to achieve his


13 12

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

+5 vouchers

“I’ll have to look into it more” replied the witch who was his partner before disappearing from his sight.

Unable to help but smile, Jack was already fantasizing the beautiful things that would happen if she found his white–wolf, yes, it was his, with the power that only existed in legends, then no one could defeat him if he had the white–wolf.

Even the Alpha King who is said to have the power of 100 werewolves will not be able to defeat the power of the Moon Goddess.

“I must have the power of the white–wolf,” he declared with a burning determination that could be seen from his fiery eyes.

Chapter 36
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Something, not someone is watching us…
Destine instinct tells me and I look back before running after the thing leaving Titus confused, but he follows me quickly. “What’s wrong?” He asked quickly, seeing my serious face.
“Something’s watching us.” I said quickly then stopped in at clearing in the middle of the deepest forest and saw something flying above.
A ghost?
‘A witch’ corrected Destine as she watched the witch’s movements before disappearing.
Footsteps stopped behind me and I turned to look at my mate who looked confused “What’ is it?”
“Call Drake” I ordered before wrapping the blanket back around my body and walking towards the palace.
The witch’s face looks like Mellisa, but her aura is not her.
I’ve heard them mention that name, but I need to confirm first.
Destine’s instincts are so great, I was a little surprised when I felt the power within me from her awakening in me.
‘Is it all related to Titus’ past?’ Destine asked and I nodded slowly in response.
‘One of the reasons he made that st**id rejection’ I told her.
‘Idiot’ She cursed in annoyance when I reminded her about the rejection.
‘Are you still angry?” I asked.
I felt her rolling her eyes as if my question was really st**id.
13 13
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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‘Duh..’ she responded before I felt her disappear from my head.
Is this what it feels like to have a wolf inside you?
It’s like having someone, a part of us that you can trust completely because it’s also you.
I never knew that this is what it’s like to have a wolf, aside from the volatile and explosive emotions, the strength that wolves have is beyond belief.
The touch of a hand on my back startled me so I jumped slightly and growled to realize that it was just my mate.
“Did you talk to Destine?” he asked softly before taking my right hand and we walked hand in hand together towards the palace.
I nodded in response.
“What did you see there?” He continued.
I paused to look into his eyes, wondering whether or not I should tell the man beside me?
‘He has a right to know, he’s our mate and will protect us’ Destine replied, surprising me.
Titus raised an eyebrow, a sign that he was getting impatient and waited for my answer.
I smiled a little at him before saying ” A witch is trying to get into the protection of our territory” I replied and saw him widen his eyes in shock.
“That’s why you called Drake, to ask Mellisa too, right?” He nodded in agreement with me.
I nodded “Because the witch’s face looks like Mellisa’s” I added which again made him startled and silent.
I know he’s probably thinking the same thing right now.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
“You see Morena?”
Mellisa, who had the same face as the woman I saw out there, asked in surprise.
She looks weak…
‘She’s exhausted’ Destine added.
I see… I nodded my head understanding that what we saw out there was not this witch who was in front of us.
Aura… scent… everything is different…
‘Wow… you’re a fast learner Gwen’ Destine complimented me on my head which made me roll my eyes.
Three pairs of eyes looked at me and made me realize that they were waiting for an answer from me, who had been silent while talking with Destine in my head.
Drake and Mellisa laugh in understanding “Your white-wolf doesn’t seem to have left your head, does it?” Titus said while stroking my cheek.
Yes, we are now inside Titus’ soundproof office wearing neat clothes, unlike when we were in the forest earlier.
5 minutes after we entered the office, Mellisa and Drake knocked on the door and entered and Titus began to explain why we had called them.
“How can you see witches, Gwen?” Mellisa asked and both men looked intrigued as if they had just realized that her question
was correct.
I shrugged, at a loss for how to explain.
“Destine?” Titus asked and I looked at him before nodding my
“She sensed something watching in the distance.”
Mellisa nodded “White-wolf power” she commented quietly
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
“Even I can’t sense it, maybe we can train together….”
“No!” Titus’ stern roar stopped Mellisa who rolled her eyes while shaking her head.
+5 vouchers
“You have no right to talk here, Destine said she’s still upset with you” I said quickly and made him widen his eyes irritably
at me.
I just stared back at him with a defiant look that I knew only I could muster.
We stared at each other with no one looking away because no one wanted to lose.
I don’t know where my courage came from, but since Destine’s presence, it’s like another personality has emerged within me. Strength, courage, and confidence that I didn’t have before.
Drake and Mellisa burst out laughing when they saw us trying to kill each other with our stares.
“You have an opponent, my king” Drake commented and made my mate grumble while leaving the room by slamming the door very hard.
Talk about exaggeration and arrogance, yup he’s a real pro!
“Is he always like this?” I asked the Beta, Drake who nodded.
“He’s the Alpha king and no one has ever stood up to him, so…” I nodded and he didn’t need to continue, just smiled. “He’s scared, for the first time he has a fear of something, and for the first time he looks like a normal werewolf” Drake added and made me raise an eyebrow.
“Normal werewolf?”
He just nodded but didn’t explain further…
Drake was the one who had accompanied him for a long time, and he must have known everything about my mate.
‘In time, we’ll know everything about him, just be patient’ Destine said and I nodded to agree with her.

Chapter 37
“The king is running rampage on the practice field” Alexa informed me and I just raised an eyebrow.
“Really?” I asked interestedly, knowing the reason why he was angry at the moment.
She and Dee nodded together “All the warriors, guards and teenage boys who were in training were bombarded with hard training and running around the entire territory” Dee added with a grimace as if imagining it.
“Everyone is calling for you, my queen” Alexa giggled “As if asking for your help”
Dee laughed with her and shook her head along with my other guards in the room.
“Do you think I should come see it?” I asked innocently and made them raise their eyebrows with mischievous looks.
“What the king needs right now is your loving touch, queen” Albert commented followed by a giggle from Paul and Frank from behind.
Those guys! I said to myself with a roll of my eyes.
Then I had an idea, so I walked towards the kitchen and called out to the butler who rushed over to me before I even reached the kitchen.
“The Queen called?” He asked frantically as if he was afraid there was something important he had to do.
I smiled soothingly “I heard that the king is draining the energy of those who are practicing in the field, may I ask you to make a lot of snacks for those who are being drained by my cranky mate?” The butler hoverer laughed and nodded firmly at my request.
“I’ll have some ser**nts help prepare it immediately, my
13 13
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“One more…” I stopped him who hurriedly turned towards me again “For the king, help me prepare it can you? I am not a woman who can cook, but I want to prepare something for him” He smiled again before nodding and bowing his body respectfully
“Sure, I’m more than proud and honor to be able to help you”
Well, at least hopefully this will ease the man’s anger, I thought with a sigh.
What a cranky Alpha king, like to get angry every time!
‘Well he is our mate, like it or not’ Destine retorted quickly.
I know…
“Wow… this…” Alexa and Dee were mesmerized as they brought out the food prepared by the ser**nts outside. I told them to take them to the flower garden beside the main palace, with the flowers blooming beautifully. I thought it was a great place to rest while having a garden feast.
A long table was set up in the center for them to easily take the food they liked.
I raised my hand and saw that it was already 3pm, a good time
to rest.
“Should I come to invite them?” I asked Alexa and Dee who immediately nodded in agreement.
“There is no stopping the king but you, my queen,” said the butler, surprising me from behind as he cleared the table. Ugh.. Cowards, sacrificing me so easily, I grumbled in annoyance but understood why they were like that but still….. “Wow.. a feast party” Mellisa suddenly appeared beside me. I smiled at her and shook my head “When we were getting ready where were you? Just coming now” I said and saw her
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
just giggle while sticking her tongue out at Alexa and Dee who grumbled at the sight of her.
They really didn’t get along with this white witch, I sighed.
“That’s good, Drake is almost crazy from fatigue, your mate is….. for goodness sake..” I couldn’t help but laugh to hear her talk about Titus, was he that bad?
Without further ado, I turned around and headed to the field where I knew they were practicing from the morning.
“One more time!”
I could hear the stern command in Titus’ voice as he walked closer to the field where they were practicing.
“wow…” Alexa’s quiet comment rang out to me and yes, wow, he really did exhaust everyone.
Destine, give me a hand, I said to my wolf who I knew was currently rolling her eyes at me…
‘Yeah… yeah…’ She replied lazily
Here we go…
“Titus…” I called out softly and everything came to a halt as they began to turn with pleading eyes towards me.
No one spoke or moved as the Alpha King lifted his head and started walking towards me.
“What…” He said harshly as he walked.
I tried to hold back my laughter at what I thought was a funny situation, he didn’t look pleased but I could tell from Destine that Wolf was roaring with pleasure as he began to smell our
What a boy!
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“I’m training them, what are you doing here?” He asked again and I smiled as I handed him a bottle of cold water.
“Let’s rest, I made something for you and all those who have practiced hard today” I said sweetly trying to calm the man in front of me who was stubborn and seemed to be still annoyed with me.
Everyone held their breath waiting for their king’s answer and I tried hard not to laugh at the situation.
“Come on, I cooked something for you, you know” I said softly while holding his hand and trying to be spoiled for him.
His eyebrows raised and I knew that he was losing.
“You cooked?” He asked in a tone that wasn’t as cold as before and was starting to sound warm to my ears.
I nodded “Helped by the chefs and butlers, but yes… I made something for you” He said still trying to be spoiled and started pulling his hand to move “Come on”
I saw him exhale a long breath with his eyes closed before he finally gave a small smile.
I returned his smile with a nod and he rolled his eyes, knowing
that he lost.
“You heard your queen, rest everyone!” The order was loud and firm and I heard everyone exhale and cheer before we started walking towards the flower garden beside the palace.
His eyebrows furrowed together as he grabbed my arm, yanking me only to crash into his body as he held me still “I have all the time in the world, never fear death but for patience.. “He paused and took a long deep breath “Why do you always try to make me show my impatience?!”
Before I could answer him, he kissed me roughly and deeply which made my legs weak so that I lost my mind until this moment I could not think what I was doing now.
I’m in the thrall of his intoxicating love as my blood boils with
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
increasing desire.
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I don’t understand him, how could he get angry and then kiss me like this in just a few seconds?
As he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist I couldn’t help but think that we were in a public area with everyone around us.
The sound of loud cheer was heard and made me remember our place.
D*mn it!!!
Pulling my face away and trying to contain my desire while taking a deep breath, I rested my face on his chest, embarrassed.
“I thought you were angry” I teased and heard him exhale while flicking my forehead “ouch!”
“I’m angry” he said annoyed “Angry because I know I will definitely lose to you” he grumbled and I looked at him with a smile, yes, so far no one dared to go against him and I was not someone who always obeyed or followed his words.
“Aren’t you embarrassed?” I reached out and tried to get away from him, who was still clinging to my body.
He clucked in annoyance “After all this time I’ve been alone? Everyone should understand, why do I have to hold back on my own mate? If they have a problem, just deal with me” I snorted while shaking my head at his arrogant words.
What an arrogant a*s!hapter 38
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8 Lunas from different regions were attacked or harmed by the rogue, some of them were seriously injured and some were only scratched because they managed to survive and fight the evil rogue.
Luna Richard, Luna Ken, Luna Mic**el, Luna Mike, Luna Blake, Luna Tommy, Luna Ares and Luna Ben.
My eyes widened when I heard Luna Blake’s name was one of the seriously injured.
Gazing at my partner meaningfully and sadly, Titus slowly walked towards me and held my clasped hands in my lap. He knelt down and touched my tear-stained cheek knowing that my mother was one of the Luna’s who was still unconscious due to the injuries caused by the rogues.
Drake and the few warriors who delivered this news fell silent. as they knew the worry that I was feeling due to this news.
“Why are the Luna’s being targeted all of a sudden?” Titus asked Bert, who was someone who was able to read war tactics and had accompanied Titus for almost 100 years.
I raised my eyebrows when I saw Bert glancing at me.
“Me?” I asked in surprise and he nodded.
“The rumors about the white-wolf have already spread, somehow, they know that the owner of the white-wolf is Luna, so…”
“That’s why they’re attacking the Luna of the strongest territory owner, to check if one of them is the owner” Titus finished Bert’s words as he nodded in affirmation.
“Why didn’t they think it was me?” I asked, confused and feeling guilty.
Titus sighed and stroked my head “They know you don’t have a
The Alpha King’s Luled Mate
wolf, so…
“Don’t think that I’m the one with the white-wolf” I continued and he nodded
I read and heard that whoever possesses the white-wolf, which is the Moon Goddess’ wolf, will have extraordinary powers, but never thought that they would be willing to hurt each other to possess it.
Titus’ touch brought me back from my negative thoughts and feelings of guilt, he looked at me as if to say ‘it’s not your fault’ but still I felt it was my fault.
I thought not having a wolf was bad, but when I have one, why is it worse?
Sorry Destine, I said to myself, as if I wasn’t grateful to have
‘I understand’ she replied calmly.
Yes, I was glad to have her anyway, glad that Destine was my wolf, no matter if she wasn’t a white-wolf.
“Organize some warriors and healers to show the 8 territories of the wounded Luna” Titus ordered and I knew that he had to go separately by me who would definitely go to my parents before going anywhere else “We must immediately help and support them”
“You’re going to Alpha Ares and Richard’s place?” I asked knowing that they were the most important alliance not only were they strong but their territories were the largest.
He nodded “Are you okay to go to your parents’ house by yourself?” He asked while stroking my head and still kneeling in front of me.
I smiled “I have Albert, Paul and the others with me, I’ll be fine” I crooned softly but was glad that he understood that I had to visit my mom immediately to find out her condition.
He let out a long sigh before cupping my face gently and
The Upha King’s Eated Mate
+5 voucher.
leaning closer to his face “Be careful” He said softly which I know must have startled the people around him, their Alpha king is not a man who is being gentle in front of them but I nodded with a soothing smile “You know what will happen to me if something happens to you, take care of yourself, okay?” My eyes looked into his eyes that were looking at me seriously, I knew he meant it, that I meant that much to him.
Unconcerned about the presence of Beta and the Warriors in his study, I kissed my Mate passionately on the lips to show him that I understood and that he mattered to me.
“Drake? Mell? you coming with me?” The next day I was surprised to see Beta with his mate waiting for me in the living
They smiled while Mell yawned widely as if she was still very tired which made my two female guards grumble as they looked at her.
Wow, this is going to be fun, Destine said and I nodded in agreement with her words.
Titus is coming with Bert and the castle will be guarded by Harry, the third person after Titus and Drake that I’ve seen today.
“It’s nice to finally meet the queen” he said respectfully and stiffly.
Drake rolled his eyes “He’s the stiffest person after Titus, why am I surrounded by serious people like them anyway?” he muttered and I just laughed softly.
“Hello, Harry, nice to meet you and take care of the castle,” I said and ignored Drake.
Titus walked over and wrapped his arms around me.
“Okay, time to go” Drake commented back before turning to walk with his mate to the car outside.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mare
I couldn’t help but laugh at the beta’s behaviour which was very different from my mate, who was currently staring at his beta with a murderous look of annoyance.
He just sighed before looking back at me “Be careful okay?” He said for the umpteenth time.
I smiled and touched his check “You too, I’d be really sad if you got hurt, you know?” I said spoilt and made him smile
contentedly at my words.
Knowing that time was running out and we had to leave soon, Titus cupped my face and kissed me with deep passion as if to show his heart’s objection to parting with me.
I gave him the same attention by returning his passionate kiss with the same passion.
“I love you, Gwen” he says as he pulls back his face and makes me smile with longing for his openness to show his feelings for me publicly.
“Finally… Ugh!” Drake commented as we walked hand in hand out to the car which turned into a moan of pain as Titus hit him hard on the head.
I just shook my head at their behaviour.
We would be travelling in 3 cars, Albert, Frank with Alexa with me, then, Paul and Dee with Drake and Mellisa, the third car contained some of the strongest warriors owned by Titus specifically assigned to protect us all.
They all bowed respectfully as Titus and I passed by, I nodded my head as I remembered them all.
Behind us were more than 15 other cars that were also
travelling to other areas.
Titus who will be going with Bert and the other warriors will be travelling around the 8 regions, we will be meeting at my mum’s house as she will also be heading there.
I kissed his cheek before getting into the car and waved
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
goodbye as we set off.
Hope nothing bad happens…
For some reason, I feel like this is a trap’ Destine said, surprising me.
I hope it’s not, I pray…
Send gift

Chapter 39
After half an hour, we moved to the plane that Titus had prepared for us, as we got out of the car I looked at Mellisa who had also been looking at me.
I slowly approached her “Do you feel something strange?” I asked quietly as I continued to walk up to the aircraft.
She just nodded while glancing at me as if to tell me not to talk here.
I picked up the bag that I had told Alexa to bring and gave it to Mellisa who raised a confused eyebrow.
“Your disguise” I said and she opened the bag to find a wig she could use.
Yes, I’m afraid that her face, which is the twin of Morena, can be easily recognised so one way is to disguise herself.
It doesn’t hurt to be more cautious especially in these tense. conditions, where we can’t trust anyone other than our family.
Destine had the idea to make Mellisa unrecognisable, so I quickly asked Alexa to bring some wigs and make-up in different bags when I saw that Mellisa was part of the team that would be visiting my mother.
She smiled in understanding and I just blinked my eyes then sat down on the seat that Alexa had set up next to her.
‘Keep your eyes open and pay attention to your surroundings, recognise your bodyguards and memorise their auras’ were the words Destine emphasised firmly.
A new lesson for me and one that I’m doing because she’s right, I can’t let my guard down.
I must always be vigilant so that nothing happens to me, not only for me, but also for my mate.
“I heard you were coming?” Alice’s text made me smile.
The Alda Kong’s inted Mate
“Yeah, I’ll see you there” I replied briefly, there was no need to ask her about what happened, I’d be able to see for myself.
News of the visit of the Alpha king and his warriors had already spread and some Alphas breathed a sigh of relief when they were visited by royal warriors in their territory who would help to protect their parameters.
From a distance, some of the rogue spies noticed that many vehicles from the royal territory began to exit their parameters and head in different directions to different places.
Without knowing who and what was inside, they divided the team to follow the direction of these vehicles from afar and undetected after they put something under the road, trying to hurt them.
They knew the strength of the Alpha king’s warriors so they tried to ambush them.
Only with clever tactics did they believe they could overthrow the king and his guards, but it was no easy feat.
Jack, the rogue leader suspected that the owner of the white-wolf was the king’s mate, but rumors circulated that the woman was a werewolf who did not have a wolf, so it was impossible if she owned it, so he ordered his men to find out by forcibly removing wolves from the strongest luna he knew.
But all failed because no one had a white-wolf.
Was it just a rumor?
Rolf Titus Point of View:
“What the f*ck?!”
Explosions occurred at several exits from the palace perimeter, cars exiting the parameters of the royal area were blown up and the warriors inside rushed to turn into their wolves to
The Alpina Kung’s Feed Mate
protect themselves and their companions.
“My king…” The king’s guards hurriedly looked back to check on the king who had already opened the car door and stepped out to transform into his big black wolf.
Harry, who was in charge of guarding the kingdom, had closed the entrance based on orders from the king knowing that he was able to protect himself out there.
Titus knew that there were some rogues monitoring them from Mellisa and the guards were happy that he had told his mate to use another road instead of the main road to get to Alpha Blake territory.
They think they have us trapped, but they are the ones trapped, Titus thought happily with a cruel frown as his powerful warriors followed behind the king.
Gwen is on her way, I hope she’s safe and I believe Drake and others will always look out for her.
Now, it’s time to beat the mosquitoes to death.
The rogues who were surprised at the reaction of the king and his guards as if they knew and were ready for their presence, retreated slightly as slowly step by step the king’s group approached them.
50 against no more than 20 people including the king himself….
They thought that they won because they had more people, but they forgot about the power of the king who was said to have the strength of 100 werewolves.
‘Save 2-3 people for us to torture and find out’ The king ordered firmly before starting to move and advance towards the wolf rogues in front of them.
At full speed the king managed to sever the heads of two large wolves that were blocking his path and left several rogues
he Alpha Kings Fated Mate
shocked at the sight.
They, who had only heard about the king’s power, this time saw it with their own eyes and regretted having dared to challenge the king.
Without mercy, Titus and the royal guards behind him killed the rogues mercilessly and within 10 minutes there were 5 wolf rogues left, two of which had been severely wounded and were only a matter of time away from suffocation due to blood loss.
All the remaining rogues widened their eyes as the king transformed into his human form as if to mock the wolf power of the rogues.
“Surrender and you will be forgiven” he said casually as he sat cross-legged in the middle of the battle as if he didn’t care about the danger he was in.
The warriors around him hurriedly surrounded the king, afraid that someone would dare to try to kill him, but the king just sat relaxed as if he didn’t care about it which made the guards even more nervous.
“You were told by Jack? What did he say? 50 people are enough to beat me? You guys are good enough to beat me?” Titus spoke again and mocked the rogues by belittling them, which he knew would make them angry.
“Have you ever thought that if it was that easy then Jack would have been king by now” He continued as he shook his head and laughed sarcastically “What fools and weaklings”
Just as he predicted, two wolf rogues advanced to attack him simultaneously from the side but before their guards could move, everyone was wide-eyed in shock as the king quickly stood up and ran towards the wolves and still in his human form he easily broke the necks of not one but two powerful werewolves.
Cra***k!!! Drop….
Titus dropped the head of the last werewolf he severed to the ground and made the other rogues bow their heads in defeat. This is the power of the Alpha king…
Rolf Titus became the Alpha king until now not because he was just a descendant of Osmund, but because he was the strongest wolf the kingdom ever had and no one could defeat him.
“You” The king pointed at one rogue who immediately
trembled violently, fearing that he would-be killed as well as his other colleagues.
It was the first time he had seen a werewolf in human form easily defeat not one but several werewolves in their wolf form as easily as the king before his eyes.
Behold the Alpha king before his eyes…
“Tell Jack, I’m waiting for him to defeat me in a manly way without sending his weak men, if he wants to defeat me, prove it!”
The king’s gaze and the aura of power that was possessed by the man in front of him made the rogue know that the man in front of him deserved to be the Alpha king of the werewolves. Bowing in shame and defeat, he nodded before turning and running back to the rogues’ base to deliver the king’s message to the rogues’ leader, Jack.
Someone gave the king clothes to wear while others brought in the remaining living rogues to be taken into custody.
However, instead of entering the palace with the other guards, Titus started running in the opposite direction as if challenging the remaining rogues out there.
The king’s four bodyguards swiftly followed behind as their Alpha king ran in the opposite direction, swiftly running
Alisha King’s hated Mate
alongside the kings.
They stood as if defying death without a care for danger.
Titus hoped that Gwen would not have any difficulties on her journey.
Or that anyone who dared try to harm her, would feel his wrath.

Chapter 40
He’s safe” Mellisa’s words to Drake piqued my curiosity.
Drake nodded “Yes, Harry explained everything” My eyebrows shot up at their conversation.
What’s going on?
Is there something I don’t know?
“But he’s really….” Drake added with a long sigh and I couldn’t hold back anymore.
“What’s wrong?” I asked quickly and startled the couple.
They glanced at each other and Alexa who was sitting next to me was wide-eyed as if to tell them not to say anything to me.
“What’s wrong?!” I asked again with a clear emphasis in my voice that showed I was getting annoyed.
Mellisa smiled “You didn’t know there was someone lurking around the palace yesterday?” She asked and after I thought about it, Destine told me last night that the outside was very active.
Is it why?
Did you know about this, Destine?” I asked my wolf.
‘That’s why we hurriedly left and used another way’ she replied as if it was obvious.
However, I didn’t understand it at all.
“That’s the reason Titus insisted we use the other road, isn’t it?” I said to Mellisa and Drake looked surprised at my words “Is he okay? Nothing happened?”
Drake snorts in annoyance “He blatantly challenged the rogues, it’s a good thing he’s okay, that mate of yours, what a…. Alpha king!!!”
The Alphe King’s Fated Mate
He challenged the rogues?!
Doesn’t he love his life?! I thought irritably.
Destine laughed ‘Our mate is strong you know, why are you angry?’
Why isn’t she worried?
He challenged them Drake said, what if something happens to him? I replied in annoyed.
‘Worry about those rogues, I’m sure they’re the ones who will have nightmares for daring to challenge our mate’ Destine sounded very confident when describing Titus and wanted me to believe her but is she really that strong?
“Your mate is fine, he has left for Richard’s Alpha territory now” Mellisa informed with a smile, she seemed to understand
my concern.
I hurriedly took out my phone, not caring that we were currently up in the sky boarding a plane, I searched for his
‘Why not use the mind link?’ Destine said.
‘You know I haven’t mastered it yet’ I grumble in annoyance at my wolf who is currently laughing at me inside my head, d*mn her!
I hurriedly typed on my mobile phone ‘are you okay? are you hurt? why didn’t you say you were going to act?’ I wrote quickly and sent it straight away.
My phone rang and I saw that it was him calling me.
“Are you okay?” I answered quickly as I picked up the phone.
I wanted to be angry but I was also worried about this man.
Ugh… annoying!
Who leaked it? Drake or Mellisa?’ He asked quickly and I rolled
my eyes at that.
“Destine” I replied and Drake smiled as he looked at me, like he could hear our conversation on the phone and my answer satisfied him.
‘I ser’
“Why don’t you want me to know? Have you forgotten that I now have Destine? You can’t hide anything from us” I demanded irritably and made him laugh there.
D*mn, are my words funny to him? I thought irritably and raised my eyebrows.
“Titus! Don’t laugh, I’m serious!” I said but hearing him still laughing I hurriedly hung up and switched off my mobile phone “What a pr**k!” I grumbled and threw my mobile phone into my bag.
“Alpha called, he said to turn on your phone” Drake said with an annoying grin that made me stick out my tongue before turning my face away from him.
“Tell him ‘you b*tch, just let him worry and I won’t switch on my phone” Drake looked scared after I said it to him but I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, uncared for his dilemma.
You’re so childish, Gwen’ Destine said and I just continued to pretend to sleep, ignoring her too.
Shouldn’t I be worried?
I know Titus is strong and he became the alpha king for a reason, but what’s wrong with worrying?
And he should also open up to me about anything…
I’m next to him not just as a display, but as his mate.
If I don’t do this, when will he understand?
My eyes widened in shock when I saw the group of people
Alpha Kings Fated Mate
waiting for me at the airport.
Not just Alice, but my first brother, who would become Alpha, Ryan and some of the strongest warriors owned by Alpha Blake, my father, was there.
It was very different compared to when I came back the other day and only Alice was at the airport to pick me up.
“Gwen, my queen, welcome” Ryan greeted me stiffly and if I didn’t know it was his duty as the Alpha’s representative to greet me as the queen, not his sister, I might have insinuated it when he called me that.
“Alpha Ryan” I bowed my head to greet him politely before hugging my brother tightly “How’s mum?” I asked after that and went back to my normal behaviour after the obligatory courtesy was over.
“Dia semakin membaik” Jawabnya dan melepas pelukan kami sambil tersenyum “Senang melihatmu disini, adik kecil” tambahnya.
I smiled at Alice ang standing behind my brother before hugging her too “Hey, Alice”
She had tears in her eyes as she laughed and we hugged tightly to let go of our longing “Hello too, my queen” She replied and I hit her head lightly which made her laugh knowing that her queen call was a joke.
“Beta Drake” Ryan greeted Drake and the others behind me before we started walking and there were about 5-7 cars waiting for us ahead.
Alice and Albert were preparing to come with me while the others would use other vehicles.
Alice took my hand indicating that she would be in the same car with me.
Everyone discussed safety and things to do before finally the journey to my father’s territory began.
The Miphia King’s Fated Mate
It seems that the rogues are still everywhere and extra protection and security needs to be done so that nothing unwanted happens to me.
The king strictly ordered that I, his mate, must not be scratched or injured in the slightest.
Huh, overrated! I thought but still felt flattered.
Deciding to put my ego and annoyance aside, I took out my cell phone and turned it on.
Ping… Ping… Ping…
20 messages come in immediately and I don’t need to read them to know that it’s from Titus.
‘Arrived and safe… Please be safe’ I wrote and sent it
The phone rang and without looking to see who was calling I picked it up.
“Hello” I answered quietly.
‘Arrived? Safe?’ He asked quickly and I sighed at the worried tone coming from him.
“Yes” I replied “What about you? Are you okay?” I asked back. ‘You think a weak wolf can defeat me?’ He said arrogantly and if I had been by his side I would have hit his head.
I sighed “That’s not it, you still have to be careful… for my sake” I told him the truth, thinking that if he gets hurt or something, does he think I won’t be sad? He should know that he is also everything to me.
He fell silent to absorb my words.
‘I’m sorry’ he said softly and, I smiled at that ‘I miss you’ he added softly and almost made me blush because I knew everyone in the car and around me would be able to hear his words.
5] = 115 se{ie
“Yes,me too… Take care of yourself, I’ll call you back when I get there, okay?’ I said before hanging up and looking into Alice’s eyes who was playing with her eyebrows to tease me.
‘GWEN!!’ I gasped at the time Destine shouted my name to see one of the huge werewolf running to our car and hit it with its body.
Quickly everyone turned into their wolves, except me, yes, Destine had informed me that I needed to be careful about changing because now let them think that I was still a werewolf without a wolf that needed to be protected by my royal guard.
Panting, I watched as the car I was driving rolled over and exploded in the distance from the bronze wolf Alexa who swiftly helped me out of the vehicle.
Many other wolves arrived and tried to surround me to protect
Ryan with his brown wolf stood at the front with Albert, Drake and the other bodyguards, before we started to divide the group and I turned towards a different direction to get away from them.
We quickly started running away from the dangerous area. The purpose of the rogues is definitely to make me change, desperately, they desperately want to know if I’m really a werewolf without a wolf or not…
5 werewolves were seen chasing us from behind, but Alexa and the others did not slow down their speed and continued to run towards Alpha Blake’s territory.
It turned out that their targets were me…
That sound…
The Aishi Kings Fatell Mate
My eyes widened in shock when I heard the roar.
With a pounding heart I looked back and saw the figure of a huge black wolf belonging to someone I thought had gone to another region is there. I guess he knew enough that the target of the rogues was me so he decided to follow me without my knowledge.
“Titus…” I muttered softly.

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

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Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Read Free The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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