The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 41-50

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41
kä vouchen.
Ryan, Drake and the rest were surprised to see the car used by Gwen, their queen exploded behind them while another one got hit by a huge werewolf.
An ambush…
In panic they hurriedly stopped the car and jumped out of the car to transform into their wolves and breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the woman they were worried about on the back of her bodyguard, Alexa with Alice and the others behind the wolf.
Angry roars from the Rogues could be heard everywhere and they immediately formed a defense so that the wolf pack with their queen could quickly escape towards Alpha Blake’s territory and get help from there.
Mellisa, who was wearing a blonde wig, tried to form a shield for her mate and the queen but failed due to an obstruction that caused her power to bounce back.
-Confused, she looked around for something and accidentally
caught Gwen’s gaze that seemed to want to tell her something.
She pointed up and Mellisa immediately followed the direction of her hand to see something, no, it was the transparent woman there.
That woman…
“Morena” She whispered and as if she could hear her, the woman turned towards her and squinted hatefully at the sight of her.
Yes, that’s right, It’s Morena, she thought and met her gaze that was now locked on her.
That sound….
The Airde King’s Ford Mate
Everyone was surprised to hear the powerful roar of the king behind them and the figure of a huge black wolf running with the strongest warriors the kingdom had behind him.
The distraction made him forget about the woman up there and when he looked up to find her, she had disappeared.
They’re after Gwen…
While everyone was distracted by the arrival of their king, they forgot that there were more than 15 wolves chasing their queen ahead.
The 3 rogues had managed to injure Alice and Albert managed to protect her which made Gwen wide-eyed in surprise and wanted to turn to help her best friend.
‘No, hold Gwen, don’t change’
Those words were heard in Gwen’s head the whole time after they were attacked.
Yes, she knew that they wanted to find out about me but seeing someone she cared about hurting was too much.
“Alice…” She whispered worriedly but seeing her successfully protected by her bodyguard, she breathed a sigh of relief.
That sound….
Everyone was surprised to hear the powerful roar of the king behind them and the figure of a huge black wolf running with the strongest warriors the kingdom had behind him.
The distraction made him forget about the woman up there and when he looked up to find her, she had disappeared.
They’re after Gwen…
Alpha King & Faed Marc
While everyone was distracted by the arrival of their king, they forgot that there were more than 15 wolves chasing their queen ahead.
The 3 rogues had managed to injure Alice and Albert managed to protect her which made Gwen wide-eyed in surprise and wanted to turn to help her best friend.
‘No, hold Gwen, don’t change’
Those words were heard in Gwen’s head the whole time after they were attacked.
Yes, she knew that they wanted to find out about me but seeing someone she cared about hurt, was too much.
“Alice…” She whispered worriedly but seeing her successfully protected by her bodyguard, she breathed a sigh of relief.
Gwen was shocked and wide-eyed when she saw a large arrow pierce Alexa’s neck which made her fall so far to the ground.
“No… ALEXA!!!” She shouted in panic and hurriedly ran towards her loyal wolf bodyguard.
She already lost El, not Alexa too, she thought sadly.
Her heart was pounding hard and now Destine was trying to contain herself and her anger towards the Rogues.
Wolfbane smelled from the arrow that pierced his chest and immediately the nearby guards surrounded him who was on the ground hugging the wolf Alexa.
“Shush… shush… you’ll be fine Alexa” he cried softly with tears.
“Don’t touch it, it’s a wolfbane” Mellisa was suddenly beside her and tried to help Alexa by sucking the poison from her blood.
be Alpha King’s Fated Mac
The rogues approached and Titus and the others were still far behind.
Everyone will die if we don’t do something’ Destine said and this time I nodded.
I couldn’t just stand by and let everyone protect me.
No… I wasn’t a werewolf without a wolf that others could look down on anymore.
Titus knew my resolve and I stood up while looking into the eyes of the man who was running towards me.
“NO! ALEXA NO!” Mellisa’s scream angered Destine.
One of the rogues managed to get close and with a wave of her hand, Mellisa managed to knock her out but the witch had to seriously treat Alexa.
Unbeknownst to them, an arrow with powerful wolfsbane poison had been raised and this time the target was the woman standing in the middle, the queen.
At full speed, Titus managed to get close to his mate in danger by quickly outpacing the others, but she was still out of his reach.
With his chest pounding he hoped nothing would happen to his mate.
But when he realized that an arrow had been released and its target was Gwen, he let out a loud roar and with all the strength he had he ran very fast, the fastest that Wolf could ever do, the feeling to protect your mate is what pushed them like that.
‘Katherine, No!!’ Memories when he was unable to help his first mate coming into his head.
No, we can’t lose her, Wolf, not again, he spoke to his wolf and found strength coming from it.
The Alpha King’s Fated Alate
“NOOO!!!!” Drake’s shout rang out and they quickly finished off the rogues before running over.
Determined to kill, Titus ran to find the archer and tore his body apart mercilessly when he found him hiding in a tree, unaware about the arrow in his body.
There were no survivors and he hurriedly turned around to check on his mate and guards.
“Gwen” He whispered softly, feeling weak before falling down.
With tears in her eyes, Gwen screamed and ran towards her mate who had fallen down with a wolfbane arrow wound.
Anger overwhelmed her and she looked up to see a woman there, a woman who had the same face as Mellisa, Morena and far down the hill there was a group of werewolves looking on with satisfied smiles.
Ggrr… Anger, sadness all rolled into one, especially seeing her mate injured for trying to protect her.
“ARRRGGHHH!!!” She shouted before turning into a white-wolf which surprised all the werewolves who were there, –Ryan, Alice and the werewolves from Alpha Blake’s side, they all fell silent staring at someone they knew was the owner of the white-wolf.
Gwen was the owner of the legendary Moon Goddess wolf.Chapter 42
At full speed Gwen turned to chase after the levitating sorceress, Mellisa who was aware that Destine, Gwen’s wolf could see Morena now followed her lead and when the wolf jumped, she knew she had to help.
With her powers, Mellisa surrounded the area around Gwen so that no magic could penetrate it, so that Morena could not do anything to her queen then she was exposed and that Mellisa could see her now.
Got you, Mellisa said happily before blowing the wind with a strong sleeping magic at her evil twin who immediately stared in shock before falling to the ground in just a few seconds.
An angry roar sounded from the other end of the hill and at the same time Ryan and the other Warriors who were still healthy came to stand beside Gwen’s white-wolf.
Gwen’s angry growl made all the werewolves who heard it seem to want to submit because of the fear of the power that emerged only from that sound.
Then suddenly the figure of the white-wolf turned into a human figure of Gwen who immediately turned towards the tree to pick up the remaining arrows and marvelously stood at the end of the tree branch.
She aiming the arrows at the leader of the rogues who was far away in the hills.
Everyone seemed to be mesmerized by Gwen’s movements which currently had an aura of power that was never thought to be possessed by a woman without a wolf.
The Alphia King Fated Mate
No one dared to move or even breathe as they stared in awe at their queen as she released the arrow as if it was so easy.
“ARGHH..!” A startled scream rang out from down the hill and hit Jack, the leader of the rogues.
Everyone was wide-eyed with shock at how the arrow shot by the queen was able to reach such a long distance?!
No one dared to speak as the rogues hurriedly retreated and disappeared from sight.
“After them” Gwen commanded firmly and without needing any further orders, the rest of the palace warriors immediately ran towards the hill to chase and kill the remaining rogues.
Gwen easily jumped from the tree to the ground and Dee hurriedly gave her clothes to wear.
Titus smiled while sitting against the tree when he saw his mate. coming towards him.
“Wow” he said in awe but Gwen didn’t smile, she just snorted while holding the stab wound from the arrow in his stomach. Titus has pulled out the poisoned arrow.
One way to prevent the wolfsbane poison from hurting the wolf worse was to turn into a human immediately, which was the reason why Titus had already turned into a human by being covered with a blanket to cover his nakedness by Drake. Behind him Ryan was heard talking to one of his warriors asking the whereabouts of the doctor for Titus.
Have they forgotten that I am a doctor? I thought then knelt in front of my mate who was starting to look pale due to the poison in his stomach.
The discoloration around the wound was an indication that the poison had been absorbed by Titus’ body, which was
The Alpha king’s Faird Mate
Without thinking, I knelt down and sucked up the poison which startled my eyes and then pushed me roughly.
“Are you crazy?” The king shouted in shock which made everyone turn around to see what was wrong.
“Hold him” I ordered Drake and the other warriors around me who looked doubtful “NOW?!” I shouted loudly and immediately my order was like a gunshot to them who immediately held Titus’ body who refused to be helped by me.
Yes, sucking wolfbane would be very dangerous for me, but I didn’t want to stand by and not do something for him.
He got hurt because of me…
“Gwen, no” Titus tried to resist but there were 10 people holding his body and with the poison already spread inside him made him so weak that he was unable to resist only 10 people “Let go… DRAKE!!! KURT..!!! UGH!!!” He tries to rebel and fight back but fails, the poison still makes him weak.
My head started to spin and my body was shaking.
Da*n, the poison has entered me.
Gasping violently, all those holding him were thrown away by Titus who fought back after regaining his strength.
Right at that moment he embraced his woman’s body that had fainted from sucking too much wolfsbane poison.
“You stubborn fool!” He grumbled in annoyance at the woman in his arms then glared at those who dared to restrain him when he was in a weakened state earlier.
Knowing that he had to move immediately, then he ran towards Alpha Blake’s territory which was soon followed by the others from behind.
The gates at the perimeter of Alpha Blake territory were
The Alpha King’s Fred Ma
+5 bouchers
already open and some of the strongest guards and doctors were waiting for the king with his mate whose rumors of being the owner of the white-wolf were already widespread.
Alpha Blake, Rick and the others were at the forefront waiting for the arrival of the King with his Mate who was a girl who everyone thought was a werewolf without a wolf.
With tears in his eyes Alpha Blake looked down at his daughter who was in his mate’s arms, not expecting that she was the owner of the Moon Goddess wolf-white.
“My king” All of them bow respectfully but the king just nods his head without releasing his arms around his mate and continues to hold her.
“She’s hurt, inhaled too much wolfbane” He explained to the 3 doctors who came forward to examine her, but he remained reluctant to let go of her.
“Come, we have prepared a place for her” Alpha Blake said and they all hurriedly walked, no one dared to take the queen from the king’s arms, understanding the king’s concern as his mate.
“Drake, take my place and check everything” Titus added to the beta who nodded and started talking to Ryan, Rick and the warriors from Alpha Blake territory.
Then everyone was surprised to see an unconscious woman entering their territory.
What surprised them was not that it was a woman, but that her face had changed.
She looked like a black witch with a long nose, black lips and other horrible things they had only ever heard of a black witch.
Yes, it was the first time they had seen a black witch caught and within the parameters of their territory.
Morena has been caught and Jack is injured….
Although their king and queen were injured, today’s results were very satisfying.
The Aldy Klogs Fued Mat
If only they had known that this was just the beginning of a continuing nightmare, they would have killed the black witch at the first given opportunity.Chapter 43
Third Party POV
It turned out that the queen was the owner of the white wolf. Da*n it!
Ugh… my wounds aren’t deep, but this wolfsbane poison is weakening me.
How she was able to reach such a long distance to be able to shoot an arrow to hit me is both amazing and annoying.
And they also managed to catch Morena.
“Sir, the doctor is here,” said one of my men who was assigned to kidnap a doctor from any region.
When I thought that we needed to have a healer I didn’t think that I was the one who needed one in the first place, da*n it!
I should have that woman as my own.
-White-wolf, I can’t imagine what I could do if I had that
woman’s power.
As the doctor entered my room with a frightened look, I knew that he could be used.
“Cure me, or your family dies” I threatened quickly which made the man in front of me pale even more in fear before taking out the tools and medicines from his doctor’s bag.
Go to Rolf Titus POV
The entire perimeter and area around Alpha Blake was combed and any remaining rogues spotted were killed on the spot without mercy.
The king’s anger at the rogues’ audacity in trying to harm his
The Alpha King’s Easevi Mate
mate was infuriating.
-5 vauchers
Titus mercilessly returned to the man 300 years ago who easily wiped out all witches and their descendants without mercy
because they had killed the royal family and his first mate, Katherine.
Even Alpha Blake and the others did not dare to refute the orders of the king who was currently looking very angry as if venting that anger on the rogues would make him relieved.
The main purpose of visiting Luna Blake ended with the daughter being in the room next to her mother in the hospital and it infuriated the king.
The protection and dispatch of warriors to all other regions. was immediately ordered by him and now the sweep to destroy and eliminate the rogues is carried out on a large scale by the entire kingdom.
Ryan and Rick could never have thought of working with the Alpha king like this if it weren’t for their younger sister who was the king’s mate.
The king’s strength amazed those around him at this time, as -the king’s wounds were fully healed. The poison had been
removed by Gwen so that he was currently recovering as if he had never been hit by an arrow at all.
“Mellisa says the poison in the queen is completely gone, it’s only a matter of time until she opens her eyes” Drake informed the king, Titus who nodded in satisfaction but showed no expression.
He, who had been with the king for a long time, knew that only in front of his mate could the king show expression and even laugh and right now that expression was not there because the woman was still lying sick and weak.
Last time it took her more than two days to get rid of the effects of the wolfsbane poison, but that was before her wolf awakened, hopefully it won’t take too long for her this time,
Alpha King Fated Mare
Titus thought worriedly of his mate’s condition.
“Alpha Rickard, Mike and the others expressed their gratitude for the help that came and were sorry for the queen’s condition” Drake added and again, I just nodded in response. Titus knew that he should have come to visit the Alphas, but right now it was hard to leave a place where you knew your mate was hurting.
Knock… Knock
Titus and Drake raised their eyebrows in surprise as Mellisa entered the door by knocking first.
The sorceress just rolled her eyes in annoyance before bowing respectfully, she had been ordered to act like a warrior and not a sorceress so appearing suddenly with power was a strict prohibition while in this area “My king, the black witch awakens” She said which made everyone in the room gasp in shock and fear.
It had been a long time since they had faced a black witch and knew what she was capable of.
-But Titus who had experience with witches again just nodded and got up from his seat “Make sure his mouth and eyes are always closed and tie her up tight all over” He ordered sternly before turning to Drake and Alpha Blake who were in the room at the moment “Drake, replace me here and Alpha Blake do you want to come along to interrogate him?”
Alpha Blake nodded “Ryan, you take my place here” he said before walking with the king and the royal warrior beside him towards the dungeon.
“I heard your Luna woke up? Is she better?” Asked Titus stiffly to Alpha Blake as they walked towards the basement, he knew that the man beside him was the father of his mate so had to behave a little differently towards him.
Alpha Blake who had known the king and knew of his king’s
The Alpha Kings Fated Maje
harsh and rigid nature, just smiled in understanding of the effort his daughter’s mate was making “Yes, he was surprised that Gwen was also injured and is currently in his room, although her condition is still weak” He replied with a weak sigh while shaking his head.
“Women and their instinct to protect,” I said quietly with a disapproving shake of my head and followed by a chuckle coming from the man beside me.
“Ryan mentioned that she was like that because she was trying to save you?” I knew Alpha Blake had wanted to ask, but hadn’t gotten the chance. So I am aware about the question he shot right now.
After all, it was his daughter who lay weakly in the hospital.
I nodded my head in response “I protected her from the wolfsbane-infused arrows the enemy was aiming at her and she sucked up the poison bravely while I was in a weakened state” I couldn’t help but wince as I explained what happened to her father who just laughed when he heard it, wasn’t he angry? “That’s Gwen” Her father said with a chuckle “The instinct to -protect those she cares about has always been strong” He
explained as he looked into my eyes, showing that he understood what his daughter was going through and didn’t blame me for not being able to protect her.
“You’re not angry?” I was amazed to see the father talking casually while knowing his daughter was hurt because of me. He shrugged his shoulders “What for? You’re simply there to show that your top priority is my daughter. I know your sudden arrival in my territory is because you’re worried about her, right?” His words startled me and he laughed at my shock then patted my back lightly.
“Besides” He added and made me look back at my mate’s father “One of the reasons she wanted to become a doctor, was because even though she didn’t have a wolf, back then, she
The Alpha Ring’s Fated Mate
wanted to still be someone useful to the pack” He smiled as if remembering that made him proud.
Yes, even I was proud to hear that my mate was someone as amazing as her.
Ashamed that I ever hurt her just because of my cowardice.
“AARRRGGGHHH… Let go of me… Mellisa, I know you Mellisa!!!” The screams were heard long before we reached the basement and we quickly stop our conversation, know that we have huge responsibility waiting.
“I didn’t know there were witches alive until now” Alpha Blake said as if he knew I could answer him.
I let out a long sigh “That’s one of the most dangerous black witches”
“You know her?”
“The reason my first mate died” I replied briefly before opening the prison door in the basement and facing the black witch inside.
Does she have Pearl’s power?
Or did Pearl invade her?

Chapter 44
Werewolves were heinous horrid creatures, from far they’d appear human but upon closer inspection one could see they acts more like animal, with the strength and pace despite their relatively human like appearance were absolute primal creature, their lifestyle were no way for human to live, that’s why they lives far from human with the help of other creatures human thought of it as a legend, urban story or unreal, that werewolves never exists.
The largest and most powerful werewolf kingdom is ruled by the Osmund family who are known to have pure Lycan blood and are said to be the strongest guardians of the Moon Goddess.
Many werewolves did to dethrone the royal family, both by enemies and fellow families themselves because they felt they deserved to be king and had more power than the ruling king.
Wars occur due to the desire for power.
Wars between werewolves occur for centuries, and alliances with several other creatures also occur to strengthen their packs
There were packs that bordered around villages and kingdoms hoping to protect themselves. They didn’t dare cross the fence unless their mate was on the other side of the pack. For their mates they were known will do anything even if it had to kidnap a human, if it was one of the werewolf mates, it would force their mates to live in the pack.
It is said that the Moon Goddess provides mates to restrain the animal instincts of the werewolf, but sometimes it also creates other problems.
Not knowing when werewolves can find their mate, love comes
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
before they find it so heartache is common when they find their mate because they will leave their temporary partner when they find their fated mate.
That’s what happened to Pearl Collins, the unrequited love she felt made her a terrible dark witch and angered the king to become a monster who wiped out the entire witch people mercilessly.
The loss of a mate will make anyone go crazy and that’s what happened to the king, but with the power he has, no one can argue with him.
But the war was stopped because everyone began to recognize the strength of the king Rolf Titus Osmund who was said to have proven the strength of Lycan.
Everyone thought the fire killed the entire kingdom but they forgot there was one descendant of Osmund’s family who was in exile at the time so he wanted to claim his rights as a king Alpha.
Jack who is the twin of king Rolf Osmund or the uncle of Rolf Titus Osmund who has been Titus’ biggest enemy for more -than hundreds of years.
No one knows how he has survived to this day, but Jack has the secret to his immortality.
He had a mate who was a black mage who managed to
resurrect Pearl Collins so they used the same black magic that made him live a long life until now.
Titus defeated him and broke his neck 100 years ago, so he was also unaware and shocked to find out that his uncle is still alive and is the current leader of the rogues.
Staring at the witch in front of him, he knew how his uncle managed to live.
The witch’s grimness signaled her successful and frequent use of black magic, the humanity of a witch who frequently used
The Alpha King’s fated Mare
black magic would slowly disappear and in front of him was bound the perfect and dangerous black witch.
“He has a werewolf claim mark” Mellisa whispered in shock with a look of disbelief that in front of her was her twin sister.
“Could she be Jack’s mate?” Titus asked and Mellisa nodded in agreement “How is that possible?”
“AARRRGGGHHH!!! LET ME GO!!! YOU’RE THE KING OF MONSTERS, I KNOW YOU, YOU’RE NOT THE KING OF ALPHAS, YOU KILLED ALL MY PEOPLE!!!” They raised their eyebrows in confusion at the words spoken by the witch. The king of monsters…
That was the title given by Titus during the….
“Pearl Collins…” Mellisa called out and the black witch fell silent in shock.
Titus gasped at the strangeness in her eyes, how could this woman be Pearl Collins?
Hadn’t the entire Collins family been slaugh***ed by him and Pearl had been hanged to death by him too hundreds of years – ago?
“HAHAHAHAHAHA…. SHOCKED MONSTER KING? YES, I AM ALIVE AND WILL ALWAYS BE ALIVE TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE HAPPINESS” Despite being tightly bound, blindfolded and restrained from using magic by Mellisa, the black witch didn’t look scared at all.
Titus let out a long sigh “Long time no see Pearl, I thought you were dead then”
She snorts scornfully “That voice… Rolf Titus Osmund…”
“A broken heart makes you a demon” The king said piercingly, wanting to provoke the witch’s reaction, Mellisa nodded in agreement for Titus to continue talking to her “How did you get back up? I didn’t know there was magic to resurrect someone who was dead” she added in a nonchalant tone,
The Alpha Kings Farel Mae
“Gggrrr… F*ck you, Rolf” Her body was shaking from the anger the witch felt and made Mellisa smile at the success of her plan.
“No, I don’t want to f*ck you, I’ll just kill you again” added the king, still in a scornful tone that made the witch’s body tremble
even more.
“Hahahaha… you think you can? Kill me how many times but I’m like you, I can’t die, my soul will always live.” He said confidently and made Mellisa wide-eyed in shock as she realized something from his words.
“Eternal soul spell”
Mellisa whispered and the black witch gasped in shock and began to rebel when she realized her secret had been revealed.
“LET GO OF ME!!! I KILLED THAT ST**ID TWIN!!!” She screamed again and tried to break free from Mellisa’s magical bondage.
Hurriedly Titus, Mellisa and Alpha Blake who followed them out of the room. They knew they had successfully unlocked the dark witch’s secret.
“What is it?” Titus quickly asked the white witch in front of him.
“The sacrifice of a witch’s life so that her body can be entered by a black witch’s soul, that’s why she instigated Morena to take her body when my sister was off guard” Mellisa explained with tears in her eyes, knowing that there was no Morena now even though the body was hers “It’s an extremely powerful and old magic, no one can ever try it because sacrificing a fellow witch is a horrible thing.”
“We just need to kill the body again” Alpha Blake said but Mellisa shook her head.
‘Her soul will exist, we need to find the soul of Morena, my twin sister and return it to her original body, then we need to find Pearl’s original body so she can return to being mortal and
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers.
that’s when we can kill her.”
The building seemed to tremble and made the three pairs of eyes stare back at the direction where the black witch was.
“We have to hurry, I don’t know how long I can hold her with my witchcraft” Mellisa added quickly, Pearl was a very powerful black witch, she had old black magic that Mellisa had never learned so she didn’t know how long her white magic could withstand that black power.
Meanwhile deep in the hospital where Gwen was being treated, she opened her eyes as she felt the earth tremble slightly.
Destine knows what’s causing it and it makes her even angrier… “The black witch is here’ Destine said to Gwen who had just opened her eyes.
They knew that the witch was the cause of all this pain but why was she brought here instead of being killed?
And Pearl also knew that Rolf Titus Fated Mate was also nearby, she smiled horribly with her black teeth knowing that her being here was not a bad thing
“Well… Well… Who do I feel is near me?” She thought with a wicked smile thinking of a good plan to be able to destroy the Alpha king for the second time.

Chapter 45
Way too early that morning, Gwen woke up and sighed as she felt something heavy pressing down her body only to realize it was Titus’ hand on her waist, he was spooning her from behind.
When did he come? I thought and slowly shafted around and felt the arm slumped over her waist tighten when she placed a hand on his chest. She smiled when he rumbled, telling her that he was barely awake.
She started touching his cheek with her finger until she felt his lips kiss the top of her head “Morning” He murmured with his hand came over hers and grasped it tightly.
Smiling warmly, Gwen leaned in and pressed her lips to his hand before looking up to meet his open eyes. “Hi” I greeted him and braided her fingers through him.
“I want to get mad that you dare to do such a st**id thing and yet feel your loving embrace like this… hmph… I can’t be angry.” He lifted their braided fingers and couldn’t help but smile at her.
“I’m sorry”
He lean closer and tightened his embrace “Don’t do st**id things again, you’re too precious for me”
I pouted “So is it okay for you but not me? You’re important too, you know” I replied angrily, d*mn him!
I take a deep breath to ease my emotion and I watch him staring at me closely.
He sighed and tipped my chin upward, he gave me a sly grin. like he was happy about something. “What” I raised an eyebrow, still angry at him.
His lips collided against mine, soft and hard. a soft moan left
The Alpha King’s Fated Mar
my lips as his tongue slipped inside, tangling with mine. He kissed me until I forgot everything but his name. Titus’ hard body was pressed against me before eventually we pulled apart and our heavy breathing filled the silence.
I am surprise to see the soft look in his eye “You’re adorable”
I can’t help but sighed before giving him a small smile, how come I can still get angry at this man.
D*mn him!!!
Knock.. Knock…
“You’ve met your mother?” He asked at the same time Alexa walked inside with a tray of food.
I thanked her before nodding my head toward my mate who started to prepare the table for us to eat together.
“But what are you doing here? I thought you’re going to Alpha Richard Territory?” I asked and tried to get up from my bed to the dining table beside me. Titus quickly walked to help me and I gave him a peck on his cheek “Thanks, babe” I told him – with gratitute.
Instead of sitting in front of me, he put the second chair beside me as if not wanting to get away from me.
Hmm.. I like that..
“Rogues try to ambush us after you leave, they blow some of the cars after we drove off from our territory” My eyes bulge in surprise after I hear him, and glad to know he’s okay and nothing serious happened to him.
“Oh my G*d, were there any victims?” I quickly asked.
He smiled and cupped my face lovingly “Nothing serious. because everyone already changed into their wolf when it happened, let’s eat!”
I nodded and spoon the soup into my mouth.
“No.”I started and made him turn his gaze back at me “Morena’s here?”
He nodded and didn’t explain anything.
“You have to start speaking about your plan, Titus” I groaned in annoyance since I know he has a plan but doesn’t want to tell me about it.
He sighed “I will bring the witch to somewhere else” “Why?” I frown.
“She’s not Morena, she’s…” He paused like doesn’t know how to explain.
“Pearl Collins” I finished it for him who was now staring at me in shocked expression “Destine told me from the beginning… she smells corpse odor, that’s why we know where she is” I explained to my shocked mate who now nodded in understanding “Destine is amazing, we could be your great alliance, please Titus, don’t work alone, you have me, you have
He didn’t say anything and just stared at me. As if I couldn’t believe that I could read it, that I understood about him.
Titus has always worked hard alone, the loss of his family and mate made him unable to trust anyone.
His trust in Drake and the others was established years later, but still all his plans were always done alone.
That’s why when he found Mellisa, it took 10 years for him to introduce the white witch to the pack in his kingdom so that Drake could finally find his mate.
I understand the pain and everything about my mate, the closer I get the more I understand him, but he also has to start opening up to me.
The instinct to protect those he cares about makes him always think of himself as someone to rely on, but he’s also human, he deserves to rely on others, not just be a problem solver.
The Alpha King’s fated Mate
5 vouchers
Cupping his face, I looked at him sincerely “You have me now, don’t take it as your own burden” I whispered softly and he leaned his head against my hand.
Yes, he has me now, he is not alone.
The soft peck on my hand made me move closer to give a warm hug to my mate who was the Alpha king that everyone feared, but they forgot, that this man also had his own internal trauma and sadness that needed to be healed.
“I’m here.. I am always here” I keep whispering in his ear while embracing my mate tight, Showing the warmth and support he needs “you’re not alone now”.
Forgetting the food in front of us, Titus continued to embrace me tightly as if he wanted to give me the heaviness he had been carrying.
‘He’s like a shell that only looks hard from the outside but actually it’s to cover his fragility’ Destine added to my head and I nodded slowly in agreement to her words while continuing to give a warm embrace to this man who was my mate.
Losing your family and mate in one night would drive anyone crazy, but he can’t die and is just given a continuous life as a king with responsibilities, but to me he’s not just a king, he’s a man, my man who doesn’t always have to look strong.

Chapter 46
The next day after our conversation that night, we decided to call Titus’ confidants and inform them of our plans.
Finding the mortal body of the black witch who didn’t know where it was hidden would definitely take time and help from the parties, or else we would fail and get nothing,
No, this time we had to succeed.
Not only for Titus’ sake but also for the sake of peace, life and wars like this that will continue to occur due to the greed of those who only want power to rule the world.
With the permission of the house’s landlord, Alpha Blake, we used his soundproofed private study so that no one could overhear before explaining what happened and what we knew. With a confused and tense look, one by one, they entered the room and took a seat in the room that had been prepared. Titus grasped my hand hard, as if asking ‘is this okay?’ and I returned his grasp as if answering ‘everything will be fine’. We turned our heads to look into each other’s eyes before I nodded my head.
“Thank you for coming and there is something I want to explain to you all…” Titus paused for a minute to staring at the people around him and continued “This is a very secret thing that you cannot tell anyone, except the people who are here” was the king’s opening word which made them look even more tense but proud that the king entrusted this big secret to them.
“You know there’s a black witch in the dungeon, and she’s not the twin of Mellisa, Morena, that we thought she was… Titus continued and there were confused expressions from everyone, except for my father, Alpha Blake who Titus said was in the room to see the black witch at that time with him.
Fae Alpha King’s Fated Mate
No one say anything like they’re waiting for him to continue. He nodded as if to answer everyone’s question “She’s Pearl Collins..”
Shocked exclamations from everyone were heard, if it wasn’t Titus who said it maybe no one would believe it but in front of them this was the Alpha king so there was no way they would doubt his words.
“How is that possible?!” Drake asked while looking at the woman who was his mate sitting beside him, shocked that he wasn’t informed by the woman he loved.
“She use old black magic and it’s very dangerous” I added firmly and everyone gaped in shock, not only did they not know it existed but it was happening in front of their eyes right
Titus looked over to Mellisa and nodded his head for the witch to explain everything.
With stares of disbelief and shock everyone listened intently to the things the white witch explained without interruption.
Everyone was wondering how to begin to find the witch’s body that was definitely well-hidden.
However, Titus, Mellisa and I had one place we suspected and mentioned the area.
“Trazmoz? You mean Spain?” Drake asked me and Titus who nodded in response.
“Yes, the village of Trasmoz, which is nestled in the
snow-capped foothills of the Moncayo mountains of Aragon. has a history of centuries of witchcraft and that is where Pearl Collins learned her black magic” Titus looked surprised at my explanation but he nodded his head in confirmation.
“How do you know?” My man asked me.
I just smiled and blinked my eyes mischievously. “Destine, who else” I replied casually and made Mellisa giggle beside Drake.
The Alpha King’s Fated Matc
Even though it was Mellisa who told me, because the information was common to the witches, Pearl was their leader who almost succeeded in getting rid of Osmund’s werewolf royal family.
Drake still looked shocked and I raised an eyebrow “Why are you explaining this to us now?” He asked the Alpha king softly. I smiled as I lowered my head so that no one would see me when I heard his question. Yes, since our conversation last night, Titus understood that he could also trust his confidants who had been following him all this time.
So, here we are, with Alpha Blake, Drake, and his loyal warriors Jose, Bill and Roger.
Even my brother, Ryan who will be the next Alpha is not here at the moment and only my father is in this room.
Titus and I have been considering who we will tell about the secret to eliminating the leader of the rogues and the black mage who helped him. Yes, because this is not an easy task, we need help from trusted people we can rely on.
Since the information about me possessing a white-wolf was definitely leaked, we had to start moving to get help from the parties.
“But we still don’t believe that you’re a white-wolf owner, Gwen” my father, Alpha Blake, commented with a proud look that I saw in his eyes.
With a smile I nodded “I was surprised too, but that’s the way it is, dad” I replied.
“This time all hands are on you, my king, we will definitely succeed in getting rid of them for good” Jose, who is the strongest royal warrior leader and also the king’s guard commented firmly
He nodded “We will divide into groups, I will go around to explain to all the trustworthy Alphas along with Mellisa who
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
will explain all these things again” Again they were all surprised to hear the king’s plan.
Yes, we agreed to split up because this time I was the one who could smell Pearl Collins’ dead body so Mellisa had the task of finding out about the black magic from the old books she could find.
No one spoke, as if everyone still couldn’t believe that the king was able to part with his mate at such a crucial time.
I smiled and leaned my head against my mate’s shoulder. “We’re sure we’ll be together when this is over, but right now we have an important mission for peace” Titus smiled before giving my head an affectionate peck.
If they think this is easy, it’s not, it took me all night to persuade the man beside me to agree to this group division, hopefully nothing will make him change his mind.
When everyone nodded understandingly and emphatically, I smiled with satisfaction and let out a sigh of relief that I’d managed to persuade everyone.
Mellisa winked furtively at me and I tried to hide my smile.
“Keep communicating, don’t hide anything, talk to me, Mellisa, Drake or Gwen” Titus ordered which was followed by a firm and obedient nod from everyone “I’ll open communication to me and Gwen” We all gasped when something happened in our head “This is the link I made for us, contact me with it’ Titus voice echoing in my head that make me have to blinked several times since this is the first I’m using mind link.
I don’t know if he could do this.
“You’ve just recovered and you’re going to go again.” My mom said the next day when I visited the Alpha’s house after dropping off my mate, Titus, and Mellisa, who plan to go visiting all the Alphas in several places.
The hiph King’s rated Mate
I smiled as I held her hand “I’m glad you’re feeling better” I said softly and made her smile proudly.
“You’re the owner of the white-wolf” She sighed as she shook her head in disbelief which made me laugh “Who would have thought that my daughter would become such a great person, the mate of the Alpha king and also the owner of the white-wolf… your workload will be huge, Gwen, stay strong” She cupped my cheek with her left hand which made me kiss her hand affectionately.
“I love you, mom” I whispered before hugging her gently “stay safe and healthy” I added in her ear and felt her nod her head.
Knock.. Knock..
“Gwen” Alice entered my mom’s room with a sour grin before running to hug me.
Our closeness as friends before becoming sisters made my mom smile looking at her two daughters.
“You said you were leaving?” She asked before sitting next to my mom who was sitting on the sofa.
I nodded with a smile “There’s something important that Titus and I have to do” I explained briefly without revealing any secrets, they were important enough to be a part of this danger, but the look my mother gave me made it clear that even. though she wasn’t given an explanation, she knew that this was dangerous, because after all she was Luna Blake and currently Alpha Blake, my father was also already on his way to the nearby territory to help comb out the unusual things that were happening there.
“Are you alright? Is your duty as queen more important than your health that the King is telling you to work immediately” She grumbled and made me smile, understanding that she was just worried, after all she always think that I was like a human who didn’t have the power of a wolf in my body “And rumors are spreading that you’re the owner of a white-wolf?! Oh my
G*d, and you didn’t think to tell me when we often talk over the phone!!” she continued to babble irritably and my mother patted her back gently.
“Alice…” My mom gently reprimanded and my friend just looked down in shame.
Laughing, I gave her a quick hug again, “Oh, I missed you so much.” I said while staring at them both “Be healthy, you two, for my sake.” I added and made a smile before we gave another group-hug before laughing harder.
“It’s good to know you’re still the Gwen I know” Alice’s
comment made me raise an eyebrow and made my mom nod in agreement with her words.
“It’s good to know you’re still the Gwen I know” Alice’s
comment made me raise an eyebrow and made my mom nod in agreement with her words. I pretend to be offended before laughing with them again.
Protect them, O Lord
May nothing bad happen to me, my mate, my people and my family at the end of all this..

\Chapter 47
“Concentrate, then think of the person you want to contact and only open a connection to that person” Drake told me, asking him to teach me how to use the mind link without the need to open a link to all the people in my pack and only to one
The incident where I summoned Titus and it turned out that the thing I did by opening the entire mind link so that everyone could hear was enough to make me never use it again.
Titus..’ I whisper and keep the mind link only open for him.
When I opened my eyes and saw Drake smiling, I knew I had succeeded.
“Hello, my dear, it’s nice to hear your voice in my head without having to use the phone’ He replied softly and I couldn’t help but smile when I heard his voice.
G*d, I missed him…
‘I missed you too’ he said while sniggering.
Oops… I forgot that when your mind is open, he can find out everything that’s on your mind.
I need to start organizing myself and how to use the mind link perfectly here.
‘Drake taught you?’
I nod and forget he couldn’t see me which makes Drake laugh before I throw something toward the beta who quickly leaves me alone in the garden.
‘Yes, because I want to be able to speak with you every time I miss you’ I replied as I walked around the garden and touched the flowers that were blooming beautifully, it was undeniable that this must be my mother because only her soft hands were
The Mom Fang’s Facil Mate
able to make the flower garden as beautiful as this.
What time are you leaving for Spain?’
The night flight, so in about 5 hours we will leave for the airport’ I answered quietly.
‘Keep your mind link open so I can sense your emotions, ok? And be careful’ he ordered gently and I smiled at the change in tone of voice as he commanded me. Titus, who used to speak harshly and arrogantly, was slowly turning into a man who was more admirable than ever.
‘I love you’
I could feel his emotions that brought tears to my eyes. The surprise, joy and love that he was feeling right now made me happy that I was the one who made a man as great as him feel all those things.
‘I love you too, Gwen. Be safe.’
‘Talk later, babe’
Footsteps sounded. I turned around to see Daniel walking towards me.
“Gwen…” Alexa quickly cleared her throat and made him laugh before bowing his head “My queen” he said and I just laughed before running towards him to give my cousin a warm hug. “Nice to meet you, Daniel”
Daniel’s proud look at me made me raise my eyebrows “You’re really awesome, Gwen” He exclaimed happily and I just laughed at that.
“what are you doing here, aren’t you working?” I asked and we started walking towards the nearest bench with my guard keeping around me and following slowly.
He shook his head “Afternoon shift, I heard you were here and wanted to say hi”
I laughed as I remembered the last time I saw him and Titus
being jealous of us being together.
Daniel gave me a confused look “What’s wrong with you?”
“Just remembering the last time we talked, my mate was jealous and you made him act immediately” I replied and made him remember then we laughed together.
“Oh yes, you should be thanking me,” he said jokingly while wiggling his eyebrow naughtily.
We talked for a while before Ryan and Rick came over and we had a long chat.
It’s good to be back home, even if it’s only for a short while, they’re all the encouragement that makes me realize that I have to succeed in order to protect them all.
Titus was right…
Having a high position makes you want to be the one to protect
I understand why my mate always takes on that responsibility, his desire to protect is so strong because he is aware of his responsibilities.
Mellisa’s weakened strength from keeping the black witch unconscious and unable to do anything bad was draining the white witch’s strength.
She took the black witch to the mountain where she had been locked up by the same black witch years ago to keep her asleep while they tried to find the black witch’s mortal body and kill her so that she could not come back to life.
With the last of her strength she drew charms around the black witch’s body to keep her asleep and unable to use her sorcery. Letting out a long breath, Mellisa walked out of the mountain and created a barrier around the mountain so that no one
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
at you her
would be able to enter it before teleporting using her powers back to where the Alpha king resided.
The shield created by Mellisa made Jack gasp in shock as if losing the link with his mate.
“No way” Jack whispered in disbelief.
The sense of loss felt by Jack as if his mate had died almost made him shed tears, but he remembered that he had been informed that Morena’s body was just a doll, he only needed to provide another body so that the soul of the strongest witch returned again.
Da*n it! Is it true that Morena’s body is gone? I have to see for myself.
Yes, the one hiding the soul of Mellisa’s twin and the body of the black witch Pearl Collins that Gwen is currently searching for is jack.
Jack knew that he had to hide and move the black witch’s body to a deeper place so that no one could find it.
I have to move fast, Jack thought and tried to get up with the – wound still weakening him, but realized that he was running
out of time before Titus found out his secret.
Yes, his dark secret…
The death of the black witch can also kill him, because he only has 1 year to be able to make the black witch rise with a new body or his immortality is also lost.
A secret that he didn’t want anyone to know, especially his nephew who he wanted to defeat.

Chapter 48
Someone woke me up and I opened my eyes to see Alexa “We’ll be landing soon” she said and I immediately straightened the airplane seat and tightened the seatbelt.
Being in the human world, everyone agreed to call me without the title of queen so just call me by name, which is difficult for everyone to do but by practicing slowly they inevitably have to do it or it can make humans suspicious because nowadays it is rare for anyone to call someone queen except for Kate Middleton.
I can’t help but giggle a little thinking about that which makes Alexa have to stare at me for a moment like I’m crazy.
I hurriedly changed my expression so that I wouldn’t be mistaken for a real lun**ic.
‘I hate flying’ Destine grumble in my head and I have to hold my amusement for the second time.
Alpha Raul was waiting at the airport and beta Drake
-immediately shook his hand and introduced me as Luna Titus
or the queen, Gwen.
“It’s good to finally meet you, my queen” he whispered softly and only the ears of the werewolves could hear his words.
I smiled as I welcomed his hand and shook it “Thank you for the warm welcome, and I apologize for the trouble.”
“Sorry we can’t take you to that place…” he added embarrassed and Drake had told me that Alpha Raul had prepared transport and accommodation to Trazmoz, because the place was believed to have a negative aura so until now werewolves avoided the place so he couldn’t take us there.
Alpha Raul is one of the Alphas who gets a special call from Titus to explain the conditions that occur, because his position is in the country that I will visit, Titus thinks explaining the real
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
situation to the Alpha is the right thing to do so that there is no unnecessary suspicion that can break the alliance.
“I understand and stay alert, let me know immediately if there is anything strange around you” I said firmly and he nodded before gesturing to the two vehicles we would be using.
Jose, Alexa, 1 warrior named Liam and I will be using one car while the others, Paul, Dee, and 2 other warriors, Lucas and Gavin are using another car getting ready to put the luggage into the car before leaving.
Alpha Raul handed over the GPS device as well as the house keys that we would use during our trip before returning to his territory.
Shaking his hand again before leaving, Drake and I expressed our gratitude for his help.
‘This smell…’ Destine whispered as we started walking, making me confident that we were on the right track to finding the black witch’s mortal body.
Time is running out, I’m sure by now Jack, the Rogue leader we haven’t found yet must also have his evil plan so we must move quickly before it’s too late.
We will head to the city of Zaragoza where we will spend the night in the house provided by Alpha Raul there, which is the closest area to Trazmoz that we will visit at night with our wolf form, it is said that there are still some people living there, before checking with a human form who pretends to be interested in history there, we will do a sweeping first using our wolf form.
If I didn’t remember that our main purpose for coming to this country was to find important things in order to defeat King Alpha’s greatest enemy who was the black witch who had cursed him all this time, I would have enjoyed the scenery and beauty of this country very much, but it was hard for me to
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
stare at the beauty without thinking about the important task we have to do here.
I will be able to enjoy it all in the future when we defeat the witch. But right now, what I’m thinking is what will we find in this cursed city that has a dark history of black witches?
Could it really be that Pearl Collins’ mortal body is hidden there?
However, wouldn’t it be too obvious and easy if we could find her there?
I have to try, even if it seems like we’ll fail…
‘It’s a bit too obvious if it’s hidden in Trazmoz, because everyone must be thinking straight there given the history of the area’ Destine added but we can’t go backwards and can only move forward.
‘What’s wrong?’ Titus’ voice in my head made me remember that I always opened the link for him.
I should be able to start hiding things so that he doesn’t worry all the time.
-‘Have you reached Alpha Richard’s territory yet?’ I asked to
distract his attention.
‘Just now, we’re taking a break before dinner and then I’ll explain everything afterwards, what about you? How was your run-in with Alpha Raul?’ he asked back.
‘Ok, he was very nice, welcomed us with open arms and provided accommodation and transport. almost made it to Zaragoza then settled down for the night before heading to Trazmoz in our wolf form as planned’
‘Ok, he was very kind, welcomed us with open arms and provided accommodation and transport. almost arrived in Zaragoza then rested waiting for the night before heading to Trazmoz with our wolf form as planned’ I explained to him in detail, so this is how the mind link is, I can feel his feelings
The Alpha King’s Fated Mare
b couches
towards me when we open our mind-link and talk, how the longing, worry and also pride that I was able to help him like this I can feel right now coming from him.
That’s why the relationship between mates is so intense, they are not only life partners but also soul mates.
Unlike humans who are capable of betraying their mate, werewolves are not capable of doing so without hurting the soul of the wolf within.
“We’re here, my queen”
Jose’s voice brought me back from my thoughts and I looked around before Alexa opened my door.
‘Titus, I’m here’ I whispered to her.
‘Get some rest baby, we have a long day ahead of us’ He replied ‘Love you’
‘Love you too’
I closed the mind-link between myself and Titus before stepping out of the car while Jose and the others unloaded the luggage from the trunk.
‘Someone noticed’ Destine informed me and like an alarm, I pretended to act like a tourist who was mesmerized by the whole place while turning around to look around.
Then the 4 people who were part of the Alpha Raul pack came
‘Queen Gwen, we were sent by Alpha Raul to take care of you while in this city, I am Andres, Daffa, Ernesto and Fito. They greeted us respectfully before the others helped the warriors with our luggage.
“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you guys’ I replied kindly and followed Andres to the house that had been prepared for us. Entering the house, I sat in the living room with the Spanish wolves while the others began to explore every inch of the
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
“Have you heard our plan from Alpha Raul?” I asked matter-of-factly.
Andres and Fito who were sitting with me at the moment nodded “Yes, that you want to check out Trazmoz.”
“Yes, that’s our plan”
“We will make sure that the guards at the perimeter know that you are heading there, we will introduce your scent to them, so as not to get mixed up with the rogues” Fito said firmly and I nodded in agreement.
“Are rogues often seen heading or coming to that place?” I asked quickly when I realized what he had said earlier.
He nodded “Sometimes it’s like they come once a month, even though everyone knows that place is cursed”
I repeated Fito’s words to Titus, Drake and the other warriors.
‘That means there’s something there’ Titus commented in my head.
‘We have to be more careful so they don’t realize we’re here’ Drake added referring to my safety.
I hastily nodded and turned my attention back to Fito and Andres who were getting confused because they had been silent for a while. “We should be more careful then” I commented to them.
“Don’t worry, Alpha Raul made sure the road you’ll be using is safe” Andres emphasized before excusing himself and letting us rest before the dinner invitation.
Why is it like the rainbow before the storm? I thought worriedly.hapter 49
What is this?
Who’s crying?
The sound of crying was heard loudly from in front of me, it was not the cry of one person but many hysterical screams and cries.
I slowly walked towards the direction of the cries and saw
The pungent odor of burning human flesh pierced my nose so
I had to close my life using my hands.
My eyes widened at the scenario in front of me
What is this?
I was staring towards the smoke, the smell of blood and burning human flesh hit my nose hard. Titus stood staring blankly and expressionlessly at the people who were hanged on poles and the group of people burned in the flames.
This was in Trazmoz, one of the massacres my mate at the time inflicted on the witches.
The massacre of all blood witches was carried out since that incident, the people and their surviving members had a grudge to avenge all witches for hurting the king’s family, his family and worst of all, his future queen.
The cries of children and women were heard everywhere and soon ceased to be heard as the death penalty was given to all descendants of witches, regardless of whether they were dark witches or not.
Hatred closed Titus’s eyes and my eyes were wet looking at the horrific things he did back then, the hollow, empty stare as he mercilessly killed those innocent people..
The Alpha Kings fated Mate
20+ You ineb
In his mind there is only vengeance and wanting to punish everyone, thinking that they deserve to be punished because of one person, Pearl Collins.
No one dared to challenge the king, all were obedient and with the thought that witches could not be trusted, they followed the king’s orders indiscriminately and mercilessly.
The screams of the witches rang out as they saw the Alpha king standing with a cold murderous gaze and mercilessly burning the witches alive with flames.
“You’re not the Alpha King.. You’re a monster king!!!”
I remember I once dreamed the same thing about this.
Closing my eyes and letting my tears fall because of the pain I felt for my mate’s grief back then as well as the fear of the witches being hunted by him.
‘There are only traps and curses in Trazmoz’
My eyes suddenly opened as I heard that voice…
Wide-eyed in shock, standing in front of me was Mellisa, but she had curly hair unlike Mellisa…
‘Morena’ I whispered and the transparent woman standing in front of me smiled and nodded.
How can she be here?
‘My greed for power led me to be taken advantage of by the black power that now takes my body, my desire to be loved by men led me to be lied to by the old werewolf to take my body’ I frowned at her words, was she referring to Pearl and Jack?
‘However, do not go to Trazmoz, there is only death for you. there and we have seen what happens when you are gone… the king’s madness will repeat itself’
“How can you be here and tell me all this?” I said quickly
The Alphe King’s hard Mate
“The black witch is unconscious, that’s why I’m not confined, but look for my body and hers to where it all began’
I frowned again, confused by his words… What does she mean by where it all began?
The place of shared memories between Pearl Collins and Titus’
Gasping in shock, I woke up and the door to my room was immediately opened by Alexa, Dee and my two protective warriors expecting something to hurt me.
“My queen, are you alright?” Asked Alexa, hurriedly coming to me who was sitting on the bed.
Cold sweat soaked my body and sheets making them panic when Alexa touched me “What happened?” She asked quickly after feeling my wet body and making the others look at me worriedly.
“It’s a trap…” I said breathlessly to all of them “Trazmoz is a trap” I added before my body went limp and Alexa hurriedly caught my fainting body in front of her.
“They know we’re here!” shouted Jose as the howl was a warning from Andres who was currently in his wolf form fighting off the rogues’ sudden attack and everyone hurriedly got up to protect the unconscious queen in Alexa’s arms.
Quickly Alexa and Jose, who were tasked with the queen’s safety got Gwen into the car while the others transformed into their wolves and ran alongside the car to protect the
unconscious queen.
Opening the mind-link to inform the sudden attack of the rogues and the queen’s alarming condition to their Alpha king who immediately sat up and ran to inform the Warriors and Alpha Ben, yes, he was currently in the territory of Alpha Ben, the third strongest Alpha he specifically visited, quickly they
The Alphe Kings Patest Murc
also requested assistance from Alpha Raul and Alpha Mikael. who were in Spain in order to take immediate action as soon as possible.
Cries of pain could be heard from Alexa and Jose who were currently not transformed into their wolves and they looked over to see that their other companions were also feeling stabs of pain in their heads.
What is this?
The wolf barricade was blocking the road in front of their car so with the pain felt by Jose made him unaware of the barricade then slammed the steering wheel to the right and made the car he was carrying overturn with Gwen and Alexa inside.
With their remaining strength and the pain that continued to pierce their heads, Jose and Alexa hurriedly tried to get Gwen out of the car before it exploded and swiftly the werewolf comrades surrounded them from the approaching rogues.
More than 20 rogues were seen approaching them and 1 human was in the middle of the rogues.
A human?
“This is our payback, the remaining witches of Trazmoz to the monster king” shouted the woman who turned out to be the survivor of the Trazmoz witches who made the pain felt by Alexa and the others.
With one hand raised, the werewolves’ screams of pain rang out loudly before they fell to the ground.
A triumphant smile was etched on the witch’s face before. ordering her wolves to bring all the werewolves to Trazmoz.
The mind-link disconnection that Titus felt made him realize that the team he sent to Trazmoz had been caught, no he didn’t want to call them dead, he had to come there himself to check.Chapter 50
Roll The Point of View
I don’t know what it is, it’s not Pearl’s magic power so I didn’t expect it to disturb the queen and everyone there” Mellisa was surprised to hear what happened before our mind-link with everyone who went to Trazmoz was broken.
Now we hastily decided to see what happened.
Alpha Raul and Mikael who were in Zaragoza at this time were surprised to see the many victims of Alpha Raul’s pack, all the guards who had been ordered to guard the queen were all dead as if strangled by something in their wolf form.
This is the first time this has ever happened, as far as they know there is nothing magical that can do this except for the black witch who is currently unconscious now, so who can do this terrible thing?!
“Could there be witches hiding in Trazmoz?” Mellisa said and made the king pause in fear that it might be true, that there were still witches remaining from the massacre he committed hundreds of years ago hiding in Trazmoz and waiting for the right time to avenge their dead.
“If that’s true, Gwen is in danger” Titus commented quickly and cursed as he agreed for his mate to go to that dangerous
Too upset, worried and angry, everyone could only stare as the Alpha king walked out of Alpha Ken’s house to transform into his wolf form before dashing towards the forest, knowing that right now their king needed to release his emotions and should not be disturbed until the time came to go to the airport to Spain, where his mate would be located.
Both Mellisa and Mike, who opened their Mind-links so that
the king could hear the conversation, nodded in agreement before they prepared their luggage to be taken to Spain.
Gwen, answer the
Please, Gwen
Gwen, stay alive and never leave me, didn’t you promise? You promised me that night that you would always be by my side and never leave me?
“I’m here.. I am always here” I remember she kept whispering in my ear while embracing me tight, I never felt the warmth and support as she gave me “you’re not alone now”.
Stopping to take a deep breath while remembering the last time I was with my mate, my heart ached at the thought that she was currently in danger.
‘Calm yourself, Titus, remember, we can still feel the bond, she’s not dead, calm yourself! Wolf’s voice, which I had been ignoring, was heard this time and I followed his direction, it was true, our mate’s bond was still there, she was still alive. ‘Remember, Gwen has a white-wolf, she’s not just any woman, our mate won’t be defeated that easily. She’s the one who discovered these oddities and spies that we never expected. Wolf stated and this time I nodded, right, I can’t give up, Gwen believes in me and I have to believe in her.
Wolf was right….
“I’m sorry” I called out to Wolf, ashamed of my stup**ity and letting everyone see my emotions.
‘She wants us to believe because she has faith in us, let’s prove it. I believe she has a plan, we’re not alone, remember that’ Wolf ordered and made me turn around to go back to Alpha Ken’s house to continue our plan.
However, if it was true that the rest of the Trozmez witches wanted me, then I would go to them and give them what they wanted, me
Or that’s what Gwen’s planning for me to do.
To go there and meet her there..
‘yes, let’s go and face them
At full speed, I ran back towards the Alpha’s house and passed by their guards who bowed respectfully as I passed by before stopping to transform into a human and put on the clothes that had been prepared behind a tree before walking towards those who had been waiting for me.
The surprise on their faces was obvious, they thought I was still emotional, but I had figured it all out and Wolf was right, this time I must not panic, I must not let it appear that Gwen was really my weakness that made me lose my way and my sanity in her absence, I must be able to think calmly about all these things.
“Let’s continue the meeting, I have a plan and need the help of the Alphas” I ordered firmly and Alpha Ken and the others smiled seeing me had returned.
Go Back to Trazmoz to Gwen Point of View
“.. wen…”
My eyes opened and blinked rapidly to look around me. What happened? I thought with my head spinning.
You’re exhausted from meeting Morena that night’ Destine’s voice made me realize what I knew from Morena, but where is this?
What happened?
We were attacked by our mate’s enemies from Trazines
Thank goodnew you wake up. Gwen, are you alright?” It was Drake’s voice that had been calling my name the whole time.
He and the others were tied up but only he had regained consciousness while the others were still unconscious.
“What happened’ where are we?*
Lasked Drake while checking around the small room with no furniture and no windows.
Where are we?
“Trazmoz’ Destine replied and I sighed before realizing that my body wasn’t strapped down.
Just as I was about to stand up, the door opened and Drake tried to move to protect me but it was like he was under a spell and couldn’t move his body.
Could there still be witches in Trazmoz?
Witches in hiding?
An old woman walked into the small room with a smile on her face.
“Well… wel… look who’s awake, nice to see you, monster
queen?” she greeted, and hearing the nickname she used made. me realize that she was a remnant of the witches who hid from Titus’ fury back in the day.
But how did she manage to stay alive?
Drake growls angrily as he stares at the woman who is approaching me slowly, but he still can’t move which makes the old woman just glance at him and giggle amusedly as if belittling the beta.
Tether sura, you know who the it Destine’s words made me frown in confusion before following her instructions to feel this old woman’s aura.
Gasping. I realized why Morena had come into my dream.
“You…” I whispered softly and had Drake staring at me in
The old woman nodded slowly, before waving her hand and Drake gasped in surprise as the ropes binding him slipped easily and the others began to regain consciousness,
Realizing that Drake was about to attack the old woman, I hurriedly stood in front of the woman to block everyone from trying to hurt her.
I smiled soothingly at everyone who woke up and looked tense, staring angrily at the old woman.
“Calm down… She won’t hurt us.” I said calmly while continuing to stand in front of the old woman to protect her.
“How do you know, he killed all of Raul’s men who were guarding us Jose hissed with an angry look.
“Your guards are fake,” said the old woman, surprising everyone in the room. “The real ones are the werewolves who brought you here!”

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

Character Name Generator

Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

Book About

Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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