The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 51-60

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51
“Getting Titus here is your goal?” Drake and Jose asked at the same time with shocked expressions at what I was explaining. I nodded “How did the rogue go undetected all this time and the smell of the undead that I smelled on the bodies of the Alphas” everyone here seemed to not believe what they heard, that all this time they had been secretly controlled by the undead which are controlled by the black witch.
“Your father? Alpha Blake?” Drake asked quickly, worried that Alpha Blake was also under the influence of evil magic.
“He’s affecting the soon to be Alpha – Ryan” I replied sadly and the reason why I only informed my father about this in the first place.
Long breaths and disbelief were on their faces.
“How is this? Is there no one we can trust?” Asked Alexa as she came in with tea for me and coffee for the others.
Drake shook his head and opened his mouth which made my eyes turn back to him “So, the king and Mellisa going around was for…”
“To unleash the spell of the Alphas” I answered quickly without waiting for him to finish his question.
“Apparently the attack on the Lunas was just a distraction? The Alphas were targeted?” Drake asked again and I nodded back in
“Currently only 4 Alphas are free from the spell, My Father, Alpha Richard, Alpha Ares and Alpha Ken” I added which made everyone exhale a worried and confused breath.
Yes, this is confusing, dealing with witchcraft does need tactics and cannot be informed to the public, worried that spies and enemies are everywhere even in the form of someone we trust.
The Alpin King’s Pared Mate
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“Then, this woman…” I just smiled at the way Drake spoke about the old woman beside him, as if she had a contagious and dangerous disease, the suspicion still gnawing at him. The old woman just continued to drink her tea with a rude grunt at the way Drake spoke about her.
“She’s your mother-in-law, Drake. She has the same aura as Mellisa and Morena, she’s their mother” Alexa, Jose and the others choked as they heard me speak while the beta just sat there with a pale face as if she had just seen a ghost.
“I don’t understand how Mellisa can have a mate like him” the old woman snorted harshly and Drake just fell silent in shame leaving us laughing at him.
I didn’t know how to tell him without making the others suspicious, so I didn’t explain about this thing that happened to him, he must be very worried.
Hopefully he’ll be okay and still be able to keep a cool head without doing anything rash.
How did Pearl become this powerful? And with Jack as her pawn, we must find her mortal body in order to destroy the black witch before it’s too late.
“When you said Ryan’s scent smelled a little like the undead, I realized that there were a lot of spies around us’ I said to Destine, remembering our secret conversation when we arrived at my parents’ territory.
‘Mellisa’s power is limited, she’s not as strong as Pearl who has mastered the power of darkness completely, it’s only a matter of time before she can be free from Mellisa’s white magic’ Destine replied and my heart worried that if that time comes and we haven’t found the black witch’s mortal body, then….
O G*d…
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
fond memories’ My wolf added and I nodded in agreement. We need to get moving…
‘Let Titus come and we explain here, Trazmoz is safe enough that no black magic can enter’
When I finished talking with Destine, I looked back at the old woman in front of me. “Then, why did you help us? When I smelled the smell of the undead on all the guards Raul sent, I knew something wrong was happening, but I didn’t expect you to come help us” I asked and drew everyone’s attention back to our current conversation.
I knew there must be a lot of questions in Drake and the others’ heads right now, but I needed to know something first if this old woman could be trusted.
Huff… Witches are a real pain in the a*s because we never know their true motives.
The old lady looked at me with a smile as if she knew I would ask her sooner or later.
“My name is Lola Cruz” She said opening the conversation and I nodded “I’m a distant descendant of the Collins, who just like Pearl, happens to have magic powers in my body” My eyes widened in shock at the fact that she was also from the Collins family.
The old woman’s smile widens “My grandmother married a human and when the massacre happened they were hidden among the humans” I exhale knowing that, I don’t know how Titus will respond when he finds out this, hopefully his hatred for the Collins family is no longer what it used to be.
So Mellisa who has been helping him all this time also has Collins blood in her…
“So Mellisa…” Drake seemed to choke up knowing his mate had Collins blood and I smiled soothingly at him.
So I was right, Mellisa has the blood of a Collins descendant
The Alphia King’s Fated Mate
because her powers are almost the same as Pearl’s.
You were right, Destine’ I said to my wolf who had expected that Mellisa’s magic was almost the same as Pearl’s.
Who could have expected this to happen.
I, who didn’t have a wolf, became the owner of a white-wolf that was said to have the power of the Moon Goddess, then my fated mate was the Alpha king who was feared by everyone who was said to have lived for hundreds of years and turned out to have a dark past and was still fighting with the demons of his past.
Now this…?
Is life really this complicated?


Chapter 52
“I just gave birth to your child? How could you kick me out like this, Robin?” I said as I sobbed looking at the man in front of me who I loved so much and was the father of my two
7-day-old twins.
Yes, he doesn’t know that I have sorcerous powers and I never bring it up because there’s usually never a reason for me to discuss it with him.
I know humans and witchcraft are not something to talk about, because he would find it horrifying. I love him but I also know what’s in his mind as a human who hates unnatural things that happen.
However, I never thought that he would be able to throw me and his children out like this.
“Robin…” My nose felt like it was suffocating but he just looked away without caring about my cries or calls.
Knock… Knock…
“Lola!!!” The scream of my mother’s voice coming into the house before quickly heading towards the kitchen, where we were, startled me, as if she knew that this would happen, that I would be kicked out by this man who was my husband.
Robin looked at her in shock and disbelief before bursting into laughter “I shouldn’t be surprised to see your mom here” he spat harshly “You really are a witch. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND DON’T COME BACK, OR I’LL INFO THE
NEIGHBORHOOD TO BURN ALL OF YOU” I gasped in disbelief as I looked at him.
He was able to speak like that to me and his children without caring that we had spent 10 years together.
“Come, Lola” Reluctant to move because of the shock, my
mother hurriedly held my twin babies who were still asleep, as
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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if nothing bad had happened to her mother “Come on, let’s leave this house” she whispered again while starting to push me gently to start moving.
I looked at my husband who was looking at us with a hateful gaze that I had never seen before.
‘I love you, Lola and I promise I won’t leave you’. I
remembered his words when we got married and the warm kiss he gave me afterwards.
10 years is not a short time, I gave everything for that man, but only because 3 things I dreamed of came true, his friends were afraid that I was a witch, he forgot his promise and listened to his friend’s nonsense about witches.
I slowly walked while carrying the bag containing my clothes and my children before turning to look at him one last time when I reached the main door, hoping that he would hold me back or say that he was sorry, but his gaze was still the same.
“You’ll never be happy” I said absentmindedly “Just remember.. you’ll spend your time remembering us and wishing you hadn’t kicked us out”
With a face wet with tears and a broken heart, I walked towards the carriage that my mother brought out of the house I built with the man I loved who had destroyed my entire world.
“What do you mean I do have witch’s blood?” I cried out in anger when I heard my mother’s words about her true origins. She sighed and looked down with tears falling “When you were 11, 13 and 16 years old I saw no signs that you had powers, I thought you were just like me who didn’t have those magic powers and then you got married, I thought you would live a human life like me too” She sobbed as she explained and I just sat quietly listening to her story.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I never thought that I wasn’t an ordinary human.
How could this be?
“Then. I was visited by my great-grandmother in a dream, and remember, a witch’s dream is no ordinary dream, she told me about you and how your powers were starting to rise so you were in danger”
“I still can’t believe it” I muttered softly, not knowing how to react to all this, first being kicked out by my husband and called a witch, then getting the info that I really was a witch. She nodded in understanding and patted my shoulder affectionately before hugging me “I’ll take you to a place where we can be safe” she whispered before one of the twins cried and I was forced to pick it up to give it some milk.
“Trazmoz, home of the witches”
“Since then I have lived in Trazmoz and become the protector of this small town” The old woman said, explaining about her
No one dared to interrupt her as she told her story.
“But how have you lived this long? Has it been hundreds of years?” I asked quietly and made her smile before walking towards the bookshelf and waving and there was a door opened from the bookshelf which made everyone gape in surprise to see it.
We slowly got up and followed him into the cave below until we reached a light.
I gasped in shock at the light before turning towards the old woman “This…” my voice was choked as I stared at the figure in front of me.
“Morena’s soul” She walked over to the transparent woman who seemed to be floating while closing her eyes as if asleep.
The Alpha kangs Fated Mate
“How did it get here?” Drake asked quickly as his eyes widened.
“She locked up Mellisa who was trying to resuscitate her, we didn’t realize that at that time Morena’s soul was slowly being replaced by Pearl… Until she locked up Mellisa and I realized that my daughter Morena’s soul had been completely replaced” She sobbed and I approached her before hugging her.
“So you’re the one who made Mellisa and yourself live a long life?” I guessed and a nod of her head answered her.
“I had to protect Morena’s soul, because I knew my daughter would return so I used Pearl’s black magic to be able to live long”
She used Pearl black magic? That means…
“Is Pearl’s black magic book here too?” I guessed quickly and when I saw her nod, I couldn’t help but smile.
“Just like I hid Morena’s Soul, I hid Pearl’s old black magic book” She explain with a small smile, knowing that it was enough for help us.
With her and Mellisa’s help, hopefully that would be the
It turns out that this trip to Trazmoz was indeed worth it…
Could it be that Mellisa knew that I was going to meet her mother here?
But she also knows that this is inexplicable because of the many spies around us?
Then it’s just a matter of time, waiting for Titus to come and we’ll start moving.
Finding the mortal body of Pearl..

Chapter 53
Lola showed everyone a place to rest, but me, Drake, Jose, Alexa and El stayed in the room with the old witch.
Trazmoz is on a hill and used to be a huge, very old castle, but slowly the old building slowly collapsed and left only the main building. The floor of the castle is hexagonal, with towers at the vertexes, built between the 13th and 15th centuries.
People who see this building from afar just look like a dark old ruin.
“Those werewolves, they’re not rogues” Drake commented upon seeing the wolves wandering around the Trazmoz territory “Why don’t they turn into humans?” He asked confusingly.
Lola walked to the window and looked out to where there were four werewolves in their wolf form that looked like they were sitting casually outside before sighing heavily “Because their human form was taken away so only their wolf form remains” everyone in the room was shocked to hear that.
“But how.. How is that possible? Their mind-link…” Drake gasped and was at a loss for words knowing that their enemy had this much power.
“Pearl’s magic is terrifying and the werewolf beside her…” “Jack” I added.
Lola smiled “Yes, Jack… The two of them have a terrifying knowledge of the world of dark sorcery and werewolves that I’m sure even your mate, the king, never imagined”
Could that be why the Mood Goddess gave you to me, Destine? I asked my wolf in the head..
This horrible thing happened before the eyes of the king who had no idea that there was something beyond reason
The Apha King’s Faird Mate
happening that could destroy the world.
Titus is alone without knowing this and is only assisted by a white witch who I believe is currently no match for Pearl in
‘It.. Possible’ replied the wolf in my head, it seemed she was thinking the same thing, that she was here to help the king, her
“Mind-link cannot be used here” Lola added and I smiled in understanding.
There is something in this land, maybe that’s the reason why the witches choose Trazmoz as their city in the past because the witch’s power is stronger here.
“Take a break. You are about to face a difficult and tiring time,” the old witch ordered with confusing words before she walked into what we thought was her room.
No one spoke for a minute, as if to absorb everything that had just been shared today.
Jose combed his hair as if at a loss on how to respond to the situation while Drake let out a long sigh.
“Can we trust witches?” It was Alexa who broke the silence and asked me.
Honestly, I was even confused at this point…
Shaking my head “I can’t be sure yet, we’ll see while waiting for Titus to come” I replied and they all nodded obediently.
“Honestly I’m very surprised at all the things that the old lady told me about” Drake added and I smiled understandingly, he must have been devastated especially knowing that his mate had the blood of the witch that started this chaos.
“I understand, but remember, Mellisa is not like Pearl, we can’t judge people just because they are her descendants” I said softly and Drake just looked down and hung his head making Jose pat him on the back.
The Apha King’s Fited Mate
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“We can’t contact anyone… Mindlink or phone” Jose added and I just nodded in agreement.
“Let’s wait for my mate to arrive, I’m sure he’ll be on his way soon” I said confidently.
Destine, can you sense Wolf?
‘Yes, our connection is getting closer. It seems Titus ran from the airport to here in the form of Wolf’ replied my wolf proud of our mate.
I shouldn’t be surprised that he ran here because his speed probably exceeds the speed of a car, but wouldn’t that be very dangerous?
And did he come here alone?
‘Knowing how much our mate loves you, it wouldn’t surprise me to know he came here on his own’ Destine’s words were true, but imagining how dangerous it would be for Titus to head here on his own.
Hopefully he won’t do anything rash, I thought worriedly.
That night I couldn’t sleep, imagining Titus being here and also after what Lola described, it was all very overwhelming.
Letting out a long sigh while sitting on the bed covered with a pile of cloths, I walked towards the window to look up at the moon and saw the guardian wolves wandering around this small town to continue protecting it from the Rogues who were seen at the top of the hill as if monitoring the conditions here.
I now knew what made Trazmoz so attractive to the Rogues, with Morena’s soul inside and the Book of Darkness, it was no wonder Pearl tried to rally Jack’s men to continue guarding this place.
Yes, with Morena’s soul and the book of darkness, everything seems to be easier because only Pearl’s mortal body is left, but will it be that easy?
The Alpha King’s Fued Males
It can’t be that easy….
‘Have faith’ Destine whispered in my head, she knew what was worrying me right now.
I sighed again “What if we fail?” I asked my white-wolf with tears in my eyes as I imagined the terrible things that could happen if everything failed.
‘Moon Goddess lent me to you with her plan, believe me’ Destine’s words startled me.
It was as if she had a plan of her own that I didn’t know about.
A plan that was her secret mission as to why she became my white-wolf.
“Destine?” She did not answer my call nor did she continue her words after that.
What are you planning to do?
Yes, I just realized that this is all very strange, as if his resurrection came at the right time to help Titus.
Could this be the Moon Goddess’ plan for my mate? A plan to end Titus’ misery?

Chapter 54
That roar…
My eyes were open immediately as I hurriedly got out of bed and put on my clothes neatly before opening the bedroom door and running outside, in the direction where the roar had come from.
It wasn’t just me, Drake and the others were already at the bottom, at the border of Trazmoz along with the other Trazmoz guardian werewolves.
Staring at the figure of the black wolf, Wolf, dashing towards. Trazmoz, I couldn’t hold back my tears as I watched my mate approach.
“Titus…” I whispered and as if he could hear me, he howled as if answering my call.
My eyes widened knowing that many rogues were chasing him behind.
Gasping, I saw that there were more than 10 rogues trying to chase him, as if they knew he was heading this way.
Immediately, Jose and the other guards, both from our pack and Trazmoz’s protectors, ran out with their wolfish figures, trying to protect their Alpha king.
“Your mate is still the strongest werewolf I’ve ever met.” The comment of the voice beside me made my eyes turn away from my mate and saw Lola standing beside me while looking towards Titus and the battle that was going on down there to protect the king before they ran back towards Trazmoz.
As if there was a shield around this small town, the Rogues could not enter Trazmoz territory and I hurriedly ran towards
Alpha King Fatest Mate
my mate who did not slow down running towards me.
Titus turned into a human and as though not caring about his nakedness, he continued to run towards me before wrapping me in a tight hug when we finally met.
“Gwen…” He whispered softly and I couldn’t hold back my tears as I felt his warm embrace.
“You came…” I sighed while continuing to tighten my embrace and we continued to stay in each other’s arms as if we didn’t care about the world and other people around us, just us.
The blanket was placed on Titus’ back and we were forced to break our embrace to look at everyone who had bowed their heads in respect to the king.
“Thank you, Jose” Titus said to his loyal guard and covered his naked body with the blanket before looking around him.
His eyebrows raised slightly when he saw the figure of the rogues who seemed unable to enter Trazmoz territory before he looked towards the entrance of the castle and saw the figure of Lola before coming back to stare at me.
Cupping my face he brought his face close and inhaled my scent as if to calm himself and Wolf “Are you okay?” He asked softly and I nodded with a smile to calm him down “the link… I thought something would happen when the link is broken” He sighed and I could sense the worriedness from him and make me peck his lips.
He sighed before putting his head on my forehead.
“I guess you all have lots of stories to tell, right?” He leaned back and said it towards us all then back his gaze to Lola “And how I missed one witch in here?” He added while staring at the old woman.
Looking around as if remembering the last time she was here, I looked at my mate who seemed hesitant to enter this small
The Alpha King’s Fated Mare
town that she once destroyed.
Tightening the grip of my hand, I gave a smile to him who sighed softly before slowly walking deeper into the town followed by all his men behind.
Lola continued to look at him with a flat expression, until we stopped in front of him.
“So this is the Alpha king” was the opening word she spoke and made Titus raise a confused eyebrow.
“I’ve never smelled your scent, it’s the first time we’ve met” my mate replied with a surprised tone and made the old woman laugh.
“I wasn’t here when you conducted the massacre of the witches in this town” She smiled sarcastically and I almost saw the man beside me cringe at the words ‘massacre’ coming out of her “But, I also know that it was my ancestors who provoked your anger, so it is possible that we can put an end to it” She added.
As if waiting for a response from their king, no one spoke or commented and I could only hold my breath while praying that Titus’ hatred for witches was not what it used to be, especially since he also had one witch helping him who was the child of the woman in front of him.
He sighed “It’s hard for me to trust witches, but…” I tilted my head in confusion as he stopped talking and looked back at me. “I am quite grateful to see my mate and the members of my pack all standing safely here which I guess is thanks to your help, which means you are quite trustworthy” He added and I smiled at that, he was quite authoritative to be able to look at the situation first before judging, even though I knew his hatred for witches and this place that was the origin of witchcraft.
I heard Drake and Jose breathe a sigh of relief when they heard Titus’ words and I just smiled silently.
Yes, they knew well enough that their Alpha king was known
The Aigba King’s Fated Mate
town that she once destroyed.
Tightening the grip of my hand, I gave a smile to him who sighed softly before slowly walking deeper into the town followed by all his men behind.
Lola continued to look at him with a flat expression, until we stopped in front of him.
“So this is the Alpha king” was the opening word she spoke and made Titus raise a confused eyebrow.
“I’ve never smelled your scent, it’s the first time we’ve met” my mate replied with a surprised tone and made the old woman laugh.
“I wasn’t here when you conducted the massacre of the witches in this town” She smiled sarcastically and I almost saw the man beside me cringe at the words ‘massacre’ coming out of her “But, I also know that it was my ancestors who provoked your anger, so it is possible that we can put an end to it” She added.
As if waiting for a response from their king, no one spoke or commented and I could only hold my breath while praying that Titus’ hatred for witches was not what it used to be, especially since he also had one witch helping him who was the child of the woman in front of him.
He sighed “It’s hard for me to trust witches, but…” I tilted my head in confusion as he stopped talking and looked back at me “I am quite grateful to see my mate and the members of my pack all standing safely here which I guess is thanks to your help, which means you are quite trustworthy” He added and I smiled at that, he was quite authoritative to be able to look at the situation first before judging, even though I knew his hatred for witches and this place that was the origin of witchcraft.
I heard Drake and Jose breathe a sigh of relief when they heard Titus’ words and I just smiled silently.
Yes, they knew well enough that their Alpha king was known
The Alpha King’s Fated Matc
for being a man of action first and talk later.
Everyone knows, no matter how we are currently in the town where the old woman has an advantage over us and can easily conquer us with her sorcery, after all, with the things we know hidden inside that can make us win the battle against Pearl’s black sorcery, we have to follow the old woman’s game a little bit until we know whether she is really an enemy or a friend. The main door opened with a wave of the woman’s hand “Come, you must be tired after running endlessly to get here” she remarked before she turned and walked first into the rest of the castle that was the main building of the current city of Trazmoz
Silently, we followed the woman inside but before continuing our journey my hand was pulled slightly and I turned around to receive a warm kiss from the man beside me.
He just smiled without saying anything, I knew there must be a lot of things he wanted to ask, but this was not the right time to talk about confidential things between us.
It was a short kiss but I could feel the longing, relief and desire from the kiss he gave me.
I don’t know when he became someone very important to me and I know vice versa, otherwise, how could he have braved the danger just to come to me this quickly.
Re-grasping my hand, we started walking again and followed everyone who had gone ahead when they saw that the king wanted a few minutes with his mate.


The Alpha King’s Fated Mate

for being a man of action first and talk later.

Everyone knows, no matter how we are currently in the town where the old woman has an advantage over us and can easily conquer us with her sorcery, after all, with the things we know hidden inside that can make us win the battle against Pearl’s black sorcery, we have to follow the old woman’s game a little bit until we know whether she is really an enemy or a friend. The main door opened with a wave of the woman’s hand “Come, you must be tired after running endlessly to get here” she remarked before she turned and walked first into the rest of the castle that was the main building of the current city of Trazmoz

Silently, we followed the woman inside but before continuing our journey my hand was pulled slightly and I turned around to receive a warm kiss from the man beside me.

He just smiled without saying anything, I knew there must be a lot of things he wanted to ask, but this was not the right time to talk about confidential things between us.

It was a short kiss but I could feel the longing, relief and desire from the kiss he gave me.

I don’t know when he became someone very important to me and I know vice versa, otherwise, how could he have braved the danger just to come to me this quickly.

Re–grasping my hand, we started walking again and followed. everyone who had gone ahead when they saw that the king wanted a few minutes with his mate.

Chapter 55
When I said ‘You better rest first, then we can talk’ and everyone agreed before we walked to the room I was using, I didn’t realize that he was that tired.
‘It seems like the adrenaline and worry for me made him use all his strength to come here’ Destine comment and made me nod my head in agreement.
I showed him the room where I slept and where he could take a shower after his long journey.
If I didn’t know he was so tired, I would’ve gone inside when he teased me by unfolding the blanket he used to cover himself in front of me with a mocking smile on his face.
D*mn him!
But, when I’m going back from grabing food for him, I was stunned to see the figure of my man fast asleep a minute after touching the bed after taking a shower.
The medium-sized bed I used in Trazmoz was filled with him sleeping as if he could just breathe a sigh of relief and let himself off guard for a while from the cruelty of the world that always defied him.
Bending down to look at him, I sighed at his handsome face that looked calm as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Could he be this calm because of me?
Successfully finding me and having me around could make him like this?
He had always been alone without anyone to accompany him, fighting the cruelty and greed of all with no mercy that made him known as the cruel Alpha king, but they did not realize, it was the situation that made him become like that.
Yes, I hated him for rejecting me once, but I didn’t think I
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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could do what Pearl did just because of rejected love.
Focusing on revenge because the person we like found his mate, even though she knows that mate for werewolves is sacred and unavoidable but still makes her become like that and destroys the happiness of the man.
Losing his parents and mate in one night and then being cursed to be unable to die in order to continue suffering, that’s such a horrible thing to do just because of a broken heart.
I can’t understand why she could do something like that… Go to the dark side to destroy the man she could never have.
But is this fate?
If it wasn’t like that, then would I never have him as my mate? Will my mate be different?
‘Life is unpredictable, we can only live it well’ Destine said and made me exhale a long breath ‘Heart disease is horrible, but it depends on the person whether it will take them forward or backward’ Destine added and made me exhale a long breath because she was right.
It depends on the person…
Destine was right, I decided to move forward even though Titus rejected me, but Pearl decided to remain in place and let the negativity consume her.
The touch on my face startled me and made me jump a little in shock.
“What are you thinking so seriously that you’re gazing off like that?” Titus looked at me in concern before he got up from his position and seat on the bed.
I smiled before climbing on the bed and sitting beside him to rest my head on his shoulder.
“Why are you awake?” I asked as I put my arms out to cuddle at him.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
He sighed and put his arms around me and tightened his embrace “Do you think I could sleep knowing you’re here?” I laugh when I hear his answer.
So, he pretended to be asleep. “What’s wrong?” He asked again.
I couldn’t hide anything from him…
“I’m just…” What should I tell him?
“I’m sorry I brought you into this” He cut me off before I could speak and made me stare at him again.
He thinks I’m overwhelmed by his problems?
I cupped his cheek and made him look back at me “That’s life and that’s mate, there can’t be only beautiful things in life can there?” He was silent as he continued to stare at me as if he was looking for a lie. “Having you is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, and I also found my strength from you. Don’t think about anything else because I will continue to stand by you” I state firmly.
He looked at me sharply before nodding his head with a small smile before pecking my forehead “So, tell me what you think about the old lady before I listen to the other’s explanation” I raised my eyebrows at his words.
It’s hard not to smile happily knowing that your mate thinks your words are important and meaningful to your mate.
The next morning everyone was already gathered in the hall when Titus and I entered, our pack members who were there immediately stood up and straightened up before bowing as a sign of respect to us.
They also took their seats as Titus and I sat down in the chairs that had been provided.
Sometimes I have to get used to these things, after all Titus is
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
the Alpha king and this kind of respect is a natural thing to do, but still I like to be surprised by it.
“Have you recovered, Alpha?” Lola chided and made all the members turn round in surprise at the way she spoke to their king.
Titus just nodded his head “I need to thank you for all the things you do for my pack members” He spoke calmly and with the aura of a leader, which always made me admire the way he carried himself and spoke.
Lola just smiled a little while continuing to stare intently at my mate who was also staring back at her.
“Let’s talk inside” Finally Lola broke the silence and was answered with a nod of the head by Titus who immediately raised his hand to silence the members of his pack who began to protest, because they did not fully trust the old woman.
“You don’t believe I can take care of myself, even after running all the way here by myself?” he asked the members in the room with a challenging look, even though I could only shake my head when I heard him.
Yes, his voice sounded casual but his gaze seemed to say ‘I’ll kill anyone who dares to speak up’, so no one dared to say a word and just nodded obediently.
“Let’s go then” Lola already stood up and walked first to the next room followed by Titus and I.


The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
S voucher
Chapter 56
Entering the room where Lola hid Morena’s soul made Titus look wide-eyed in shock before turning to me as if asking about its authenticity or if this was just another magic, I just nodded slowly answering his unspoken question.
However, I had also talked to Destine, somehow she knew it was real because there seemed to be a strange aura around her that was different from magic, one of the reasons why I believed Lola’s story, for now.
“You don’t hate me?” Titus’ question made me glance over to see the expression on the woman’s face. After all it was him who destroyed her kin.
As much as Titus hates witches, they must also hate him as the mastermind of the massacre of witches hundreds of years ago. But, the old woman just smiled and seemed to think for a while before opening her mouth.
“See what happens because of hatred. I think there have been many deaths due to this hatred that has been going on for hundreds of years and it’s time to end it, right?” Her answer surprised us.
‘She didn’t lie,’ Destine statement like an answer for my
doubt.Until when will we continue to distance ourselves and always suspect witches? Maybe it’s time we opened up to them too,’ she added.
Destine is right, if we don’t start then when will we end this conflict?
It must start with ourselves before asking others to do the
I lifted my gaze back to the man beside me, wondering if he could end his pain.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
The witch killed his family and mate in front of his eyes, it would be selfish of me to ask him to forget about it, but indeed revenge will not lead to anything good in the end, there are only painful wounds.
But Titus said nothing and just kept quiet as he continued to listen to Lola’s story and walked towards the secret room that held Pearl’s dark sorcery book.
Staring at the forbidden book on dark magic made by Pearl gave me goosebumps, even Lola didn’t dare to come closer after she managed to lock it so that it wouldn’t be detected by other witches, glancing at Titus who had also looked in my direction, we both thought that this couldn’t be fake.
“The book won’t affect someone who doesn’t have blood magic, but your mate might not” Lola informed Titus who looked at me before nodding.
He slowly approached the book and sure enough, nothing happened when he touched it.
“Because he doesn’t have any magic in his pulse” Lola explained before pointing at me with her head “However, not your mate, her white-wolf power is capable of awakening things we can’t imagine” She added and I shouldn’t be surprise to know what Destine could do, but it still shocked me hearing it from other.
He just nodded without making any comment, I guess he will talk to us all when Lola isn’t around.
I just give him a smile and wrap my finger on him as support before turning back our gaze to Lola.
“You know what you are doing is like betraying your kin, why are you doing this?” I asked softly.
She sighed “I want to be able to rest in peace, just like you,
Alpha, I’m cursed and can’t leave this world until it’s over” Titus
and I were wide-eyed with shock at her explanation, she hadn’t inentioned it to us before.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mare
She nodded “When you succeed, that’s when I too can leave this world in peace”
“Do you think we can trust witches?” Drake asked Titus and I after we returned from our 3 pairs of eyes to talk with Lola, who was currently outside with the werewolf protectors of Trazmoz.
“We have no choice” Titus pointed out and I nodded in agreement with his comment.
“After all, she has something that can defeat the black witch Pearl, all that’s left is to find her mortal body” I added to the others who nodded.
Although the surviving core of Trazmoz is a former castle, there wasn’t much furniture inside, so we all sat on the floor cosily around the festive fire to warm ourselves from the piercing cold.
The only furniture available was a few beds but not all of the rooms were usable, so the rest of the members slept in these rooms with only clothes.
“So, what are we going to do?” Asked Jose and everyone seemed to be waiting for orders from Titus, but the man beside me sighed which made me raise a confused eyebrow, especially when he looked in my direction.
What? I mouthed him
He didn’t answer and just continued to stare at me “Rest again tonight, I will discuss everything first with your queen” His answer surprised me, but the other members just nodded their heads obediently without daring to argue with him.
Then, he asked about what had happened since we arrived in Spain to get here.
One by one, we began to recount what had happened, from the
The Aigle Kings Fated Mate
meeting with Raul, as well as the guards and the ambush that we thought was attacked by rogues but turned out to be Lola and the Trazmoz guardian wolves who were actually the real owners of the fake guardian bodies that greeted us in the city of Zaragoza.
We spent the night together in that room and I fell asleep on his lap while he continued to talk with the other members as if he had no fatigue.
A warm hug and a stroke on my cheek woke me up and I saw him still awake while staring outside.
It turns out we’ve gone back into the room without me realising and I get up to sit beside him while resting my head on his shoulder “What are you thinking about?” I asked softly. He looked back at me before kissing my forehead as a matter of habit and wrapping his arm around my shoulders.
“Many things…” He said “About the things that happened up to what I know today” he paused and sighed “Regrets for past. actions and also fears for the future… about you… everything about you… all of them.”
I understand why he thought that, because all of this happened because of him or that’s what he thought.
“Destiny is unpredictable or so Destine once said” I said and looked back at him with a smile before lightly kissing his lips “Sometimes if it’s not you there will be a way when it’s destined to happen, so it’s not your fault…. The most important thing is now let’s work this out together” He smiled as he looked at me with a gaze that made me weak again.
Yes, the look he always gives.
Approaching him, I stroked his cheek before giving him a warm and intimate kiss which he returned.
“I love you, Gwen” he whispered before kissing me back and holding my body with the warmth of his love.Chapter 57
Third Party Point of View
Replacement dolls all died in Zaragoza?!” I was shocked to hear the information from Peter, one of the Alphas I managed to spell into my subordinates in Spain “Now where are they?” I asked quickly and hoped the answer wasn’t what I thought I would hear.
Please don’t…
With Morena gone, then this?
“They seem to be in Trazmoz” He replied quietly and made me throw the phone out of my ear, disconnecting our call.
Could it be that Morena was caught and they knew all my plans?
“AAARRRGGHHHH…!!!!!!” I shouted in annoyance.
They made their move when I was arrowed yesterday and the wolfsbane poison made me unable to wake up for more than 10 days, it seems like they did a lot back then.
SH*T… SH*T!!!!
It seems like they knew about my plan and the dolls, that’s why they killed the dolls easily.
The only place Morena couldn’t observe until now, yet she said that it should always be guarded without mentioning why.
She’s not there and the woman who owns the white-wolves is there, what is it about that place that makes them want to go there?
Peter said the Alpha king was seen coming there alone too, but is that possible?
is 09
The Alpha Kings Fated Mate
I heard they are currently visiting Alpha Tommy after Alpha Ben’s place.
With Morena missing, could it be that my nephew is releasing the spell that my mate gave to those Alphas?
D*mn it, it seems my whole plan has been spotted!
Could it be that my st**id nephew sent his mate to Trazmoz and he’s going around releasing Morena’s spell on the Alphas? The news about him going there alone must be decoy, he can’t be going there alone, too risky…
If so, I need to go to Trazmoz, at least I need to catch his mate first before dealing with him, after all the Alpha’s weakness is their mate.
“Book a flight to Spain, call Peter and tell him I’m coming to check on something” I commanded my men who bowed their heads before walking out to carry out my orders.
Why did everything turn out like this? I’ve only been on break for a few days and it’s all messed up.
It has to be me who has to intervene!
Back to Gwen’s Point of View
“No, you can’t” Drake refused and everyone seemed to agree with his answer.
I sighed…
“Beta is right, my king, we won’t let you two search for the black witch’s mortal body alone” Jose added firmly, rejecting Titus’ plan of searching for the witch’s mortal body alone with me, his mate, because only I could feel and smell the undead odour that wafted from Pearl’s sorcery.
I understood why they rejected the plan, but I also understood why Titus wanted them to guard this place.
Trazmoz has Morena’s soul and Pearl’s book of black magic which is essential to be able to bring down Pearl’s dark power and return Morena to her body so this place can’t just be guarded by those guardian wolves, with Drake, Jose and the other warriors from our pack, this place will be safer, that’s why Titus decided they are better off here and he is more than capable of guarding me.
But I also understand that they objected to leaving me and Titus alone, the kingdom would be destroyed if one of us got hurt and Jack managed to become the Alpha king.
But decisions have to be made and everything has consequences and is dangerous…
“Queen, please…” Alexa looked at me with a pleading look so that I could speak up and convince the king to change his mind, but they didn’t know that we had already talked about it last night.
Smiling understandingly I looked at all of them who were currently locking hopeful gazes at me in order to change their Alpha king’s orders.
“Everything will be a failure if Trazmoz is breached and the enemy gets the book and Morena’s Soul…” I said starting the conversation and making them bow in defeat, knowing that I agreed with their Alpha king “Only the black witch’s mortal body remains, then it’s all over… Right now, the Alphas with Mellisa are trying to heal the Alphas affected by Pearl’s spell, with the witch still locked by Mellisa’s white p**er, we must quickly find the mortal body before it’s too late, your presence protecting this place will mean a lot to us” I added quietly and Titus patted his Beta and Jose on the back.
“If Jack knows we are here, he will come immediately and I trust you guys to protect this place until we return” He said firmly and as if understanding they finally nodded obediently to accept our orders.
Destine sensed Pearl’s power, so we need to burnt before the
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
15 vouchers
cage breaks” I added quickly and made them look in my direction.
Drake exhaled a long, heavy breath before walking over to me “I understand, queen, king” He said as he bowed his head “Please be very careful, we can’t afford to face them without you two”
Everyone lined up neatly facing the two of us before bowing their heads together in a sign of respect and obedience. Walking up to me, Titus wrapped his arms around my waist. before nodding “We’ll be extra careful, take care of everyone and this place as well” he stated.
I know this trip is not a honeymoon full of excitement, but it will be a terrifying and dangerous journey, but it has to start with something and we can’t just wait around.
Lola said about the special place between her and the King, when I said that, Titus was confused because he had never considered Pearl special so didn’t have any clues, but there was a place he knew Pearl had told him about that he thought was her favorite place, so I thought we would start there while thinking of other places.
We’re racing against time, hopefully everything goes smoothly and we manage to find her mortal body before she breaks free from her cage.Chapter 58
We decided that we would travel during the day in a vehicle as humans do, because there are so many activities that humans do during daytime, that werewolves can’t just turn into their wolfy selves, and we would take advantage of that.
So, with the phone Titus had brought, strapped to his thigh along with two pairs of clothes, Alexa contacted the travel company that would pick us up at 2pm this afternoon.
Relieved that everything went well and I managed to convince everyone, it was just a matter of waiting for the trip to start. Yes, I managed to convince everyone from Titus to the other members to come and go with my mate.
Not because I wanted to travel, but because I knew that being with her would calm Destine’s heart and I also knew that Titus would be able to concentrate better if I was by his side.
If only they knew what I did to convince their king last night.
— Flashback —
“Why not?” I insisted on going with him last night to Titus when I mentioned that I could go with him to find where Pearl hid her mortal body “I’m the one who can sense Pearl’s black magic as well as the smell of her undead” I emphasized to my mate that me going with him was needed by him.
When he mentioned that he would be the one to search for Pearl’s mortal body together with Jose, I immediately refused. Yes, here we were discussing the next plan we were going to do together.
I know, it’s Titus’ first time doing this, discussing, usually he gives the command and everyone just follows suit, but right now, everything has to be well planned out and we can’t make any rash moves.
The Alpha Xing’s fated Mare
es euch ste
“You don’t know what it’s like to lose you for me, I can’t put you in danger, Gwen” He tried to persuade me and cupped my cheek.
I pecked him “I know, that’s why I tagged along and know you’ll always protect me” I stated confidently.
I know our journey will be dangerous, but I can’t always make him lose his concentration because there are things that put me in danger, at least with him I’m sure he will protect me and I can protect him as well.
It’s both of our problems, not just his. So I want him to always share everything with me. Let’s end it together.
“Remember, I will always be by your side, you’re not alone!” I added firmly and made him heave a long sigh before closing his eyes and bringing our foreheads together.
“You stubborn little..!” He whispered in frustration and made me raise an eyebrow for him to continue but the man just smiled in defeat.
I squeal when he scooped me up, thrusting his lips upon mine in one movement.
“F*ck, I missed you” He growled like a real animal who
endured hunger all this time and was just able to vent his lust.

– End of Flashback
“I have contacted the travel company, saying that the vehicle you are using is damaged because it needs a replacement vehicle immediately, they will come at 2 o’clock later” Alexa came to the hall where we all gathered and got ready to leave Trazmoz, because my car was flipped so I didn’t have any belongings, the clothes I used today were given by Lola, which she said belonged to one of the residents here.
“Apparently this town is still inhabited by some descendants of witches who don’t seem to have the ability to use sorcery” Jose
The Alphur King’s Fated Mate
added to our conversation.
“Besides the wolves there are some residents?” Titus asked in surprise.
Jose nodded “About a total of 20 people live in small houses around this castle, what we live in now used to be the main castle, it is said that this is 1 large castle, but because some began to collapse, small houses were built” he explained in more detail and I nodded in understanding.
Knock… Knock
We all turned towards the door where stood a man we didn’t recognize.
Jose hurriedly went to him and spoke a few words before introducing us “This is Fio, he’s the head of the village here” The man named Fio bowed his head slightly with a small smile “Grandma Lola has informed everyone, 2 people are leaving and there will be guard assistance from the werewolves?” He stared with a question mark.
It seemed like there wasn’t much that Lola had told him.
I hurriedly went to him and shook his hand “I’m Kate and this is Tate, we have some business but the others will help as grandma Lola explained” I said kindly and hid my real name and Titus from him, maybe Lola stated that she didn’t hate Titus but I didn’t know about the others, after all my mate was someone who wiped out the witch tribe a long time ago, surely they had their version of the story about it.
He nodded “Thankfully, although we are descendants of witches, our ancestors and grandmothers did not have magic for a long time so we are just like ordinary human beings even though we live in this magic city” He said, relieved.
“I’ve prepared a house that everyone can live in” he added to Jose and Dee who took over so that the man could show them the direction of the house they would be using whila hasa
The Alpha Kung’s Fated Mate
Titus came to me and stood beside me as I watched them leave “You lied about our names?” He asked,
I looked over and smiled “Avoiding old wounds” I responded shortly and he nodded in understanding.
“Are you ready?” He asked again as he took my hand and kissed
Looking into his eyes to show my seriousness I nodded “Always, as long as it’s with you”
We both know that this journey will be very dangerous, whether it will be successful or not, the important thing is that we will continue to try to end this nightmare.
Many things happen because of grudges, jealousy and broken hearts, it’s time to end it all before others will continue to be affected.

Chapter 59
“How did you think of bringing a cellphone?” I asked Titus as we boarded the travel car that came to pick us up.
He smiled “Mellisa” He replied simply and I nodded in understanding.
We just nodded to Drake, Jose and Alexa who accompanied us on our way out of Trazmoz, so that there would be no
suspicion about us, Titus told the members not to accompany us when the travel car arrived.
“I heard that the vehicle you were driving was in an accident, so the accident three days ago was your car?” Asked the driver who brought us and I just nodded with a smile in response because I saw Titus, with his expressionless face, looking bored and just pretending to close his eyes but still holding my hand. “Can we stop by to do some shopping? I lost a lot of my stuff in the fire” I said to the driver who looked pityingly at us before nodding.
“I’ll take you to the best places,” he replied enthusiastically, making me laugh.
“Thank you.”
Yes, the important thing right now is to act like we’re human.
“How can we look like humans?” Titus asked as Lola suddenly came into the hall where we and our members always gathered before we’re going.
“Take this,” she said briefly, handing over a strange package which Drake immediately took before giving it to Titus, before turning to leave the room without any explanation.
I went to my mate who opened the parcel to see one small water bottle and two small packages with notes.
mix this with the water, it will remove your wolf odor so no
The Maya bing smed Mare
one will suspect you are a werewolf.
Always carry this small parcel in your pocket, so that no evil magic will bother you.
“Like mother like daughter” He comments shortly meaning Mellisa also doing this to him once.
Drake came back with two glasses of water as if he had done this before mixing them up and handing them to me and Titus.
But instead of drinking it, he poured it over my head which gasped in shock.
For the first time Titus seemed to stifle a laugh at my expression.
“Not funny” I grumbled in annoyance but was surprised to realize the water didn’t wet me “What..”
“It’s only valid for 1 week, it’s what makes me undetectable when I come here” He explained before pouring water on his head “One of the useful tricks that Mellisa often uses for me” He added and shrugged his shoulders.
“I didn’t know teasing me could make you happy” I grumbled in annoyance but couldn’t hide my smile seeing him in a better mood.
“I would like to see how the king behaves in the human world” Drake retorted, making the man he was talking about raise an offended eyebrow and I just giggled imagining Drake’s words.
Now that I looked at the man Drake was talking about pretending to be asleep in front of the humans and looking very stiff, I understood why the beta wanted to see the behavior of his Alpha king in the human world.
After almost half a day of driving, we stopped at the hotel to rest and shop for souvenirs, or that’s what we told the driver. Since we didn’t bring anything with us or our belongings were all in the car that Alpha Raul was currently keeping, meeting
The alpin King Fated Mire
him here is the only way since he also need explanation since some of his member pack was dead.
Titus and I saw her sitting in the hotel lounge accompanied only by her beta, Caius.
Approaching the two werewolves who were surprised to see the two of us, they immediately stood up and when they wanted to bow their heads, Titus hurriedly raised his hand to stop them.
“Nice to finally meet you, Raul, Caius” Titus greeted politely and I just smiled before nodding my head.
“Ki… Titus, I didn’t know you were in this country” Alpha Raul said in surprise.
Titus nodded “I owe you an explanation of everything that happened” He looked at me who smiled and nodded confirming that I didn’t smell Pearl’s black magic in their bodies, making the two werewolves look confused and look into each other’s eyes, realizing the strangeness of the two of
Opening the hotel room door, Titus stepped in followed by me before closing the door again.
“Apparently Alpha Raul has been suspicious for a long time” I said with a sigh and flopped onto the soft king size bed.
Aaahhh…. it’s comfortable…
Titus placed my bag that Alpha Raul had brought me before sitting on the edge of the bed while caressing my cheek Hmm… I moan from his touch with a small smile.
“You know we made it this far thanks to you” Titus’ words made me open my eyes and get up to sit beside him.
“Do you regret almost losing me because of your stuniline for
The Alpha Kings hated Me
rejecting me?” I teased while nudging his hand and making him laugh.
He wrapped his arms around my shoulders before pulling me into his arms.
“Things will be harder from now on” He said with a sigh.
I nodded “What’s going to be harder is that you have to remember the things that you used to do with Pearl, where was the place that she found memorable” Titus groaned at my words and made me pat him on the back.
Yes, sometimes we don’t want to recollect things we don’t want to remember, but since it relates to the possibility of Pearl’s mortal body being located, it is inevitable that he has to open those bad memories.
He just sighed in defeat, knowing that it had to be done.
“So, where to now?” I asked, which was answered with an annoyed look from my mate.
I sighed because it seemed like he hadn’t thought about her in a long time, yes, his hatred for Pearl made him forget the memories that she was his little friend.
“Maybe the first time you met?” I prodded.
“The palace,” he answered lazily, then stared wide-eyed as if recalling something.
I smiled knowing there was at least one thing he remembered which was probably a place Pearl considered important as well.

Chapter 60
Rolf Titus Point of View
“Luna Collins gave birth to a baby girl” One night my father, King Osmund, informed me and my mother during dinner.
My mom was surprised “Oh yeah? Well, we should go to visit them, “she said happily.
Even though I know my father doesn’t really like luna Collins who is a descendant of a witch, but because they have always been good friends to the kingdom so he didn’t say bad words or refuse his mate’s request to visit Alpha Collins’ territory.
Not far from New Zealand, our region, the next day, the king, his mate and I visited the Alpha Collins area to celebrate the birth of their daughter.
Not knowing that we were about to meet the most evil black witch the world has ever seen.
I was 15 years old when I saw Pearl Collins’ baby figure back then.
The wars continued until the king forced all men from the age of 11 to learn how to use the sword and fight to protect their pack.
“Rufus was defeated, now their territory is controlled by Paul” My father sighed and I was surprised to hear this news, Rufus was one of the royal alliances that had great battle tactics.
“How come?” I asked and Beta Luke was surprised, knowing that conquering him was not easy.
“Somehow they enlisted the help of the Rogues” My father sighed.
Knock… Knock…
Everyone fell silent as a six-year-old girl came into my father’s office innocently, still not knowing that it was forbidden.
However, they all laughed at the little girl, knowing that Pearl Collins was such a cute girl that even the queen and king thought of them as their daughters, no wonder the prince Titus loved them too.
The proximity of their territory, only a day by horse-drawn. carriage and half a day running in wolf form, made the little girl a frequent visitor to the kingdom.
“You know my mom was a witch” she said one day and took me by surprise.
“But, magic is dangerous” I said quickly so that she wouldn’t try to learn it, after all what could a 10 year old girl do? I thought at the time, not thinking that the beginning of her learning sorcery was to help me.
“But it might stop wars, Rolf” She insisted and I just laughed and nodded, not taking her words seriously.
One day, a group of rogues ambushed me and cheated by shooting poison-filled arrows, which was the first time. wolfsbane poison was discovered.
“What is this poison?” shouted the king, seeing that Prince Titus was badly injured and couldn’t heal himself like a werewolf.
It was Luna Collins who told me that there was a magic potion that could help me and with my father’s permission she made the potion.
When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the crying girl sitting beside my bed.
“I thought you were going to die Rolf, I’m going to learn magic so that… so that this war ends and you won’t get hurt again.” She always said she wanted to learn magic for me but I just patted the head of the little girl who I considered a sister even though
The Alpha King’s Faud Mate.
she was now 16 years old.
I nodded my head one day talking with her about finding my mate which shocked her.
“What’s a mate?” She asked in wonder and I chuckled.
“A life partner who will continue to accompany you, like your father and mother and king and queen” I explained in an easy
“Then why do you want to find your mate?” She asked innocently.
I couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks “Because I’m more than enough to have a partner who will be with me forever, right?” I replied.
She nodded “Then I’ll be your mate then”
I can’t help but laughed at that time hearing her words
“Grow first, then you’ll understand” Was my response at the time.
Exhaling a long breath, I looked at my mate who was fast asleep after the exhausting activities I had done to her.
It had taken me 400 years to find her, and in that long time I had only learned of the many things Pearl had done after she had turned into someone I no longer knew.
Are there any places that Pearl considers special? Gwen asked me this, but I truly do not know where…
A lot of things happened when she was young but I had no idea that her feelings for me were so strong that she would do this horrible thing to punish me.
‘My mother warned me that you would find your mate, but I believe I am your mate, Rolf Titus’
Alphia King’s Lited Matc
I’m learning magic for you, so I can be your mate, help you win this war, Rolf Titus’
‘Rolf Titus… I curse you, a man without a heart, not to find happiness… Love will come only to end in suffering, Lonely F.o.r.e.v.e.r… Hahahaha’
Someone cupped my cheek and made me look in his direction.
Gwen looked into my eyes as if she knew what was going through my mind.
“I thought you were asleep” I whispered softly and she smiled before pulling my head into her arms.
Wordlessly she always knew what was on my mind, knew when I blamed myself and chastised myself for everything that happened so she always gave me the warmth of her love and support.
“It’s not your fault, Titus” she cooed gently, as if she knew what I was thinking right now “Let’s end this together” she continued and without realizing it I wrapped my arms around her to tighten our embrace.
“Together” I agree while nodding my head, not caring that I am currently showing my weakness clearly to the woman who is my mate who I know will open her arms to help me without judging me.
A woman who accepts me and forgives me despite knowing my faults.
My Fated mate…

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

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Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Read Free The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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