The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 61-70

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 61-70

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Chapter 61
Waking up to the smell of food, I sat up before grabbing my clothes and walking out to see breakfast already served at the dining table of our hotel room.
“What’s this?” I whispered with a smile before taking a pinch of bread and eating it.
Titus wasn’t there when I woke up and gasped in surprise as I felt a hug from behind and the intoxicating scent of his body enveloping me.
“Good morning, baby” came a low voice in my ear.
“Morning..” I said, smiling without turning around “What is this? I thought we’re planning to check out?”
He let out a soft chuckle “Just realize that we never have our time together” He stepped around and giving me a wide smile “With everything happened, I decide to give us our time before go into the ‘war”” I can’t help but chuckled when he emphasis the word ‘war’
My words seemed out of my mind when he start raining me with kisses.
The sound of my heavy breathing filled my ears even as my blood rushed to them, drowning everything out while I was writhing against him, drawing him even further into me.
“G*d..” I breathed and saw him staring intensely at me with a smirk before he kissed my neck.
“I want to make this day, our day” He spoke softly, cupping my face while pressing light kisses to my skin.
“What a surprising thing to do in the morning” I remarked and made him burst into laughter.
His lips collided against mine, soft and hard. A soft moan left
The Alpha King’s Fated Matc
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my lips as his tongue slipped inside, tangling with mine. He kissed me until I forgot everything but him, even forgetting the food in front of us even though my stomach started screaming in protest.
Acting like tourists and mere mortals, we decided to wander around the zaragoza area to enjoy our alone time as Titus suggested.
He kept hugging me and didn’t even let go of his handhold for a second during our journey and made me feel the love he always told me.
Like a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, I enjoyed our time together without any thoughts of the problems we were currently facing.
There is no problem with Pearl…
There is no such thing as a black witch…
and no wars with rogues…
Just the two of us…
“Torre del Pilar, The Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Zaragoza thus it allows you to see the monuments around the historic centre with a…………
Titus tugged on my hand before wrapping it around my waist, making the guard who was explaining speak for himself as he began to bring his face closer and brought his lips closer to mine for a long, intimate kiss that I realized was being watched by many.
A slow smile crept onto Titus’s face, knowing that I am embarrassed right now, he cupped my chin in his hand and kissed me again and again, until all of my senses were full only with him.
Can I feel this kind of happiness?
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
If there was no Pearl, black magic or trouble in the werewolf world chasing us, I wanted to continue living like this with him. Just the two of us…
We continued our journey to Restaurante Aragonia Palafox Zaragoza, I looked Titus in the eye as I got out of the car and saw the restaurant in front of me.
“When did you reserve all this?” I asked in surprise and took his hand as we walked into the restaurant.
“Before I eat you at the hotel” He whispered softly in my ear and burned my face with a flame of embarrassment that caused the man beside me to laugh with satisfaction.
As if to give me what he couldn’t because of all the things that happened to us in a row, and also because of his stu**dity at the beginning of our meeting, Titus prepared the best trip a couple could take in one day.
The travel agency was thrilled to hear him say that money was no problem, the most important thing was to make the most memorable trip for me, his beloved wife.
The driver and guide who took us were very enthusiastic about the reservation my man booked today and with his huge smile, I can’t imagine how much money he spent on this day.
He didn’t let the waiter pull out a chair for me, and quickly walked over to retract the chair before letting me sit down.
Staring into his eyes, I brought my face closer to give him a brief peck that made him raise an eyebrow
“What was that for?” He asked with a smile before sitting on the
seat next to me.
I returned his smile and shrugged “For being an awesome person” I replied briefly which made him look at me with a gaze that never fails to take my breath away.
The Alpha Rhins Fated Mate
I looked over as someone called my name, shocked that we were currently in the human world, there was no way anyone would recognize me.
And also forgot that I had lived in the human world for 5 years so surely someone would recognize me.
“Sebastian” I said surprised to see my alma mater friend
standing looking at me, it seems he was here with his 2 friends. who were also looking at me questioningly.
“What are you doing in this country? I’ve been looking for you since your graduation, but…” As if just realizing that I wasn’t here alone, he looked towards Titus before clearing his throat “Sorry, I’m Sebastian, a colleague from medical school” He introduced himself to my mate who stood up to shake his hand politely.
“Titus Osmund” He answered briefly without explaining who he was.
I tried not to smile knowing what the man who was my mate meant, immediately adding, “He’s my husband.”
2 pairs of eyes looked at me in shock at my words and I nodded with a smile.
“Wow… okay… Congratulations” Sebastian, who I know has a crush on me looks like he’s trying to look happy, however, I’ve never wanted anything to do with humans so I just smile politely “Okay, I’ll head to my table then… congratulations again, Gwen… Titus”
Titus took my hand as we sat back down and Sebastian went to his desk “Husband?” He asked quietly, but he sounded pleased. Picking up the glass filled with wine, I nodded “Doesn’t that describe our relationship?” I asked while raising a questioning eyebrow at him.
But he just laughed before pulling something out of his pants
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Oh my G*d…
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A ring…
“Wha… What’s this?”
Taking my hand and kissing my fingers lovingly “The best jewelry for my wife” He said softly while putting the ring on my ring finger.
Unable to hold back the tears, I sobbed before he stood up and kneeled beside me to give me an intimate hug.
Not caring about what the humans would think of us, I threw a passionate kiss to the man I loved so much.
“I love you, Titus” I whispered softly, hoping that our happiness will last forever.
“I love you more”Chapter 62
Sometimes being too happy bring nothing but agony when they’re too blissful, making someone dream of what they want but never have is the cruelest kind of torture.
‘The black magic that Pearl uses is very dangerous, sometimes to make it work it will require sacrifice, you know that?’ Lola looked into my eyes as she said this and she nodded in understanding as she saw me smile.
Yes, Destine had told me the worst things that could happen when dealing with black magic.
It was the darkest and longest night I had ever spent, waiting for my mate to arrive with the thought that time with him was ticking away as if there was no such word as forever for us.
‘You know what your mate has been through so far… are you going to give him happiness or anguish? You know you are his happiness’ She added when hearing me say nothing.
Now, staring at the ring on my finger and the man who sleeps peacefully beside me, I truly hope that we will be successful.
‘We will, Gwen… You have me now’ Destine said in my head, knowing about my fear.
Running in our wolf form, we deliberately had an overnight flight back to our home country before starting our journey.
Decided to return to the palace where it all began and from there we would start combing through the places that Titus and Pearl might have visited when they were young.
‘Pearl’s mother is a descendant of witches and at that time the battle between werewolves for territory was so fierce that an alliance with Collins was one way out’ He explain once, I know remembering the past is painful for Titus, seeing him trying to open the box that has been tightly closed by him hurts me too, is this what Pearl wants?
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Knowing that Titus must remember the past to find answers?
The parameter guards as well as the royal warriors stood at the entrance with nerves the moment we touched the royal land, with the missing scent of our wolves, yes, there were still 3 days before the magic disappeared, so it was no wonder that no one thought that it was the Alpha king and their queen who came.
Harry and the other quickly on their knees when they notice it was the two of us who came.
“We’re sorry, Alpha king and queen. We don’t know it was you two who came” Was the greet we received from Harry before their defensive gesture was gone.
Titus raised his hand and everyone stood up back to their feet, I gave him a peck, which shocked everyone around us, before going back to check where Pearl used to sleep in the palace.
Titus stopped me by pulling my hand, before raising his head “Bert, Julius… accompany the queen to check the old palace at the back” He ordered firmly, the two werewolves he called immediately came forward and nodded their heads obediently before approaching me “Be careful” he added softly.
I smiled, even though this is in our own territory, still worried, I thought and nodded my head before turning towards where the old palace was.
“The old palace?” I asked as we took a short break from our journey to the palace.
Titus nodded “The palace that is used now is actually a new building, almost everything was burned down by Pearl and I left it like that behind the current palace” He explained even going into detail drawing a map of the old palace on the ground with wood as his drawing tool.
“The main hall was destroyed because that’s where the fire started, but some of the rooms located at the back, there are still some standing, including the guest rooms that we often used in the past” He continued while pointing to where the hall
be dipta Kings Fared Mate
and rooms were on the map he drew.
Studying and trying to remember the map he drew in front of me, I continued to listen carefully to my mate’s explanation so as not to miss anything.
“Do you think it’s possible that she hid it inside the palace?” He asked when we finished discussing the layout of the palace and everything else.
I smiled “We need to start with something, don’t we?” I replied and he nodded in agreement before grasping my hand tightly. “Please be careful…” He said softly while locking his gaze on me seriously “You know, I… I might go even crazier if I lose you” He added and without him even saying it I knew that just like Lola said, the destruction would happen for the second time if Titus lost his second mate.
I breathed a sigh as I lifted my hand to touch his cheek. Titus let out a long sigh before closing his eyes as he leaned his head into the touch of my hand.
I can only hope that this time the Moon Goddess won’t be so cruel as to let him suffer again, that this time with Destine the white-wolf there will be a happy ending for us.
It was easy to sweep our territory, but if we didn’t find anything then our task would be more difficult, as we would have to go to the former Collins pack territory next to ours, as we didn’t know what we would find there.
‘Sometimes it’s right in front of us, but we don’t realize it’ were Lola’s words before we left Trazmoz, so I decided to start from the palace, where it all began and where they first met.
Looking back, I saw Titus explaining the reason why we were currently here and then saw one by one they started to move towards different directions to start sweeping this area of the territory.
“What are we looking for in the old palace, queen?” Ask Bert
The Alpha Kings Fated Mate
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confused, yes, I know that since the fire happened no one dared to go to the old place, but this time getting the order to start searching at the old place must have given the question of what we were looking for.
Stopping at the entrance that had been covered by plants and trees, I also looked at the two guards who were sent to accompany me “Things that can end the black magic” I answered shortly and watched them startled at my words but nodded their heads indicating that they understood the importance of our actions here.Chapter 63
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The entrance to the old palace was already covered with weeds, grass and trees so Bert and Julius needed to clean it up a bit so we could begin to go inside.
‘No strange smells or anything so far’ Destine told me and I just nodded slowly before starting our journey inside.
Looking around I can’t help but imagine the time when the big fire broke out. ‘You’ll find the main lobby entrance, then the guest rooms are to the south, so you need to walk towards the stairs and start climbing them’ Remembering Titus’ words about the old palace last night as well as the map he described, I started to walk through the place.
Of all the things that burned and turned the walls black, I was surprised and wide-eyed to see that some photos seemed unaffected by the fire.
“Is this Titus?” I asked the two men who followed me.
They looked up and nodded “Strange thing that happened, none of the king’s photos were burnt” Julius explained and I smiled in understanding at his explanation.
As angry as Pearl was with Titus, she was still protective of the man who was my mate, not even a picture of him had been injured…
However, why would she curse him if even his picture was not destroyed by the fire magic she created? I asked Destine in confusion.
‘The fire of jealousy in the true sense… Pearl’s anger is actually because she is jealous of Katherine who is her mate’ Destine commented but for the first time I disagree.
If you really love that man, as long as he’s happy it’s your happiness right? I said to my wolf.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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‘Not everyone has such mature thoughts, Gwen’ Destine reminded me and I sighed in defeat, she was right, the thing we can least predict is people’s hearts.
I was surprised when the last staircase I climbed cracked and shattered, but Bert’s quick movement to extend his hand to pull me up saved me from the shattered treads.
“Are you okay, queen?” Bert asked quickly and I nodded.
“This place is very old, we should be more careful” Julius added, helping me up and walking ahead of me to check the situation of the room we were about to explore.
There’s not much to see, the buildings inside are almost entirely damaged and covered in reeds and wild trees.
‘Yeah, I don’t feel anything other than the animals that already occupy this place’ Destine informed.
‘Gwen… Titus’ voice in my head reminded me that we were no longer in Trazmoz and that we could use the mind-link again. “There’s nothing here’ I replied to my mate who sounded. worried.
‘Get some rest, the sun has set again. You didn’t rest last night and went straight to the old palace’ It was an order and from the tone of his voice he didn’t want any arguments at all.
Letting out a long breath, I looked at the two warriors beside me, it seemed that they too had received orders to return with
Stepping out of the main door of the old palace, I wasn’t surprised to see my mate and the other warriors already waiting for us in front of the palace.
Smiling, I walked towards my mate who was waiting for me with open arms.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Disappointment washed over me at what we didn’t find here. Yes, I knew that it couldn’t be that easy but it wasn’t wrong to hope.
Titus wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we started walking together and kissed my forehead “It’s okay, there’s still time” he whispered trying to calm me down, he knew the disappointment I was feeling right now.
Walking into the palace, Titus stopped and looked into my eyes “Do you want to eat right away or take a shower first?” He asked gently.
“Do I smell?” I pouted.
He laughed as he shook his head “Of course not, what do I care about that, but I know women usually like to take a bath after a long trip” He added and I raised an eyebrow at him.
“Wow… I didn’t know you knew so much about women” I retorted quickly which made him shut up immediately but I hurriedly blinked my eyes before running away the moment he realized I was mocking him.
“You better watch out, woman!!!”
I screamed as I ran away from my mate who started chasing me when he realized he was being pranked by me.
Everyone around us smiled and laughed at their king acting childish like that for the first time.
Yes, it was only with me that he could become someone different.
I know our path is still rough and difficult, but at least I can make the most of the days I get to spend with him.
Third Party POV
“We must hurry before Alpha Raul smells our presence” One of my men in Spain said as I got off the plane.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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I nodded in understanding and followed him back before transforming myself into my wolf form.
The howl of the wolves signaling they smelled the rogues made us hurriedly run away before the territorial guards came and stopped us.
Knowing that Titus went to Trazmoz, I had to see with my own eyes whether it was really him who was there or just a decoy.
With Morena gone, it was like I had no eyes and lost track of what was happening.
D*mn it!
Did they manage to catch Morena?
Where has the witch gone?
‘Are you sure they’re still there?’ I asked in my mind-link while running in my wolf form.
‘Yes, the two rogues managed to escape when they tried to stop King Rolf from heading there’ he replied.
But was it really Rolf Titus?
Could he really come to this place alone without any guards or warriors?
‘There are only 5 rogues left, all of them were killed when we tried to capture the king’s woman and the king himself he added and I cursed at the situation.
How is it possible that the 50 werewolves who managed to become my trusted people in this country are only 5 now?
In the absence of Morena, even with the addition of myself it would not be possible to defeat that nephew of mine.
D*mn it!!!
Trazmoz… What did they find there?
The only place Morena cannot go and all of them are in that
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Could it be that my little witch’s eternal secret had been discovered by them?
We continued to run relentlessly towards the wizard city of Trazmoz and upon seeing two other rogues in charge of scouting the city, I stopped in front of them before turning back into a human.
“What’s the news?” I asked as I put on the clothes that were handed to me.
“All the men you took from Alpha Raul were all killed, no one left Trazmoz, only 2 humans yesterday left with travel, everything else is still there” I furrowed my eyebrows at his explanation.
“2 humans?” I asked immediately.
He nodded “A young couple, sometimes human comes to Trazmoz”
“That’s them”
Because Trazmoz was once a palace that had fallen into ruin so long ago that it became a small, hilly town, it was easily visible from afar and with our werewolf sight, it was easy to recognize who and how many people were in the town.
I recognized Drake, Jose and their queen protector woman as well as the other wariors, but where was Rolf Titus and his white-wolf woman?
Walking forward to the end of the hill where we were hiding, I didn’t care if they could smell me or know I was here, but I couldn’t find their king and his mate.
Could it be….
They smelled me and knew I was here.
Alpha King’s Fated Mate
All the werewolves in the small town looked in my direction and some had changed into their forms, but I still couldn’t find the mate I was looking for.
A scam…
It’s a decoy!!
Da*n it!
They found out the secret about my black witch!
“We have to go, NOW!”Chapter 64
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What I’ve learned about life is that all things are possible, somehow, no matter what we plan, the unplanned or even the unimaginable becomes the reality that we might face.
After Titus’ rejection, I thought it was the hardest thing, but he came back and I forgave him…
Then I, a werewolf without a wolf, suddenly became someone who owned the moon Goddess’ legendary white-wolf…
Now this…
When everything was over, it turned out that we had to face another ordeal that we probably didn’t know what to expect. However, looking at the hand in front of me that clasped my hand tightly signaled that as a result of this situation, my relationship with Titus reached a direction that I never imagined would happen.
Mutual faith, commitment so that we were not only fated mates who loved each other, but also became friends, partners, allies and everything that I never imagined I would get from a
All of this brought on a sense of unease, fearing that we would lose something very precious that we had managed to achieve at this point.
Gasping at the sight of the white witch appearing in front of us and making everyone in the dining room fall silent, I immediately knew that something was happening.
Ring.. Ring.. Ring…
Titus cell phone rings and I see the caller ID showing that it’s from Drake.
All signs indicate that a war is likely to break out.
Jack seemed to know that we had managed to find out his dark
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
secret about Pearl’s black magic.
Time is ticking, but until now we haven’t found where Pearl’s mortal body is…
‘Sometimes it’s right in front of us, but we don’t realize it’ I keep thinking and remembering Lola’s words before we left. Trazmoz.
What does that mean? Where is it?
Think Gwen.. Think!!
“Why didn’t you tell me that you were related to the Collins family?” I asked and saw her simply exhale a long breath.
“I’m not proud of what that woman did” He replied shortly and I tilted my head, it seemed that not all witches thought that what Pearl did was right “Going crazy over a broken heart, she should understand that mates in the Werewolf world are non-negotiable” Mellisa added and I just smiled, glad that she understood why Titus didn’t choose Pearl.
“How are the Alphas?” Titus asked her.
She looked over to my mate ” Everyone has been released from the black magic, but Pearl’s confinement won’t last long.” No one responds about the information, knowing that we’re chasing time.
“So, you meet my mother?” Mellisa suddenly asked and I nodded my head as confirmation.
“Why didn’t you tell us about her?”
She smiled “The truth… I also thought she was dead, because I was imprisoned by Morena at the time and hadn’t seen my mom since then.”
Ahh.. I see…
Everything is confusing…
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I looked at my mate who didn’t say a single word.
“Are you okay, my king?” Asked Melissa who also noticed his silence.
He sighed before turn his gaze on me “Drake text me, Jack know we’re not in Trazmoz”
My brows went up “He goes there?”
“To check with his eyes whether it’s us or not” He nodded.
That means time is running out for us to find Pearl’s mortal body.
Jack must know why we went to Trazmoz and we’re currently searching for the mortal body of the black witch who was his
Closing my eyes, I replied “Then we must hurry, at dawn we need to check Collins territory immediately”
“Does my mother say something?” Melissa’s sudden question startled me.
How does she know…?
‘Sometimes it’s right in front of us, but we don’t realize it,’ I told her, who frowned.
I looked back at Titus who also seemed to be thinking.
Knowing that the night was getting late, we let Melissa rest before continuing her important task of protecting the entire territory from the things that would happen, because the Alphas had informed Titus, the Alpha king, that their area was surrounded by many rogues so that they could not leave their territory and began to defend to protect their territory from the attacks of the rogues that could be done at any time.
We don’t understand how Jack was able to gather such a large number of rogues,
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
follow orders, so what did he use to have that many men?
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As Melissa disappeared using her powers, Titus took my hand before placing it on his lips.
“It’s about to start” he whispered softly and I smiled before placing my finger on his cheek.
“Together” I whispered, trying to lift his spirits.
He closed his eyes and leaned into my hand cupping his cheek.
“Get some rest, we’re going to sweep Collins territory before Jack returns to the country and all the rogues come to our territory.”
Titus opened his eyes and looked at me with a sharp, longing gaze that always made me blush and thankful to have a man who could look at me like this.
I know we have the same feelings right now, the fear of losing each other and the uncertainty of what will happen, but at least we have each other at this moment.
Yes… that’s what keeps me moving forward, because I have Titus by my side, all of this is for him, for both of our futures…
If we lose, please at least let us remain a couple in the other world. No matter what happens, at least let me be the one who will always remain by this man’s side. Whether it’s here or in an unknown world, at least I’m with him.
Don’t I have the right to demand such happiness after all the terrible things that keep befalling us in this world?
That is my prayer and I hope that the Moon Goddess hears
me.Chapter 65
Where am I?
“A sacrifice must be given for every use of black magic.”
Huh… That voice…
“You know that, Titus”
Huh? Wolf?
How could I possibly hear him speak?
Wolf? Titus?
Why can’t they see me?
But… the sound of footsteps beside me made me gasp as I saw that it was Destine in her wolf-white form standing beside me.
“Destine… What’s this?” I whispered softly while continuing to stare at Wolf and my mate who were talking in front of me.
“Titus’ plan…” my eyes widened at my wolf’s words.
“Is this…”
She nodded ‘we’re in Titus’ mind’s’
“Are we here because Titus decided to do something? No, he wanted to sacrifice himself…” It wasn’t a question but I knew the answer to it so I wasn’t surprised to see my wolf nodding her head.
‘He would sacrifice his life to save everyone, especially you’
Tears fell from my eyes, yes, I already had a suspicion that to create a dark magic reaction required a sacrifice, not knowing that he was thinking of something that could separate us forever.
What should I do now?
“That’s why I wanted to tell you that returning me to the Moon
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
was staring at me.
“Returning you?” I whispered sadly.
She nodded and I couldn’t help but bring myself closer to give. her a hug.
Clinging to his head, I understood why she always mentioned the word ‘borrow’.
Well, I’ve been a werewolf without a wolf, so I’m sure I can become a normal human, at least this way Titus will be safe and won’t have to sacrifice himself.
‘Jack is approaching and Melissa’s captivity of Pearl will be destroyed in some time, we must quickly find the black witch’s mortal body’
My eyes opened slowly and blinked a few times before staring at the man who was my mate standing in front of the wardrobe, getting ready for our next trip to Collins territory.
No… Destine said we’re in Titus’ mind.
Knowing that I was awake, my mate looked back at me and smiled before walking over to where I was sitting on my bed.
“You slept in my room yesterday?” I asked, smiling as he kissed my forehead and caressed my head affectionately.
He sat on the edge of the bed next to me “I think the room separation needs to be changed, we only need 1 room in this palace” he said seriously and I nodded my head with a smile.
“Let’s change everything after this is over” Bang… even though it hurt to say those words, I had to look strong.
Yes, we don’t know what will happen after this is all over.
I hurriedly embraced his torso and gave him a hug. To hide my expression, I inhaled his body scent as I placed my face on his chest, as if to remember him forever.
It was 3am in the morning before we were ready and
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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transformed into our wolves, with the necessities strapped to our hind legs, Harry as well as a few other warriors, who didn’t exactly approve of the two of us wandering through Collins territory, could only stare in defeat as they accompanied us away.
“Please be careful, Alpha king and queen” Harry said with a respectful bow of the head followed by the others as we began to stride towards the exit of the palace.
Hopefully this time we won’t fail and find an answer there.
Titus and I wiped out all the rogues on our way to Collins territory, we couldn’t let them tell anyone, let alone Jack about our plan.
Wolf looked back at me as I tore the neck of the last rogue before running ahead of him.
Destine’s strength almost matches my mate’s makes me proud and thankful that she has been such an invaluable help, her battle skills make me understand why everyone wants wolf-white to be their alliance, the power Destine shows is incredible.
‘You okay?’ Titus’ voice speaks in my mind and Destine has to roll her eyes in annoyance for taking offence, so she fastened her speed.
Wolf, who was delighted to have such a great running partner and mate, was heard purring with excitement as he ran after
We’re like a young couple on a carefree date, I thought sadly before Wolf nudged his head towards me and I just snorted before speeding up my pace again, knowing that this game of
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
chase was special to us.
$5 vouchers
Seeing one of the rogues coming towards me, I simply jumped up and let Wolf defeat the rogues before running back to catch up with me.
How rogues were circulating around this area as if the Collins area was their base.
Or could it be true?
Slowing down our pace as we entered Collins’ territory, I started trying to use Destine’s excellent sense of smell to see if we could pick up anything….
The smell of the undead…
So, it’s true that they hid it here.
‘Looks like we’re on the right path’ Wolf commented in my head as he watched my gestures and reactions upon entering the territory that the Collins wolves, Pearl Collins’ father, came from.
I nodded my wolf head before looking at my mate ‘Should we split up?’ I asked.
Wolf looked hesitant, knowing that danger was upon us but also aware that his white-wolf mate would be able to protect herself.
‘Be careful’ he finally replied and I was glad to know he trusted
my power.
Soon we were running in the opposite direction, to start
scouring the Collins territory that should have no one using it since the destruction of the Collins Pack by my mate hundreds. of years ago.
Third Party POV
They’re here’ The words Ethan spoke were in my head. I’m
The sha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
currently on a plane to return to my country.
So it’s true, they’re no longer in Trazmoz and the whole thing was a trap.
So they found out about Pearl’s secret, I thought irritably and also realized that Morena’s disappearance must have
something to do with this.
Yes, Jack knew that none of the royal alliance members dared to set foot in Collins territory so that was his reason for making this region his main base, the protection provided by Pearl was what made no one able to smell or know we were here.
However, all that could go wrong if his dear nephew was here.
“Prepare a trap full of poison so as to weaken the foolish king and his mate, don’t kill them, I want to do something that can awaken the madness of the king first before I come” I order Ethan, my beta who nodded obediently.
This way I don’t have to chase after them, because they automatically come and I will destroy the kingdom, starting with their king, my dear nephew.
Just wait.. This time, it is I who will laugh in victory

Chapter 66
‘Gwen, we’re being followed’ Destine said in my head as we approached the old town of the Collins pack that was supposed to be abandoned and no one lived here, but….
‘This doesn’t look like an abandoned town’ I said to Destine.
‘We should go’ I added hurriedly and Destine immediately turned around but gasped in surprise when something or a large wolf pushed our bodies so fast that we were knocked off our feet and hit the tree beside us.
Ugh… D*mn it!
‘I was caught off guard’ Destine groaned and tried to stand up.
This old town has the smell of wolves, so we couldn’t tell if it was the smell of the former Collins pack that used to live here
or not.
D*mn it!
They knew that their scent here would go undetected, which is why they chose this place as their base.
The sound of a pained yelp made me gasp and look over to where the sound was coming from.
‘Titus’ I worriedly muttered but that caught me off guard as another wolf crashed into me again and knocked me off my feet causing my body to hit the tree again and break it.
Titus’ howl could be heard as he sensed that his mate was injured.
She can feel our pain’ Destine told me and I knew that our mate was hurt too.
The Alpha King’s Fated Male
+5 vouchers
‘Harry’ I quickly called out to our third in command, who I knew was following us not far behind.
Yes, it was one of Mellisa’s plans, who had a feeling that the Collins old place was a dangerous place so to avoid anything untoward happening, it was necessary to have help if anything bad did happen to us.
‘Queen’ The response was quick.
Breathing a sigh of relief that he could hear me ‘Go south, it looks like Titus got hurt’ I ordered quickly as I regained my feet to face the 4 large wolf rogues that were snarling towards
‘GO! I ordered him in a stern tone that I knew no one could argue with.
One of the rogues transformed into a human and smiled evilly at me “Well… Well… Well… Isn’t this the queen? Walking alone in the old territory without guards, isn’t it our lucky day?” He snickered as if finding me alone was funny.
‘Well… let’s show who’s laughing’ Destine sneered in annoyance before galloping quickly towards the 4 rogues who looked shocked as we approached them, not expecting that it was our action.
Biting the neck of the closest rogues until it was ripped open, I continued to run towards the second rogues who started running, but with a speed they didn’t expect, I was able to push him to the ground before biting his neck again until it was ripped open and blood flowed endlessly.
Growling angrily, I looked at the two remaining rogues who looked shocked by what I had done.
‘Why aren’t you laughing now?’ Destine stated before growling and starting to run towards the two rogues who also
approached me at the same time.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
But they ran in different directions which made me stop in the middle and gasp when one of them crashed into my body again until I was thrown back and held the direction of the fall by stepping on a tree.
Panting, I snarled at the two rogues who seemed to have better skills than the other two I had defeated.
Then, my eyes widened when a large black wolf crashed into one of the rogues until his body was flung far away and crashed into a tree until the rogue’s body was broken.
Looking to the side, I realized the black wolf figure was my mate who looked angrily at the remaining rogue in front of him.
Then shortly thereafter, 5 other wolves came and made the one rogue flee quickly into the forest.
The fifth wolf that just arrived quickly tried to chase the rogue at the same time Titus transformed into a human and walked towards me without caring that he was not wearing clothes.
Da*n, he looked angry as he walked towards me and with difficulty I turned into a human as he kneeled in front of me. “Are you okay?” He asked and looked at my whole body to check my condition.
The bruises and cuts on my body let me know that I couldn’t lie to him.
I sighed “I couldn’t feel their presence when they ambushed me”
Wordlessly Titus picked up the bundle he had brought and tied to his leg, which contained clothes before putting a loose shirt on me as the wolves came back at us, Harry, before he put on
“Are you all right, king?” asked Harry as he transformed into a human and put on pants while I dressed properly.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 voucher
tree and made me look at him worriedly as I smelled blood mixed with wolfsbane poison.
“You’re hurt” I remarked quickly before sitting next to him and examining his injured abdomen and shoulder.
Harry quickly handed over the bottle and made me stare at him in shock.
“Melissa’s potion” He explained shortly and Titus without question took a swig before grimacing at the bitter taste.
It wasn’t long before Titus was coughing and throwing up so badly that I and Harry, who gave him the bottle, were
wide-eyed with shock.
“What the…” I hurriedly helped my mate who was relentlessly expelling his stomach contents until he sighed as it ended “Are you okay?” I asked when he was done.
‘The potion makes our mate spit out the wolfsbane poison that’s in his body’ Destine explains and I nod understanding why Melissa gave the potion bottle, but looking at the shock and fear on Harry’s face, I’m sure he didn’t know what he was giving Titus.
Not long after, my mate closed his eyes, as if tired and weak from the poison and what he had done to remove it.
She was injured and poisoned, but still managed to help me.
I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the poison in his body had been removed before turning to Harry who still looked worried.
I gave him a smile “Thank you, thanks to that potion, Titus was able to remove the poison from his body” I explained to the pack members who looked very worried looking at their badly injured king.
“So that vomit…” I nodded in answer to Harry’s unfinished question and watched him breathe a sigh of relief before sitting beside me, who was holding the head of my resting mate.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
Then the five members stood up “We will sweep the area to check if there are any remaining rogues or not” he said before bowing his head respectfully and turning back into a wolf as they started running away.
‘Destine, with Titus in this condition, I don’t think we can continue’ I said to my wolf who nodded.
How much wolfsbane poison has Titus absorbed to make him this weak?
The four rogues challenged me when they knew my strength and that of my mate, but why were they so desperate?
What did they want to accomplish?
Howled of sorrow and crying could be heard, then the screams of the mind-links could be heard from various members
inside the palace.
‘My king… My Alpha kKing… the palace is under attack!!’
Shocked, my eyes widened at the words that entered my mind-link.
Harry is here with Melissa’s potion, so…
SH*T… They’re targeting the palace….

Chapter 67
Life is full of choices, where the choices we make will be the way of life we will live in the future.
Pearl chose the path of darkness and I chose to move on with my life, both because of heartbreak but the choices we made were very different.
Now knowing that the palace and its people are in danger and the man I love is unconscious due to the poison in his body, I know that I must choose whether to sacrifice the people and land that my mate has protected all this time or just choose to
save my mate.
I don’t know if the rogues attacked the palace because they knew the king wasn’t there, or if it was a diversion for us to leave Collins territory.
I have to do something…..
“Queen Gwen” Harry appeared in front of me in his human form already wearing pants and I smiled at him.
“Bring your king back, Melissa is in the palace and I’m sure she can quickly heal him and defend your territory from the rogues” I ordered quietly and made Harry’s eyes widen in surprise to hear me while the other wolves chimed in disagreeing with my orders, but I needed to find out this territory, and only I could.
Nodding my head I watched as Harry inevitably walked over and lifted Titus’ unconscious body and placed it on the back of one of the brown wolves.
“Let one guard go with you, I can’t let you go alone, this place is dangerous, queen” Harry tried to negotiate and at the same time one wolf stepped forward to show that he was willing to
accompany me.
Exhaling, I nodded in agreement before staring at my mate’s
16 191
The Alppa King’s Fated Mate
departure on the wolf’s back away from me heading back to the castle.
“Protect the castle and make sure the rogues can’t break
through” I ordered which made Harry nod before he turned around and changed into his wolf form and ran away as well.
I know Titus will be furious when he wakes up and finds out I’m not by his side, but…
We can’t stay together, at least if indeed the attack on the palace was a diversion to get away from this Collins territory, then it’s true that Pearl’s mortal body is somewhere here and I would be in great danger, but at least the palace and the surrounding people would be safe knowing Titus is there.
Yes, this is my choice
A dangerous choice that I must make in order to find the
I’m sorry Titus, I hope you’re not too angry with me…
Stay alive and be an outstanding man, I am sure we will definitely meet again, Destine made sure that this time the Moon Goddess was on your side.
Turning my head towards the guardian wolf that would help me sweep this territory, I nodded my head before turning into a white-wolf and started running along towards the smell of the undead that was getting stronger and stronger.
‘Melissa help me, protect Titus who is heading towards you’ I whispered using Destine’s power which I knew would be heard by the white witch who was in the palace.
Melissa, who gasped at the whisper she heard in Gwen’s voice, immediately stood up and ran to the top tower followed by the two warriors behind her.
“What’s wrong?” Asked one of the werewolf guards and he pointed towards the south.
“The king is coming” he said quietly before the royal warriors
Khe’s goned Mate
looked in that direction and started trying to make a safe way for their king to pass.
The front gates opened with the warriors lined up so that not a single Rogue could enter the palace and provide safe passage for Harry and their king to re-enter the palace.
Quickly Harry and the wolf carrying Titus, led their king to where Melissa stood, knowing that only the white witch could save their king.
‘What’s your name?’ I asked my wolf companion through the mind-link.
‘It’s Erol, my Queen’ The young wolf answered and I nodded my head while walking.
‘Listen here, Erol’ I start, know that I must order him for our next step if we want to succeed ‘When we find a woman’s body, I want you to take it to the palace immediately, show it to the king and the white witch, Melissa, don’t stop no matter what happens to me, you hear?!’ I gave a strict order and I knew he was surprised to hear it, but I needed to know that at least all the requirements to exterminate Pearl had been fulfilled even if I was to be sacrificed.
‘But, my queen…’
I watch him gulp in nervousness before slowly nodding his head ‘I.. I’ll try’ He said quietly.
stopped my steps and turned to look at him ‘No, don’t try, you either understand or you don’t, or I will order you to turn round’ I added loudly and saw him widen his eyes in shock nd fear.
He nodded ‘I understand, my queen, I will follow everything you command’ He replied firmly and I nodded my head
The Alpha Kings Fated Mate
before continuing to run in front of him.
‘It’s smells coming from the forest over there, not from the village houses’ Destine whispered and we continued to run towards the hills surrounded by forest.
Aware of the many pairs of prying eyes and knowing that I was heading in the right direction.
Third Party Point of View
Stepping off the plane, I saw many of my men waiting there.
We quickly walked backwards so that no humans would see the human-to-wolf transformation we were about to perform.
“What’s the update?” I asked as I walked towards the back door.
“The king has left the base for his palace” one of my men, Marcus answered.
“He is unconscious due to the wolfsbane poison that hit him” added one of my other men, Gear and I nodded.
“What about my white-wolf?” I asked as I began to take off my clothes so that I could easily transform into my brown wolf figure.
Marcus laughed “She’s still at the base, heading for the witch’s grave”
My guess was right, she was trying to find Pearl’s mortal body, I had been informed that I needed to keep the black witch’s mortal body because it was related to my longevity, I guess the white-wolf also knew the use of the witch’s mortal body.
If I get the white-wolf, I don’t care about that black witch
She can die without me caring, even I made her my mate because of her usefulness to me, but if she is no longer useful why would I care.
My ultimate goal is to overthrow Titus and become the king of
The Aplia King’s Patent Mat
the werewolves because it is my right as the twin of the previous king, Rolf, the throne is mine not belonging to my weak nephew.
And I have come this far to take what is mine.
I’ve sacrificed everything in order to sit on that throne of mine.
“Let’s visit the queen first, before going to the king who will definitely do anything to save his mate” I ordered sinisterly with a winning smile that I knew was finally in my hand.

Chapter 68
Ohok.. ohok…
Spitting out blood, I looked into the eyes of my enemy, Jack who was smiling after he transformed into his human form. I knew that the ambush of the palace area was really just a diversion to get the king to return there, but that meant it was true that Pearl’s mortal body was inside the mountain, the smell of the undead was strong coming from there.
S*it… Will I make it out of this alive?

one hour earlier –
Rolf Titus Point of View
I jolted awake and shocked when I saw Melissa’s face in front of me and didn’t see Gwen’s anywhere.
“Where’s Gwen?” I asked them who down their head in shame unable to speak but I know the answer without waiting for them told me.
‘Gwen, what are you doing?!’ I quickly called her with my mind-link and went to the border to see so many rogues waiting for us in front of the gates.
F*ck! This is why she sent me back.
‘I’m glad to hear your voice, Titus. Are you okay?’ I couldn’t help but grip my fist angrily when I heard her voice. She sound relieve to hear me, thinking that I am happy to know I am
awaken while she put herself in danger.
‘What the f*ck are you doing, Gwen? Are you thinking you could handle Jack alone? You know this is a decoy!!’ I shout-out at her in my mind, uncared if the other could listen too since I didn’t put a barrier to our conversation.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
At least you’re okay, the wolfsbane could kill you if Melissa didn’t help you’
‘Do you think I care about that?! You’re my priority and you put yourself in danger!’ I know my anger kept building up and up until I could feel the claw going out from my nails and hurt my own fist.
‘You must not thinking about that, your people need you.. you know I am right’
I couldn’t help but close my eyes, feeling tears building which made me almost break down in front of these people who she said needed me.
Didn’t she know that I needed her?
Only her…
‘Beat them up and then come to me, only you could do that’
I couldn’t help but howl in anger when she closed our link so I couldn’t feel or hear her voice anymore.
Why is she doing that? Doesn’t she know she’s all I need?
Harry stepped forward and bowed his head “I’m sorry, king” He whispered but I understood that he received orders from Gwen so couldn’t go against her orders.
The rogues…
My anger increased when I saw the pack of wolves who dared to come into my territory that made me leave my mate in danger.
How dare they….
Everyone from my pack stepped back, knowing that my anger was rising as the seconds passed,
Etransformed into my black wolf before leaping over the border of my territory’s perimeter towards the group of dozens of rogues waiting ahead.
“FOLLOW THE KING!!!” I heard Harry shout before they too transformed into their wolves and followed me jumping over the border into the field where the rogues were all gathered. Just wait, Gwen, like you said, I’ll finished them all then I’ll
come to you
Back to Gwen’s Point of View
We continued to run into Collins’ former pack, but the deeper we ran, the smell of the undead grew so strong that I didn’t realize we were being followed.
“This smell is so strong it’s messing with my senses’ Destine grumbled before we stopped and tried to enter the largest disused house to check it out ‘I don’t think it’s here’
‘Queen.” Erol called out and we ran towards him “This is a warrior’s former home, looks like the Alpha lives much deeper in the forest’ He said as he showed us the arrow or warrior symbol of a pack before we continued our journey deeper into
the forest.
Seeing the large old building ahead as we entered the forest, knew it was the former home of Alpha Collins and the pungent smell of the undead was very strong coming from there.
This close, I thought, that’s why Lola mentioned that it’s closer than we thought, never thought to check the Collins area so it’s a perfect place for rogues to be based here, Da*n!
But where?
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
‘Check the magic marks, she should be using Morena’s spell to cover her mortal body’ Destine added and I nodded my head before continuing on my way and trying to enter the old house.
However, before I could step inside, something hit both of us so hard that we were blown away from the entrance of the old house.
Ohok.. Ohok…
A sharp piece of wood with an arrow tip covered in wolfsbane venom, da*n it!
The smell of the deceased is making my instincts weak!
Ohok.. ohok…
Spitting out blood, I looked into the eyes of my mate’s enemy, Jack who was smiling after he transformed into his human form.
I knew that the ambush of the palace area was really just a diversion to get the king to return there, but that meant it was true that Pearl’s mortal body was inside, the smell of the undead was strong coming from there.
Sh*t… Will I make it out of this alive?
“Welcome, my queen, the carrier of the legendary white-wolf to my humble place” Jack sneers evilly while he speaks like he knows that I’m currently weakened by the poison that has begun to spread throughout my body.
How did he get here? I thought he was still in Trazmoz?!
I need to at least find Pearl’s mortal body first before my strength weakens further so that Erol can take her and give her to my mate.
‘Destine, are you okay?” I asked my wolf.
The Alpha Rings Et Mater
‘It’s now or never, Gwen’ she said and I knew that this was our
last way to ensure that Titus could win and defeat the black witch.

Chapter 69
Third Party Point of View
As their Alpha king attacked the hundreds of rogues waiting to invade the palace territory, alliances from several territories arrived in their wolf form, knowing that the Alpha king needed help.
They came with the rest of the warriors that the palace had sent to protect their territory and now that the rogues who dared to invade their territory were gone, they came, as a way to return the favour and it was time for them to provide assistance to their Alpha king who seemed to need help.
Harry and the royal warriors who were trying to defend their territory from the invasion of the rogues could not hide their surprise when they saw the help that arrived at the right time, as if they had been told and looked towards the white witch who was standing next to the third person trusted by their Alpha king, it seemed that it was indeed the white witch who informed the royal alliance of the attack by the rogues.
The young warriors who had just seen the power of their Alpha king, could not hide the admiration they saw with their eyes at this time, yes, the power of the Alpha king really lived up to the legend, the speed of running from one enemy to another made their alliance pleased that they were not the enemy of their Alpha king.
The anger and resentment Titus felt towards the rogues made him want to immediately finish all of them who dared to make himself separated from his mate so that at this time he did not know what happened to his Gwen.
Gwen… Wait for me…
Wait, I’m coming…
These were the words she kept saying in her head, no matter
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
who was listening, because the members of her pack knew that if anything happened to their queen, their Alpha king would be irreversibly destroyed this time.
Meanwhile on the plane…
Drake, who was on his way to the palace territory along with his travelling companions was very uneasy about what had happened as told by his mate, Melissa.
Carrying a very valuable package, he and the other
companions, who were eager to get to their territory and help their Alpha king, kept moving their restless legs all the way home.
Meanwhile Jose, who was able to use his mind-link, closed his eyes to the visuals shown by one of his men while giving orders as best he could to help protect his pack’s land.
Yes, everyone was trying their best for their king and queen.
They also wanted to see the couple finally happy without any interference from outsiders who were jealous of the king and queen’s togetherness.
The fated mate had already been decided by the Moon Goddess, no one should be jealous or even try to separate the fated couple except rejection has been made.
The smell of blood and roars of sadness that can be heard when a werewolf is injured or even dies began to be heard, yes, the mates who could feel their life partners had left the mate link because they died began to give a roar of sadness that made the Alpha king who heard and felt the sadness of his pack even more angry until he accelerated his steps to tear all the rogues.
However, the rogues kept coming as if Jack had prepared and summoned rogues from all over the place to attack their Alpha king at the same time.
As Alpha Ares was cornered by 4 rogues, Titus quickly turned
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
before one of the rogues ripped his friend’s neck.
*5 vouchers
Alpha Ares, who was shocked to see that the wolf from his side. had been paralyzed by his king, could only nod his head before getting up to attack the remaining rogues who dared to almost kill him.
The Alphas lined up next to their Alpha king forming a wall as if not letting a single rogue dare to cross them, a beautiful sight of friendship and alliance that would not be forgotten by all the warriors who fought alongside them.
Melissa shed tears and showed this beautiful visual to Gwen as Lola appeared using the last of her power to teleport to appear beside her daughter.
Smiling at her mother, Melissa gave her a comforting embrace, knowing that this was the end of their hundreds of years long journey.
Yes, Destine is here for a reason, the Moon-Goddess lends her beloved white-wolf to help the endless journey of the man who has become the greatest king in wer**olf history, all of which will continue to tell the story of Titus Osmund’s glory as the greatest Alpha king of all time.
“Morena’s soul is headed this way and this is Pearl’s dark magic book” My mother, Lola told me and I nodded my head.
“There is only left Pearl’s mortal body” I replied and closed my eyes to see the current condition of Gwen who was already one step closer to the black witch’s body before me and my mother could end this.
Back to Gwen’s Point of View
I turned into my human self, not caring about my n*kedness in
front of him and smiled defiantly at the man who always
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
5 vouchers
wanted my mate’s throne so badly that he ended up doing everything he could to get it, but I was sure that this time we wouldn’t lose.
“Well… well… well… isn’t this my dear uncle? The man who always wanted my mate’s throne” I said to pi*s him off and seeing the way he looked at me as if he wanted to kill me, I knew that I succeeded.
“Oo… I really want to see the moment I manage to defeat you and make those white wolves of yours work for me” He replied coldly and made me laugh out loud to continue annoying him. As Destine suspected, it seems that Jack also wants her power, the power of the white-wolf under his command to conquer the world.
“Please… it took you hundreds of years to even defeat your dear nephew, how do you expect to defeat my white-wolf?” I challenged arrogantly as I tried to make my way to the Alpha’s house, which I knew was where Pearl’s body was hidden.
Yes, be angry, I whispered.
The anger of an ego-tainted wolf can turn him into a complete idiot.
Sucking in my hand that was wounded by the sharp wood of the wolfsbane and spitting it out, I showed how my open wound closed in a split second as I healed to make him desire my power even more.
‘Get ready, we go straight inside when they attack’ I ordered Erol through our mind-link.
The look of envy and greed that Jack showed, made me smile widely.
I know what’s on his mind right now and I’ll use his greed.
‘Are you ready, Destine’ I asked my white-wolf who could be heard laughing inside my head.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
‘Let’s end this’ She replied confidently before getting ready to transform back into our white-wolf and attack the 12 rogues that were in front of us at the moment.

Chapter 70
“Do you ever regret being my fated mate?”
It was when we were in Zaragoza taking a day to ourselves, forgetting about the troubles that happened to us at the palace and also the problem with the black witch when Titus asked me those questions.
I remember that Titus asked me about many things and that was one of them.
“Do you regret making me your mate?” I asked back while furrowing my brows.
He stroked my cheek lovingly while shaking his head.
“Never” He stated firmly “Having you and loving you is the best choice I ever made” I watch how he look determine and serious when he said those words, I can see sincerely coming from the words.
I raise my hand and interline our fingers “I feel the same thing” I told him which made him smile.
“Really? Even when I made you face this kind of danger with the black witch?”
I can help but laugh but nodded my head “Yes, even if it made me face those danger, at least I am with you”
He was silent for a while after that, I don’t know what was going on in his head.
“How is your life as a human?” Surprised by the question he suddenly threw at me, I placed my hand on his cheek and made his gaze turn back to me.
“What do you mean?”
He gave me a small smile “Seeing you interacting with that guy earlier made me think, what if my mistake in the past made you open up to another guy and an official rejection was
The Alphs King’s Fated Mate
⚫5 vouchers
I knew his rejection was tormenting him just as much as it was tormenting me, but I didn’t think he would think of it that way.
Leaning my head on his shoulder and moving my seat closer to make me comfortable, I opened my mouth to remember my life back then.
“Maybe you think being human is easy, having no enemies or things to hide” I started to open my story and glanced over to see him continuing to stare at me as if waiting for me to continue “However, every life has different obstacles and difficulties”
“Is it hard to be human?”
I nodded “Just like pack life, humans have their own levels”
He furrowed his brows “Levels?”
I nodded “Like an Alpha in a Pack, they have a president in each country and their own pyramid levels”
“I see”
“But it’s harder to be human because to enter a certain level they need to work hard and just like us, werewolves, there are humans who are also good and bad, so I think it’s the same life here and there” I continued speaking and not for a second did Titus interrupt my words and I smiled back as I looked into his eyes “but at least one thing that is comforting is that, when a werewolf declares love or finds their mate, it lasts forever, love in human life will fade and many divorce or betray their partners because of the loss of love”
Titus looked shocked to hear my last words “lost love?” He asked confused, because that’s not possible in the werewolf world.
I let out a chuckle and nodded my head in response.
“How is that possible?” He asked in confusion and I just laughed.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Yes, it must be confusing to know for a werewolf about the concept of lost interest with your lover. I’ve seen so many people cry because their lover did betray they because of finding new lovers when I’m in human world.
That’s why it is hard for me to accept Titus at the beginning because thinking he’s not serious and to make him regret for thinking to rejected me, but then in time I realize that he’s a werewolf, their concept of love and mate is different with human and that’s one of the reason I choose to forgive him among other things.
“So.. I never feel regret for having you as my mate” I declare toward my fated mate to show him how serious I am that day. If in the end we will part ways, at least I have learnt what it feels like to be loved selflessly and sincerely by someone.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly.
“I plan to step down from the throne and dissolve the kingdom so that each Alpha can lead his own territory without the interruption of a king” Surprised, I turned my head to look into his eyes.
He gave me a smile and I didn’t expect him to have considered this.
“Why?” I choked, not knowing how to react to the new
He sighed “The incident with Pearl opened my eyes, knowing the alliance remained on my side after what I did and is still happening….” He pauses before continuing “Made me realise how great they are without a king.”
He was right…
I’m glad he could see it too…
However, hearing him say that let me know that he was not crazy about the throne and position as king and proved that he was a real king for being able to see the greatness of his men.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
“So, when this is over, how about we part with the luxuries and just live together… as a human or a werewolf, you decide” He suggested with a happy face and I nodded in approval of his brilliant idea.
Just the two of us?
I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be if that happened.
“I love that” I replied before throwing myself back in the warm embrace of my fated mate, my true love…
Staring at the surroundings where Jack and the rogues who were his men looked at me with their cruel gazes, I could only hope that I could return safely to my mate and the dream of just living together can be fulfilled.
‘Look, the third from the left has a little gap’ Destine whispers and I inform Erol who looks calm but I know he understands.
12 rogues with Jack, I don’t know what the rogues are capable of but we need to move quickly.
‘Trust me’ Destine said confidently in my head and I nodded before exhaling and started running towards the rogues who growled before they started running.?
Jack quickly changed into his wolf form as he noticed me running towards him, but Erol and I split up in the middle heading in different directions.
Confused, they separated into two groups to chase after us. Taking advantage of their different running speeds, I nimbly halted my steps and turned to bite the neck of the nearest rogues and tear them apart before continuing to run:
1 down… 6 more…
Slowing my footsteps as if I was tired made the two rogues behind me quicken their footsteps, as their shells almost hit
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
+5 vouchers
my feet, I swiftly turned around and smashed my body into one rogue before biting and tearing his neck then moving after the other rogues to immobilise him as well.
3 down…
Groowwlll…. The rogues’ angry roars rang out as I started running again.
‘Weak’ Destine commented before jumping towards the nearest tree trunk and smashing herself into the nearest rogués who were thrown towards a large tree and fell to the ground before attacking the remaining two rogues.
Blood drips from my fangs and mouth as I turn to brag to Jack. Jack’s feral gaze let me know he really wanted the power of the white-wolf, Destine.
A buzz of pain sounded and I turned my head towards Erol then sprinted to help the young werewolf.
He had an important role to play, I had to save him.
I quickly bit the leg of the rogue who was about to bite Erol’s neck and helped him up.
The last 2 rogues remained as a howl rang out from the direction Jack was standing….
The answering howls coming from various directions made me realise that he was calling for help.
‘Coward!!!’ Destine shouted before running towards him who was already retreating in cowardice, but I pretended to chase after him, so that he wouldn’t suspect that my destination was Alpha Collins’ old house which had the strongest smell of the undead, which I was sure was where Pearl’s mortal body was hidden.

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

Book About

Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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