The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 91-100

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91
I leaned against the headboard when I woke up.
What was that dream? Why did I have such a strange dream? And what about that wolf?
Me? A wolf? O G*d.. What happened in my head, why did I dream such a thing?
I hurriedly shook my head at the thought because it was so ridiculous.
Did I dream like that out of curiosity about what I saw the other day? About the wolf that turned into Jack and Titus? Wolves and humans… Werewolf?
Could the story about the werewolf be true?
No… No, it’s not. It’s impossible… It’s just a story in a film and fictional, there’s no such thing as a werewolf.
I heave a heavy breath and look around my room. There was no one in my room now, where has everyone gone?
Even Titus?
Hmm.. He’s not here?
What happened?
Ugh… My body is sticky.
Groaning softly, I tried to drag myself out of bed and into the bathroom.
Good, I still have the energy to take a shower, I thought and slowly walked towards the bathroom while dragging my IV.
Staring at the bathroom and the IV in my hand, it seemed that it would be difficult for me to take a shower.
Looking back into the room and seeing the folding stool that was there, I went back to try to pull the stool into the bathroom for me to sit on while I showered.
The door to the room opened and Titus was transfixed by the shock of seeing me looking down while pulling the stool.
“What are you doing?” He asked quickly and took the stool from my hand while helping me up.
Blushing, I whispered “Taking a shower.”
“What?” He blinked in confusion.
I let out a long sigh “I want to take a shower, but needed something to sit on while showering so…” I blushed in embarrassment and looked down without finishing my speech. D*mn, why did he have to come and see me at a time like this anyway?!
I felt he continue to stare at me before letting out a long breath. “Alexa…” startled as he called out Alexa’s name, I looked up as the woman ran into my room a moment later.
How did she hear Titus’ voice and be able to come that fast?!
“My ki… Did you call me, Titus?” The woman named Alexa speaks with respect and gives me a small smile.
Huh? That’s strange…
My Ki…? What did Alexa want to say at that moment?
Could it be… My… King?
My eyes widened in shock when I realized something… Could it be true?
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“Gwen needs help in the bathroom” He ordered her casually and I quickly shook my head not wanting to trouble her, but Alexa just nodded her head obediently and approached me “I’ll be outside” he added and surprised me by giving me a peck on the cheek before he left me alone with Alexa.
Transfixed in my position, I just stared at the man walking out of my room while touching my cheek that was kissed by him. It wasn’t until I realized that the aura that came from him was an aura of power, the way he spoke, his confidence and his manner showed an arrogance that I only knew people with power had.
Alexa almost called him king….
All I know is that kings only exist in England and he, Titus, is not King Charles, so why did Alexa almost call him king? What is this?
Who the hell is he?!
Oh my G*d, what the hell is going on here?!
Deciding to get some fresh air, Alexa accompanied me out of the room to the park she said was next to the hospital, a place where patients relaxed while receiving the sun to warm their bodies.
My energy and strength are almost back, but sometimes the sudden headache likes to make me st**ger so Alexa is always faithful to accompany me when Titus is not around.
I’m still trying to figure out who that guy really is…
Alexa looks more like his crew than my friend, yes, could they be part of the Mafia?
Oh G*d… What if it’s true?
“I know you allowed it, but you should have told me anyway.28
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because this is my territory and I’m the Alpha not you!” Someone shouted which made me stop my steps to look downstairs and see from the window Titus along with Hugh, the mayor, who looked angry.
What kind of words are those again?!
“Jack deserves to be tortured” Titus hissed angrily and for the first time I saw him become a horrible person.
He looked terrifying…
Jack… Tortured?
“Yes, I’m the one who ordered him to get the most painful torture for someone who dares to hurt my mate, you see what happened to her, she’s dying, Hugh, my Gwen is dying!!! And I will continue to torture him until he thinks that death is the best
way out!!!” He added with a vicious gaze that made me gasp loudly but it was too late to close my mouth and hide as they looked up at me who was listening to their conversation. Oh my G*d.
Who is Titus exactly?
Why could he talk about torturing people so openly?
And… Why didn’t the mayor do anything? Why…. Oh my G*d, there are more and more questions in my head….
Could he really be a mobster?
Then, who am I?
Why would I have anything to do with a man like that?!
I have to go.. I have to run from this dangerous man!
When I realized that they knew I had heard the conversation, I quickly turned around and tried to escape.
No… I need to get away from here, from Titus!
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He’s a man who’s just as dangerous as Jack, that’s why I’m not getting better, maybe he’s also giving me the same poison!
Oh G*d, help me…
Sh*t! Why are my legs still weak so my steps are so slow!
Having only taken 3 steps, my eyes widened in shock to see the figure of the man I feared and wanted to avoid outside the side window and easily broke the window glass before he slowly walked towards me.
How… Isn’t this the second floor?!
How can he be on the second floor that easily?!
Titus, who, no… What are you exactly?!!

Chapter 92
Step.. Step…
“Don’t come any closer!!!” I shouted in panic and took a step back away from him.
What is this? What’s really going on?
I’m so confused right now?!
I saw Alexa looking shocked and also walking towards me, but I shook my head quickly “Don’t anyone dare come near me!!!” I ordered everyone who started to gather around us.
Oh my G*d, what is this?!
“Gwen… I can explain…” Titus said softly and looked worried, different from the cruel expression he showed before.
“Who are you… What are you, Titus?” I whispered while looking at him suspiciously “I’m sure I saw you change from a black wolf figure, but Alexa always said it was just an illusion of the eyes and I was just imagining the impossible, but I’m sure I wasn’t dreaming, then the things I heard.. mate.. King… Alpha and other strange things. WHO ARE YOU ALL?!” I screamed hysterically before the headache hit my head again and stag****d, I braced myself against the wall beside me.
Titus who saw my condition looked panicked and took another step towards me.
I shook my head again even though it made me even more
dizzy. “Don’t you dare come any closer.. I need a f*ckin’ answer!!”
Everyone looked shocked, as if no one had ever dared to speak like that to this man in front of me.
However, I was already so fed up with the secrets they were
hiding as if I was a fool who wouldn’t realize anything.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Hey, I managed to escape from Jack because I was able to find out that wicked man’s dark secret. How could they think that this time they could fool me with the same thing and I wouldn’t know?
However, I was surprised to see Titus laughing instead of getting angry as if he had seen something funny.
Is he crazy?!
I raised a confused eyebrow while looking at Alexa who also seemed to be smiling happily when she saw me.
What’s wrong with all of them?!
“Wow… I forgot that you’re still my Gwen, I should have known you’d be like this” Titus commented while letting out a long sigh and looking relaxed.
“Makes you remember when she first came to the palace huh?” Alexa added as if they knew something funny about me.
D*mn it, are they insulting me?!
I jerked in surprise and tried to move away when I saw Titus taking another step forward to approach me.
“Gwen, I’ll show you everything, come on…” He said while giving me his hand so I could take it.
What does that mean?
Staring suspiciously at the man in front of me and the hand that kept reaching out as if waiting for me to grab it, I didn’t know if I could trust him.
“Please…” His eyes and voice seemed to be pleading for me to trust him so I reluctantly took the risk of trusting this man.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Are you stu**d?!
Didn’t I say that I would trust my instincts?
And my instincts tell me to trust him….
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Letting out a long sigh, I grabbed his hand and was startled when he pulled me in to wrap his arms around me tightly and I could feel his body trembling as if he was afraid of
Why is he quivering like this?
Is he afraid of me not giving him a chance and trusting him? Could he be afraid of that?
Then with one swift movement, he lifted my body and carried it before walking towards the window he broke.
What is he doing here?!
“Gwen, remember to open your mind and trust me” He whispered and made me furrow my brow in confusion before my eyes widened as he, with me in his arms, jumped from the second floor window as if it was a natural thing to do.
“TITUUUUSSS!!!” I yelled and gasped in shock as he easily stood up on his feet, while still holding me in both hands, as if the distance from the second floor was a piece of cake.
Then, before I could ask anything else and open my mouth, he lowered me and asked me to climb onto his back.
Though confused and unsure of what else he might do, I slowly followed him and wrapped my arms around his neck to feel his body tremble again.
“AAHHH…!!!” I screamed again as the figure of his body quickly transformed into the black wolf I saw that night and I was on his huge back.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Oh G*d, so it’s true!
I wasn’t dreaming!!
That black wolf is really Titus!!!
What is this?
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“Werewolf… You’re a werewolf?!” I breathe in wonder and in a swift motion, he starts moving forward with me still on his back.
Is this why he said to open my mind and trust him?! Because it truly sounded crazy if I didn’t see it with my eyes how he changed from human into a wolf.
Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t believe them and think they were crazy if they said that they could turn into a big wolf.
I would definitely run a thousand steps away from them after that explanation.
It all makes sense now…
Mate… Alpha…
Yes, those are the words the author uses when they explain things about the werewolf world in their books I’ve read, how could I be so stu**d as to be unaware of that?!
So does that mean werewolves are not just a myth or fiction? Werewolves do really exist?!
Then, the words he said to Hugh “Yes, I’m the one who ordered him to get the most painful torture for someone who dares to hurt my mate, you see what happened to her, she’s dying, Hugh, my Gwen is dying!!”
Is that mean… I’m his mate? I’m a werewolf’s mate?
So, does that mean Jack is also a werewolf?
‘She’s dying, Hugh, my Gwen is dying!”
What does he mean by me dying? Does that mean I’m going to die?
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Is that what Jack did to me? Make me die because I’m Titus’ mate?

Chapter 93
As Titus slowed his pace and lowered his body so I could get off his back, I let out a long breath to look around and sat on the side of the lake without looking back because I knew he was always beside me and looking at me intently without taking his eyes off me for a second.
This is like a dream… Good? Bad? I can’t decide yet.
Staring at the scene in front of me, if only I wasn’t in such a strange situation right now, I would have been mesmerised by the beauty of nature in front of me.
Why do I look like I’m accepting this nonsense?
What else can I do?
I didn’t remember anything about my past life, who I was, my family, my home, anything, and they were the ones who had recently pointed out that I wasn’t alone, that there was a family who knew me there and was waiting for me, so I held on to that, even though knowing this nonsense was a part of my life, I thought I deserved an explanation they gave me and let me decide whether I will trust them or not.
There’s a saying ‘you can’t run from your past’ but what if I’m not running but can’t remember anything about my past? What happens then?
Moving forward…
Yes, that’s what I did when I woke up and Jack told me his lies about me, but in the end my instinct recognised the lies so here I am, in a situation where my past comes back to haunt me, a past that I can’t remember so I can’t judge whatever people tell me, is it the truth or another lie?
Tap… The footsteps tell me that he has transformed from his wolfish figure.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Yes, Titus had already turned into a human figure as he sat beside me and I looked at him confused at the clothes he was wearing.
“Every werewolf territory has a secret place where clothes are kept for sudden use” He explained as if he knew my unspoken question.
So, that explains how he has clothes on. Not that I am sad to not be able to see him naked, but..Oh shut up, why do I have to think about him naked?!
“I see” Was my stu**d response before staring back at the water in front of me without saying another word.
“Gwen, Don’t you have any questions you want to throw at me?”
I heard him talking, but I just hugged myself tighter without saying anything.
Yes, I have so many questions, but I don’t know what to ask first.
I can’t think at the moment…
“As you know my name is Rolf Titus Osmund, I am the last descendant of king Rolf Osmund, the king of the Alphas who lives in New Zealand” Seeing me unmoved and still staring at the lake water in front of us, Titus seemed to decide to tell a
So he’s the king of the Alphas…
Well… that explains why Alexa calls him my king, I thought still -silent but still listening to his words.
“Maybe you heard this, but you’re my mate, in the human world it’s like a life partner but forever, there’s no such thing as divorce in the werewolf world with a mate…” He fell silent for a moment to catch his breath and made me glance sideways to see him “However, you are my second chance given by the Moon Goddess, my second chance of my fated mate” My eyes
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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widened at that.
“Didn’t you say mate only happens once?” I responded quickly and he nodded his head with a wry smile “So how…?”
“Gwen, I am 412 years old…” He smiled wider when he saw my shocked expression.
“You’re ancient..” Oops.. I quickly put my hand on my mouth to shut me out after I said it but instead of being angry he laughed out loud “Sorry..” I quickly muttered in shame.
I tense up a little when I feel his strong arms placed behind me and pull me close before groaning as if he’s infatuated with me.
Again, I didn’t feel the disgust or the urge to vomit that I felt every time Jack approached me.
“I’m sorry, I can’t hold back my wolf anymore” I heard Titus whisper as he continued to tighten his embrace and I let him inhale my head deeply “One month we lost you and the moment we found you knowing you didn’t recognise me almost drove me crazy, please let us hold you for a while” He sounded sincere when he said it and I didn’t have the strength to push him away so I remained silent letting him hold me close.
“What happened to your um… first mate?” I asked softly.
He let go of the hug and returned to his position sitting beside me but I stared at his hand as he took mine and clasped it tightly.
“Catherine, she was murdered by a black witch hundreds of years ago” I widened my eyes in shock but didn’t want to interrupt him and let him continue “And you managed to kill the black witch last month, who was the mate of my uncle, Jack, so he kidnapped you to avenge me”
I had to blink a few times as I absorbed his words before looking back at him.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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He looked amused but nodded his head “I know it’s hard to grasp but the point is, Jack is my uncle, he’s the twin of my father, the king, who thinks he’s more worthy of being king than me, then the problem with the black witch, Pearl who apparently has feelings for me was taken advantage of by him so here we are now”
I let out a long breath and made him chuckle again.
No wonder he didn’t explain to me when we first met and found out I had lost my memory of him.
There’s no way I would have believed it back then…
Second mate… Black witch… throne rivalry… Wow… I don’t know what to say, this is too much for one night.
But, wait a minute…
“What do you mean I managed to kill the black witch?” I frown in wonder when I realize his words back about me back then “Do you mean I am also a werewolf?”
Is that why I have that dream? The white-wolf I saw in my dream…
“Am I a white-wolf?” I added and now it is his turn to frown while staring in shock at me.
“Do you remember something?” He quickly asked but I sadly shook my head to answer him “So, how do you know?” “From a dream?” I quipped and made him frown deeper. “Lola paid for the black magic with our immortality, Morena and Melissa also said the black magic would disappear completely before their mother left the world after Pearl’s death, but is it possible that Melissa and Morena are still capable of using magic?” I just stared at him as he seemed to be talking to himself, it is not a conversation he seems to shoot at
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me, but to himself.
Watching him and listening to his explanation, there was no way he was lying, right? This was too complex for a lie.
And my dream…
Everything in my dream seemed to relate to the story he was telling me right now.
So it wasn’t a dream, I was right, it was a memory…
The poison.. That’s why Jack gave that poison…
They said it is wolfsbane…. I guess it’s poison for a werewolf… “Titus..” He turned his gaze back at me when I called his name without meeting his eyes.
I have to know this…
I gulped nervously “You mentioned about me dying?” I finally turned my gaze at him when I spoke and watched his expression turn serious the moment I said it.
“No.. I won’t let it happen. I will find a cure for you and won’t let you die, not on my watch, Gwen, I won’t allow you to leave me again!” He states firmly like it can be negotiated and I can’t help myself when I raise my hand to touch his cheek with a small smile.
He looked vulnerable and mad after I mentioned about me dying and it’s the final answer about everything for me.
Oh G*d, how can I doubt him?
The man in front of me is truly in love with me… I could tell by -only looking at him right now, it is different from Jack who
tells me I am his wife but shows no affection toward me, unlike him.
Titus looked startled as I touched his cheek and he looked at me sharply without blinking, I don’t know who moved first, but I gasped loudly as his lips touched mine and felt an electric shiver that I never knew I could feel.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Is this a bond mate?
Oh G*d, I’m his truly fated mate?!

Chapter 94
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I’ve been awake for hours unable to even blink a sleep, replaying last night’s events over and over. For everything that I have ever thought, it never crosses my mind about the things I’ve heard and seen that time.
It was beyond my imagination.
Werewolf… Mate.. King’s of the Alpha and I am Luna or what Alexa called, the queen for all Luna’s.
Me..? Queen?
I feel tingles every time he calls and touches me or every time
he looks at me. I’m aware it is strange how my heart seems content whenever he’s around even though I just met the man. ‘No.. I won’t let it happen. I will find a cure for you and won’t let you die, not on my watch, Gwen, I won’t allow you to leave me again!’
He looked sincere and serious when he said it, I can’t find myself thinking he’d be able to lie about something like that. How he’s thinking about me first, not himself, told me that he is truly putting myself first from everything, even he was here and left his position only to find me.
Oh G*d…
I remembered how Alexa looked relieved when they saw me return with him on his back.
The mayor, no, Alpha Hugh was there too along with another pack member, that’s what Titus mentioned we called a group in territory, member pack, was there waiting for us both. Titus was gone since he came back, looks like someone named Kurt was back and he looked serious after he heard him
The Alphe
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Anokhi Maloomati Islamic Paheliyan Anokhi Maloomati Islamic Paheliyan | Riddle
I after
he changed back into his human self and touched my cheek “I’ll be right back, I have to do something’ Was his words to me and I just nodded my head before following Alexa went inside.
Who’s Kurt?
Why did his arrival make Titus look tense and serious?
Titus frowned when he walked inside my room and saw me still awake “Gwen.. Why are you still awake?” He asked when he saw me still with my eyes open and hadn’t fallen asleep yet.
I give him a small smile and shrug my shoulder “I can’t asleep” He stared at me and sighed before grabbing a chair and put it beside my bed.
“Is it because of what I told you? Is it too much?” He asked and I saw how his hand raised but stopped in the air before he put it back down, like he was afraid to touch me.
I turned my gaze at him and shook my head “It’s not that… It’s just, I guess I’m absorbing everything you said since it’s like something I’ve read in the book, the werewolf and mate things” I said with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.
When I see him smile, I know I have succeeded “Those lies? I don’t believe you’ve read or watched that cr*p” He scoffs and rolls his eyes.
I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard his response “Hey, at least the imprint thing is like a mate, so I guess it’s kinda the same..?”
His face is like I have slapped him in the face “The what.. imprint?” he sounds disgusted when he repeats the words, looks like he never read anything human write about his kind.
I sighed and stared at him which made his casual expression change back into serious.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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I watch how his hand moves to grab mine slowly before I look back to his eyes. “I just hope you trust me and it wasn’t a lie” He told me since he knows about my feeling that I’m like floating in the water when I tried to find the truth about myself. “I’m thinking to go back to New Zealand, I think it is better for you to meet the two white wizard there”
My eyes widened in surprise but I couldn’t stop myself from smiling thinking about seeing my family, just like what Alexa told me.
He gives me a warm smile like he knows what’s in my mind “Yes and I will inform your family too so we could meet there, I know Alpha Drake will open his arms for welcoming us back” He leans his head closer to mine when he talks and I allow him.
I put my forehead on his before nod my head slowly “I like that, thank you”
Third Party Point of View
Back to the palace…
Ring.. Ring.. Ring…
Drake, who was meeting with the warriors, was forced to stop the conversation when the special iPhone he knew was only used by an important person he always thought was the real alpha king.
Jose, Harry and the others who knew about the iPhone fell silent when their Alpha picked up the phone, hoping to get some good news from someone who was currently trying to find his kidnapped fated mate.
“My King, Titus” He still called him by his title even though he realised that he no longer held that title, but for them, he always be his Alpha king no matter what.
‘How are you, Alpha Drake, I am sorry to disturbed you’
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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He almost gasped and shredded tears for finally being able to hear his sound after a long month being missing.
Does that mean his king is going to share great news?
“It’s been a while, what can I help you, my king?” He speaks with respect uncared for if he is also an Alpha now.
No, he knows deep down the man in the other line is the real Alpha for him and he just give him a hand until he returned. ‘I found my mate’ He can’t help but smile in triumph when he hears it and staring at the smiling face from the others in the room who also could hear it with their werewolf ears.
Thank G*d… He thought in delight.
“May I say congratulations, sir. We will be ready to welcome you two anytime” He responds happily but feels something odd coming from his respond “Sir.. My king?”
‘I need your mate’s help again’ he gulped nervously when he heard it.
Yes, even though we were able to killed the black witch, Pearl, he asking herp from Melissa tell Drake that something horrible happened to the queen.
Everyone in the room stood up from their seat and walk to where I stood, knowing that their king need their help and now we will do anything to make it easier for the couple after what they been through, it is time for them to be happy and we will do our best to make it happen.
“What do you need?”
Jack…’ His heart clench in pain when hear his king sound hard to speak but he keep silent while waiting for him to finished ‘Gwen is dying, Drake… During the month since he kidnapped her, he injected her with wolfsbane poison and memory loss drugs so that she currently remembers nothing and Destine, her wolf is in a state of dying’ Of all the situations Drake had thought of, never expecting that his king would experience
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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D*mn it!
Jack knew Gwen was their king’s vulnerability so he went out of his way to continue hurting his nephew.
Everyone around him looked down sadly at their king’s explanation, but knew that they had to start taking action. Not wanting to show his sadness and to encourage the man on the other side of the line, Drake tried to sound strong “Come, we will wait for you with the best treatment we can find” The Alpha promised and nodded his head to all who were present, that we would find what their king needed right now.
This is the time we help their king and show him he isn’t alone.
As soon as the phone line was disconnected, Drake and the others embarked on a plan to find out the best treatment for humans and werewolves.
Drake immediately ran to find his mate and explained the situation that their king was facing.
All in the hope of helping the king heal their queen or else he would return to a state of despair or even death, yes, because currently their king was no longer immortal since their success in killing the black witch and breaking the curse.

Chapter 95
Go to Rolf Titus Point of View
As I watched my mate sleep, I let out a deep breath and stood up to walk to the side of the window.
Staring at the moon and without realizing it, my legs were no longer able to hold my body so I had to hold onto the wall to restrain myself.
The emotions I had been holding back since meeting Kurt made me shed tears and let them flow to mourn what had
happened to my mate.
Alpha, I am here and I need a word with you’ Kurt’s voice was in my head as he spoke through the mind-link shortly after Gwen and I returned from our trip to tell the truth to her.
Our bond is still strong, that’s why she easily accepts me because deep down, her heart knows who I am even though his mind didn’t recognize me.
Yes, the painful truth that had to be told since she had absolutely no hints or anything about her identity.
Her body rejected her wolf form because the wolfsbane poison had been mixed into her blood and killed Destine when she tried to transform into her white-wolf form but the human medicine given to her had a dangerous effect and if she didn’t transform into a wolf soon it would also make her like a human
with dementia.
D*mn it!
Jack knew what he was doing and this time I admitted I am
F*ck! I hate him..!
I hate what he do to my mate…
No.. I can’t give up.. I won’t give up!
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
For her…
And my pup…
Yes…I have to keep strong!
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** He remembers the moment he kept looking at Gwen’s when Alexa took her back to her room to go to his companion, who shockingly was here right now.
“Kurt, why are you here?”
Hugh was there when I walked into his office with my trusted companion for the past week.
He kneels down with his head bowed and I watch him shed tears as I realise there’s something he’s about to tell me that I might not like.
“Tell me….” I said plainly and wanted to know immediately what he was going to say.
“I’m sorry but Jack is dead, I couldn’t contain my anger and killed him on the spot after he said something hurtful about the queen, my king” His tone was very low as he spoke with a slight s*b that made my heart beat very fast with anticipation of what he was going to say.
My eyes continued to stare at him without speaking, waiting for him to finish.
Kurt kept his head down as he repeated his conversation with Jack when he was again about to start the painful torture of the man who had severe wounds all over his body but did not make him die, yes Kurt remembered his king’s words to torture him, and that’s what he did until yesterday…
‘Hahaha… It seems that I’m not strong enough, warrior, but I want to tell you an important thing about your queen’ Kurt who was in the middle of cutting off the finger of his thumb, which was the last finger the man had immediately jerked and stopped his action.
‘Ohok.. ohok.. one life for a life… The reason why I didn’t kill
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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your queen is because I took a life that I know means a lot to your king.. hahahaha…. Ugh… yes… the queen was pregnant when I kidnapped her and in the first week I successfully killed the future baby or the heir to your king’s throne.. hahahahaha..’
My eyes widened at the words that were spoken and I knelt down in despair after he finished.
Oh. My. G*d!
No… Goddess no..!!
My heart broke into pieces at the thought of my mate suffering at the hands of a madman alone without me.
Thinking about what she’s been through since being with Jack. I didn’t care about the people who were there as I shed my tears thinking about what happened to my mate and… my future baby.
A baby… Our baby…
Oh G*d… We were supposed to be having a baby.
He/he would be the most amazing thing that happened to me after her mum.
“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!!” I roar in agony and anger before running out to change into our wolf.
Wolf howls in despair while he speeds up to go far away from this place. He’s too sad, angry and in need of destruction to let go of the pain we have felt right now.
If we had known, we would have killed Jack with our hands. However, the man who caused all this was already torn apart by
I can’t thank him enough for what he did for us.
The howls from Hugh’s territory sounded as if they were
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
saddened and felt the heartbreak that Titus was currently feeling.
+5 vouchers
Kurt kept his head down without getting up, knowing that he had failed.
Yes, he managed to avenge his brother’s death and find the queen, but he failed to protect his queen as his brother had requested before his death.
On his return to Hugh’s territory, Titus had promised to look strong so that his mate would not get suspicious.
Spending a long time running, he knew he had to get back to his mate and was surprised to see the woman he loved with all his heart still awake.
Holding back his emotions, he tried to act normal in front of her.
He did not want to add to the suffering his mate had gone through, even if he had to hold back tears in front of her. Now that he saw her fast asleep, the sadness returned and Titus couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer so he let his tears flow back at the loss of something he knew was going to be a blessing for him and his mate.
If only Jack hadn’t died, he would have laughed to see me in despair.
Yes, he was successful…Chapter 96
Let’s go back to gwen’s Point of View
The touch on my cheek told me someone was beside me and I don’t know since when I knew who was there.
The calm.. the electricity touched… It is all Telling me it was him..
I slowly sighed before opening my eyes to see the figure of a man intensely staring at me with a smile as he see me awake. “Hey” He whispered lovingly, still touching me
I returned the smile “Morning”
“It’s noon actually” He chuckled and I take a look at the watch to see it 11.30AM.
Wow… I didn’t realise I had slept that long?!
“What is this? Suddenly being adorable? I haven’t said I believe you’re my mate yet” I tried to tease him but he just chuckled. “You’ve run away if you don’t believe me” He responded quietly while continuing to stroke my cheek gently as if to make sure I was here.
What is this?
He looks sad…
Even though he is smiling, he looks different. I don’t know what but something bothered him and he tried to hide it.
Knock.. Knock…
We turned our gaze towards the door and saw Alexa enter with several people behind her including Hugh.
They were all smiling except for one man. He lowered his head as if embarrassed to see me.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Alexa patted his back and whispered something to him at the same time Titus spoke.
“Gwen, I’d like to introduce some of my loyal members who came along on my journey to find you” He explained and everyone started lining up so I could recognise them one by
I nodded my head with a smile to greet them warmly.
“You know Alexa, beside her is Dee.” The woman with curly blonde hair bowed her head in respect. “They both used to be your guard in the palace” My eyes widened and I turned my head to look at Titus who nodded his head as confirmation.
My guards?
“We are glad to know you’re safe and forgive us for coming late” They both speak together and I just give them a wide smile.
“Nice to meet you guys, sorry if I don’t remember a thing about you all” I told them who quickly shook their heads.
“It’s fine, my queen, we’re glad to know you’re alive” Dee choked before she apologize and leaving the room which make me raised my eyebrow while Alexa just give me a small smile.
Then my gaze turned to the last person who didn’t say anything.
The man who keeps his head down.
“Kurt..” Titus called his name and made him raise his head before kneel in front of me.
Oh.. My eyes widened in surprise and turn my gaze to Titus who give me an assurance smile.
“This is Kurt..” He introduce the man who put his head down again “He’s a great warrior and I can’t say how thankful I am for his help.. raise you head, Kurt, don’t need to be ashamed,
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you done an amazing job” I don’t know what happen but after Titus said, the man named Kurt sobbed loudly and I watch him cried silently like he has failed to do something without even raised his head.
What’s wrong with him?
Why was he acting like he had failed to do his job despite Titus’ words that he had done a great job.
Could this be related to the poison Jack gave me?
I don’t know what happened, but seeing him like that made my heart ache.
I slowly got out of bed and startled Titus but he quickly gave me a hand to help me take a step and kneel in front of the man named Kurt.
I touched his head which was still bowed and sobbed with Titus beside me “Mr Kurt…” I greet him but he still doesn’t raise his head “I don’t know what makes you like this, but if it’s related to me, you see that now I’m okay…” Slowly he lifted his head and I gave him a comforting smile “I’m having a little trouble with my head for forgetting you guys, but thank you for staying with Titus and for finding me… Please don’t be distressed… You’ve done a great job, Mr Kurt” He stares at me for a moment before nodding his head but looking down again as he so*s even more.
Turning to look at Titus, he just smiled before patting the man’s shoulder.
“Don’t you blame yourself, Kurt” He added to the man before Alexa intervened and led him out of the room.
Hugh smiled down at me as Titus helped me back to my bed. “I heard you guys are going back to New Zealand this afternoon?” His words surprised me as I had just heard this
‘Really?” I looked at the man beside me.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Titus nodded “Yes, I’ve contacted the palace and asked for Alpha Drake’s help there” He explained to us.
Hugh thrust out his hand and was warmly welcomed by Titus as they shook hands “I wish you all the best, my king…. and I apologise for everything” He said quietly as he glanced at me.
Could my condition be that serious that I feel sadness from the people around me when I wake up?
What’s going on?
“I am very grateful for all your help, Alpha Hugh” Titus replied and I gave a smile to the Alpha who was walking towards me.
“May we meet again, queen” He respectfully added to me,
“Thank you, Alpha Hugh, perhaps when I return to this country, you can take me around your territory and show me its beauty” I said trying to be cheerful and he nodded his head enthusiastically.
“Get well first, my queen”
Everyone got ready and for the first time the IV was removed from my hand, but the doctor told me to keep drinking water to prevent weakness.
I nodded my head and thanked him.
Alexa and Dee helped me change into the clothes that Titus had bought me but it turned out that my body wasn’t in the same condition as before so it was 2 numbers too big.
Titus who knew this looked furious but just nodded his head without saying anything.
I sighed seeing him seem to be holding back his emotions…
For the first time I stared at my real identity brought by Titus and burned all the fake identities I carried in my bag made by Jack.
Gwen Katherine Louve…
My chest was pounding as I was about to meet the family that
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
was said to be waiting for us at the airport.
My real family.

Chapter 97
“Give it your wolf.” Someone screamed…
It’s a man’s voice.
“What?! NO!!” That’s me.
Where am I.. why did I see myself tied up and beaten by men? “ARGH..!!! No.. No…!!!” I watch myself groan in pain.
What is this?
That syringe…?
O My G*d, That man.. I know him!
It’s Jack.. And he pulled out a poison in the syringe…!!
It’s wolfsbane…?
‘Gwen… He’s trying to weaken me with that wolfsbane’ Who’s speaking? ‘I’m Destined.. We have to leave this place quickly!!’ I couldn’t get closer and just looked at myself tied to the mattress at the time Jack quickly injected it into my neck.
It wasn’t long before I saw myself lying limply on the bed but soon there was a smell of blood.
Oh G*d…
Was I pregnant at that time?
Did I miscarry after Jack injected me with wolfsbane poison the first time?
‘Remember what I said about the Moon Goddess only lending me to you? Returning me to the Moon Goddess could be the right thing to do’
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
Who’s talking?
Gasped…. A white-wolf…?
‘Hello.. Gwen…’
‘I’m Destine… Your wolf….
But how…
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‘You’re dying if I stay, so this is the only way I could speak with you’
I see…
Isighed and sat on the floor to see her follow me and take a seat beside me.
She’s so beautiful… Just likeI saw and remembered in my dream…
“What did I see earlier? It was so horrible…” I whispered and hugged myself.
‘Everyone tends to do crazy things to get my power. You see, having me isn’t always a good thing, but also a curse’
I didn’t say anything and just stared at her beauty. This is the first time I meet her and see her this close.
‘You are blessed with a great man, but behind the greatness and power comes great responsibility too, but he is the man who will always be with you no matter what. Remember that when doubts and darkness come your way… Remember that you can always count on him’
“Gwen… Gwen… my love.. Gwen, are you okay?”
Someone caressed my cheek lightly when my eyes opened and I saw Titus kneeling beside my seat. It was only when he wiped
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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my tears off my cheeks that I realised I was crying, which is why he looked panicked earlier.
Was I dreaming while crying?
‘You are blessed with a great man, but behind the greatness and power comes great responsibility too, but he is the man who will always be with you no matter what. Remember that when doubts and darkness come your way… Remember that you can always count on him’
“I met… Destine…?” I whispered and made him stare in shock. He was smiling as he continued to wipe my face with his handkerchief before returning to sit on the seat next to me.
Yes, we were currently on the plane, precisely in the luxurious first-class seats along with the others behind us.
“What did he say to make you cry like that?” She asked softly as she took my hand and kissed it.
“I don’t remember much but she told me that you’re reliable” He looked happy to hear my words which made me giggle at his expression.
“What?” He frowned and made me burst out laughing.
“Your face…”
I stared at him, finding the humor in this situation which made him smile to see me happy. I don’t doubt him anymore, how come when you could feel how care they’re all to me.
I look out the window to stare at the coud.
Remembering the other things I saw in the dream…
Was I pregnant at that time?
Could that be the thing that makes them all sad?
And Kurt…
Yes, Kurt’s sadness seemed to fail to protect something, could it
10:31 [
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
be related to my baby?
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‘Remember that when doubts and darkness come your way… Remember that you can always count on him’ Destine’s words rang in my head and made me realise that maybe she knew that I shouldn’t drown in grief and believed that with Titus everything would definitely be okay? That he will always be by my side in any situation?
I leaned my head on his shoulder and made him turn his head
to stare at me.
“Are you nervous about meeting your family?”
I nodded “A little… What if I don’t remember them?”
He kissed my head lovingly “We are in this together… This time I will always be with you to face everything” I raised my head to look into his eyes.
This man…
Destine was right… He’s reliable… He would do anything for
He cupped my face “You’re not alone now, I’ll always be with you” he stated firmly before I leaned closer and I couldn’t hold myself to touch his lips.
He looked surprised for a second before he pulled me closer and deepened our kisses slowly but thoroughly knowing I just opened my heart to him recently.
When we drew back, I gave him a small smile before he pulled out his Iphone from his pocket.
“Has Alexa ever shown you a picture of your family?” He questioned and I shook my head in response.
My eyes widened as he opened the image folder and I saw many photos there.
I eagerly looked at the photos that showed my family with
Titus patiently telling me their names one by one.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
be related to my baby?
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‘Remember that when doubts and darkness come your way… Remember that you can always count on him’ Destine’s words rang in my head and made me realise that maybe she knew that I shouldn’t drown in grief and believed that with Titus everything would definitely be okay? That he will always be by my side in any situation?
I leaned my head on his shoulder and made him turn his head
to stare at me.
“Are you nervous about meeting your family?”
I nodded “A little… What if I don’t remember them?”
He kissed my head lovingly “We are in this together… This time I will always be with you to face everything” I raised my head to look into his eyes.
This man…
Destine was right… He’s reliable… He would do anything for
He cupped my face “You’re not alone now, I’ll always be with you” he stated firmly before I leaned closer and I couldn’t hold myself to touch his lips.
He looked surprised for a second before he pulled me closer and deepened our kisses slowly but thoroughly knowing I just opened my heart to him recently.
When we drew back, I gave him a small smile before he pulled out his Iphone from his pocket.
“Has Alexa ever shown you a picture of your family?” He questioned and I shook my head in response.
My eyes widened as he opened the image folder and I saw many photos there.
I eagerly looked at the photos that showed my family with Titus patiently telling me their names one by one.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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I also looked at the photo that he said was the time we spent just the two of us in Zaragoza, how I looked so happy there with him.
Laughing happily, I finally knew the truth about myself and couldn’t wait to meet my family who were waiting for me at the airport.
However, it wasn’t just my family waiting for us at the airport with humans.
Yes, Titus also explained that werewolf life is still a secret to humans, so we can’t just turn into wolves.
I kept holding Titus’ hand as we approached the unfamiliar face I didn’t recognise waiting for us.
Yes… It wasn’t just Alpha Blake and Gwen’s side of the family waiting at the airport that day.
However, several representatives from each territory and the Alphas were already waiting there, wanting to see and show their excitement for the arrival of the queen who was rescued by their Alpha king.
knowing that the queen was still alive so that there would be no grief and destruction for their Alpha king.

Chapter 98
“Gwen, I’m your husband…”
I remember the first time I woke up in the hospital, yes, it wasn’t in Australia, Jack told me that we had been in an accident and that I had the worst injuries and he only had minor ones.
However, the look he gave me back then wasn’t the look of someone who loved me and was happy to see me wake up conscious after an accident or something bad happened to me.
“I… I don’t remember anything”
He flashed a big smile “It’s okay, I’ll help you remember everything from the beginning”
I always wondered why he doesn’t look shocked that I lost my memory and still looks calm.
Yes, because that’s what he wanted, he wanted me to go with him without fighting back.
Now, walking up to the many groups of strangers waiting for me, their gazes filled with hope and tears showed that they looked happy and pleased to see me.
Yes, these are the gazes of people who wish for my recovery, people who sincerely love me…
“Oh my G*d, it’s her…”
“The queen is alive!!!”
Whispers started as we got closer to them.
It seemed like they couldn’t be stealthy for a group of werewolves who didn’t want to be discovered by humans, because right now what they were doing was making the humans around us look at us questioningly.
10:31 D
igs Fated Mate
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Yes, everyone must be wondering who came to get this kind of welcome.
Titus sighed beside me “I told you not to do so much… Why this much?!” He grumbled and caused me to laugh as I continued to hold his hand.
“Blake, Drake… I didn’t know you guys were here too Richard, Ares, Ken, Mike, Tommy and the Lunas. Thank you all for coming” He greeted everyone as we stopped in front of them, but there was one woman who approached me with tears running down her cheeks.
I remember that face…
“These are your parents, Alpha Blake and Luna Lisa” I remember Titus pointing out the unfamiliar faces of the two couples who were said to be my parents.
Now looking at them who continued to give me a look that was both happy and sad combined, I could tell that they were
indeed my parents.
Yes, my mum looks a lot like me and her blue eyes, yes those are the same eyes as mine.
Swallowing nervously I nodded my head “Um… Hello… Mum?” I called out hesitantly then looked at Titus who was smiling while nodding his head.
“Oh… my dear daughter” The woman sobbed and hugged me tightly while crying.
“I’m sorry but she still can’t remember anything” I heard Titus explain to everyone and they looked shocked before nodding their heads in understanding without saying anything.
The meeting was full of tears from the side of the women who knew me, especially Alice, who was said to be one of my best friends who constantly cried upon learning of my condition until my brother, who was her mate, had to pull her away from me so that I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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However, when it came time to leave by car, not all the Alphas came along as they had to return to their territories, but Titus shook their hands one by one and expressed his gratitude.
Staring at everyone who was here showed that the man who was my mate was not just anybody.
I thought I was alone but it turns out I have a lot of family who really care about me here.
A man named Drake came forward and gave Titus a hug.
Yes, he is the Alpha Drake trusted by Titus to replace him in the palace and territory.
I gave him a smile and nodded my head to greet him and he also bowed his body respectfully “Nice to meet you, my queen and see you well” He greeted me warmly before he greeted the members behind me, Alexa, Dee and Kurt.
He still looked embarrassed every time I looked at him but Titus assured me that I didn’t have to think about it.
And now, seeing him bow his head in front of Drake and talk about things I couldn’t hear, I was sure whatever was going on was related to me.
“Tired?” Titus asked immediately after hearing me sigh and rested my head on his shoulder as soon as the car that brought us back was moving.
He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me close. I can’t help but smile at his thoughtfulness like this, yes, he’s always quick to respond when something happens to me whether it’s a good thing or not, he’ll immediately ask about it as if he wants to make sure everything isn’t burdensome for
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
I can imagine why I fell in love with him back then, how could I not, even now I’m sure although I don’t remember him in the past but I can love him back now.
“A little” I whispered softly and yawned.
Da*n, why is my body so weak like this?
Didn’t I sleep a lot on the plane?
“Get some rest, it’s an hour’s journey before we reach the palace grounds. Your condition is not 100% healed yet” Titus s
He stroked my head gently as he spoke and I just mumbled softly before falling back to sleep.
Go to Rolf Titus Point of View
A moment after Gwen fell asleep, I looked up and saw Drake turning around from the front and looking at her sadly.
“I can’t trace the wolf” He said and I just nodded my head while hugging the woman sleeping beside me tightly.
I sighed “Wolfsbane is in her blood, so Destine can’t reveal herself because she can kill the wolf, but without the wolf, the poison from the drug that Jack gave to her weakened Gwen’s human form” I explained in detail to the man who was one of the most loyal members who had accompanied me during my toughest times and now he was still by my side.
“Jack sure thought of everything… Darn it!” He cursed the man who was the mastermind of the bad things that happened to all of us.
I said nothing and remained silent, afraid of waking the woman on my arm if I showed my emotions.
“And..” I looked up from my mate again and met Drake’s eyes once again.
He looked sad and torn for a moment before I’m aware of what he’s going to say.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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“You heard from Kurt?” I guessed and he looked down before nodding.
“I’m sorry, my king… I… I am at a loss for words when I hear it and can only apologize for everything that happened to the queen” He continued to say while bowing his head.
I sighed and looked over to the woman who was still asleep. “At least my mate is still here… I promise I won’t let any harm happen to her again, Drake. We have to find everything we can to cure her. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her healthy again!” I state firmly and looked into his eyes which nodded firmly. Yes, I am grieving but right now the most important thing is my mate’s recovery, I can’t keep crying over what has happened.
There will be a time for us to mourn the dead baby that Jack killed, but the most important thing is that my Gwen is still alive.

he Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Chapter 99
Still Titus Point of View
Looking at my mate along with her family, Melissa, Morena and the few Luna’s still in our story made me relieved to see her smile.
It seemed that meeting everyone was a good thing for her. The warriors looked sad and felt guilty staring at the queen not reczzzising them, yes, just like Kurt, they felt that they failed to protect her so that she experienced such a ho*****ous thing.
It’s hard to change their minds, because it’s the warriors’ job to protect me and my mate, but right now they feel a sense of failure because of what happened to her.
It will be hard to convince them that it’s no one’s fault but Jack’s, I thought with a sigh.
Drake, Jose and Harry continue to accompany me and they understandably do not inform me about the territory because I still entrust it to Drake. Yes, as I told him before, Drake is still the Alpha in this territory even though I have come, because my main focus right now is my mate.
Alexa and Dee, who are Gwen’s loyal guards, continue to accompany her wherever she goes, and Kurt seems to have a new main goal which is to become a shadow who also guards my queen from afar. Yes, I saw him continue to follow Gwen wherever she was even though Alexa and Dee were nearby.
“Kurt seems to have trouble accepting what happened to the queen” Drake commented and I nodded my head back in
“He was the one who discovered the worst thing that happened to my future successor, so he killed jack by tearing him apart on the spot when the f*cktard told him” I answered briefly and made the Alpha beside me blink in surprise before turning
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around to stare at the man named Kurt who was standing at the end of the room with his gaze fixed firmly on my mate.
“I see.. That’s explain everything then”
Knowing that there were many people around who could protect Gwen, I calmly walked with Drake to the meeting room where several people were waiting for us.
Yes, I had asked for the help of the few people I knew about the greatest remedies they knew of.
I had to find a cure for Gwen, wherever and however I could, no matter the cost.
“Ares, he’s heard about local remedies in Asia, Japan and South Korea that are good for humans, especially the cure for
dementia” Drake began to explain as we walked towards there and I listened to his explanation carefully.
Yes, I too had heard of traditional medicine in those Asian countries, but could it be done for werewolves?
“However, Melissa said Switzerland also has a great place to treat wolfsbane for werewolves, her friend works there” He added and made me stop walking.
“Switzerland?” I asked him and he nodded his head.
Yes… Is it possible that the treatment for Destine could treat her humans too?
I mean, Gwen’s human figure is weakened because of the lack of help from her wolf due to the wolfsbane in her human body, so if we get rid of the wolfsbane poison, Gwen can also be cured by Destine?
Thank goodness I’m coming back here.
My assumption was correct that I would find plenty of ways to heal my mate here.
For the first time, I could breathe a little easier knowing that there was a way to cure my mate so that she could continue to
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
be healthy beside me.
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Staring at the meeting room, I sat down not in the centre, the place I used to sit when I was the Alpha king, but I chose the chair next to Alpha Ares and made Drake raise a confused eyebrow.
“My king…” He called out to me and made me smile.
I shook my head “No, I’m not ready to return to being your king, my focus is still on my mate, I’m sorry, Alpha” I replied softly and they nodded their heads in understanding.
As it turned out, to my surprise Alpha Drake wasn’t sitting there either, in fact it turned out that no one was sitting in that chair because they thought it was only suitable for me, a small thing that was able to move me, da*n ’em!.
“I heard about the miscarriage that happened… I’m sorry, I’m sad to hear that” Alpha Ares and Mike opened the conversation which surprised the others, who didn’t know about it yet.
I sighed and gave them a brave smile. “Yes, Jack injected wolfsbane poison because my wolf mate was too strong, but it caused her to miscarry my future heir” My words made them bow their heads as a sign of mourning because I understood, this was their future king we were talking about, it had been hundreds of years since I had a mate and when I finally managed to have a child, Jack killed it.
It was painful not only for me, but for everyone.
That’s why I totally understand how Kurt feels and his decision to always be my mate’s shadow to protect her.
Werewolf is a territorial creature, has almost the same nature as a wolf, they will protect members of their pack wholeheartedly, let alone protect their leader.
Especially for werewolf warriors who have the duty to always protect pack members and their leader, so the loss that
+5 vouchers
occurred and the things experienced by Gwen is something that causes them to grieve because they feel negligence and extraordinary failure, especially to the death of their future king.
“However, I strongly request to keep this secret from Gwen, until the time is right for me to tell her” I added firmly, yes, they must understand the reason why I kept this secret from my mate.
Her health condition does not allow me to dare to tell her this news, for fear of making her sadder.
No… I don’t want to see her cry anymore, I want to give her the happiness she deserves.
“So, what’s your plan?” Alpha Mike asked me and I turned my gaze on him.


Taking the cup of coffee, I took a sip before replying “I heard about Switzerland and will find out more details about it before deciding further” I replied and they gave a resounding nod of agreement.
This is the first time this has happened, in my hundreds of years of life it’s the first time I’ve come across something like this, so even my knowledge doesn’t exist for something like this.
“I brought a lot of books on medicine, I’ve left them with Jose to put in your room” Alpha Ares added and I nodded my head in gratitude for his attention.
Yes, indeed, I was grateful for everything.
I thought I wasn’t a good leader or king all this time, but sitting together with the Alphas here as one of them shows that I’ve done well to have partners and earn such admirable loyalty from all the Alphas from different regions of the world.
“At least we are happy to know the queen is still alive, we will continue to help find the best treatment for her” Alpha Mike
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
•S vouchers
commented and again I couldn’t express my gratitude for their support.
You’ll see Gwen, I will give you the best for your health.


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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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Chapter 100
‘My king, it seems the queen is getting tired’
Kurt’s voice was heard speaking through the mind-link, yes, because I have not yet accepted my position back as the king of Alpha, so right now it is still Kurt’s voice that I can hear.
I quickly got up from where I was sitting to the place where the women were gathered.
Alpha Drake and the others jerked in surprise to see me get up and I told them that it was time for the queen to rest.
Immediately they woke up and followed me to the garden where the women were gathered and had a welcoming party there.
Looking at Alexa who was guarding the door, I nodded my head before she opened the door for me.
Everyone turned around to see us coming and smiled to greet
Luna Lisa upon seeing me flashed a warm and gracious smile before coming over to me.
She gave me a warm hug while whispering with tears in her eyes, “Thank you for not giving up on her.”
I returned her smile ” It wasn’t for anyone but for me too..” I replied softly and made her lift an eyebrow wondering what I meant “I’m the one who can’t live without her” I added firmly and made her nod her head in tears at my answer.
Then we walked over to my mate who had been staring at me since I entered the room.
“Hey” I greeted her gently before giving her a kiss on the cheek then looking up and greeting everyone “Thank you for being here to welcome Gwen” I said to the others.
“That’s as it should be… We’re glad to see Gwen is able to join
us again” Alice replied to my words warmly followed by words of agreement from the others.
“Are you tired, dear?” I asked my mate who said it was fine but I could tell that she could barely keep her eyes open due to
Everyone who knew that the queen’s condition was indeed unwell, understood that I should immediately take her back to the room to get some rest.
Alice and Luna Lisa, who learnt about how weak Gwen was, could only cry silently for a moment after I took her out of the garden, with my werewolf hearing, I was able to hear their stifled so*s upon learning of my mate’s condition.
Yes, Gwen’s condition is something that has never happened to a werewolf before, usually human diseases will be cured when they turn into their wolf form, but Gwen’s condition causes her not to be able to turn into her wolf form without hurting the wolf because of the poison in her blood, therefore, her human body which also has poison cannot be helped to heal by her wolf figure.
It’s like a dead end with no answers because whatever is done is like a death sentence for Gwen.
Yes, if Destine or her wolf is forced to appear, then she can die from the wolfsbane in Gwen’s human body.
However, without the help of the wolf, Gwen is getting weaker because of the drug that causes dementia for her human body. I have to talk to Melissa immediately.
Due to exhaustion, the moment Gwen touched the bed, she immediately fell into a deep sleep and made me keep stroking her head worriedly.
She was getting weaker by the day and I was very worried about her condition.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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‘Kurt… I called out to the only member I could mind-link.
‘Yes, Alpha king?
‘Would it be okay to call Melissa and Morena? I need to talk to them’ I ordered him.
‘Alpha Blake, Alpha Drake and Luna Lisa would like to come to the meeting, my king’ Kurt told me and I couldn’t refuse their request, knowing that the reason they did so was out of
‘Yes, that’s fine’ I replied then walked out of the room and looked at Alexa and Dee who were outside my bedroom.
“My king” they simultaneously greeted me while bowing their heads.
“You guys wait for Gwen inside, in case she needs anything” I told them quietly and they again bowed their heads before carrying out my orders.
Everyone had gathered in the meeting room Alpha Drake was using and I smiled at him before taking a seat next to Alpha Blake who was hugging his mate, Luna Lisa.
“She doesn’t recognise me, Titus” The woman who was my mate’s mother opened the conversation and she looked very sad at the moment.
I sighed “Yes, the wolfsbane poison made Destine unable to help her heal so her human body weakened even more” I replied quietly to them.
“What are you going to do?” Alpha Blake asked while continuing to try to calm his mate who was in his arms.
I looked at Melissa and Morena “I heard you have a friend in Switzerland who has information on curing the wolfsbane poison?” I asked the twin women.
Alpha Drake tightened his grip on Melissa before nodding his head.
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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She sighed before looking to all of us “As I explained to my mate, Drake, it happened a long time ago, about 5 years ago, there was a werewolf who managed to cure his mate of the wolfshane poison so that he could get back to health and get his wolf back” I held my breath at this, hoping that this was the answer to Gwen “However… It’s just gossip among the witches… you know… supposedly the guy asked for help from a witch to make the potion” She added and looked at me doubtfully.
Another witchcraft…
“Didn’t you say black magic hasn’t existed since Pearl was defeated? What about your white magic?” Alpha Blake asked curiously.
Morena looked at her twin first before answering, “White
magic can only be used in making potions, unlike when there was black magic where we can influence others… White magic can only be used for healing.”
“However, without the right ingredients, we can’t be sure how to cure the queen’s illness, because we wouldn’t dare to experiment,” Melisa added quickly.
“So you’re saying it’s likely that the healer there is a white witch?” I asked the twin woman in front of me who nodded her head.
= AN =
“I’m not too sure…” She replied quietly and caused me to blow out a big breath again.
No one said anything for a while, as if everyone had their own opinion on this matter.
What should I do now?
Can I hope for a rumour?
What if it turned out to be just a rumor and the trip there was a waste?
“At least we found a way out” It was Luna Lisa who spoke up
The Alpha King’s Fated Mate
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and broke the silence making the whole lot of us look in her direction “At least there’s a way, instead of standing around and saying when or if, it’s better to risk it in the hope that the best will happen”
She looked confident and for the first time, there were no tears.
Yes, she was right…
I can’t just rely on hope but have to take risks.
So, I nodded my head confidently while looking at my mate’s parents.
“You’re right… we’re going to Switzerland” I said firmly and made them smile at that.
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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Author:  Yui Ismutomo

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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

Book About

Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
Genre: Romance Hot Alpha ROmance, Fav AlphaRomance, Hot Alpha Billionaire 
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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