The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 520

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 520

Chapter 520 

At the Stirling Mansion, Hanson arrived with Skyler. 

Years ago, when Jessica’s sister, Tanya, gave birth to her son with Chad Skyler, she handed him over to Hanson for upbringing. In their society, having a child out of wedlock was not considered respectable

Skyler, this is your aunt, Jessica, and your cousin, Leopold,Hanson said with a smile

Skyler peeked out from behind Hanson, showing half his face, Hello, Aunt Jessica. Hello, Leopold,he muttered timidly

Leopold studied him from the corner of his eye. Skyler bore a resemblance to Hanson, especially his almondshaped eyes, which were almost identical to his father’s

Jessica offered him some pastries with a smile, Don’t be scared, Skyler. Here, have a muffin.” 

Skyler tugged at Hanson’s sleeve, Dad, I want a lollipop.” 

Go ahead, Hanson answered, patting Skyler’s head and leading him to the couch

Skyler took out a lollipop, glanced at Leopold, and then took out another one. Leopold, do you want a lollipop?” 

No, thank you,” Leopold responded coolly

Hanson chuckled, Skyler tends to eat lollipops when he’s nervous.” 

Skyler looked like a child with a stunted brain, and it was hard to connect him with the head of the AK Group. However, it was hard to find anyone in the Stirling Family who could cultivate dark forces overseas other than the Heninger Family

Jessica turned her attention to Hanson, Has Skyler married yet?” 

Hanson sighed, Not yet. He’s still like a child himself. How could he get married?” 

Jessica handed Skyler a glass of juice, Don’t just eat candy, Skyler. Have some juice.” 

Thank you,” Skyler said, taking a sip of juice before returning to his lollipop

Jessica smiled warmly, What do you like to do in your spare time?” 

I like to plant flowers,Skyler said

Hanson chuckled, All the flowers in our yard were planted by him.” 

Skyler’s eyes fell upon the peonies outside the window. May I go see the peonies?” 

Of course,” Jessica replied, directing a servant to show him to the garden

Once Skyler left, Jessica turned to Hanson, Did you come to Elysium specifically to see 

, or is this a business visit?” 

Hanson took a sip of his coffee, his expression turning somber, Jessica, Tanya is ill. She has stomach cancer and might not make it through the year.” 

Jessica was taken aback, Did she have surgery?” 

She did, and they removed half her stomach, but her prognosis isn’t very good,Hanson sighed, She made a mistake and she regrets it deeply. She’s been hoping for your forgiveness all these years.” 

Jessica waved her hand dismissively, I’ve forgotten all about the past.” 

Hanson stirred his coffee thoughtfully, Skyler might not be smart, but he’s still a Stirling. All these years, Tanya’s biggest worry has been about Skyler. Her only wish now is for Skyler to acknowledge his roots and be allowed to pay respects to Chad during the All SoulsDay.” 

Jessica fell silent for a moment before saying softly, I’ll consider it. I’ll find the right time for him to come back, but not now.” 

Hanson looked at her pleadingly, Jessica, if possible, let Skyler return to the Stirling family before Tanya’s passing. This way, she can be at peace.” 

Jessica rubbed her temples and said, Isn’t it good being a Heninger? He can live a luxurious life, never facing any hardships. Joining the Stirling family would only mean receiving additional family funds.” 

Hanson sighed deeply, This is her obsession. It’s just that Chad was such a charmer, Tanya was completely swept off her feet by him.” 

to join him?” 

bea a wild ping for Chad eager 

Jess.Hanson interjected. It’s been wears Cat you your heart to forgive Tanya?” 

No point talking about forgiveness Jesse reported her vol 

of women around him, so one more 

can hold out for two years


stern Chad has a slow 

et Sole rear to the Shiling tamil to pay respects to our 

one in makes no ditence tell her that if she 

Hanson looked at her solemnly, his gare de 


Jessica’s words were well crafted Ch one had she was encouraging Tanya to fight on On the other hand, she was buying time to innate a tential issues If Tanya and Skyler were innocent she would let Skyler wet to the Shiling family the sins of the previous generation should not be borne by the next and the child was blameless 

Jess, what if Tanya cant hold on

She can. She’s been waiting for so stellen 

long so she get her teeth and boar itJessica looked out of the window at Skyle: Dees Sup Kowout his origins” 


Hanson shook his head, Not yet Tanya and have decided to tell him when he rejoins the clan.” 

ce you’re here in Esium take Skyler out and 

Exsum so I’ll have Leopold ssist you. They can help take care of Skyler when 

Fair enoughJessica noccoe slightly show him a good time. Your ass stant is arrange for a couple of poop you’re out for business meetings 

Ok,Hanson nodded

Leopold took a sip of his coffee and said q Elysium just for Skyler, have you?” 

Uncle Hanson, you haven’t come to 

Hanson replied, Do you know about the solarproject in Starling City ** 

Of course Leopold did. The Stirling family was a major player in the East and there wasn’t much in the business world they weren’t pray to 

You’re interested as well?” 

Hanson replied. The economy in Venitalia is booming and I plan on increasing our investments there. If you’re free come with mat 

Leopold nodded slightly, Alright, I’ll arrange a meeting with the local leadership, and accompany you there.

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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