The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 555

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 555

Chapter 555 

Aurelia served Skyler some roasted chicken and got him a bowl of soup

Skyler, eat up. When you’re done, let’s head out to the Rose Garden to check out the peonies, okay?” 

Okay,Skyler nodded, his voice soft

He couldn’t handle spicy food, not even a hint of it, so Aurella had made sure to order mild dishes for him

Angel, I talked to Daddy, and I want to stay in Elysium a bit longer to play. He agreed. He said that when Grandma hits her 90th birthday bash, Jessica and Leopold will bring me and Leah back with them.” 

Aurelia chuckled, Well then, as soon as I get some free time, I’ll join Leopold in taking you out for some fun, how’s that?” 

Great!Skyler beamed a toothy grin, his eyes sparkling with innocence as untouched as the waters of a secret mountain spring

Leopold deftly peeled a shrimp and placed it on Aurelia’s plate

Seeing this, Skyler tried to do the same, wanting to peel shrimp for Aurelia so she would like him even more. But he had never peeled shrimp before, and it was always the nanny who did it for him. Accidentally, he poked his finger and winced, blowing on it to ease the sting

Aurelia quickly pulled out a bandaid and patched him up

Skyler, shrimp can be tricky to peel. Let me do it for you.” 

Skyler sighed with a hint of disappointment, I haven’t got it yet, but when I do, I’ll peel them for you to eat.” 

Knowing his intentions, Aurelia smiled, Thank you, Skyler, but you should just enjoy your meal. Don’t worry about me. I’m your angel, and I can manage just fine

Hearing this, Skyler gestured to Leopold, Leopold, she can eat, on her own, she doesn’tdoesn’t need your help.” 

Leopold was speechless

A family of four approached a nearby table

A boy, about nine, made a face at Skyler and laughed at him, You’re a stutterer, such a disgrace.The boy’s parents didn’t stop him, and they even chuckled along

Emboldened, the boy climbed onto his seat and continued taunting Skyler, sticking out his tongue

A shadow of hurt crossed Skyler’s eyes as he set down his utensila and curled up into Aurelia’s embrace 

Angel I want a follipopWhenever he was nervous or scared, he craved a lollipop

Aurelia wrapped him in a hug and stroked his hair, whispering comfortingly. Skyler, be brave. Dont be afraid. There are always going to be some unfriendly people in the world Just ignore them, pretend they don’t exist.” 

Leopold frowned slightly. He didn’t like any other man getting too close to Aurelia. Even though Skyler was mentally a child, physically he was grown

He grabbed Skyler’s arm and pulled him to his side, then put an arm around his shoulders. and handed him an unwrapped lollipop. Aurelia silently marveled at his possessiveness

Meanwhile, the mocking family continued their ridicule as if they had found a new source of entertainment

Leopold slammed his hand on the table with a loud smack

Let’s move to a private dining room.” 

They had arrived early and since the main dining area was empty, they’d chosen a spot by the window

The taunting boy was startled into tears, and a baby in a stroller also started crying

The parents were now upset, hurling insults at Leopold

He’s just a kid. What are you being so aggressive for? You, a grown man, were picking on a child, and what kind of manners are those? He’s clearly an imbecile, and we just told the truth.The woman ranted on

Yuna and the bodyguards from another table stood up, glaring at the offensive family, their large frames and fierce demeanor instantly intimidating them into silence. They couldn’t get out another word, not daring to even breathe too loudly

They had crossed someone they shouldn’t have


The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne can inspire people by showcasing the power of love, resilience, and embracing the unexpected. Through the characters’ journeys, readers can learn the importance of adapting to unforeseen challenges, building strong connections, and finding strength in vulnerability. The story highlights the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal and professional success, encouraging readers to believe in the transformative power of love and the possibilities that arise when facing life’s surprises. The CEO'S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Description of Novels” The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )
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Aurelia Hawthorne, a single, Angie, a lifelong bachelorette, has just found herself in a bit of a pickle — she is pregnant!
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