The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 558

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 558

Chapter 558 

It’s so bizarre,” Leah said, scratching her head. The man’s family said he was not a psychopath, and they insisted there was no history of mental illness in their tree.” 

Maybe they weren’t paying attention,Aurelia suggested as they sat on a bench beneath the sprawling branches of an old oak tree. Some mental issues are like ticking time bombs, lying dormant until something triggers a big bang. For all we know, the couple could have had a blowout on that suspension bridge. You know, both of them were not nice people.” 

Aurelia recounted how they’d mocked Skyler at the diner, and Leah’s blood boiled, wondering how they had the nerve to mess with her big brother! She had felt a twinge of pity for the family before, but now? It seemed like poetic justice

The way you put it, they’re all offkilter. A house built on a crooked foundation deserves to crumble.” 

Leah leaned in, eager to share a secret. But you gotta keep it under wraps, okay?” 

Mum’s the word,” Leah assured her, zipping her lips with her fingers

Your brother mentioned he has another brother named Geoffrey, a spitting image of him. I’m starting to doubt if he has a longlost twin.” 

Leah was shocked. She’d heard about Geoffrey from her cousin Leopold, and despite digging for Geoffrey’s information, she’d come up empty

Leopold told me about Geoffrey. Are you saying Geoffrey is Skyler’s twin? How come I’ve never heard anything about Skyler having a twin?” 

I’m just guessing,” Aurelia whispered. Skyler said they looked identical. Unless they’re twins, how could anyone look so much like him? Unless some bad guy got plastic surgery to look like Skyler on purpose.” 

That possibility lingered in the air, unsettling but not impossible

Leah frowned. It’s gotta be the latter. If Sky had a twin, our family would have known it. We wouldn’t hide him away. It’s more likely some schemer got surgery to impersonate Skyler for some nefarious reason.” 

Aurelia’s eyes widened with concern. If Geoffrey looks the same as Skyler, he could swap places with him, infiltrating the Heninger family.” 

Leah slapped her forehead. Aurelia, you’re onto something. Maybe sometimes it’s not Skyler with us, but that Geoffrey imposter. That’s terrifying. I need to tell Dad to be on guard.” 

Keep your shirt on, Leah,Aurelia soothed. He’s probably not out to harm your dad. He may be after money. But remember, this is all speculation. Without proof, your dad won’t 



ve got to find proof and smoke out this Geoffrey,Leah said, her face flushed nger. No one can mess with the Heninger family and get away with It.” 

Don’t worry, Aurelia reassured her. No one can completely replace another person. There will be slips and mistakes. Now, try to think back. Has Skyler done anything out of character and that didn’t fit with who he is?” 

Lesh pondered. Skyler’s much older than me, but as far as I can remember, he’s always been the sweet, goofy, and lovable guy. Even if he did something odd, no one would bat an eye because he’s just a big kid in heart.” 

She paused, then added, But don’t let his childlike demeanor fool you. Skyler’s as sharp as a tack. He was a scholar, who aced every exam. The guy’s got four PhDs to his name.” 

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne can inspire people by showcasing the power of love, resilience, and embracing the unexpected. Through the characters’ journeys, readers can learn the importance of adapting to unforeseen challenges, building strong connections, and finding strength in vulnerability. The story highlights the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal and professional success, encouraging readers to believe in the transformative power of love and the possibilities that arise when facing life’s surprises. The CEO'S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Description of Novels” The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )
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