The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 564

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 564

Chapter 564 

He was curious to test an urban legend, to see if the Reaper truly existed

I’m gonna stamp him,he declared

The crowd suddenly clamored as someone shouted, Cops are coming!” 

The guy bolted at the warning, sprinting past William. With reflexes like a cat, William grabbed the stamp and pressed it onto the fabric of the fleeing man’s jacket

The man ignored the police’s shouts, dashing out of the mall, leaping over a fence, and sprinting onto the busy street

Cars and trucks zoomed by, their engines roaring

A delivery truck couldn’t stop in time and plowed into him, sending him flying five meters before he crashed to the ground, blood flowing from every orifice. His life was over in an 


William stood at the mall entrance, stunned by the spectacle

Had the Reaper truly come for him

Skyler raised his hands, covering both of their eyes. We’re kids, so we can’t see such gory stuff.” 

William pushed his hands away. I’m not scared, I’m brave. Did your stamp summon the Reaper?” 

Yeah, I’ve stamped all the bullies at school. They were all taken by the Reaper,Skyler said earnestly

That’s insane,William blinked in amazement. Where did you get the stamps?” 

My guardian, Superman, gave them to me. But this is our secret, okay? You can’t tell anyone, not even Aurelia.” 

Skyler put a finger to his lips, signaling secrecy. 

William nodded. Your secret’s safe with me 

It was when Aurelia and Leopold came running over

William quickly pocketed the stamp

What are you two doing here? Stop rubbernecking and come back with me,Aurelia said

taking her son’s hand, worried the sight might give him nightmares

After finishing their desserts, they dropped Skyler back at his hotel

Pointing to his smartwatch, Skyler said, William, we’ll chat on our watches.” 


Sure thing! William grinned

Once they had left, Skyler happily watered the plants by the window, humming a nursery rhyme 

Three blind mice. See how they run. They all ran after the farmer’s wife Who cut off their tails with a carving knife, Did you ever see such a sight in your life, As three blind mice?” 

In the car, William turned to Aurelia. Mommy, do you think the Reaper’s real?” 

Aurelia, sensing her child was troubled by the accident, softly said, Ghosts and spirits are only human imagination. We invent them to explain the things we can’t control.” 

But don’t you think the bad guys should be taken by the Reaper? That way, they can’t hurt the good people anymore,William said

The law’s there to deal with the bad guys. Of course, if the heavens did take away the bad ones, it would be good for us all. As the saying goes, The net of heaven lets nothing through.’ Everyone wants to see justice served, especially to those who evade the law,” Aurelia whispered

William clenched the stamp in his pocket, wishing it truly held magical powers, dreaming 

of being a superhero.. 

That night, the accident was all over the news. The dead man had a criminal record for school violence, having left a student disabled and escaped punishment due to his youth. And the man from the earlier bridge incident was exposed as a con artist involved in phone scams

People were quick to comment online, calling it karma, saying that the heavens gave them punishment. It was a hardwon justice

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne can inspire people by showcasing the power of love, resilience, and embracing the unexpected. Through the characters’ journeys, readers can learn the importance of adapting to unforeseen challenges, building strong connections, and finding strength in vulnerability. The story highlights the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal and professional success, encouraging readers to believe in the transformative power of love and the possibilities that arise when facing life’s surprises. The CEO'S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Description of Novels” The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )
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Aurelia Hawthorne, a single, Angie, a lifelong bachelorette, has just found herself in a bit of a pickle — she is pregnant!
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