The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 602

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 602

Chapter 602 

Megan nearly choked on his words and silently cursed in annoyance. You don’t know anything, okay? I’m pregnant, and I need my rest.” 

Skyler stuck out his tongue at her in a playful grimace. You can’t even make a decent grilled cheese sandwich, let alone a proper roast beef, or even bake some simple cupcakes. You’re hopeless. I would be doomed if I had a wife as clueless as you!” 

On hearing it, Megan was livid, replying, We’ve got maids and a chef. Why would I need to cook?” 

Skyler pouted. That’s not the same thing. Mom always cooks Dad’s favorite meals at home, which adds a personal touch. That’s why you’re boring, you know.” 

“Ah, the boring wife,Willlam interrupted, nodding in mock disappointment

Feeling a rage boiling within, Megan took deep breaths, forcing herself not to stoop to the level of these imbeciles and brats

Melissa was still snoring away in her tent, a lost cause when it came to early rises or any form of help these days

The bodyguard had the campfire going, and Aurelia had started on breakfast with Leopold at her side, playing the everdutiful sous chef. It was like a scene from a happilyeverafter tale

Megan’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. She hurriedly dodged William and Skyler, trying to wedge herself between the culinary couple, only to accidentally burn her hand on the campfire, letting out a yelp of pain

Leopold gave her an exasperated look. What are you doing? Don’t cause a scene!” 

Megan’s sense of injustice peaked. She had to reclaim her name. She couldn’t let Aurelia, the exwife, usurp her place

Honey, my hand hurts. It’s blistering.” 

Then go put some ointment on it, and don’t disturb our breakfastmaking. You don’t even know how to cook,” Leopold said coldly

Biting her lip, Megan was the picture of misery

Aurelia flipped the bacon leisurely, pretending to be oblivious to the drama unfolding

She had no interest in getting tangled up in a jealousyfueled catfight

The bodyguard came over, leading Megan away to tend to her burn

With her gone, the air seemed to clear instantly



William and Skyler, lured by the sizzling bacon, couldn’t resist any longer and scampered 


We’re gonna have those killer sandwiches again today!” 

Mom makes the best sandwiches ever!” 

The two clapped their hands, jumping for joy. It was a world only Megan’s got hurt

She fumed in her tent, practically fainting with frustration

She wished she could slap that bacon right onto Aurelia’s smug face

If only last night’s fake sleepwalking episode, where she had tried to scratch Aurelia’s face, had been successful. Then Aurelia would’ve been in the hospital, her beauty marred, unable to stand beside Leopold making sandwiches and taunting Megan

After applying the ointment, Megan marched back out, standing at a distance like a watchful overseer, eyes fixed on Leopold and Aurelia

Aurelia scoffed silently. A throne secured through deceit was always precarious and lacking in legitimacy

William teased Megan, “Megan, are you spying on Uncle Leopold?” 

She shot him a contemptuous glance. These little brats never had a kind word to say

I’m not spying. It’s the devoted gaze of a wife toward her husband,she declared

William shook his head with a sigh. That devoted gazeof yours is pretty terrifying, scaring me half to death.” 

I’m scared, too, likelike a banshee or something,” Skyler added, shrinking back a bit

Megan inhaled sharply. Those two rats were nothing but Aurelia’s little henchmen and were there to undermine her at every turn. Aurelia, that conniving witch, relying on her two offspring, thought she could turn her fortunes around. But Megan would not allow it

Her fate might be intertwined with Aurelia’s, but she held the reins. There was no way she would let Aurelia ascend once more to the esteemed position of Mrs. Stirling of the Stirling family


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