The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 625

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 625

Chapter 625 

Mam with redrimmed eyes brimming with tears, brought Chapter 624 

Aurelle’s eyes widened in surprise as she discovered just how knowledgeable Skyler was

was no wonder he had racked up four PhDs and three Master’s degrees, a veritable Walking encyclopedia with a grasp on everything from the stars above to the Earth below. Skyler, you’re amazing. You seem to know everything. From now on, you’re our goto guy.Scratching his head, Skyler chuckled, Back when I was home, no one would play with me. It was just me and my books. I read a lot, all kinds of books.” 

Nursing a glass of apple juice, Aurelia asked casually, Skyler, do you happen to know hypnotism?” 

Skyler scratched his head again, giving a goofy smile, A little bit.” 

Aurelia was in thought. Anyone who studied psychology probably had some knowledge of hypnosis

After a bit more chatting, she left with William

Skyler picked up a watering can and went out to the balcony to water his Orchid and Rose, humming a rhyme. Rockabye baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And down will come baby, cradle and all.” 

On Friday, Aurelia headed to her company, stepping out of the parking garage when a tall woman approached her. The stranger wore a face mask and had a bag slung over her shoulder

Suddenly, the woman’s bag dropped, spilling contents everywhere

Aurelia caught a whiff of a peculiar, heady scent. She didn’t care for the smell and quickened her pace, hurrying away

Once in her office, she suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired and dozed off on her desk

In her dream, she found herself in a long, dark corridor with just a sliver of light at the far end. She ran towards it, pushing open door after door, only to find another corridor each time. It was a nightmarish loop, and she was trapped

Aurelia?Emma’s voice sounded beside her, but she didn’t wake up

Feeling something was off, Emma quickly checked for breath

Thank God, she was still breathing

Her phone rang on the desk, and it was Leopold calling

Mr. Leopold, Director Aurelia is asleep at her desk, and I couldn’t wake her up.Emma 

d over the phone to Leopold

opold arrived at breakneck speed, shouting, AurelialBut she didn’t wake up, deep in umber 

His nerves on edge, he dialed for an ambulance

At the hospital, doctors found nothing wrong with Aurelia’s physical health, and she was simply asleep, in a deep state of slumber. But it was clearly not normal

Leopold felt as if his insides were in knots

Someone nefarious had happened to Aurelia. He feared the worst had come to pass

Back at the office, Kevin reviewed the morning’s security footage and quickly zeroed in on the mysterious woman

Judging by the build, it’s very likely a man in disguise.” 

Yuna had been parking the car at the time, absent during the incident. Aurelia had gotten 

out first

Leopold punched the wall in frustration

This had to be the work of AK Group

In her dream, Aurelia seemed to be trapped in the corridor

Desperately, she ran and screamed, Leopold!But no one could hear her

Fear consumed her every nerve. Was she dead? Or was she in a nightmare

She had never experienced such a terrifying dream, as if her entire consciousness was imprisoned

What in the world was happening? Would someone save her

Doctors detected unusual substances in Aurelia’s blood, but its nature was unclear

Across town in Elysium, Megan received the news

Delighted, she sent a message to her AK Group contact, [Thanks for the assist. Hope that Aurelia sleeps forever, never to wake again.

17Skyler, to visit Aurella, who lay still in the hospital bed

Skyler, when will Mommy wake up? I don’t want her to keep sleeping like this.William said, shedding tears

Skyler sobbed, his fists balling up with frustration. He paced back and forth, scratching his head in anxious thought

Come on, Angel, you gotta wake up,he whispered, his voice barely a plea

Suddenly, Skyler’s eyes lit up with realization, I know what happened. It’s the Lost Scent. She must have been poisoned with the Lost Scent.” 

Leopold rushed over and grabbed his shoulder, What’s this Lost Scent?” 

Skyler explained, It’s made with belladonna and some other stuff like anesthetics. I was poisoned once, and Geoffrey saved me.” 

Leopold was suspicious. That cursed concoction could very well be Geoffrey’s 

handiwork. Skyler had accidentally inhaled it and been poisoned

Do you know the antidote?asked Leopold, urgency lacing his voice

Skyler nodded confidently. Yeah, I do.” 

Leopold’s eyes gleamed with hope as he quickly ushered Skyler to the Stirling Group’s biotech research facility

Meanwhile, lost in her dreams, Aurelia had no sense of time. Her body felt increasingly weak and exhausted, but she refused to give in. There had to be a way out


Suddenly, her surroundings shifted. The long hallway vanished, replaced by a lush meadow. Two identical doors stood not far away, one of life and one of death

Confusion settled upon her until a faint voice, Leopold’s voice, echoed from the left door. Without hesitation, Aurelia rushed forward and pushed it open. Blinded by a brilliant white light, she lost consciousness, only to awaken later in the hospital room

Leopold was there by her side, his hand gripping hers, and his face etched with weariness, Aurelia, you’re finally awake. His voice cracked with emotion

Angel’s awake.Skyler cheered from the other side of the bed, clapping his hands with joy

Aurelia resolved never to experience such a terrifying dream again

Jolin had brought some chicken soup. She’d been worried sick the last few days. After Aurelia finished the meal, Leopold filled her in on everything that unfolded



d been poisoned with something called the Lost Scent. Luckily, Skyler knew the 

remember smelling something strange when that woman’s purse spilled. Then I felt so drowsy. No wonder she wore a mask, to protect herself from the poison, Aurella recalled, suspecting Megan was seeking revenge

Leopold’s turbulent thoughts mirrored a tempest. Despite his vigilance, Aurelia had been. targeted, igniting a fury within him that thirsted for vengeance. He suspected Megan too, but she still had the last vial of antibiotics, so they couldn’t afford to eliminate her just yet. I’m going to assign more bodyguards to you. From now on, you must never be out of their sight,he declared with resolve

At Alcott Manor, Megan was 

shocked to learn of Aurelia’s recovery. She had hoped that 

Aurelia would sleep forever and become a vegetative patient

In haste, she messaged her superior, [Aurelia’s awake. We must act again, with a stronger potion. This time, she cannot be allowed to escape.

Aurelia took leave from work to recuperate at home. Every morning, accompanied by her bodyguards, she took walks in the garden across the street. Perhaps out of fear of being drugged again, she wore a mask each day

Skyler visited her, bringing his friend Orchid along. He said, Angel, I brought Orchid to see you.” 

Aurelia smiled warmly, Skyler, thank you for saving me. I’m going to cook you a big lunch with all your favorite dishes.” 

Skyler beamed with happiness. He loved Aurelia’s cooking the most

Here, he felt useful and was loved by everyone. It was a wonderful feeling

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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