The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 628

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 628

Chapter 628 

when you go to the movie studio to visit tomorrow, if you see Leah, you have to 

tend you don’t recognize her

Skyler was so curious, tilting his head at the strange request from Aurelia. Leah’s going to be there? he asked, a puzzled look painting his youthful face

Aurelia leaned in closer, lowering her voice to a whisper, Leah’s working as Avery’s assistant, but Avery doesn’t have a clue she’s your sister. It’s Leah’s secret, and we’ve got to keep it under wraps for her, okay?” 

Skyler pressed a finger against his lips, his eyes wide with the solemnity of the promise, Mum’s the word, I swear,he boasted, puffing up with pride at his own trustworthiness. Aurelia couldn’t help but smile, her thumb shooting up in approval, You’re the best, Skyler.She trusted Skyler, with his eightyearold mind that seemed so much wiser and more mature than his peers, to keep Leah’s secret safe

After a while playing in the villa, Skyler returned to his own place

His smartwatch buzzed with a cryptic message that made his cheeks puff out in annoyance as he read it

[Skyler, you’ve been a bit of naughty lately, you know, I won’t be pleased about that.

With a huff, he typed back fiercely, [I’m good, and everybody loves me. You are the naughty one, and I will not play with you anymore.

He wasn’t going back to Eastwood Heights. He was staying here with Aurelia and William. He pulled out a golden lollipop Aurelia had given him, and its shiny wrapper glinting under the room’s lights, Skyler beamed with joy. He adored that lollipop, treasuring it as if it were a piece of the sun itself

Aurelia and William were the kindest souls in the world to him

Meanwhile, across town in Elysium, Megan received chilling news that the hitman had been captured, now reduced to a vegetative state after an inexplicable accident

A shiver crawled up her spine as she deduced that Aurelia must have secretly enlisted at powerful shaman, capable of/hexing even a hired killer. But she couldn’t squeal to Leopold without exposing herself. She needed to act first

Aurelia picked up Skyler and they set off for the movie studio

Skyler was buzzing with excitement the entire ride. Making movies had to be a blast

Aurelia didn’t expect to run into Arnold there. Avery had mentioned Aurelia would be 

and Arnold, Just off the plane came straight to meet them

ing Arnold, William dashed towards him, his young voice filled with affection

It had been days since William had seen Arnold, and his heart ached with longing

Amold, although preoccupied with his divorce from Lisa once their child was born, brightened at the sight of William. He scooped William up, his thoughts always with Aurelia and William

William, you are growing up so fast.” 

Aurella offered a warm smile, Arnold, you look like you’ve lost weight. When we get back, I’ll make you some delicious food to fatten you up.” 

Arnold’s gaze lingered on her beautiful features. As a topnotch photographer, he was no stranger to beauty, but none compared to her. She was irreplaceable

The happiest thing is getting to taste your homemade dishes.” 

Just say the word, and I’ll make it for you every day,Aurelia replied, her voice soft with affection

Arnold cherished the idea, and it reminded him of blissful days in Goldstone. If only he had been more decisive back then, Leopold wouldn’t have stood a chance at reconciliation

I’ve brought gifts for you and William, and we’ll check them out at the hotel. Hope you both like them.” 

Dad’s gifts are always the best.William’s smile was as bright as the Californian sun

Arriving at the set, they found Avery getting styled by the makeup artist and Leah busy sorting through costumes

Skyler spotted her and quickly averted his gaze, remembering Aurelia’s caution. He played his part well, the secret of Leah’s identity safe with him

William,he whispered, I can tell, your dad and Leopold both have a thing for Aurelia.” 

It was no wonder, Skyler thought. Aurelia was so wonderful that everyone competed for her affection

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne can inspire people by showcasing the power of love, resilience, and embracing the unexpected. Through the characters’ journeys, readers can learn the importance of adapting to unforeseen challenges, building strong connections, and finding strength in vulnerability. The story highlights the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal and professional success, encouraging readers to believe in the transformative power of love and the possibilities that arise when facing life’s surprises. The CEO'S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Description of Novels” The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )
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