The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 635

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Chapter 635

Chapter 635 

William blinked, and a glint of slyness twinkled in his eye, But whether Uncle Avery sees Leah as a sister or a girlfriend, that’s his secret. He’s a celebrity. He can’t date anyone he likes. Even if he’s head over heels, he can’t just blurt it out.” 

Before William could finish his sentence, Avery choked on his orange juice, almost 

spewing it across the table

You’re just a threeyearold kid, so what do you know? Focus on your food.” 

Saying this, Avery shoved a piece of steak into William’s mouth, effectively silencing his shocking revelations

Shrugging, William sighed dramatically, Even though I’m only three, having witnessed Mommy’s two divorces, I’ve got more life experience than most kids my age.” 

At the dinner table, Aurelia, Leopold, and Arnold all choked on their food

Aurelia massaged her forehead. Although she had only been married and divorced once, in William’s eyes, she and Arnold might as well have been husband and wife, especially during those years they spent living together as a couple in Goldstone

The most profound impact of a broken family was always on the children

She longed to give her child a whole and happy home. But many things in life, including Leopold’s heart, were beyond her control

William,she said, her voice heavy with emotion, I’m sorry for the way my issues have affected you. But Daddy, Uncle Leo, and I all love you so much. Whatever choices we make in life, our love for you will never change.” 

William made a goofy face, his playful nature shining through, I’m okay, really. It’s Kane who’s got it rough. He’s got 

a wicked stepmom, worse than the Evil Queen in Snow White.” 

Leopold promised, She won’t get anywhere near Kane.” 

Knowing that Aurelia’s greatest concern was for Kane, his Achillesheel was Aurelia, while hers was their son

Neither could afford to give their enemies that kind of leverage

William pouted, Megan wants to have a baby boy to replace Kane as the heir, but I know she’s got a little sister in her belly.” 

Arnold gently patted his head, How do you know it’s a little sister?” 

She told me. It’s a telepathy between kids,William boasted, nodding

Arnold chuckled, So our William has superpowers? That’s pretty awesome.” 



William was always filled with the most extraordinary fantasies

Aurelia’s mouth curled into a halfsmirk, her tone laced with a hint of mockery, A daughter would be nice. Mr. Leopold has always wanted one.” 

Leopold glanced at her sideways. He did want a daughter, but only if she was the mother

He took s sip of his juice, which tasted bitter. Perhaps it was just the bitterness in his heart

It was an unspoken hardship

ant any mor 

Arnold wrapped an arm around William with joy, I don’t daughters or sons. My William is all I need.” 

Before meeting Aurelia, he’d been a committed bachelor, flirting with girls but never getting entangled. He didn’t want marriage, a wife, or children. But Aurelia changed all that

The three years in Goldstone had been the happiest of his life

He hoped the happiness would continue

William grinned widely, showing off his pearly whites, I love Daddy the most.” 

He would never acknowledge Uncle Leopold as his father. Arnold was his only real dad

Aurelia took a sip of her soup, her heart fluttering anxiously

If Leopold ever discovered that William was actually Liam, he would probably go mad. But it wasn’t her fault. She had planned to reveal William’s identity at their wedding, but he had betrayed and abandoned her

William’s refusal to recognize his biological father was simply a consequence of his own 


The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )

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The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world The CEO’s Unplanned Heir” by Aurelia Hawthorne can inspire people by showcasing the power of love, resilience, and embracing the unexpected. Through the characters’ journeys, readers can learn the importance of adapting to unforeseen challenges, building strong connections, and finding strength in vulnerability. The story highlights the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal and professional success, encouraging readers to believe in the transformative power of love and the possibilities that arise when facing life’s surprises. The CEO'S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne ) Description of Novels” The CEO’S Unplanned Heir ( Aurelia Hawthorne )
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