The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 31

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 31

The HeiressReturn & Revenge 

Chapter 31 My Heart Is Made Of Stone 

Jodie was furious, her anger evident on her face

Aaron; and Leon exchanged glances, sharing the sentiment that Zac lacked tact in this situation

Leyla, however, sat on the sidelines, secretly reveling in the chaos. She observed the situation and concluded that dealing with a scheming girl like Jodie required someone with a sharp tongue, such as Zac. She appreciated his ability to identify and handle such situations expertly

After seeing how upset Jodie was, Aaron couldn’t help but feel distressed. He tried to console her by saying, “Jo, don’t let him get to you. Your dumplings were delicious, far better than the pierogis. I genuinely enjoyed them.” He picked up a few dumplings, feigned delight, and consumed them all to prove his point

‘Aaron’s acting skills leave me speechless

I feel like he’s not eating something delicious, but more like swallowing poison… 

The look of truly enjoying delicious food should be like what Zac and the others showed just now

Watching the other three eat breakfast made me drool and feel hungry, but I instantly feel full after looking at this side.” 

Aaron is truly a mama’s boy. I wonder if he’ll ever find a wife.” 

What does Aaron spoiling his sister have to do with all of you? He is such an excellent brother, and 

such an excell there are few like him.” 

Exactly. When it comes to his biological sister, he should spoil her.” 

A man who knows how to spoil his sister is a good man.’” 

As tensions rose, Aaron’s fans began to engage in heated arguments with others

The contrast between Jodie’s culinary skills and Simone’s became more apparent as the morning unfolded. The unsatisfactory taste of Jodie’s dumplings left about half a plate uneaten, allowing viewers to mock her

Meanwhile, Simone and her group had gone to help a family catch fish, as they had agreed earlier. They dedicated their morning to this task, eventually preparing a hearty lunch. They continued. working until around 3.00 PM. After finishing their work, the host family also gave them two fish as a gift in addition to the payment

Four people carried the fish back to the yard, surprised to find Aaron had already returned. He had been making repeated trips to the bathroom

After seeing this, Zac couldn’t resist a cheeky remark as Aaron emerged from another bathroom trip. Did you eat too many dumplings this morning?” 

Aaron was speechless as he found Zac’s teasing increasingly irritating. However, Aaron’s eyes lit up when he spotted Simone. It was as if he had found a savior amidst his ordeal. Simone, quickly help me 


Chapter 31 My Heart Is Made Of Stone 

prepare some medicine for diarrhea.His legs felt weak from diarrhea, and he regretted indulging in those morning dumplings

Aaron knew that Simone had knowledge of traditional medicine. He remembered when they were barbecuing outdoors, and he and Andrew had fallen ill with diarrhea. She had gone up the mountain, gathered herbs, and brewed a concoction that worked wonders for them.. 

She understood what he meant but wasn’t initially ready to lend a hand, remarking. You’ve eaten quite a bit, and your body just needs time to digest. You’ll be fine.” 

He was left speechless, feeling like she was making fun of him. He even put on a pitiful expression and said, Can you bear to see me in so much pain?He reflected on how, in the past, she would fall for this act and immediately feel sorry for him

However, Simone simply shrugged, responding. Yes, I can. Why can’t I? We’re not that close.” 

Her apparent heartlessness took Aaron aback, exclaiming, You’re too cruel.” 

She nodded, stating, Yes. My heart is made of stone

Zac, on the other hand, appreciated her brutal and relentless attitude. He commented, Aaron, this is your way of caring for your sister. You should cherish these moments of frequent bathroom visits.” 

Aaron could tell that Zac was mocking him. Don’t talk if you’re not experiencing it 

Zac raised an eyebrow, remarking, I’m in good shape. That’s why I’m not experiencing it.” 

Aaron choked on his words, finally saying, You!But before he could finish his sentence, another wave of stomach pain hit, and he hastily returned to the bathroom

Zac turned to the others, a sly grin on his face. This is his way of showing love for his sister.” 

Keira added, Now that Aaron is in such a state, why hasn’t his sister come to take care of him?Ever since discovering the relationship between these two and Simone, Keira felt quite disgusted. Her doubt was genuine

Aaron, known for doting on Jodie, had ended up in this state due to her dumplings. The absence of his sister’s care perplexed Keira. Furthermore, Aaron’s attempt to boss Simone around had been shameless

Zac shrugged. I don’t know about that. Maybe he’s unilaterally obsessed with spoiling his sister.With a change of topic, he asked, Are the children coming soon?” 

Simone replied. Yes. The village head called earlier. Today, more than ten children will be coming over to learn.” 

Zac, who had never been a teacher, was excited and said, Let’s get ready.” 

So, the four of them began to prepare while waiting for the children from the village to arrive

Meanwhile, Aaron’s fans criticized Simone for appearing coldhearted and selfish. They also pointed. out Zac’s perceived indifference


11 48 Mon, 27 Nov 

Chapter 31 My Heart Is Made Of Stone 

Shifting their attention to another live stream, the viewers watched Leon pick fruit with the lively Jodie. The contrast made them feel somewhat dissatisfied. They began to wonder if Aaron’s sister was irresponsible, given that Aaron supported her so much. The viewersdissatisfaction grew, questioning why Aaron was experiencing stomach problems if it weren’t for defending his sister. 

Soon after, over a dozen children from the village, guided by the village head, entered the yard

Zac and the others introduced themselves, outlining their respective skills and expertise. The children were given the freedom to choose what they wanted to learn

Zac offered to teach guitar. Eric specialized in teaching drawing, Keira was ready to share her singing skills, and Simone volunteered to assist with homework. The children could now select their teachers based on their interests and preferences

As the children settled in, one teenager looked at Simone with a hopeful expression and asked, Miss, can you help me with my high school homework?He had come during his vacation after hearing that someone was available to assist with homework

She greeted him warmly and replied, I can help.She motioned for the teenager to come over and join her, saying, Come and sit here. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.” 

However, not everyone was supportive. Some of Aaron’s fans and other viewers began criticizing Simone on the screen

Is Simone trying to portray herself as an overachiever

She told the kid that he could ask her anything. Does that mean she knows everything?” 

If she is asked something and doesn’t understand, it could be embarrassing.” 

The teenager, who had never seen such an attractive girl before, approached timidly and took a seat. He retrieved a math test paper from his bag and pointed to a challenging question, saying, Miss, I don’t know how to solve this.” 

Simone leaned in, carefully examining the question. Once she grasped the problem, she took his notebook and pen and began to explain, This questionShe provided a detailed explanation and asked, Did you understand?” 

The teenager’s eyes lit up, and he nodded enthusiastically, saying, I understand now. Miss, your explanation is excellent. Encouraged by her helpful approach, he proceeded to ask Simone several more questions, not limiting himself to math but also delving into physics and chemistry. She swiftly and effectively clarified the concepts with each inquiry, making them easily understandable for the 


This girl is undoubtedly a top student; even I, a lowachiever, understood.” 

She explains so well; she remembers high school topics so clearly

No wonder she confidently claims she can help with anything; she truly possesses extensive knowledge.” 

She’s amazing; her explanations are simpler and clearer than those of our teachers.” 


Chapter 31 My Heart Is Made Of Stone 

Where are those who previously accused her of pretending to be a top student?” 

They are left speechless now.” 

Simone is truly great!” 


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Read The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

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Read The Heiress' Return & Revenge

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