Will You Marry Me Again by Pear Heart Chapter 298

Will You Marry Me Again by Pear Heart Chapter 298

Chapter 298 You’re Caught Red–handed!

Victor’s perverted voice echoed throughout the hall as the recording played what he had just said to Maia a few minutes ago.

The audience gasped in horror as they realized who he was referring to. Maia had recorded the whole conversation she had with Victor. She sent the audio file to Buck from her cell phone and got Buck to play it after airing the footage.

As the recording played repeatedly, Aiken got up and yelled at Victor.

“You’re such a piece of trash! How could you do such vile things as the CEO of our company? How dare you talk to Ms. Maia like that and soil her ears with your filthy words?”

Aiken was well–respected in the industry, as he was an award–winning actor with a considerable fanbase. His words were more impactful than any other person’s.

The audio cut was followed by more unsightly video footage. They were all about how Victor had laid his hands on his company’s trainees and how he had chosen different actresses to be

sent to the hotel.

He even made them play along with his revolting fetish. Most of the female artists were forced to succumb to him. Almost none of them had done it willingly.

Although the footage was censored, it still shocked the audience. More and more actors stood up and looked at Victor angrily.

Maia watched the scene play out coldly, noticing how helpless Victor looked. She placed her hands on her thighs and drew them tightly into fists.

“Victor, you scumbag, you won’t get away with this!” Aiken hissed through the microphone.

Most of the viewers watching the live show also supported Aiken’s behavior.

“No, it’s not what it looks like. I was framed!” Victor ran to a crew member, snatched a microphone from their hands, and explained hysterically. “Someone is scheming against me! They had intentionally chosen such a high–profile event to do this! You shouldn’t be fooled!”

Victor was trying to push the blame on Maia as his final struggle. He glanced at her as he spoke, indicating she was behind this.

“You’re telling me that the scene of you drugging and doing such disgusting acts on the girls was all just a setup? Do we look like idiots to you? I don’t see anyone with a gun to your head forcing you to do all this.

“Also, how would you explain your words to Ms. Maia? If she were threatening you, everyone on stage would’ve been able to see it!” Aiken yelled in frustration. He could never stand by any



More people started questioning Victor and supporting Aiken.

“Aiken is right! No one forced you to take advantage of the girls! I could even tell from the video that you were enjoying it!”

“The time stamp on the video footage had dated up to a few years ago. From the looks of it, you’ve been taking advantage of these poor girls for a while now!”

“I wouldn’t have thought the rumors about you were true!”

“If you claim these videos are false, shouldn’t your artists back you up? Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone taking your side!”

No one from Mykonos Studio dared take Victor’s side. Victor glared at them, “How could you not defend your boss? Aren’t you all from my company?”

Who would dare side with him after his horrible acts were publicly exposed? There was enough evidence to prosecute him.

Aiken looked at the other artists from Mykonos Studio who were keeping silent, and turned back to Victor. “We have enough evidence to get the cops to arrest you. There’s no way you could walk free from this!”

Some of the female artists from the company decided to speak up. They wanted to show the public that they had nothing to do with Victor.

“These footage is real. I’ve seen Ms. Scarlett go out with Mr. Victor several times. They were

all dates at a hotel. I even walked in on them in a room. Lots of candles were involved. I was

too afraid and ran away after seeing that.”

“It’s true! Ms. Scarlett and Mr. Victor’s relationship is an open secret in the company.”

These actresses knew the only way to survive in the industry was to play the victim and not

side with Victor.

Public criticism toward Victor continued to grow after the confessions of several female actresses from his company.

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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world..

Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

  After a forced divorce, Maia Burgess became trapped in a web of lies that led to her apparent death in a fire.A year later, she resurfaced. Maia was now the CEO of Starlight Entertainment and determined to expose those who had wronged her.She became the top dog in high society. However, rumors started swirling that Maia was involved with not one, but three dashing men.Business tycoon Cedric Larkin dropped a multi-billion-dollar deal to spend a private moment with her in the back of a car. He even playfully called her his wife again.With a prominent lawyer and a rising movie star both competing for Maia’s affection, Cedric had trouble reuniting with his ex-wife.After he declared his intention to remarry Maia, the burning question on everyone’s lips was: Will Cedric win her back?


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