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Zenly Mod APK 5.6.3 (No ads)

Zenly Mod APK 5.6.3 (No ads)
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  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer ZENLY
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Are you looking for an application that can help you find your loved ones in real time? Zenly is the application you should have! This is an application that has a location tracker feature that tells users where their friends or relatives are in real time.

However, the team at Zenly recommends that the friends or relatives being located should also have the Zenly app installed. Interestingly, you can invite people from your contact list to download the app.

The application has a security and privacy feature that allows a user to choose the details to display. For instance, you can customize the information you want other users to see about you. From the app, you can also customize the type of map to use and the unit of measure to use for distances.

Zenly is one of the leading position trackers that have fast location sharing. If you want to be sharing your location with your friends and relatives, download Zenly for Android today. Keep your social network and effectively be able to organize get-togethers easily! 

Share Your Location

When it comes to getting oriented to an area, geolocation has probably helped you out of some tight spots. With the same kind of technology in the Zenly app, you can share geolocation data in real time with your loved ones.

This application allows users to view the share their locations as well as viewing friend’s positions on a map. Tracking the location of your loved ones has never been this easy! What’s more interesting about the app is that it shows the battery status and the latest detected position. That means that you can be able to locate your friends and relatives even with their phone off using their last position. Zenly is available to make locating your loved ones easy!

There are particular features of the Zenly application that makes it stand out among leading location sharing apps. Here are some outstanding features that will make you want to download the Zenly app now!

Always Be with Your Love Ones! – Zenly is a parody of the Google Maps that helps you know where your friend and relatives are and what they are up to. The app helps you bump phones with friends, letting them know where you are hanging out. That way, they can join you at your location and enjoy the moment together. Additionally, Zenly helps your loved ones to know when you are at home, work, school, and when you are going to any other place. 

Notably, millions of people around the globe report that Zenly helps bring you together with your loved ones. That implies that you get to spend more time with the people who matter most in your life. Zenly helps you move a little closer to those who you love!

Security – The team at Zenly had the security of the user in mind during the development of the app. Generally, the app provides an extra layer of security. For instance, Zenly helps to see when a friend is returning home late or the instant he or she gets to their destination.

That makes you feel together, even when you are geographically apart. You actually keep your friend company! Today, millions have downloaded the Zenly app to ensure that they keep intact with those who matter in their lives.

Real Time Tracking Zenly is superfast that facilitates location sharing in real time. The app comes in handy when it comes to meeting with your friends in real life. Zenly App is now loved and used by millions of users and is now part of Snapchat. To get a taste of the tracking feature, download and install Zenly. 

Zenly app integrates a position tracker that also helps you locate social functions. It is a leading tracker application and a worthy substitute for the Life360 Family Locator and other location sharing apps.

Meet New Friends – Through the integration of Zenly app to Snapchat, you can find new friends. You can also see where your new friends are and what social events they are attending. You can feel together, even when you are far apart.

However, it is worth noting that the new friends have to accept your request. Afterward, you can start to view them on your Zenly map. You can send friend requests to people around you and have various things in common.

Zenly Mod APK Latest Version – Endless Tracking for Your Loved Ones! 

Download and install Zenly Mod APK Latest Version and enjoy Endless Tracking for Your Loved Ones. Locate those who matter to you in real time and share happy and memorable moments!

felix and i were recently in paris for men’s fashion week, where we used the check-in feature on zenly to see where our friends were partying. and now when i look at paris on my map, i can see all the places i checked in to along the way! if you haven’t already used check-ins, now is the time as this week’s update contains some fixes & improvements for the feature :)
Zenly Mod APK 5.6.3 (No ads)

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