The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 136

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 136

Chapter 136 

A respectful burial was conducted by us the next day for Kurt, yes, he died like a hero protecting his queen, or me

Everyone was very respectful and also amazed at Kurt’s bravery because if I had been there, they knew the effect would be very bad for the king when he woke up and found out something happened to his mate

But losing a great warrior like Kurt is unfortunate

Many Alphas came to this territory as word of what happened here traveled and Alphas from all over the alliance immediately arrived to help heal the victims here

Although without the presence of my mate or the Alpha king who was currently still unconscious and lying in one of the hospital rooms with Melissa taking care of him, yes, I couldn’t trust everyone here to treat my mate so the room was only allowed to be entered by a few people, not all could enter the floor where Titus was treated

It turned out that the sisters were also experiencing hallucinations and confusion due to the poison they had consumed every day since arriving here

All drinking water and food was thrown away and/or burnt so that no one could consume it, to avoid further casualties

Disinfectants were even sprayed all over the building and on every side of the rooms to make them completely clean of the toxins that had been present

All the dangerous potions were immediately stored by Melissa in a secret room in the forest that we agreed would remain there for our use to find the white potion. that Melissa was concocting

It’s going to be a long journey, but I’m sure Melissa is capable of this and she’s the only one I trust right now considering the many unfortunate things that happen. with witches

Everyone was busy with their own tasks and responsibilities and for the first time I became the leader of the entire cleanup project

Yes, without Titus by my side, I was surprising myself with my ability to lead this project, until my father revealed it to me and told me how proud he was of me

Everyone nodded their heads respectfully as they watched me walk past them to the ward of my mate, their Alpha king

Yes, I knew that we were no longer King Alpha and Queen Luna but everyone still seemed to regard us as their king and queen without exception

Their presence and help here expresses their loyalty and care for us, and I am very grateful for everyone’s care and help after hearing what happened here to ust and can’t say thank you to each and every person present today

The burning of bodies and dangerous poisons was done by the royal guards in secret so that there would be no toxic fumes or anything that could expose others. to its ill effects

Wendy’s head and body were burned along with the poisons made by her along with dangerous books that could not be known by anyone

Yes, this knowledge of healing is rare and useful, but there is black magic in it that Melissa and I think will be very dangerous if it is used again in general because we already know the side effects are very bad for werewolves

Yes, matebonds are very sacred to werewolves and tampering with them is like insulting the Moon Goddess herself, so we thought of eliminating all knowledge 

of them

Yes, wolfsbane is already very dangerous for werewolves and the concocted wolfsbane will become even more dangerous, so we better bury this so that no one can use this terrible science in the future

I let out a long sigh as I entered the elevator with Alexa who was currently acting like my shadow that had never left me at all since Kurt’s death

Yes, it seemed that Alexa had her own shock of knowing I was a step away from being away. I would have been hurt or even dead if Kurt hadn’t been there. However, whatever I said to calm her down, it didn’t seem to have any effect so I could only smile to show that I didn’t blame her, it could all happen and the guards had also done their best to protect me so when things happened I wanted them not to blame themselves

All the guards guarding the floor where Titus was, bowed their heads respectfully when they saw me coming and walked towards the room where my mate was. It’s been two days and he’s still unconscious, I know Melissa said that he was injected with wolfsbane and silver poison but it’s harmless, but why hasn’t he opened his eyes yet

I can only hope nothing bad happens to him…. 

Everyone opened the door to the room where my mate was before going out to give us some privacy

Walking slowly towards the man sleeping on the bed in the middle, I stepped closer to him before giving him a peck on the chin

Hello, babyI greeted my mate and expected him to return my greeting, but when I didn’t hear anything I took his hand and sat down on the sofa next to his bed to rest my face in his hands

The moment my head hit the mattress and Titushand, everything came back to 

Everything that happened to us today started with me, yes, I was the cause of all 

Titus I’m sorry about all thisit’s all my fault I whispered sadly and 

unconsciously shed my tears when I heard no answer from the man I loved so much

I let out a long sigh and closed my eyes, when something surprising happened that made me wake up immediately

It’s not your fault, Gwen” 

Of all the things he could have said, those were the words he said to me

While stroking my check gently. Titus gave me his rare smile that made me cry harder knowing that the man I thought wouldn’t wake up finally opened his eyes. and still recognized me

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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel” is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of an alpha werewolf and his destined mate. It explores their journey of love, passion, and the challenges they face in a supernatural world. The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel Description of Novels” The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
Book Name  The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel
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Yui Ismutomo, Main female lead doctor

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Alpha King’s,  rejected by alpha king
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Wolves say it is the happiest day of your life when you meet your mate, the one chosen by the Moon Goddess, especially for you. But that day turns into a disaster, a day filled with gut-wrenching betrayal and deepest hurt, when your destined mate rejects you for another woman. The Reason? You are not good enough for him, or that’s what he says.Until one day she meet him again and he said he was him… What is truly happening? Why does he hurt me like that?Why he played my heart like this? The Alpha King's Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel


“The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” by Yui Ismutomo is a captivating novel that delves into the intricate world of paranormal romance, specifically the realm of werewolves and destined mates. The story revolves around the idea that wolves have a destined mate chosen by the Moon Goddess, and this meeting is expected to be the happiest day of one’s life. However, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as the protagonist’s destined mate rejects her for another woman, causing deep hurt and betrayal. The rejection is based on the belief that she is not good enough for him. This heart-wrenching experience sets the stage for a complex and emotional story of love, destiny, and the unanticipated twists of fate. The novel explores themes of love, self-worth, and the mysteries of the supernatural world, while also raising questions about why the protagonist’s mate hurt her in such a way and why he played with her heart. Overall, “The Alpha King’s Fated Mate” promises an engaging and emotionally charged journey through the lives of its characters as they navigate the challenges of destiny and love in a world filled with werewolves and the enigmatic influence of the Moon Goddess.


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